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Clyde Lewis | July 27, 2021
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Before we ever heard of COVID-19 it seemed the only disease that became a political football was the HIV/AIDs virus. It was once called God’s retribution for promiscuity, or, for gay men, Most politicians were at odds over the plague and the logic that AIDS is an isolated plague was unfounded as even heterosexuals were getting the disease from intercourse or sharing needles.

It was a blood disease that we were told could easily pass from person-to-person even if you touched the blood of someone who had it.

It was a reported to be a death sentence then — not so much now. It can still kill you but it certainly can be treated and with proper care of the body and most people now can live normal lives with it.

We barely hear about it anymore.

That is because it is hard for people to care about a disease that they think no one gets anymore.

When was the last time you heard about anyone dying of AIDS anymore?

It is also interesting to note that we rarely hear of anyone dying of anything but COVID-19 anymore. In fact, I have noticed that when someone posts a death on social media the first thing that is asked is “Did the person die of COVID?”

As if people don’t die of heart disease, or stroke, or some other malady because doctors have been preoccupied with COVID fears.

It is like some twisted form of magic.

It is sad really–it used to be that waiting rooms in hospitals were crowded with pain pill seekers — now, people show up with a sniffle worried that they have the variant or some other COVID related issue or worry.

The media expects you to focus on political matters and every crisis that can be dreamed up by news editors who are all too willing to pump up a crisis in order fulfill a particular agenda.

COVID has stirred up enough political hate and those who are not vaccinated have also been targeted by the media as political combatants.

Even President Biden is falling under the ridicule of those who voted for him.Joe Biden's relapse: Can the president shake off his fantasies about Republican leaders? |

Liberal websites and newspapers are now on the attack and his popularity is waning. It didn’t take long for his own supporters questioning whether he should step down.

The Daily Beast which calls itself an independent high end tabloid, leans mostly left and has now reported that Six months into Joe Biden’s presidency, we are starting to see evidence that the tide may be turning against him. The main culprit is the Delta variant that has upended hopes of having turned the corner on COVID-19. But a confluence of concerns like inflation, violent crime, and the border are also helping erode optimism about the future.

Until recently, there was a sense that COVID-19 was waning and by competently overseeing the distribution of vaccines, Biden would preside over a recovery where life would return to normal and the economy would bounce back. But the Delta variant has caused some of his supporters to quickly lose faith in his ability to work miracles.

Just like any political savior to be — as a human they have holes and no man can fix the troubles of a country that has lost its way and has given in to the whim of the day and a loud psychopathic woke culture.

Perhaps more concerning is a new ABC/Ipsos survey showing that Americans’ optimism about the country has “plummeted” almost 20 points in the last couple of months as recently as May, this same poll showed Americans were optimistic about the future.

Not surprisingly, it also shows a decrease in support for Biden’s handling of a wide range of issues, including COVID, immigration, crime and violence, and the country’s economic recovery. On the economy, at least, this is not an outlier; an AP/NORC poll also shows that “Fewer than half, 45% of Americans surveyed, judge the economy to be in good shape, while 54% say it’s in poor shape.”

As the writing on the wall says we have been weighed and numbered and still left wanting.

Most people can’t get enough of the political hate — it is as if they thrive on it and that the anger is such a powerful energy that if it were pumped into the electric grid we would not have to worry about using gas or coal for energy.

The question though is whether or not this continued anger is manifesting other problems that certainly we will have to face.

In magical parlance there is something known as the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. It is the Law of Attraction which uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality.

Now I want to tell you that what I am telling you is based on nothing that is actually science here, but there is something to be said about how our emotions and our attitudes tend to conjure up monsters and build up our own beasts.

We have often hears that fear is the mind killer and ot is fear that can make the difference in our mental and physical health– but what about anger and the idea that with everything we are told in the media that this emotional roller coaster the world is riding is conjuring up all sorts of problems that go beyond the political and economic.

For example, one cannot rule out the magic of thought and projection when it comes to cures of diseases and the arrival of new ones and how they always show up in times of psychological downturn.

Despite the often-dismissive use of the term, the placebo effect remains one of the most powerful effects in modern medicine. Its twin, the nocebo effect, can be equally powerful: if a patient has been advised to expect a negative side-effect, she could well go on to experience it. As for overall outcomes, even some of the most potent drugs have at most a 60 per cent efficacy, while placebos sit at 35-40 per cent. It’s also not clear to what extent the greater effectiveness of certain modern drugs is due to their marketing.

Under conditions of mass trauma, combined with sincere belief and mental focus, the effectiveness of the placebo often goes up sharply. Individual focus can be equally potent: research has shown that patients under hypnosis can endure surgery without anesthesia and perform other physiological feats, such as stopping blood loss. Those suffering from dissociative identity disorder – likely a form of self-hypnosis in response to childhood trauma – are likewise able to change their physiology at will, whereby allergic reactions, musculature, body shape, handedness and vision often differ between personalities.

As it happens, creating extreme psychophysical conditions is also a prerequisite to the practice of many occult arts: fasting, prayer, isolation, a vegetarian diet, ritual cleanliness and constant vigil, for weeks, months or even years on end. Psychedelics might also be involved, which similarly produce an altered, hypnotic state of consciousness. The intense mental and physical engagement required by magical ritual can be thought of as artificial trauma: sensory deprivations create medicines that often work. On the other hand, failure to believe or to perform a ritual with technical precision normally results in the failure of the operation.

By any pre-modern definition, then, the placebo effect is simply a form of magic. Which term we use is unimportant for practical purposes: either way, the fact is that mind can affect matter under the right circumstances. The point is to harness these mind-matter interactions to achieve positive health outcomes.

Thoughts of despair and hopelessness have been known to trigger ill health — anger and emotions that are sequestered or buries we are told also can lead to ill health affects — this goes from a law of attraction to a law of contagion.

It is the result of what can be seem as involuntary entrapment or a form of toxic magic.

As such, perhaps we should take a page from our pre-modern predecessors and recognize that physical and mental hygiene are two sides of the same sociobiological coin. Pandemic diseases, once established in local biomes, can almost never be eradicated, only controlled and lived with, as human societies have done for millennia. But fear and paranoia are equally contagious and can become pandemics in their own right. In a time of global traumas, it seems only rational to use the power of belief as part of our basic hygiene, too.

Remember our predecessors had to deal with plagues as well and we note that at the time it were the local witches and magicians that ran the apothecaries. Priests and shaman were the ones who would visit from house to house and with the laying on of hands and the anointing of oils the healing process would happen.

The reason it happened was because people had faith in unseen powers, they believed in the power of prayer and fasting and they used the immune system as a way to get more out of the body,

Back then they heavily relied on spiritual alchemy and the power of thought.

That is all they had — because the plagues that they were trying to fight were not just because of poor hygiene and malnutrition but because of despair and hopelessness.

This is why religion and magic was so successful in the past. It was needed in order as a buffer against the culture of death.

After all the good book has said that if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you can say to a mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible.

No one thinks they can move a mountain — or work a Yoda like miracle like raising an X-wing before an astonished Luke Skywalker — but faith may be the only thing we have right now.

If you break down all the symbolism of what is happening – you may see things from a magical point of view.

For example, COVID-19 came from China. The year 2021 in the Chinese Zodiac is the year of the OXx An Ox of course is a male Bovine of Cow. The word Vaccine itself comes from the Latin root word “Vacca” or cow. As cowpox matter was used to create the world’s first vaccine.

Vaccines—the sacred cow of public health—they are a golden calf to the sociopaths who manufacture and manipulate the faith of the human herd.

Referring to vaccines as a sacred cow and a golden calf is apropos from both religious and etymological perspectives. It is also a remarkable coincidence from a magical perspective. Just like the golden calf the world is turning to it for salvation – but like all false gods there is a flaw to them and some people are beginning to realize this.

If you read the headlines nothing not even a vaccine is working to combat the variants and think about what they are called — Delta and Lambda — each are symbolic of magical sigils, like that of the tetrahedron and some say are symbolic of the triquetra of left-handed trinity.


Now many conspiracy watchdogs would say “there is the illuminati symbolism” and I would say that if you are quick to use that as proof you are missing an even deeper meaning to what it is.

It was the symbol of the Tetragrammaton the ancient symbol for the unnamable God of wrath. It can also be seen as the Sacred triangle or the magical triangle of Solomon, the Key of Three and the Triune symbolism found in the Tetragrammaton, Primeumaton, and Anaphaxeton.

Which can also be seen as a representation of the symbol believed to belong to the angel of War The Archangel Michael. The angelic divided in the 3 names of M-Cha- and EL – Elohim. Before his arrival he is heralded by the sound of the trumps that are blown to signify the war with the dragon.

The international symbol for biological hazard features the Triquetra with a circle within a circle.

While many people say that the Triquetra shares many of the same attributes as the Tetragrammaton it needs to be said that this symbol has been known to represent the trinity inverted, the satanic trinity, or the Eye of Odin

The Triquetra symbol, the ancient symbol of the Holy Trinity however the symbol has been used as a triune symbol of the profane inverted trinity, the devil, the false prophet and the antichrist. Within the symbol can be found three sixes It is the stylized symbol of the equilateral triangle. The equilateral triangle is 666. Each angle equals 60, 3 6s. 360 is 36, all the numbers from 1-36 added up equal 666. 666 is the triangle of 36. The side of the equilateral Triangle; formed by 666 is 36. 36 is the square of 6. 666 is therefore the union of the triangle and the square. The symbol has been designed and redesigned for logos and trademarks with the hidden 666.

The Number 666 along with the triquetra symbolism has always been associated with plague pestilence and disease it is also the Biohazard symbol.

It is a forbearing symbol of warning to beware of more woes to come — the woes come in threes or what I call Vigintriplicity.

In fact, you can actually determine that perhaps a bit of the triplicity affect is happening magically as Covid -19 and two other variants add to three.

Or you can actually say that there is a factor of three plagues that are happening simultaneously that many people are unaware of — One is COVID -19 the other is a Fungal contagion, and the other is the return of the plague or Black Death.

Many Ground Zero listeners have sent me emails asking me to follow up on a story that we reported before the pandemic began and just after the pandemic warning people of how the table top exercises like Clade X and Disease X noted that force, multiplied biological pathogens that were created in a lab got their start from experiments dealing with fungal resistant diseases.

Well these fungal forms of disease have reared their head again along with other diseases that we have not heard about for a while, one that we associate with medieval magic.

It was reported last week that The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified a cluster of patients infected with an untreatable fungus in two hospitals in the Dallas –Fort Worth area.

In all, 22 patients were infected between January and April with a form of Candida Auris, and two did not respond to any of the three major groups of antifungal medications. The latter two patients died. The fungus poses the most danger to those who are immunocompromised, according to the CDC. A nursing home in Washington, D.C., has reported the same fungus spreading among residents, infecting 101 in total and killing one. The CDC said the outbreaks are ongoing.

According to the CDC, it is “multidrug-resistant” and called a “mystery” because it is difficult to identify with standard lab tests. The results have been damaging as it has spread throughout several healthcare facilities without medical officials being aware.

This fungus is a killer and if it cannot be treated it will kill you within 90 days.. you have more of a chance surviving COVID-19 than this new form of Candida.

Researchers have identified certain fungi and bacteria that are morphing to defend themselves against modern medicines.

The superbug fungus has spread to nursing homes and is carried from patient to patient by health care workers. It grows on IV lines and ventilators, and it infects hospital gowns and clothing. Aggressive sterilization efforts using aerosolized hydrogen peroxide do nothing to kill this fungus, and the cover-up continues, even as rates of infections and fatalities are exploding across the western world.Outbreaks of a drug-resistant superbug fungus spread in two U.S. cities, CDC reports - CBS News

The whole C. Auris scare is playing a lot like this as hospital ventilation systems are pumping out this fungus, right into the open atmosphere, where winds carry it to local communities and farms, infecting crops and foods with chemical-resistant fungal strains that have a reported 41% – 88% fatality rate in humans.

And the CDC kept it a secret because they didn’t want to “alarm” the public.

This has been silently spreading over the last four years, with virtually zero media reports, very little information from the CDC, and a coordinated cover-up by the hospitals of the western world to keep patients in the dark while they’re being infected and killed by a deadly pathogen.

The fungus preys on those with weakened immune systems, including infants and the elderly. Its symptoms include extreme fatigue, and in certain immune-weakened populations.

Meanwhile, a 12th century plague has killed a 10 year old girl in Colorado. Yersinia pestis better known as the Black Death is treatable with antibiotics but lethal strains still pop up form time to time and they do kill.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment announced that an unidentified 10 year old girl “died from causes associated with plague.” They also issued a warning about plague activity, after the bacteria Yersinia pestis had been detected in animals and fleas from six counties in Colorado. The six counties were San Miguel, El Paso, Boulder, Huerfano, Adams, and La Plata Counties.

Colorado reported 22 human cases of plague from 2015 to 2020, according to the state health department. Almost half of the cases were in La Plata County, though at least one case has been reported in the last six years in Adams, Archuleta, Boulder, Denver, Grand, Larimer, Mesa and Pueblo counties.

Plague has a high fatality rate if untreated, but antibiotics are effective against it, especially in the early stages. Symptoms include fever, headache, chills and swollen lymph nodes. Less commonly, people can develop pneumonia-like symptoms or go into septic shock, if the bacteria spread to the lungs or through the bloodstream.

The three diseases and variants make me wonder about the use of chaos magic in either trying to combat or even force multiply diseases in order to decrease the population — I am not saying it is or isn’t the case for the reality of such uses of magic for nefarious purposes and yet it is continuing — the rules about the law of contact and the laws of association lead us to that which indicates there my be the Law of Similarity that is also at play.

Of course, these are occult terms that can be explained very simply and succinctly. These sub laws state that things which have once been in contact with each other continue to act on each other at a distance even after physical contact has been severed.

We have all been bombarded with fears of Covid and the variants but one would never associate it with Candida or even the Black Death and yet these aliments persist and seem to have new vitality to kill.

For example, if you were at a Goodwill or second hand store and bought a sweater, it is guaranteed that you do not know the previous owner. However, you probably wouldn’t buy the sweater if you knew that the previous owner was a serial killer or that perhaps it
was worn on person who died suddenly.

Yet, when you get change for the coffee you purchase, the money you received gets handled everyday by people who you do not know – it is said to be dirty, it can have traces of drugs or something else that can be bad for you –and yet you accept it without
even thinking.

You don’t need to have a drug habit to come into contact with illicit drugs, apparently: a new study found 13 percent of volunteers had traces of cocaine or heroin on their fingertips, despite never having used the drugs.

It’s all to do with environmental factors, mainly exposure from banknotes – drugs attract money, drug dealers and drug users handle banknotes, and traces of these substances get passed through the cash network.

We’ve known about this kind of contamination for a while, but the researchers say they were surprised that it seems so widespread.

This illustrates that law of contact or contagion perfectly.

Wear a mask, socially distance, wash your hands, get a vaccine — get COVID-19 anyway, now why is this happening?5 reasons to wear a mask even after you're vaccinated

The vaccine was supposed to end the pandemic. Now, you still can get COVID-19 through variant exposure. You can pass it on to others if you are vaccinated, you can still die even if you are vaccinated and yet the unvaccinated are killing the vaccinated.

You see how this is chaotic thinking? It can be said that it is trickster magic that is happening to us. But of course, magical thinking spits in the face of science.

Anything from the spiritual realm that may have its grip on all of us spits in the face of science.

What has science done for you lately?

Written by Clyde Lewis

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