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Ron Patton | July 29, 2019
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There was a distinguished English lawyer in the 1500s named Edward Plowmen who created a very interesting metaphor to describe a kingdom and the king that ruled the kingdom. It wound up being a trope that was used consistently in contemporary academic writing. However, today it is seldom used in conversation, mainly because if it was perhaps the people would realize that, as citizens of a democratic republic, they are part of a living, breathing entity that does get sick from time to time.

In 1571, Edward Plowmen illustrated the concept of what is now called the Body Politic when he stated:

“For the King has in him two bodies, viz., a body natural, and a body politic. His body natural (if it be considered in itself) is a body moral, subject to all infirmities that come by nature or accident, to the imbecility of infancy or old age, and to the like defects that happen to the bodies of other people.

But his body politic is a body that cannot be seen or handled, consisting of policy and government, and constituted for the direction of the people, and the management of the public weal, and this body is utterly void of infancy, and old age, and other natural defects and imbecilities, which the body natural is subject to, and for this cause, what the king does in his body politic cannot be invalidated or frustrated by any disability in his natural body.”

Plowmen literally conceptualized the government or the empire’s rule as the brain of what is called the body politic. All of the other body parts are metaphorically acting in tandem to keep the government (of the people and by the consent of the people) alive.

A body politic is a metaphorical concept in which a nation is considered to be a corporate entity, being likened to a human body. A body politic comprises all the people in a particular country considered as a single group. The analogy is typically continued by reference to the top of government as the head of state, or the brain, but may be extended to other anatomical parts.

We all know what a healthy body means to the overall psychological and emotional state of the human mind. When the body is healthy it is capable of many things and it can be pushed to limits beyond comprehension.

However, as a body dies, there are numerous things that happen, and they happen slowly until the body in question decays and rots away. There are many things that cause a body to die: failing systems, the weakening of vital organs, exhaustion from fighting off disease or bacterial infections, and the literal failure of the body’s immune system to bring the body back into balance.

When we speak of the body politic we take culture and apply it to biological science and how a healthy body politic and the brain responds to the anatomical parts that are not functioning properly or seem to have a hard time functioning.

If the brain is incapable of responding to the various failing systems, then the body goes into shock. In a similar fashion, if the brain of the body politic, namely the organized ruling body, does not respond to its anatomical failures, the result will be shock or even death.

As governments accrue more power for themselves, they seek out ways to expand and complete their control and fear and dread secure the ideal atmosphere in which to enforce this type of mindless conformity.

The open conspiracy and the permanent revolution have taken hold on the United States. No need to decide if it is the fault of the right-wing or the left-wing, we must understand that all of the systems are failing because now there is no response from the brain or the government on how the anatomical parts should operate.

So many crises, carrying so much of a burden and no one can understand it. They stand blinded like a deer in the headlights.

We always will have predictions of disease, famine, climate change, economic collapse, and war ahead of us — no one wants to feel as though they are going to be forced to face it alone.

No one wants to have to worry about surviving. No one wants to endure the panic attacks, the physical toll on the body, the sickness, the thought of death. This puts a definite hold on your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

So, what are we left to do?

Many people wish to seek out like-minded people they can identify with them – many have found their social comfort in religion while others join groups in the community to take on important issues that need to be addressed.

Some become Freemasons and others want to be part of hashtag identity groups where they pay their dues so they have permission to be angry at all of the other groups that they are not.

Namely; churchgoers, community organizers, and Freemasons.

It is a very peculiar and vicious circle.

If we wish to fragment the culture, we can see that there lies a subculture on the internet that loves to indulge in meme-making and social mischief. There are also those who see themselves as messengers of truth.

Each truth is as different as a snowflake and so we begin to see a fragmentation of information and news. This pool information is as valuable as gossip – much of what you hear in gossip circles can have some truth to it so it can be valuable as any known scuttlebutt can be and then, of course, if the mainstream gatekeeper does not like how the information exposes them, they call it, “Conspiracy Theory.”

The problem we have realized with the social media run of the mill conspiracy theory is the “domino effect” in causality. Once you are fairly sure of one conspiracy theory it tends to tie in to several neighboring conspiracy theories.

Pretty soon you are believing in quite a few conspiracy theories no matter how outrageous they may sound and believe me I have heard all kinds of conspiracy theories that certainly make you wonder how they got as much power as they have like the Russian collusion conspiracy theory that runs into roadblock after roadblock and every time President Trump bounces back from what is perceived to be solid evidence for indictment, people will say, “It’s a conspiracy!”

They all want to put the President behind bars and yet those wanting to jail him are immoral monsters.

There is always that possibility that men and women whose faces appear on the TV screen at night that tell you how to live are simply amoral monsters with eager collaborators that need to be investigated and jailed as well.

Quite frankly, it all has a pattern worth considering.

If something as outrageous as Nazis being recruited by the CIA for information about rockets and bombs is real, why not talk about how the CIA colluding with space aliens? I mean, this is the whole reason why we want to storm Area 51, right?

Is that too obnoxious for the average person to believe?

If the CIA conducted mass experiments on the citizenry with LSD and they did – why is it so hard to surmise that scientists used ticks to spread Lyme’s disease in the 1950’s? Why would it be so hard to not fathom that the government is using mosquitoes, fleas, and rats to spread the plague at homeless camps and at the border?

It is one way to thin a population but of course, for some, that is just not easy to swallow.

Some badass secret society wants to rule the world and everyone has some badass organization they wish to finger for the job – there is a laundry list, from the Masons, the Jews, the Jesuits and of course, all of them can be thrown into a file that can be called Illuminatiam.

It is well known that there exists a conspiracy to dominate this world and this is commonly attributed to a group called the Illuminati. There has always been the rumor that the elite, namely the royal family and heads of state, take part in many rituals that are certainly half courting the flames of hell.

The problem is separating the theory from the darker realities of secret societal ritual to maintain a modicum of power and respect amongst the elite. The Illuminati died hundreds of years ago, has been revived many times and is now being mocked by a darker order that wants to destroy everything to start a New Order or a First Order for the Ages. They are agents of conspiracy theory, confusion, and misinformation. The darker orders don’t even hide what they are planning; in fact, the big change now is that politicians and the media use conspiracy theory to mobilize support.

In order to mobilize support, they have created an open charge for a reorganized Illuminati that only appears as a gimmicky front that has this bad guy reputation.

The Illuminati now shows up conveniently in Taco Bell commercials, cartoons, and the pop music industry.

I guess it is safer to say that pop music is sponsored by some unknown Illuminati than to say that it gets its marching orders from Lucifer himself. As globalization and homogenization increases, the counter-cultural and transgressive elements of humanity will increase in direct proportion. Judging from historical social paradigms, this seems a foregone conclusion, but in this age of political puppetry, consumerist plasticity, and televised humiliation, the situation can at times seem almost hopeless.

This is why it is important to understand that in times like these, secret societies and cults spring up everywhere promising enlightenment for a high price. There has been an awakening of sorts with regard to the secret societal control of either the Illuminati or some other nefarious operation and really no one can really pinpoint the originating seed that grew the secret conspiracy.

When most people try to look into the Illuminati’s history, they find themselves in Germany with the Enlightenment-era Order of the Illuminati. It was a Bavarian secret society, founded in 1776, for intellectuals to privately group together and oppose the religious and elitist influence over daily life. It included several well-known progressives at the time but, along with the Freemasons, they found themselves gradually outlawed by conservative and Christian critics and the group faded out of existence.

If you latch on to conspiracy lore, they went into hiding and still held their covetous grip on the power structure giving us hints that the enlightenment will always be for the elite. In a world where it is presumed that everything is too authoritarian, too tight, too closed, too controlled, the prospect of an all-powerful Illuminati is inviting.

It is a widely punted conspiracy theory; where celebrities like Jay-Z and Beyoncé have taken on the symbolism of the secret society themselves, raising their hands into the Illuminati triangle at concerts and hinting that there is a darker path that can set you on your way for riches and acceptance.

The idea of an untouchable, secretive elite must resonate with people that feel powerless. It seems like some in America are more likely to believe in stories like the Illuminati more than ever before.

The Illuminati, in this case, becomes a magical word for a major distraction as those who really forge their power in darkness can so unabated.

The reasons that the “dark” have been so effective in maintaining power for so long are actually quite simple. They have kept their knowledge of the higher realms and the divine totally secret from the masses while keeping the public focus on materialism and anything that breeds separation and conflict. They are very dedicated in their efforts and united sufficiently in their outlooks to be truly effective in ruling over the many.

They believe that you are incapable of thinking for yourself so they resort to divisive and the invective, to push agendas that favor them, and they do not and absolutely will not help you.

Those in power will continue to do their best to take away our power and control us through fear and other advanced mind-control tactics. The word Illuminati is a very charged word – on one hand, it is feared and ridiculed, while on the other, it has been reduced to nothing more than a cartoon or a pyramid scheme.

While all of the paranoia about what you choose as entertainment shifts to heightened awareness about something like the Illuminati there are still exceptions to all of this metaphysical rationale for avoiding that which is destructive, there needs to be a bit of critical thinking that has to be used before we buy into or fall for well-placed disinformation on such topics.

We have been programmed into thinking that there is a threat lurking everywhere and so we must expose those who are not following the social norm. This can be counter-intuitive and it can also be used as a weapon in the information age.

The threat is real, but the extent of the threat and the power is based on the public’s ability to expose and in some ways empower the meme of satanic panic, even with regard to the so-called Illuminati.

I have found that now as we approach another decade in the 21st century, the Illuminati is now a brand name that is being used to con people into thinking that it is the answer to all of their problems.

You have seen spam ads show up in Facebook posts promising untold wealth, and material goods – it ranks up there with those e-mails you get from Africa saying you have millions in a Swiss bank somewhere.

Just because the amateurs are playing on the internet, it does not mean that we should not take powerful organizations that plot is secret seriously.

The idea that there are external governments with rival dogmas ruling the Earth is as common as the various dogmas of modern religion.

However, the fear is just who do these extracurricular groups answer to?

That is the mysterious questions of the ages and remains consistent with very old traditions that the earth is watched over by a hierarchy of powers, and can be traced back to the earliest times when the stars and planets were worshiped literally as the divine rulers of the world.

In our monotheistic traditions, much of what has been written anciently has been literally erased in favor of relying heavily on various intermediates to deliver us from the chains of demonic or alien infiltration.

With all of the so-called protection that we are promised by religious clerics, Popes and politicians we live in an age when despair is fashionable, victimhood is a cottage industry where you must pay your money to be told that you are part of an oppressed group.

Human self-contempt has reached heights not known since the Dark Ages, and it is an age when it is considered naive to believe that anything good can ever be accomplished. This is partly due to the new trauma paradigm that we have acclimated to. We are now witnessing the horrors of what our society looks like from the very bottom, from the black holes of isolation. We are seeing every day the inhumanity to humanity.

It is from these times that new societies will rise and they too will claim to have secrets that they will only give to a chosen few. They may even call themselves the Illuminati only because they preach to have the light that never can be extinguished but this has been said so many times in so many ways with so many saviors leading the way, only to be ignored when the dark night of the soul is too much to bear.

In the future, religious thought and even ancient religions will evolve. There will be new-found revelations that will engender faith in the planet, faith in the universal whole and faith in an exotheological dogma which will invite the idea of God’s presence in all things. It will also invite ideas of messianic hosts revealing themselves either in the flesh, through independent revelation, through means of extraterrestrial intelligence and intelligence that has realized its sentience.

However, there is one thing that will resonate with people throughout the ages and that is an untouchable, secretive elite that controls everything from behind some hypothetical curtain.

Written by Ron Patton

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