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Clyde Lewis | July 29, 2020
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Many people probably do not know that I only watch my Twitter feed when I am on the air. I seldom go to it unless something catches my eye and I can’t avoid clicking it to see the response.

This happened a couple of days ago when I received an e-mail of Twitter highlights that should capture my attention and there it was a tweet from Elon Musk.

The Tweet said “The Left is losing the Middle.”

I thought it was synchronistic because I have been thinking the same thing. The insanity from the left has been so overwhelming that you are now being attacked if you decide you want to remain neutral.

Even saying that the left needs to stop the insanity puts you in the category of supporting everything that Trump is saying or doing or not doing. Their derangement is so crass so over the top that it is becoming more of an annoyance than a means to understand and be empathetic to their cause.

It is becoming intolerant and downright hateful and when you point it out you always get the reply “Well what about Trump.”

What convinced me of this is the various replies to Musk’s Tweet that explain it plainly.

It was from someone calling themselves “A Liberal Progressive Democrat.”

The person Tweeted “The human is losing Elon Musk by him taking sides of right vs left. The battle I fight is human vs Trumpism. Trumpism is neither Left nor Right.

Trumpism is evil by the very fact that beating peaceful protestors, shooting journalist, & launching tear gas at moms is fine by them.

I thought as I read this that it is obvious that this is what is happening – the hate for one man, Donald Trump is now the cause for destroying everything that we have sacrificed and fought for when the solution has always been the vote –and what is happening now has reduced the entire value of what you will be mailing in this November.

The secret ballot is no more—the attempts at bringing down the electoral college is also a factor – the idea of working hard for what you desire has now been whittled down to whatever a government can offer you, which is a pittance compared to what we are worth.

The revolution is evident and the left have decided that you are true American if you opt to destroy everything you see, if you kill the past maybe we can forget just how some revolutions kill thousands of people in order to implement a type of philosophy that has failed over and over again –and the blood of those who have perished in the fight it is now screaming from their graves.

Twenty minutes after Musk tweeted “The Left is losing the Middle” he tweeted something that created derision amongst those on the left.

Musk followed with another tweet attacking the father of communism, Karl Marx, saying, “Das Kapital in a nutshell,” followed by a picture of Marx with the statement in quasi-German, “Gib me dat for free.”

Someone then replied “Communist memes aren’t funny unless everyone gets them.”

I could not help but agree.

When representatives like Jerry Nadler say that the violence in my city is a myth when I deal with it every night, I realize that you really don’t have to acknowledge something because that way you don’t have to condemn it.

That is the gist really –what is happening in our country apparently does not deserve a well-rounded debate where the middle can observe just how bad it is getting and how both sides are playing into the hands of the police state and those who are ungovernable are contributing to the plan that was first conceived by Karl Marx.

And they are calling it American.

For those who may not be familiar with Karl Marx, he is best known as the “father of Communism” and a revolutionary, whose works inspired the foundation of many communist regimes in the twentieth century. His early work includes “The Communist Manifesto,” a book originally published in February 1848. In the book, Karl Marx called for the overthrow of the social system of capitalism and the creation of a new, free, and equal society. Karl Marx was not just the ‘father of Communism’. He was also the ‘mother’ of Nazi-Fascism, another ideology that claimed millions of lives in that continent.

Say all you want about what is being called peaceful assembly but when the media quips that in around the country the peaceful protests have “intensified” I marvel at the Orwellian double speak that no one really gets or understands.

Euphemisms are being thrown around without the cause for forethought.

I was being attacked by a left leaning soul who scolded me for being a nationalist. I said that I couldn’t help it I am an eagle scout but that means nothing now.


Western civilization, led by the US government and media, has embarked upon a campaign of mass psychological terrorism designed to cover for the collapsing economy, set up a new pretext for Wall Street’s ongoing plunder expedition, radically escalate the police state, deeply traumatize people into submission to total social conformity, and radically aggravate the anti-social, anti-human atomization of the people.

The pretext for this abomination is an epidemic which objectively is comparable to the seasonal flu and is caused by the same kind of Coronavirus we’ve endured so long without totalitarian rampages and mass insanity.

The global evidence is converging on the facts: This flu is somewhat more contagious than the norm and is especially dangerous for those who are aged and already in poor health from pre-existing maladies. It is not especially dangerous for the rest of the population.

The whole concept of “lockdowns” is exactly upside down, exactly the wrong way any sane society would respond to this circumstance.

I feel bad for people who are so hung up on all of the propaganda – not to mention how COVID-19 is now a politically charged device that has now been linked to Black Lives Matter, peaceful protests and angry mobs and how all of this has become a big stick in trying to destroy the current administration.

I know that there are well intentioned health officials giving us whatever information they can – but I am having a whole lot of mistrust of anyone that is spinning all of what is happening into red state blue state theater.

The bottom line is that no matter where you stand on this issue we are all being subjected to what looks like the Orwellian police state.

The official propaganda could not be more Orwellian, nor could people’s willingness to go along with it. It doesn’t even have to appear to make sense. Doublethink has taken over. For example, most of the developed world has been in some form of totalitarian lockdown, and subjected to other police-state measures like being beaten and arrested or maced for not wearing a mask, for no justifiable reason whatsoever, for going on the last five months, but, according to the corporate media and the millions of people they have apparently brainwashed, it’s only now that Trump has sent his Homeland Security goons into Portland that, suddenly, “democracy is under attack!”

I am laughing awkwardly over how anyone can take sides in a police state.

The Governor of Oregon has masterfully convinced her flock that she has successfully pushed the Federal storm troopers out of Portland and yet the story changes when President Trump says that “No troops are leaving until the governor can demonstrate that the city is secure.”

The acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf agrees with Trump but Kate Brown says she talked to Vice President Pence and he said that it is all a go. It is the equivalent of if you want something go ask your mom and when you ask your mom she says ask your dad and dad says no.

But Brown is like a teenager who thinks that she is going to do it anyway.

This how the left is operating now… it is still the same old Trump sucks strategy that for some reason is allowed to go farther and without discipline. I disliked President Bush, I disliked Clinton. I disliked Obama, I dislike Trump but I never ever would encourage our governors or our mayors to give the equivalent of the bird to any sitting authority.

They get a pass now because of Trump and how much they hate him.

This is a strategy that in the end will backfire.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown thinks she can secure a city – it is obvious that she is a dismal failure. I mean, how she can secure the city when she doesn’t admit that the peaceful protests intensify after well-meaning demonstrators go home early because they need to tend to their families.

We are now approaching the two-month mark since the riots that erupted across the United States in late May and early June. There is a reasonable argument to be made that these riots were unprecedented in U.S. history — or at the very least, since the 1960s. Yet if one surveyed the national media today, you’d barely even know anything happened. Nor would you likely be aware that those who bore the brunt of the destruction — largely minorities whose sensibilities don’t fit into any neatly-delineated ideological category — are still acutely suffering from the fallout.

Yes, civil unrest has of course occurred before. But not like this – there is no objective – this is not a protest this is a feeble attempt at an overthrow and once they get into their positions of power – they won’t know what to do when it happens.

It is like a dog chasing a car –dogs always chase after the big shiny object but once they succeed in catching one –what is a dog going to do with car?

But I have to pick a side or else my loyalties are up for interpretation, if you remain in the middle trying to be objective – you are called a racist, a Nazi and a threat to public health.

Calling riots “riots” is insensitive, unpatriotic, or racist. Silence is insensitive, unpatriotic and racist. Free speech is insensitive, unpatriotic racist. Refusing to wear a mask is selfish, insensitive, unpatriotic and racist. The BLM protesters are immune to the virus, but other large gatherings which, it goes without saying, are probably selfish, insensitive, unpatriotic and racist all have to be banned.

While the most extreme riots in cities like Portland, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and particularly Minneapolis did receive considerable attention it was fleeting, incomplete, and unnecessarily inflected with knee-jerk partisanship.

But geographically the whole country seems to be into destroying everything — there were also smaller-scale riots in surprisingly far-flung places that you hardly would’ve known about unless you lived in the area, or happened to visit, or intentionally sought out what remains of the bare-bones local media coverage. To take just a small sampling: Atlantic City, NJ, Fort Wayne, IN, Green Bay, WI, and Olympia, WA all underwent significant riots, at least per the normal expectations of life in these relatively low-key cities. Did you hear anything about them?

Of course you didn’t – the focus is all on partisanship in major cities and not about how there is an effort at radicalizing an entire nation.

There are some people in fly over America that are lucky they don’t have to deal with it and they can remain in their self-imposed house arrest having their opinions made for them by the mocking bird mainstream media.

Normality, as Americans knew it, is over, and it is never, ever, coming back, because white supremacy, Trump, his so called tyranny, police brutality, the goon squads, and Russian Meddling and all of the horrors that mainstream media shoved down our throats caused the pandemic.

This is your punishment America – it is the proverbial third spanking you get when you have done something wrong – one spanking that is meant for you, one spanking that satisfies the critical parent –and the one that apparently you feel you have to give to yourself for being a citizen.

On some level, you can understand why the ramifications of all this has still yet to be fully processed. The sheer volume of information is overwhelming, for one thing. And coupled with a worsening pandemic, along with the daily antics of Donald Trump, sustaining national attention on any given topic might be impossible. But it’s also clear that the severe ramifications of these riots have been widely ignored — if not consciously obfuscated — by a media class that was near-unanimous in its approval of the accompanying protest movement. That they could have so quickly “moved on,” particularly from the wreckage of Minneapolis/St. Paul–where people now are in agony and are struggling to rebuild.

But the media ignores their pain — because to taints the cause.

Remember if you don’t acknowledge it – you don’t have to condemn it – if you don’t see it you can pretend it is not there—if you play stupid then no one can condemn you in your ignorance.

But I am – I condemning it all and I say this is not American – it may be something that can be seen as America’s revolutionary spirit but it is a revolution to destroy the very heart of what America is supposed to be.

All I am is a talk show host – and it doesn’t take some kind of profound journalistic acuity to walk around riot-affected areas, talk to citizens, record their stories and impressions, take some photos and record some video, and compose some tweets to demonstrate that now the riots and the protesters are beginning to fight among themselves.

Black leaders are saying that what is happening at the protests is white spectacle where again white privilege has hijacked the true meaning of Black Lives Matter and while it may be the case – the true meaning of educating people about police brutality is being drowned out by the noise of cultural Marxism.

The clouds of tear gas thickens, the exposure is making people sick. The COVID-19 I am sure is spreading in their somewhere – and we have now decided that America needs to be a prison –where the wardens are letting the prisoners attack each other.

If you’re still deluding yourself into believing that this thinly-veiled exercise in martial law is anything other than an attempt to bulldoze what remains of the Constitution and reinforce the iron-fisted rule of the police state, you need to stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

This is no longer about partisan politics or civil unrest or even authoritarian impulses.

This is a turning point.

But people are so damn caught up in their political opinions about it all that the United states will be taken over by an outside influence that will be welcomed as Henry Kissinger once said at Bilderberg conference:

“Today, America would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all people of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.” 

Kissinger knew what was in the works.

The United Nations, urged America to avoid using excessive force against protesters and journalists, following a viral video that shows volunteer medics being shoved to the ground by police officers in Portland, Oregon.
“It is very important that people are able to protest peacefully, that people aren’t subject to unnecessary, disproportionate or discriminatory use of force,” Liz Throssell, U.N. human rights spokeswoman, said during a news briefing on Friday.
During the news briefing, Throssell also urged authorities to ensure that federal and local police were “clearly identified,” after photos have shown officers covering their badge numbers when using excessive force against protesters.

As you can see the United Nations is pointing out that we are ungovernable –like any other country in the Middle East, in Eastern Europe or Central America.

We are no longer unique and so that American privilege which is now being called white privilege just does not exist anymore.

Manifest Destiny is now a myth – a legend that will be told at campfires where the homeless tempest tossed will gather together and speak of the good old days when they had it all and destroyed it brick by brick thinking it was for the sanctity of liberty and the eradication of tyranny.

The so-called racial justice activists who have made looting, violence, vandalism and intimidation tactics the hallmarks of their protests have played right into the government’s hands.

They have delivered all of us into the police state’s hands.

I guess we will have to learn the hard way.

Once the government acquires—and uses—additional powers to spy on its citizens, to carry out surveillance, to transform its police forces into extensions of the police, to seize taxpayer funds, to wage endless wars, to censor and silence dissidents, to identify potential troublemakers, to detain citizens without due process, it does not voluntarily relinquish them.

This is the slippery slope on which we’ve been traveling for far too long.

We are leaving all of the decisions of future in the hands of anti-rationalists. Very few are now stopping and asking anyone if they are being rational – they are just acting as if everything that they are doing is for the benefit of their stupid political ideology.

Anti-rationalists are incapable of independent thought and need to be told what to believe by someone, some body or organization, they consider to be important. They call these carefully selected important people and groups “reliable sources.”

It isn’t entirely clear what constitutes a reliable source for the anti-rationalist but they appear to range from globalist think tanks and appointed world health authority officials, to mainstream media hacks, multinational corporation spokespersons, the right scientists, fact checkers and government representatives.

Certainly questioning anything they are told is unthinkable. Repeating information is where it’s at for the anti-rationalists.

Anti-rationalists think anyone who questions their tightly restricted, officially approved, science is just too dumb to understand it. Therefore, while refusing even to acknowledge, let alone discuss, the science they don’t agree with, they propose we should instead listen to anti-rationalist celebrities.

They are the ones you find sound asleep on the couch wearing their masks while Rachel Maddow or Don Lemon is leading them into who to hate next – who to blame next.

There are also the anti-rationalists that are on the right too – the extremists that get all their information from anonymous Reddit contributors who claim to be part of that sanctimonious techno cult Q. I don’t hate them – I just have a problem with those who act like that everything that they have upstairs can all fit in their MAGA hats and that is about it – There are still the diehards who rationally think that Trump is going to dig any of us out of this global charade.

They are kidding themselves, if Trump can reverse any of this then he alone will be seen as an external savior… but he is just a man – a man that is hated so much by the minority that they are willing to employ a scorched earth policy just to prove their point.

What is sad is that no one sees the appalling conflict of interest in the left/ right politics and technocracy that they hold as infallible.

Look at the alternative come November – if people want to know if the election is rigged, you can say of course it is – it is rigged for the globalists for take over and they will have their own senile old Muppet that they can manipulate. One where they all know where to put the hand when they want him to do something.

We all know how puppets work.

No matter which way you lean, you can bet that when you are bending over, left or right, just far enough for them to make you feel that pinch when they take you from behind.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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