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Clyde Lewis | July 30, 2020
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The other day, I noticed that someone created one of those big box memes on Facebook saying that I was spreading false doctrine on my show about aliens. The person suggested I read Genesis where in Chapter 6 it talks about the Fallen Ones that came down from the heavens to have sex with human women.

Some people speculate that this mysterious group in Genesis 6:4 called “the Nephilim” may be extraterrestrials. They say that these are the aliens.

This is the Bible’s Roswell and people use it as a way to convey that aliens are deceptive bunch and that they are demons.

I was really curious as to why the meme box is made because I have addressed many times Genesis 6 but as I see it these beings were angels that gave up their 1st estate as it was reported in the Book of Jude. They deserted their domain and were therefore cursed beings.

What this means is that they left their position in heaven to seek out human bonds.

Which was forbidden in the eyes of God and therefore God flooded the world of their abomination in order to destroy their offspring.

.They were more like the Incubi than aliens – they were also known as the Gregori or “The Watchers.” In the apocryphal Book of Enoch, we read that they are referred to both good and bad Watchers, with a primary focus on the rebellious ones.

Therefore, whatever it was that came down from heaven biblically was not all demonic because I am sure that there were others that could have helped establish our civilizations.

Biblical Scholar David Flynn when he was alive came on Ground Zero to discuss these so-called Fallen Ones and stated that he had reason to believe that these “Old ones” or the watchers had their civilization on Mars and that they created a great fortress there where the most vile of the beings there wanted to wage war.

He speculated that the civilization actually lived in the area known as Cydonia.

The Nephilim were in fact known as the Gods of Fortresses who had their outpost on the Planet Mars. There were those on the planet that were builders of monuments tetrahedral structures and even homages to their superior overseer.

However, some were warlike. The Hebrew word for the God of Fortresses is Ala Mahozim. In Hebrew the root word for fortresses is mahoz (MARS) which means the “place of strength” or “stronghold”.

Many of the inhabitants of Mars or the great fortress were destroyed and therefore there has to be proof that civilization once lives on Mars.

Really there was no possible connection to spiritual demons only that ancient religions worshiped Martian Gods called the Ala Mahozim. They were part of the pantheon that eventually was ruled as satanic with connections to Marduk and Baal.

This I believe is where most people who are connecting aliens with demons get their proof.

There was a time when we took it for granted that humans were alone in the universe at the top of the evolutionary heap — above us were only the angels. But decades of science fiction have surely undermined that. Given the number of alien contact movies in the past few decades, it is more likely that angels visiting Earth would be greeted as aliens than that aliens visiting Earth would be greeted as angels.

This may be a problem philosophically and it is quite likely the reason why science loves to ignore the data about ancient life on Mars or even possible structures left behind on the Moon or on Martian soil.

Certainly, the surprisingly low-key response to what in the past would have been earthshaking UFO revelations suggests that we’re psychologically ready to handle alien contact without the kind of trauma that might have marked an earlier time. And let’s face it, if they’re coming, 2020 is the perfect year for them to arrive, since it has piled one unlikely event on top of another. From murder hornets to a global pandemic to alien invasion … it just feels right, somehow.

However, if we cannot agree on what extraterrestrial beings are and if one or many just decide to show up – we will have to not only deal with the astonishment, but the cynicism, the paranoia, and the mistaken identity between aliens, angels and demons.

I have always been fascinated by so-called structures and possible ancient life on Mars and even though science has dismissed the idea of a face on Mars or even structures in the City of Cydonia – I am still intrigued by the work that has been done by writers of the genre – Richard C, Hoagland comes to mind with his book, Monuments of Mars: A City on the Edge of Forever.

Recently, I was drawn to an article that was sent to me by a reader who urged me to look into a new book that was written by a scientist who stated that she believes that the planet Mars is coming of age.

In other words, while science has always had a sense of wonder about the planet, it appears that it will not be long before we find out that Mars quite literally is Earth’s mirror.

Earlier this month, the book “Sirens of Mars: Searching For Life on Another World” was released. It is a nonfiction book written by Sarah Stewart Johnson.

In the forward of the book Dr. Johnson writes: “Mars has been our mirror, our foil, a telltale reflection of what has been deepest in our hearts, We have seen in Mars a utopia. A wilderness. A sanctuary. An oracle. With so few landmarks, guideposts, or constraints, all is possible; without data that could be used to cabin our inquiry or limit our imagination, Mars has been a blank canvas. And tenderly, our human seeking has rushed to fill it.”

I decided it was an opportune moment to share that passage because today NASA launched the perseverance rocket today blasting its new rover to the Red Planet—it’s purpose is to find ancient life on Mars.

The payload will arrive on Mars in February of 2021.

Once at Mars, the lander vehicle will take Perseverance down to the planet’s surface on February 18, 2021, to a target landing zone found in what’s known as Jezero Crater. This location on Mars was once a lake, long ago when the atmosphere on Mars was quite different than the dry, dusty and cold environment we know today. This has been chosen specifically because it’s a prime spot for finding any evidence of microbiological life that might exist, as it contains one of the best-preserved deposits of a river delta on Mars.

NASA scientists don’t expect to be able to confirm the existence of life on Mars using the instruments on Perseverance; however, they think they can find strong indications that the conditions and materials necessary for life once existed. But the ultimate proof could come from the ambitious Mars sample return mission being planned for 2026. This would involve NASA launching a return rocket to the red planet, which will carry a rocket that can take off from the Mars surface with samples collected by Perseverance on board. That would then meet up with a rover to be launched by the European Space Agency which would then make the trip all the way back to Earth for scientists to study.

I admit that I get a rush whenever I see a rocket launch and with all we are hearing about how the military, and our leaders are vying for verification of off world UFO’s the prospect of finding any signs of life on Mars whether ancient or even contemporary is still a matter of intrigue.

Depictions of contact with extraterrestrial life in fiction for over a century have highlighted potential downsides of alien contact, from H. G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds” to the television series “The X-Files,” and films such as “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” and “Independence Day.”

However, most speculations regarding humanity’s reactions to extraterrestrial life, both in fiction and otherwise, have focused on discovering evidence of intelligent life from elsewhere, while less consideration has been given to how we may react to the discovery of extraterrestrial life that is not intelligent.

We are so busy trying to find that anthropomorphic alien instead of other key findings that make it highly probable that we live in a universe teeming with life.

There are some scientists that believe a discovery of microbial life, or a faint signal from space will not really shake up the planet on a psychological level.

The majority of scientists believe that any disclosure will be earth shattering and that it will eventually lead to mass hysteria.

But we can argue that we are hearing that the government takes it all seriously –and that just hearing about military interest, government interest, and the establishment of a military arm for space defense should give us all a clue.

Many argue that we are no further in finding out anything because many scientists and politicians are in denial mode. Most mainstream religions are on board with the idea that there is extraterrestrial life, while many cult relations are fearing that they are demons and that any report of extraterrestrial life is a demonic deception.

I believe that it is somewhat comforting to realize that for all of the years of speculating about life in space there is somewhat of a vindication that many people who are into UFO’s and the search for alien life can lay claim to.

What was once considered a fringe activity bordering on pseudoscience is quickly becoming a rigorous, well-respected scientific discipline.

However, the biggest drawback to all of the so-called disclosure is the containment of most of what is happening in space.

We have had many claims that life or fossilized life can be seen in the rocks of Mars. Various images that have been going viral on the internet include what many see as monuments, statues, even bones on the surface of Mars.

The question of whether Mars harbors extant life has been pondered by humankind since the time of the ancients. In the more recent past, the work of Giovanni Schiaparelli and Percival Lowell catalyzed widespread speculation that Mars had sentient life.

The modern scientific community has reminded us that biological life on Mars so far do not exist, and focus shifted about 60 years ago to the possibility of extant microbial life.

The hypothesis that microbial life may exist in the modern Martian regolith was tested during the Viking mission. The results of the Viking biology experiments were said by scientists to be vague —some aspects of the results were consistent with what would be expected if extant life were present in the samples, but other results were not, thus allowing for multiple interpretations.

But of course time are changing and we have to ask ourselves what are we spending all this money to send a rocket to Mars that has a payload that is supposed to explore an area that may be teaming with microbial life.

It stands to reason that the secret is trying to get out but scientists at NASA again Never give A Straight Answer when it comes to possible biological life forms on various planets that have shown signs of having the building blocks necessary to prove life.

Just this past week came the latest slow-roll disclosure about UFOs and aliens in The New York Times, which, in the words of tech blog Gizmodo, “casually drops another story about how aliens are probably real.”

There are even reports that the Pentagon has obtained vehicles or parts of vehicles “not made on this Earth,” though former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was either misquoted confirming the story or walked back his comments to that effect later.

But again it all depends on who you listen to – or what you believe, the buzz alone is hard to keep up with because the story is unfolding so fast and stories fly like bats at twilight.

The question is whether or not we are ready to understand extraterrestrial biological entities that are not anthropomorphic in nature because I would content that if these beings or creatures look nothing like what we see on earth or even on Star Trek we may not care about them enough to marvel the discovery.

Life is not a deception, extraterrestrial artifacts are not a product of the Nephilim or some other fallen creature from the Bible or some other speculative book.

The life we find may not even match what our wildest dreams can imagine.

There might be some sort of intelligent life that we’d never be able to contact. For example, we may encounter electromagnetic creatures that live on neutron stars, they would be extraordinarily difficult to discover or communicate with. They certainly would not be anthropomorphic or human like and if you are looking for wings on their backs or horns on their heads you would be hard pressed to do so.

But, basically, the more alien species have in common with us, the more likely they are to visit Earth if they’re able to. Carbon-based life forms would be more likely to be interested in planets suitable for carbon-based life; oxygen breathers would be more likely to visit a planet with an oxygen atmosphere and so on.

We’re conspicuous enough to anyone who’s looking: Commercial broadcasting has been going on for a hundred years now, meaning that anyone within a volume somewhere between 100-200 light years across could find us if they looked. 

We are after all a noisy planet.

We also have to understand while those who equate extraterrestrials to spiritual guides they may be confusing the substance.

Scientifically speaking, with evolutionary propensity in mind.

It has been noted inn scientific journals and in books that we may be facing a great challenge if we are to face our alien counterparts.

Gregg Easterbrook noted in the Atlantic awhile back in 1988, something that is troubling, he says that  “The most disquieting aspect of natural selection as observed on Earth is that it channels intellect to predators. Most bright animals are carnivores: Stalking requires tactics, pattern recognition and, for social animals, coordinated action, all incubators of brainpower.”

This means they can be violent and I have always felt that this stands to reason. Species do not advance without wiping out other species that see as inferior if the survival of the fittest is the law of the jungle then it could equally be the law in space and when an alien arrives or has contact with mankind it may be violent – or we may be violent to it.

We can hope, of course, that a sufficiently advanced alien civilization might have evolved past violence, though the evidence that our civilization is doing so is not entirely compelling.

In the situation we are in now, we can only hope that are absolutely nothing like us.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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