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Clyde Lewis | July 6, 2021
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For those who were wondering where I have been the past few days, I was in Cambria, California attending that United We Stand gathering of 300 or more people to discuss meaningful activism beyond that of political rallying and backbiting.May be an image of 3 people, including Clyde Lewis and people standing

There was no political agenda at the gathering; in fact, many of the people there came from all walks of life including various tribal leaders who also have things to say about the various indigenous people that are also behind the scenes concerned with how our nation is being led down a path to destruction.

It is too bad that I wasn’t available for some of the discussions because I suffered a bit of heat stroke but even though my body was weak, I managed to give a speech and did a few interviews about what we needed to do to change the direction of the country and protect it from tyrannical global interests.

What I learned at the conference is that even though there are people who wish to bring about real change, there are saboteurs and informants that also attend these gatherings and that they were there to see to it that the conference would not be broadcast and that they also wanted to try and bring down the spirits of those who attended.

No one knew who they were and of course every paranoid theory can be discussed when you feel you are under attack for thinking outside the box.

Every fear that you have about being a target becomes evident when what you do is often silenced or censored by some phantom organized group that see your activism as a threat to their political agendas.

When I lived in Buenos Aries during the final days of the Dirty War, I realized a very valuable thing. Paranoid fantasies eventually come true and those who have been labeled paranoid in the past become the rational thinkers in the present.

But while all of the paranoia shifts to heightened awareness, there are still exceptions to all of this metaphysical rationale.

Exceptions that prove to be deadly for the scapegoat that winds up with a loaded gun in his mouth. Waiting for his head to be aerated by someone whose paranoia becomes the driving force for their survival. A person who believes their theories are true even when all of the evidence proves otherwise.

We must understand that a lot of what is covert is not obvious and in the police state, that which is allegedly obvious can be misleading because of cognitive Infiltration.

To summarize Alex Carey in, “The Public Relations Industry’s Secret War on Activists” there are three important developments of great political importance: the growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy.

Your life in this nebulous psychological wartime especially against what is being called the invisible enemy, is controlled by lie upon lie and when people become paranormal and wish to do criminal things in a police state it is difficult to trust your neighbor because they may be an informant or worse a neighbor waiting to snuff you out for the food they need or the money they need for drugs. There was a term that I created to illustrate this.

It is term called, Psychochondria, a mental illness where mass paranoia creates an atmosphere where a scapegoat is ridiculed and blamed because of a vicious rumor or circumstantial associations.Verboticism: Psychocondria

This mental illness is being spread by one carrier to others who pass it on to unsuspecting people.

I would say that if you wanted something that is scarier than COVID-19 or any other Variant they make up — this would be it.

We are always wondering what our underlying purpose is in this world, and some people don’t even take the time to contemplate their place in the universe. They are very satisfied with being machines that eat, drink and defecate; only taking breaks for an occasional first shooter game or reality show.

At this point in time, the human experience seems to be a fight against toxicity, whether physically, mentally or spiritually.

It is also a period where victimhood is rewarded with massive amounts of attention. No matter the situation we assume that victimization is universal because human behavior is cruel, children are bullies, adults are abused by other adults, we have human trafficking, human slavery, racism, and many of us do not understand bizarre behavior and changes in attitudes about gender.

We are addicted to outrage and become hungry for truth when we are confused. We are satiated when we hear words that we already believe are true, rather than the uncomfortable reality that makes you feel fragile and vulnerable.

Now in some ways this is predictable. The pandemic has led to a breakdown in knowledge and certainty.

Now that we are allegedly open for business and the country cautiously steps outside of its self imposed prison — those who wish to get back to normal are being labeled extremists again — and those who do not wish to get back to normal are actually becoming more and more agitated because they can’t cope with others who have been yearning for 16 months to get on with their lives.

In case you haven’t noticed , the mainstream media, especially CNN has gone into attack mode because there is just not enough adversarial journalism now that President Biden is in play, we can see that President Biden us easier to figure out than his predecessor and so rather than talk about him and what he is doing the mainstream media is still concerned with extremism, the so called insurrection or January 6th and telling everyone that anyone who speaks ill of the ruling class or tries to bring down the globalist take over are the 5th column.

They want you to believe that everyone that doesn’t agree with them is an extremist and that they need to be exposed and reported — much like the witch hunts that prevailed during the red scare.

What we are seeing now is the destruction of intellectual autonomy, to make the world safe for the socialist agenda.

If you are not on board with this new normal . this fourth industrial revolution you will become an extremist — if you are not already labeled one.

Many people have written me e-mails asking what has happened to my Facebook page. Well not only has face book changed their pages — they have also managed to blacklist pages that they see as disseminating extremist news.

Of course, my Ground Zero Facebook page has been put in that category. Some have told me that they are not getting me in their news feeds — others say that they get a questionnaire asking if anything that I have posted has affected them in a negative way — while others have received a notice saying that they may have been exposed to harmful content.

There are at least two messages that are being sent out:

“Violent groups try to manipulate your anger and disappointment. You can take action now to protect yourself and others.”

and the other is “We care about preventing extremism on Facebook. Others in your situation have received confidential support.”Facebook Prods Users Who've Been Exposed to 'Extremist Content' to Get Help | PCMag

“Hear stories and get advice from people who escaped violent extremist groups”. Underneath that message is a blue “Get Support” button.

Facebook told CNN that this is part of a test the social media company is running as part of its Redirect Initiative, aimed at fighting extremism.

However, people who are smart know that Facebook has been accused of allowing some groups to glorify violence during the 2020 election and in the weeks leading up to the Capitol Hill democracy check — that became an attempted insurrection.

So their response is to encourage the destruction of intellectual autonomy by changing their News Feed, limiting the reach of Pages and Groups that breach Facebook’s standards or in their opinion share fake news, or publish what they feel is hate speech and misinformation,

Again, Facebook becomes another divisive tool by being the decider as to what is extremism and what isn’t.

Facebook’s algorithms even consider satire as extremism.

Satire used to be one of the safest ways to keep the empire honest from the jesters of the King — to those who have been lampooning the powerful for centuries.

Facebook sees this as extremism.

What Facebook is doing is extremist and they should look into themselves and their practices as being fascist and dystopian.

They are becoming responsible for block intellectual autonomy and are breeding an extremist snitch society.

Facebook now makes it easy for the complete and utterly moronic imbecile to report the offensive and upsetting materials to your local content controller, and then contact their pre-approved counselors for immediate de-programming.

Simply confidentially report your friend or family member to the proper authorities, and they’ll take it from there.

Remember that divergence of opinion is dangerous. Under no circumstances consume content that differs from your state-mandated opinions.

Report all infractions, refuse to see harmful facts, be sure to distance yourself from those who refuse to be corrected, for their own good and yours.

It just gets worse –and Facebook has even rendered a TV spot that urges comprehensive internet reforms to combat what they are calling extremism.

The TV campaign is called ‘A (Too) Short History’ and shows how the web has changed in the 25 years since the Telecommunications Act passed.Updated Internet Regulations? - Internet Governance Project

It bemoans the fact that internet regulations in the U.S. have not been updated once during that time period.

Lawmakers would love nothing more than to legislate attitudes, and viewpoints about their power grip on the people — it would be a pleasure for them to make criminals out of those who wish to comply with their draconian moves to curtail rights of the people.

The internet has been a fountain of information that is now been policed by Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms so that information that they feel is conspiracy theory does not make it on their platform.

Facebook, Twitter and other social-media sites have given rise to an online snitching culture, in which users are expected to monitor one another’s actions and report problematic activity to the company. In order to encourage users to police each other, for example, Facebook has made “flagging” an essential component of its content moderation system. And so we have put each other under mass surveillance—and we are barely beginning to consider the implications.

Governments are experts in getting people to police one another. Communist East Germany had a vast network of citizen informants during the second half of the 20th century. Northern Ireland enticed public informants to hand over information on drug smuggling with large payouts. In the US, the FBI has pressured Muslims to become informants. But late-capitalist society has entered a new era: one in which corporations, whose interests are primarily financial, encourage consumers to rat each other out.

Snitch culture is dangerous in a larger way, too, since it erodes the structure of a free society by breaking community bonds.

According to a peer reviewed paper, Denunciation and Social Control, written in 2017 by University of Chicago’s Patrick Bergemann: “Denunciations provide the means by which individuals can harm others whom they dislike and gain relative to them within their communities, Ultimately, this can lead to a reorientation of society away from cooperation and trust, and toward hierarchy and obedience.”

When I was the United We Stand Gathering in Cambria, the speech I gave was that while everyone demand that they have Freedom of Speech — the real fight we have now is Freedom of Reach.

We all have something to say but some important tidbit of information can immediately be censored or shut down because it does not meet the approval of some authority –some Orwellian ministry of truth,

It all goes back to that old saying that if a tree falls in a forest and there is no one around to hear it –does it make a noise?

Suppose an entire society goes to smithereens, while our media elites stubbornly refuse to notice. What then?

Suppose the reporters and the pundits and the “experts” ignore the attempts at trampling our basic freedoms — how are we going to get that message out to those who use the mainstream media as their only source for state supported propaganda.

Suppose they all assure us that defending democracy is “anti-science,” and preach to us that civil rights (except for Black Lives Matter protests) are nothing but a “death cult.?

Does the murder of our liberties even make a sound?

It doesn’t if Facebook has anything to do with it — it doesn’t if the media continues to say that anything other than the narrative is extremism.

Think of what has happened over the last 16 months.

Economies in once-wealthy countries were reduced to ruin. Social media reeled under systematic thought-policing.

For the first time in history, more than 40 governors in the U.S. awarded themselves quasi-dictatorial powers – on the strength of laws hastily designed less than 20 years ago for massive bioterrorism attacks, pressed into service to counter a medical “emergency” that was never an emergency. By the end of 2020, most of the American population was still living under dictatorial rule.

Even in my state of Oregon, we have opened for business, but our fascist governor is still holding on to those dictatorial emergency powers.

And yet it appears that this does not matter — no one is speaking up and those that do are silenced or in my case, put into a situation where I had to move into another studio because of some made up COVID restriction that I violated.

It was never about COVID or any broken rule — it was about my content and how it offended very powerful people in this state.

This is why we had to establish over fears that I would lose what I had worked nearly 30 years for.Aftermath Media, Inc.

When I first made this move I came under fire from some people but now I am realizing that it was the right move and that I can continue to keep getting out information to people that care — that truly support what I am doing.

Otherwise, all of the warnings and predictions, and help that I try to give would be like that tree falling in the forest — the one that doesn’t make a noise because no one listens or cares.

This is the struggle — this is what we are up against — the destruction of intellectual autonomy.

We are also up against those who are willing to cancel and otherwise snitch on people who have viewpoints that wish to expose the horrors of what is coming and how liberty will die unless we continue sharing views no matter how hard they are to hear.

Once upon a time, we would have called snitches “collaborators,” if not “heartless fanatics.” Now their actions are praised and encouraged by Facebook and all of those so-called “Karens” that do not wish to surrender the power they have of being a critical parent.

Those who have had their taste of power in the last 16 months have ignored and stifled your basic freedoms. Now, they want to take more, they want to legislate your thinking and your expression.

People have been put in a difficult place. Speak up, and you’re likely to lose your job. Disagree, and you’re deemed a heinous racist, homophobic, or some other flavor of bigot. That’s what cancel culture is all about – silencing anyone who dissents with the threat of social and financial destruction.

We are witnessing what can be called a massive deprogramming agenda.

I’m not a huge government or political party supporter, preferring instead to govern myself. However, our government was designed to have checks and balances to keep the pendulum from swinging too far to one side. Currently, that system is being overridden, and re-education and social programming is just the start.

The people are being programmed to create an “other” a scapegoat that can be used in order to fragment our unity in such a way to render us confused and pliable.

If we’re fighting against each other, we can’t stand up beside each other and defend what would be the collective historical memory of what made America unique in its liberty.

I am now learning just what the new extremism will be about and who will be the next targets in this intellectual purge.

Those who know more about the truth than about conformity, those for whom words still have meaning, and facts still matter.

Those who are not ashamed to touch, nor afraid to stand up. Those who will not swallow lies nor ingest a fraud. Those to whom the word “freedom” isn’t an insult.

Those are the ones who have truly survived the last 16 months and are now willing to fight to keep the conversation about sovereignty and liberty alive.

To those who fit these definitions — you are now extremists.

They’re counting on compliance. The Nazis, Mao, Stalin — they all counted on compliance too.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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