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Clyde Lewis | July 8, 2020
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Back when I did the show Dark Wave I posited what some people thought were outrageous theories. I reported that on June 23rd a major magnetic wave passed over the planet and scientists were baffled as to why. They did say that it affected everyone and many people didn’t even realize it.

It was like we had some cosmic event that in the blink of an eye we passed through wormhole and on the other side we experienced something called Inverse time.

Many people who called the show that night told us that many of them completely spaced the date of June 23rd, others felt faint, and others had a few health problems.

Some even told stories about how they experienced a glitch where moments started repeating themselves with different outcomes – it was like they were reliving a moment in time.

Someone called us and said that on June 23rd, COVID-19 stared spiking. More cases, more hospitals running out of beds, lockdown threats all returned. It was if we went back in time to April only this time with a different outcome.

The virus was attacking younger people, death tolls were not spiking but more people were getting sick, people were running to the stores again – life became a real version of the film Groundhog Day.

It certainly is an interesting theory but then something happened—I had either deja vu or a major Mandela Effect moment.

Today, I was alerted to something that I think is the first Mandela Effect when it comes to COVID-19. I know that I postulated a theory about the great magnetic wave of June 23rd pushing us back in time to relive the first three months of COVID-19 all over again. I am sure if you were to compare the reports of this disease today with reports of what happened back in March you probably would not be able to tell the difference.

The difference is simply that younger people are getting it – the death tolls are dropping and if you listen to the media you are being told that any death tolls from the new spikes will not be realized or even reported until a month from now –which is quite confusing as it seemed that the numbers of the dead were conveniently multiplying in the past.

So it is arguable that we have passes into some inverse time loop and as I said the Mandela lack of mental recall I have experience – I remember had something to do with the authorities telling us that simply spraying Lysol in a room would not eliminate COVID-19.

That labels on Lysol cans do say that it eliminates coronavirus and that we were warned that the coronavirus that was mentioned on the can was just a common cold.

The big question is am I the only one that remembers how they told us that we all needed lockdowns and social distancing and other arbitrary mandates to kill the virus and that things like sunlight, heat and Lysol were not effective in killing it?

Well, the EPA has approved two Lysol Disinfectant Sprays that can effectively kill SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) in just two minutes.

Lysol Disinfectant Spray and Lysol Disinfectant Max Cover Mist are the first two disinfectants to be approved for their ability to kill the virus. In May, the CDC recommended that people clean homes with common EPA-registered household disinfectants, which were expected to kill SARS-CoV-2, “harder to kill” viruses and other types of coronaviruses. However, the EPA’s new announcement names two products that are specifically effective against SARS-CoV-2.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, COVID-19 is mainly spread person-to-person through the transmission of respiratory droplets when individuals are within six feet of one another. Droplets from sneezing, coughing or loud talking can jump into another person’s mouth or nose or be inhaled through the lungs. Per the health agency, touching contaminated objects and then touching the mouth, nose or maybe the eyes is a less common route of transmission.

Again, it becomes confusing and what can be seen as a Mandela recall effect is simply a communication defect and we are all getting confused signals about what can and cannot protect us from getting the virus.

The course of action amidst all the hype of the spikes is to resort to Security Theater and more punishment when we are told conflicting information that they claim has nothing to do with politics and yet to hear the talking heads at CNN it is all about the incompetence of the Trump administration.

Now of course, his choice to pull out of the World Health organization has now created mere ridicule.

The president had made his intentions clear in late May, accusing the WHO of being under China’s control in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Despite calls from the EU and others, he said he would pull out of the UN agency and redirect funds elsewhere. He has now notified the UN and Congress of his intentions, although the process could take at least a year.

A senior US administration official told CBS News that Washington had detailed the reforms that it wanted the WHO to make and engaged with it directly, but that the WHO had refused to act.

Joe Biden, who will challenge Donald Trump in the November presidential election, tweeted: “On my first day as President, I will rejoin the WHO and restore our leadership on the world stage.”

And that, it will be… It will be the world stage as he along with other progressives will gladly see no other way out of this so called crisis than to allow for the global reset as world leaders will meet in Davos in January of 2021 to begin the implementing of the post scarcity world economy.

In the midst of all the panic that has been brought forth by the media with regard to new COVID-19 spikes – the various networks have been slow to mention that according to the CDC we might be seeing a light of this tunnel.

In case you are wondering what I mean, Coronavirus deaths in the country have nearly reached a level where the virus will cease to qualify as an epidemic under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rules, the federal agency reported last Friday.

Deaths attributable to COVID-19 pneumonia and influenza have been declining for 10 straight weeks, the agency said on its website, suggesting COVID-19 may cease to qualify as an epidemic in the next few weeks.

The question is, can we endure any longer?

The CDC qualifies a disease outbreak as an “epidemic” if the number of deaths attributable to the disease exceeds a certain percentage of total deaths per week. That threshold for pneumonia, influenza and COVID-19 fluctuates slightly depending on the time of year, ranging from around 7% at the height of flu season to around 5% during less virulent months.

CDC data indicate that deaths from those ailments began skyrocketing in the country around the second week of March, hitting a peak around early May and then plummeting quickly after that.

The latest data show that the percentage of deaths in the country attributable to those factors had as of the last week in June reached its lowest point since the end of last year, becoming “equal to the [current] epidemic threshold of 5.9%,” the CDC said.

The agency notes that the official tally of deaths “will likely change as more death certificates are processed, particularly for recent weeks.” Yet the number of deaths attributable to COVID-19, pneumonia and influenza have been declining for 10 straight weeks, the agency said on its website, suggesting COVID-19 may cease to qualify as an epidemic in the next few weeks.

The welcome news comes as fear over a “second wave” of the virus has gripped the U.S., with some states experiencing fresh surges of COVID-19 along with increased hospitalizations. Though infections are significantly up in some places, deaths throughout the country have remained flat, due likely to several factors including a younger cohort of infections as well as improved treatment methods.

This is great news for those of us that wish to stay informed with the facts – it is bad news for the power hungry governors that are loving the cushy jobs mandating arbitrary rules and cashing in on their emergency funds while remaining in a state of emergency.

Now we can all look back and ask why did politicians ever lockdown society in the first place?

Can we all agree that the stated purpose was to “flatten the curve” so our hospital system could handle the inevitable COVID-19 patients who needed care? At that point, at least, back in early March, people were behaving rationally. They accepted that you can’t eradicate a virus, so let’s postpone things enough to handle it.

The fact is, we have done that, and so much more.

We did our part – I did my part. But then it all became a ridiculous exercise in political security theater.

Even though we are seeing spikes in places like Florida Arizona and California, the COVID-19 virus is on its final legs but you can bet that if there is anytime the governors or even other political parties wish to exploit a crisis, they will create a second wave.

They can do that because people are not informed by a rational and objective media.

If virologists were driving policy about COVID-19 rather than public health officials, we’d all be living normal lives by now. The only thing our lockdowns have done at this point is prolong the agony a little bit, and encouraged Governors to make up more useless rules.

All we can hope for is herd immunity.

Most people understand the basic concept of herd immunity and the math behind it. In the early days, some public health officials speculated that COVID-19’s HIT was 70%. Obviously, the difference between a HIT of 70% and a HIT of 10-20% is dramatic, and the lower the HIT, the quicker a virus will burn out as it loses the ability to infect more people, which is exactly what COVID-19 is doing everywhere, including the U.S, which is why the death curve is now diminishing –so a 20 % herd immunity might work.

Now we are told though by none other than Dr. Strangeglove not to be over confident because he believes death certificate processing will eventually show that the death scare continuing but that again is another fear mongering tool to encourage people to wait for a vaccine.

COVID-19 is a coronavirus, and we have all been exposed to many coronaviruses during our lives on earth (like the common cold).

Guess what? Scientists are now showing evidence that up to 81% of us can mount a strong response to COVID-19 without ever having been exposed to it before.

The faster the spikes the quicker it dies and the more herd immunity the more we recover. You want to know why New York is doing so well? They reached their HIT at 65% once that was achieved the disease died down.

The rollbacks of openings are simply ridiculous, and simply compounding a terrible idea, and delaying the inevitable process within each region of achieving a proper Herd Immunity Threshold. We are now at a point where governors acting like mommies and daddies need to stop and let nature run its course.

Another weird and concerning bit of faulty group recall is what is happening again with the World Health Organizations edict about how emerging’ airborne COVID-19 spread may be a threat while you are under house arrest indoors.

I joke that again is it another Mandela fiasco that has jogged the faulty memory or did the WHO miss the memo from way back in April.

If I recall there was an NIH article titled, ‘Airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2: The world should face the reality.’ It warned that indoor spread could worsen because the virus is airborne – and yet we were told by so called experts to stay in our homes and not wear protective masks.

This is what I recall – is it a Mandela mix up – a shifting of a timeline or utter stupidity?

I know that I throw out a lot of theories and they may sound crazy but again we saw the spikes on June 23rd – the day of the massive magnetic wave – we can call it a trigger, a fluke, or some sort of shocking way of throwback Thursday.

But you cannot ignore that whatever is happening with COVID-19 everything we were told back in march and April mean nothing really – and the rollbacks and threats are indeed part of a political if not some preterrnatural torture ritual.

It could be irony or reverse synchronicity – but no one really understand it anymore arguable it dies after the 9/11 attacks and the old idea that e needed a new Pearl Harbor and biological attack on this nation in order to bow to our masters.

No matter what you may think the answer to all of this is to get your herd immunity Threshold up – the virus will eventually die – the more you prolong all of the roll backs the longer it will take for the herd immunity threshold to be reached.

We can avoid second wave by using common sense – the numbers show that it is time to allow for the final throes of the Herd Immunity Threshold. But of course the peer pressure and policing of others is going to continue until the last vestiges of paranoia are gone and CNN decides to report real news instead color commentary on a disease that is mutating and may just be rendered useless if we play our cards right.

We need to remember that the COVID-19 apocalypse, when it was declared frightened us into believing that 2 million Americans would be killed.. Did we even forget that?

We know now that we are probably not going to see two million Americans die from this virus but what the media and our governors have done is used their propaganda and fear tactics to mentally torture us into voluntarily killing America itself.

One hardly knows whether to laugh or to cry when reviewing the contrast between what does and doesn’t appear in what we charitably call our “news” media.

The news media has been called the fourth estate but now it appears to be acting like the 5th column.

The definition of a 5th column is is any group of people who undermine a larger group from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine. Forces gathered in secret can mobilize openly to assist an external attack.

Now doesn’t this define what we have been experiencing?

The rise and presence of a fifth column in not only the media but with progressive governors who continue to create arbitrary mandates that have single-handedly destroyed America’s economy, morale and stewardship?

The fifth column has bred sedition, insurrection and destruction of who we are, they have taken more than half of this year restricting our freedoms and demanding their extremist views be heard and applied under penalty of ridicule and accusations of hate crimes and white supremacy.

They have demanded that our police forces be defunded, our legacy systems reset and our dignity be relinquished because of their plot to destroy the United States.

2 million people have not died in America – America, however, is dead or near death.

We’ve known for some time now that “service sector jobs” – that is, jobs held overwhelmingly by the working poor – have been “decimated as a result of the coronavirus shutdowns.” And we know that millions of Americans who rent their dwellings will likely face eviction soon because of the soaring levels of poverty that have resulted from our masters’ touching concern for our health.

There will be food and services shortages, power outages, rations and other events that are going to happen well into the winter. The ease of living with convenience in this country will remain the norm.

They already were telling us that this is the new normal as if they had no intentions of putting us back to normal –and they apparently won’t — and Americans are sheepishly allowing all of it to happen without a single shred of proof that these tests for COVID are not fool proof.

I could not help but shake my head when I read today that Joey Gallo who plays for the Texas Rangers has done something that no other baseball player has done.

Gallo, who has not been allowed to participate in team workouts yet, tested negative for the coronavirus at a private Dallas laboratory using a nasal swab test. It was his second negative test in the last 10 days. But he’s also tested positive twice in the same span using the PCR/saliva test that MLB’s sanctioned lab — Utah-based Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratories uses.

This is not conspiracy theory – it just shows how accurate or inaccurate or even how random these COVID tests are.

How much longer is America going to stop fearing the Herd Immunity Threshold and let things fall the way they should?

How much longer are we going to just blindly listen to consensus without challenging unconstitutional mandates?

The old arguments have now lost their legs.. Nothing is certain, but local governments will have you believe that they have all the answers – but they don’t.

Their answers are simply Security Theater and gutting local and national economies.

Do you believe when it is all over these loving and caring governors are going to give you a reprieve on the taxes you owe, the businesses you lost , and the food that will not make it your table?

They won’t – they were only capable of using the only cudgel to get you to fall in line.

Your fear, your anxiety, your guilt, your shame, their ability to accuse you that even being asymptomatic will kill a loved one.

We have heard it all – and none of this is even getting a rebuttal.

Only ridicule and the desperate self-policing of those who won’t admit that all of this is not about unselfishly protecting others but selfishly protecting themselves, selfishly making it a political statement and selfishly selecting who complies and who doesn’t.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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