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Ron Patton | July 9, 2019




Everyone has had a moment at the office where valuable work time is absorbed by what is called “water cooler” talk. Of course, some of the major topics of the day are passed around while other employees are pouring their coffee and others are getting their filtered water.

Again the major discussion was centered around the TV show, Stranger Things and the so-called cartoon Russians that are seen in the program. One particular Russian scientists named Alexi is a favorite character among the many Russian military officials that are behind a secret experiment going on in the fictional town of Hawkins Indiana.

It remains true to the era of the 1980s, a time when we were basically united as Americans with no heavy-handed political claptrap, perhaps because we all had a common enemy – the Soviet Union. The USSR was no fantasy boogieman, either. People were genuinely fearful of nuclear annihilation.

One thing that my producer Ron Patton pointed out that back in the 1980s, many of us called Russians “Soviets.” In my family, my conservative father called them “Commie Bastards.” In Stranger Things, the producers obviously did not want to confuse their younger audience and so the Cold Waresque “Soviet” marker was replaced by simply calling them, the Russians.

I mentioned to Ron and my producer, Andy that the best conspiracy theories were spun from the “Cold War.”

The biggest conspiracy of all is how we became enemies with the Soviet Union in the first place.

There is always that question in history as to how a country that helped us win World War II became an enemy and gave us a reason to change the pledge of allegiance to say “One Nation Under God” to better to display our official piousness in the face of godless communism.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower declared, “We are reaffirming the transcendence of religious faith in America’s heritage and future …” which was clearly a move teetering on that fine line between the separation of church and state. What is most disturbing about the move, however, is that it was not an act of genuine religious piety but pure propaganda.

It was one of several political public relations gestures of the Cold War era. In 1956 Congress adopted “In God We Trust” as our national motto.

Between World War II and the fall of the Berlin Wall, communication between the Western powers and the Soviet Union was shackled by the deep rivalry and distrust of the Cold War. The US and the USSR had nukes aimed at each other and spies trying to find out what was actually going on over on the other side. When the Soviet Union collapsed, many of the secrets it kept remained secret because even their own citizens were not privy to the details.

This led to many Cold War conspiracy theories where the Soviets and the United States were always on the brink of mutually assured destruction.

But the biggest Cold War mystery of all is why we were allied with Russia to beat the Nazis in World War II, only to invite Nazis into our intelligence agencies through Project Paperclip and become allies with them in order to fight Russia?

Hitler’s spy master and Project PAPERCLIP asset, Reinhard Gehlen, may well have been the father of the Deep State, developing the “Org” which consisted of hardcore Nazi spooks surrendering to the allies and then giving them information that would be the seeds of paranoia needed to create the Cold War.

There are few people in the United States that know about the Nazi pipeline that was created after World War II. The welcome mat was laid out and the Nazi riff-raff was brought over to the United States for science and intelligence information.

It is a matter of record that Nazi scientists and intelligence personnel were welcomed into the United States and Russia. Were these Nazis truly reformed or were they pretending to be behind the United States and supporting them with true intelligence?

The truth may be chilling. It may also be the reason why we now find ourselves stuck in the quagmire of constant Deep State subterfuge. The Deep State continues to be pushing Cold War propaganda with their reports of our President colluding with Russia, whom they continue to say is a sworn enemy of the United States, even after the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989.

Back in the infancy of the Cold War, the United States saw the advantage of having Nazis working with the CIA in order to keep the momentum going of the anticommunist crusades.

The Org played a role in the creation of the “missile gap,” providing CIA with reports on Soviet missile developments supposedly based on contacts with German scientists captured by the Russians at the end of the war.

The CIA swallowed it up and believed in the Soviet bogeyman stories. The ORG was always able to spin Russian/American paranoia and create communist witch hunts that were pervasive after the Second World War.

From the beginning, Gehlen was able to exaggerate the Soviet Russian threat.

He began a campaign of fostering paranoia in the West about a worldwide communist conspiracy. Gehlen’s strategy was based on the Hegelian dialectic – the more paranoia, crisis and fear of an invisible enemy, the more political space for Hitler’s heirs to move in and secretly reshape American democracy to become an order in which government relinquishes civil rights and rules with an iron fist.

The CIA’s dependence on Gehlen’s information and his constant fear mongering was actually due to its being everything they wanted to hear. It compounded what they were already thinking by providing supposed evidence of Russian collusion and infiltration where there had been none.

This made Washington a huge collective sponge for mountains of disinformation. It also increased spending on the Military Industrial Complex.

Now keep in mind that the United States and the Soviet Union were two sworn enemies of the Third Reich. The Nazi regime collapsed in May 1945, squeezed ever more tightly between two fronts – the Soviet Union on one side, and the United States on the other.

It was both countries that brought down the Nazi threat and by some weird happenstance, the two powers that brought down the tyranny of Hitler were becoming enemies because of fake intelligence given by an ex-Nazi spy.

Gehlen was known to exaggerate military capabilities of the Soviets stating that they
were combat ready with a ten to one advantage over western forces massed to attack
West Germany as early as 1946. However, the truth was far more mundane. The
Russian troops were overextended, battle weary with no numerical advantage and with
half their transport vehicles drawn by horses.

The Org played a major role within NATO, too, supplying two–thirds of the raw
intelligence on Warsaw Pact countries. American intelligence ops swallowed it up and
believed in the Soviet bogeyman stories. It was at this time that more and more stories
were surfacing about encounters with aliens and saucer craft. Most of these stories
were generated in Argentine and Chilean newspapers.

Gehlen began a campaign of fostering paranoia in the West about a worldwide
Communist conspiracy. Gehlen’s strategy was based on the Hegelian dialectic. The
more paranoia, crisis, and fear of an invisible enemy, the more political space for Hitler’s
heirs to move in and secretly reshape American democracy to become a fascist order in
which government relinquishes civil rights and rules with an iron fist.

The rumors that were fueled by these ex Nazi spies created the division between the Communists and the United States. The Russians, who were once allies with the United States, were now enemies and were now talking about nuclear missiles and mutually assured destruction.

President Eisenhower knew of this alien force that somehow fell through the cracks. He warned of the Military Industrial Complex. There were warnings of despotism on the horizon and how just because the head of Nazism was destroyed, the philosophies looked keen to the intellects of those who know of the substantive process of running a government.

Eisenhower was warning us of the Deep State. He was warning us that corrupt agents and saboteurs were lurking within the intelligence agencies like the CIA that hired nearly 200 Nazis to fill their ranks from the beginning.

It was the Nazi shadow was what worried President Kennedy.

He also warned us of a secret government within the intelligence agencies that he wanted to break up.

President Kennedy knew that secrets and lies were the very things that were destroying the United States and it was later revealed that earlier in the Cold War Russia was incapable of any type of nuclear conflict – that came later through necessity – the idea was to create an enemy that didn’t exist and then allow the paranoia on both sides to fester until both sides are armed to the teeth and then use their weapons in a move that would be seen as a scorched earth policy.

These underhanded or unseen handed activities were happening without the knowledge of the American people.

To this day, neocon and Deep State warmongers continue the tradition of false flag operations that are meant to foment an attitude of war – and force the hands of nations into conflicts based on lies created by those with the same ambitions as the Nazis we bargained with after World War II.

Recently, an incident took place that has all of the earmarks of a classic Cold War conspiracy –where circumstances in a timeline paint a picture of a classic cover-up and unsubstantiated rumors of war or conflict with Russia.

About a week ago, an unexplained emergency required Vice President Mike Pence to turn back on an Air Force 2 flight to a New Hampshire campaign event.

There are different explanations for what happened — the event was a campaign event to speak about the opioid crisis – he was allegedly ordered to return to Washington or cancel his trip before he left, depending on which account emanating from the White House you choose to believe.

There was never a straight answer as to why Pence was ordered to return.

Spokesperson Randy Gentry broke the news that an undisclosed emergency forced the Vice President to turn around. There was no concrete explanation as to what the emergency was.

After this alarming sounding announcement from one of Pence’s press representatives created wild speculation about the exact nature of the emergency, things got even more confusing as a different narrative was issued by another Pence spokesperson, his Press Secretary Alyssa Farah, who contradicted the reports that Pence was already on his way when he had to turn back and who downplayed the seriousness of the still undisclosed matter.

Any reassurances that there was “no cause for alarm” were offset by the news that Russian President Vladimir Putin was simultaneously meeting with his Defense Minister about what was at that time a still unknown incident and that an emergency meeting of the European Union Security Council had been called.

With all of these stories bouncing around social media simultaneously, Americans speculated wildly as to the nature of the “emergency” that should inspire no alarm.

With still no word from the White House on the nature of the “emergency/no cause for concern,” President Trump was still happily tweeting out about his grandiose Fourth of July VIP taxpayer-funded “Salute to America” Independence Day celebration rather than offering any explanation or reassurance to a worried public.

Finally, news broke out of Russia that could explain the sudden turn of events.

CNN broke a story that a fire broke out Russian nuclear submarine called the Losharik and killed 14 sailors.

The sub was one of the Russian Navy’s smallest submersible nuclear-powered vessels and was supposedly engaged in “marine research” on the ocean floor in it’s home country’s territorial waters when the deadly fire broke out, although this type of sub is widely thought to be engaged in espionage activities.

The question is why would this submarine fire be the reason for the emergency return of Vice President Pence to Washington DC?

The answer can be found in a conspiracy theory that claims that leaked information indicates that the Russian sub actually engaged in a firefight with an American sub in Alaskan waters.

According to the DEBKA file, which is an Israeli military intelligence website based in Jerusalem and is known for spreading rumors of war, a US submarine intercepted a Russian nuclear sub in American waters opposite Alaska. The Russian sub escorting the nuclear submarine responded with a Balkan 2000 torpedo and scuttled the US vessel. This incident prompted urgent consultations in both the White House and the Kremlin.

According to the Israeli intelligence site, Russian President Vladimir Putin canceled an engagement and headed for the Kremlin to confer with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and military chiefs, after learning that 14 submariners died in a fire that broke out on a nuclear-powered “experimental submarine in Russian waters.”

This account carried in Russian media varies in most respects from the first reports reaching this site and may refer to a separate incident. The official word from Russia is that the Submarine was nowhere near Alaska when a fire broke out. In fact, the Russian report had the sub in the Barents Sea. However, at first, there was actually no definite location only that it was in the Arctic. Perhaps there was confusion between the Bering Sea and the Barents Sea.

They report between 14 and 17 members of an AS-12 nuclear-powered submarine died of poisonous fumes caused by a fire aboard the vessel. The submarine was described as experimental and unarmed but often used in spy missions. It is unclear how many of the 25 crew survived. Local media suggest four or five are receiving treatment in Severomorsk’s military hospital for poisoning and concussion injuries. Another news account said the majority of the officers died in or on their way to hospital. These reports do not cite the cause of the fire.

One premise is that the Losharik was engaged either in testing a new Russian secret underwater weapon or in a covert operation against a top-secret American object of some kind.

Its exact location when the fire broke out and its cause, whether an explosion or an attack, was not clear. Again the initial firefight happened near Alaska perhaps the Bering Sea and the Russians eventually claimed that the fire broke out in the Barents Sea.

This information may not come to light for years to come. But just as intriguing is the fact that, on Tuesday, July 2, when the Russian leadership met urgently in the Kremlin in connection with the submarine disaster, top officials were also called to the White House for an emergency consultation.

What did Washington have to do with the Russian submarine disaster? Is there collusion to cover up what happened?

Again, the implications and circumstances are outrageous, I admit but the allure of Cold War intrigue is too good to pass up.

Now, I have to admit I waited a good week before I even wanted to report this story with and added unsubstantiated conspiracy theory but what triggered my interest was a report that I received from a friend who knew that the story had me intrigued.

The report stated that the families of the 14 Russian servicemen who died in the fore were told that their relatives averted a “planetary catastrophe” before they passed away.

The question is what kind of planetary catastrophe did they avert? The Kremlin would not say at first if the Losharik had a nuclear reactor on board.

Details of the submarine were classified.

Russian state-owned media, including television channels, reported the fire and the deaths but have avoided any criticism of the government’s handling of the incident.

The Bell, a news site often critical of the Russian government, wrote: “Nearly a day without information about an accident in a nuclear facility and the need to look out for Norwegian statements on the level of radiation should have given a shudder to those who remember the Chernobyl nuclear power station.”

Norway’s Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (DSA) said it had not detected any abnormal radiation in the area and that its measures tallied with public information provided by Moscow.

So did Russia exaggerate the situation or is there more to the story?

What planetary disaster did they avert if both Norway and Russia will not officially declare that a nuclear leak may have happened or that a nuclear reactor was damaged on board and what caused the damage?

The head of Greenpeace in Norway, Frode Pleym, urged authorities in Moscow to be fully transparent in order to “safeguard the interests both of Russia and neighboring countries like Norway.

Putin came under fire for his slow response in the rescue operation.

The truth is that there was a Nuclear reactor on board but the Kremlin said that the accident was sparked by a fire in the battery compartment of the submarine.

The Kremlin has not revealed what exactly occurred, or whether a major incident was averted by the servicemen’s actions.

Paying tribute to the crew at the memorial, the unnamed military official said the submariners had prevented a much bigger tragedy, Russian news outlet Open Media reported.

“Today we are seeing off the crew of a research deep water apparatus, who died while performing a combat mission in the cold waters of the Barents Sea. Fourteen dead, 14 lives,” he is quoted as saying. “At the cost of their lives, they saved the lives of their comrades, saved the ship, did not allow a planetary catastrophe.”

Perhaps the planetary catastrophe was an all-out nuclear war with the United States?

Once again I will conclude that this is a conspiracy theory where circumstances are presented to you to analyze and make your own conclusions.

Despite the ubiquitous conspiracy theories spun in the United States, most of what would be called Soviet or Russian conspiracy theories have been well-kept secret by the Kremlin.

Tabloids like Pravda immediately printed all kinds of dark histories about the Russian space program — the conspiracy theories about dead Russian astronauts, UFOs, and corruption in government.

Military conspiracies have been a product of films like Hunt for Red October, where a rogue Soviet naval captain who wishes to defect to the United States does so with his officers and the Soviet Navy’s newest and most advanced nuclear missile submarine.

The conspiracy-minded world view that goes viral on the internet seems to be pushing the submarine war story and thus yarns are spun that seem to be more chilling as we tread in Cold War era treachery not heard of in thirty years.

Written by Ron Patton

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