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7/9/20: PONEROS

Clyde Lewis | July 9, 2020
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Today, I had an experience that I didn’t expect. I met with my friend Dave Paull today. We usually have breakfast together once a week to catch up and talk shop. After the COVID-19 restrictions we were limited to where we could go to have a bite to eat.

We would stop off at some of our old haunts to either find them closed or even out of business. Needless to say, that what was once our beautiful city has now been turned into a war zone.

Monuments have been burned to the ground, businesses have been boarded up and most if not all of the buildings have been spray painted with profanities and slogans that are anti-police.

I once asked a downtown worker when the spray painted slogans will be removed and he said they won’t be anytime soon because the riots keep happening and if you even try to remove any graffiti especially those that have a Black Lives Matter message you will be told that you are racist.

I shook my head and thought we have now allowed the 2% of the extremists take over 98% of those that are pathetic.

But no sooner did I contemplate that I became one of the pathetic.

My friend and I were at a place to get coffee. I was not wearing a mask of course. I have tried many times to wear one to be sensitive to those that need that type of Security Theater in their lives. I removed my mask for a moment to breathe and I was called aside by the manager.

I knew her and she knew I was and this is why she was very diplomatic with me.

She said “Clyde, I know you have had medical problems in the past and you have stated to us that the reason you don’t always wear a mask is because it causes you some distress.” I realized that this was the talk where I am told I can no longer come t their establishment.

Well it wasn’t that.

She kindly showed me that policies that have been handed down from her corporate office state that while they are aware of people that do not wear masks because of the health problems they will not make an exception for them.

They are to be served outside – they cannot enter into the business without a mask.

I tried to hide my humiliation and reached into my pocket to put on the ill-fitting mask that I keep that was given to me by one of the staff at the radio station I worked for.

I said, if I must wear a mask, I will for as long as I can tolerate it. I looked at her and I could see that she felt bad having to tell me this and I realized that she was running her business and that she did not want to lose it.

I am not a militant by any means.

In fact, I have been looking for a mask dealer that can provide quality masks for people that have no choice but to wear a mask.

I wish I didn’t have to – I wish we all could utilize our freedom of choice without being forced or coerced into doing something that may harm us or even something that we feel should be an option rather than some arbitrary mandate.

All of what is happening under the umbrella of COVID-19 or the excuse of it is becoming more of a psychological exercise in torture rather than some safe prophylactic to stave off the afflictions of COVID-19.

In fact, I can actually say with all surety that what is happening in this country is a clear case of ponerism.

I am sure many people are unaware of what ponerism is. It comes from the greek word Poneros – meaning evil.

But Poneros is a special kind of evil – it is evil with action and is usually associated with politics.

At the social level, hatred, envy, greed and strife have now multiplied exponentially in the environment we are in now. Crime increases faster than the population can keep up with. Combined with wars, insurrections, political purges, and a scarcity economy looming over are heads multiplied millions of people across the globe are now without adequate food or shelter due to political actions.

And then, of course, drought, famine, plague and natural disasters still take an annual toll in lives and suffering. This, too, seems to be increasing.

While acts of God are random – or so we think the other problems can be solved.

But of course due to political infighting we will have a difficult time digging ourselves out what can be seen as a prison existence.

Like it or not all of what we are experiencing is not just a plague pandemic or virus – it is the result of political ponerology.

Evil with intent, evil with actions, evil that is psychological in scope—evil that dehumanizes individuals for the sake of ensuring political power over the sick and depleted.

Again the extremist 2% controlling 98% of people that are seen as scared sheep, or pathetic useful idiots.

It is argued that Karl Marx created the term for those who wittingly or unwittingly participated in furthering the goals of the controlling party – no matter what harm it may do to them.

Vladimir Lenin called communist sympathizers in the West – useful idiots.

Whoever they could manipulate to accept a totalitarian rule satisfied their ability to control even some of the biggest intellectuals of the day.

It became a very useful way of institutionalizing evil – it was called political ponerology.

With very few exceptions down the ages, discussions in moral philosophy – the study of right conduct have failed to systematically investigate the origin, nature, and course of evil in a manner free from supernatural imaginings. Evil was often considered something to be endured rather than something that could be understood and eliminated by rational measures.

Poneros is a political form of evil rather than a supernatural form of evil – and it is a great way for technocrats to use basic psychology to torture individuals into acquiesce to their power.

You want to know why the so called progressive social justice warriors are acting out by erasing history?

It is simple really, they are the ‘useful idiots’ of today that wish to ignore the all the failed Marxist/socialist experiments that have been exposed in world history for the last 100 years. They and all of the rest of us are now in the midst of the same poneristic experiment and many do not realize that they are pawns that are responding to psychological torture and manipulation.

There is a woman who has a YouTube series named Amazing Polly. She posted a video that taught an amazing lesson in classical ponerology How institutionalized political evil has succeeded in carrying out a clandestine torture experiment on the American people.

Amazing Polly presents an interesting angle on the coronavirus pandemic in the form of a question: Does our government’s handling of the coronavirus constitute torture?

When we factor in ponerology and the fact that the controlling elite are looking for total and complete control of the population, the use of psychological and physical torture on the public to increase compliance is certainly an appealing methodology for them to use.

In her video, she brilliantly illustrates her point by pulling out a 1975. Amnesty International report on torture. She then turns to page 34 in the manual.

On that page Amnesty International defines torture in four parts.

It states that at least two persons must be involved, the torturer and a victim or victims, and that the victim is under the physical control of the torturer. They move to the second element, which is “the basic one of the infliction of acute pain and suffering”. They specify in this paragraph that:

Definitions that would limit torture to physical assaults on the body exclude ‘mental’ and ‘psychological’ torture which undeniably causes acute pain and suffering, and must be incorporated in any definition.

The third element of torture identified in the Amnesty International report on torture says that the intention of the torturer must be to make the victim submit, to break his will and destroy his humanity. And finally, they say “torture implies a systemic activity with a rational purpose”. It says:

The unwitting, and thus accidental, infliction of pain, is not torture. Torture is the deliberate infliction of pain, and it cannot occur without the specific intent of the torturer. Inherent in this element of purpose are the goals or motives for employing torture, and while torture can be used for a variety of purposes, it is most generally used to obtain confessions or information, for punishment, and for the intimidation of the victim and third persons. The first two motives relate directly to the victim, while the purpose of intimidation, in wide use today as a political weapon, and is intended to be a deterrent to others as well as the victim.

So, in those four elements we see where Amnesty International defines the boundaries and they finally come up with a concrete definition that they use for the remainder of their report and it is this:

The definition of torture adopted here is: ‘Torture is the systematic and deliberate infliction of acute pain in any form by one person on another, or on a third person, in order to accomplish the purpose of the former against the will of the latter.’

Amnesty International describes a little bit about how this mechanism works when they talk about torture as a stress. In physical torture, one of the big things that they do is they bind people into very uncomfortable body positions. We’ve seen this over and over, and that is body stress, that’s physical stress, but torture can be a mental or psychological stress too.

Amnesty International describes torture as stress and they go through acute (short-lived) shock response type stress, sub-acute (medium term) stress which produces anxiety response but allows the victim to maintain morale and personal integrity and then through to the chronic response to stress which is long-standing. It includes depression, suicidal ideation, dissociation, derealization, regression, becoming accident-prone, a loss of will to live, and possibly suicide.

This is the stage the torturers want people to get to. They want to move everybody through the shock.

An interesting side note here before we move on to more specifics in this general area of torture. They say that in chronic stress, people give up. They give up their will to live, they lose their normal responses and desires, but they also say giving up could take other forms. In their study of soldiers who were POWs for a longer period of time they say men became susceptible to illnesses like bronchopneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, coronary disease, Tuberculosis and cancer.

Think about how many of those results are bronchial problems. What would a bronchial stress response look like today in the paradigm our governors and political experts have created?

They would make you a suspect of having COVID-19, wouldn’t they? Or maybe as conspiracy theorists have posited convince you that you have it with a random test that stacks the numbers in favor of the daily fear reports.

We know what the daily fear reports create stress, anxiety, depression.

So we eventually become super-stressed.

People start to develop branchial symptoms and after worrying to the point of giving themselves panic attacks they go to the doctor.

When you go to the doctor’s office with some tickle or cough what happens? You are met with a nurse that takes your temperature with device to make sure you don’t have a fever. Then you are lumped in with all of the other suspected COVID people thereby increasing your stress and putting you into their system more deeply.

Nobody wants to be involved in this contact tracing thing or be forced to be intubated or be separated from their loved ones. Nobody wants that.

So you feel defeated and at a loss to cope. You really shouldn’t have to go through this – but you are and so you can chalk up your despair to the evil geniuses who have developed an experiment to push your stress response.

Like it or not this is most certainly a form of torture.

Amnesty International goes on to describe how people are manipulated and how they resist. They say:

It is the transition from the subacute to the chronic stress response that the torturer seeks to orchestrate, initially by systematically weakening the subject. This forms part of the classic pattern of manipulation described by the post-Korean War research of Biderman. Biderman was instrumental in debunking the myth that Chinese had used, mysterious or magical means to ‘brainwash’ the Allied Prisoners of War. With Harlow, Farber and West (and others) he classified manipulative techniques according to a scheme known as DDD — DDD stands for Dependency, Debility and Dread.

The coercive technique for psychological torture is induced dependency, debility and dread.

Biderman concluded that the Chinese just used basic psychological manipulation”. That’s how they are getting these soldiers to make these crazy confessions and give them all this wrong information or, right information. They just applied psychological torture to them.

It was called no touch torture and it works.

Biderman’s created a chart of coercion and listed how to achieve complete submission of he subject they include isolation; (much like the massive lockdowns) monopolization of perception; (news media becoming a 24 hour COVID-19 death toll report) induced debility and exhaustion; (Stress brought on by fear mongering in the media and the workplace ) this results in threats; occasional indulgences, demonstrating ‘omnipotence’; degradation and enforcing trivial demands.

If you can’t look after yourself, you’re going to be debilitated and weakened mentally and physically. They mention semi-starvation, exposure, exploitation of wounds. And for those I can think of the food shortages, the closures of restaurants, the not getting together with your family. Some people are dependent on family dinners or meals on wheels so, semi-starvation.

When I hear the term exploitation of wounds, I think of when they tell you you’ve tested positive, even if you’re showing no symptoms and then they exploit that. They exploit your diagnosis to put you in this contact tracing Stasi tracking system. they exploit that saying you may kill someone today so wear a mask, stay home, social distance be afraid.

The media compounds the stress by putting people on TV grieving the loss of a loved one, or putting someone on TV with tubes in the nose saying “I went to church and I got COVID-19—then comes the gaslighting when the same media claims that a massive protest of young people, where no one practiced social distancing is not he reason for the spike in outbreaks.

So you stay home, you can’t sleep — your body is in a constant fight or flight mode.


So what have the so called experts achieved when all they do is tell us we are doomed? They have put us in a position of hopelessness, declaring that we will be rewarded for our obedience when we are doing what we are told, we are then asked to do more and more and more and this starts the vicious circle of dependency, debility and dread.

We feel that we are never going to do what the masters want and the reward is never given but the assurance of safety seems to motivate us to do their will.

Another coercive technique is to manipulate the subject’s environment to disrupt patterns, not to create them, such as arranging meals and sleep should be granted irregularly, in more than abundance or in less than adequacy, on no discernible time pattern. This will is done to disorient the subject and destroy his capacity to resist.

Nobody can deny that that is what’s happened with the lockdown, with mask wearing, with social distancing.

Once debility is achieved they can induce a dependency back on to the torturer. The victim is helplessly dependent upon the torturer for the satisfaction of all basic needs. Seems obvious how that applies to our current situation and finally, once the chronic stress phase is reached, the victim goes into a sense of dread, intense fear and anxiety.

Think for a moment who are torturers are – think of who the governors listen to. They tell you that the President is not in control – that he pushes science fiction and that what they are pushing is real science.

They cow to people like Bill Gates who is not a doctor or an epidemiologist. They cow to a doctor who has conflicts of interest as his investments are all tied into vaccines as a way to combat the COVID-19 virus.

They may be experts of something but the bottom line is that they are directing one of the biggest mass psychological operations in history.

The psychological terror they have created is tantamount to torture.

Amnesty International then adds: sustained long enough, a strong fear of anything, vague or unknown induces regression. A word of caution: If the debility-dependency-dread state is unduly prolonged, the subject may sink into a defensive apathy from which it is hard to arouse him.

How many people are now to the point of surrender, apathy, without empathy, sad, angry but feeling helpless because of the illusion of what it means to be appropriate?

That is the rub – that is how it is working, it breeds doublethink.

Just like how I have breathing problems if I wear a mask for a long period of time but I have to comply – or else I will be served my breakfast outside—I will be shunned and not allowed in a public place—I am publicly shamed for having a health condition.

It would be different if I were in a wheelchair but since I have hidden wounds they can be exploited and I can be used as an example in front of the others who are complying.

Being threatened or otherwise chastised creates despair as well.

It also breeds the habit of compliance for trivial and arbitrary demands.

It can be safe to say that it seems that every other day we see the enforcement of trivial demands: stand six feet apart; follow the arrows; go in and out of certain doors; show support; don’t go to this business. I think it’s clear that the steps they are taking in the name of COVID-19 amount to coercion, which amounts to torture.

You can see it on a micro level but I think we need to look at it on a macro level and understand that it is a product of political ponerology.

What proves the glaring point is basically that what is happening now was all planned and is obviously methodical.

Remember there was immediate agreement on the status and reaction to the pandemic across national boundaries, local boundaries, political parties, and by world bodies, NGOs and corporations.

We had and still have, in some cases, frequent daily and/or regularly scheduled press appearances by officials and spokespeople about this matter. A domination of information is about this COVID-19 reaction.

I also would like to remind people that all of a sudden we started to notice that there was a convenient rapid production and distribution of signage, pamphlets, guidance materials that were available almost overnight.

Who had the budgets to activate and invest in sanitizing stations for hands and plastic shields to protect cashiers from their customers?

I mean who knew that there were things like huge stickers for the floors. Arrow stickers to direct supermarket traffic and massive push for designer face masks?

All of this in three months… all customized to continue to remind you that you are in an invisible prison where you have to be separated and covered with a dress code, like you are prisoner at Guantanamo Bay.

Think about this – it is so hard to get businesses to change their models of doing business most of if not all of the time yet in just weeks we had rapid universal adoption of new protocols across almost every major corporation.

Every restaurant, bar, salon, and non-essential business was forced to shut down. No one put up a fight – it just happened and it is still happening… some businesses even when they were told they could open opted not to.

The media started speaking with one voice worldwide, every commercial on TV from fast food to car buying no longer sold you on their products but how in these perilous or troubled times they are now practicing safety standards because this is the new normal and that we are all in this together.

Practically every commercial turned into a public service announcement with a dramatic and plastic announcer telling you that we are in this together backed by a somber piano and visions of sunsets and people wearing masks giving a thumbs up.

There is a reason why all this is happening – it is because people are not aware of Poneros. They are not aware that manipulators and politicians with the psychological warfare are weakening us so that we will accept with open arms “The Great Reset.”

The reason they need to break us before they bring it in fully is because the elements of this plan are so extreme and radical that they know they would be fought on every front in many areas all over the world. This would be a very long implementation process for them

So, if they can weaken us in advance through this hideous form of Ponerology, by breaking family relationships; destroying the bonds between people; keeping children out of school; overworking parents; throwing hundreds of thousands, millions of people out of work and continue dangling this threat that the pandemic might come back any day over our heads, we will be demoralized by all of this.

Then, we will have no choice but to accept their New World Normal.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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