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Clyde Lewis | August 10, 2020
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U.S. President Donald Trump’s press conference was interrupted after just a couple of minutes by the Secret Service, which ushered him out of the briefing room amid reports of shots fired outside the White House.

Armed Secret Service police were seen patrolling the grounds of the presidential residence on Monday afternoon, as puzzled reporters were ordered to leave the briefing room. Multiple outlets reported two “loud pops” outside the White House.

There was no word about an assassination attempt but the mainstream news neglected to report that just days ago a number of teenagers jumped the wall at Mara Lago, one of them armed with an AK-47.

The official story is that the teenager had no idea where they were and that Trump and his staff were not at the resort.

After Trump was escorted out of the briefing room at the White House he later returned and announced there had been a shooting outside the White House grounds and that the suspect had been shot by officers.

“It seems to be very well under control… But there was an actual shooting, and somebody has been taken to the hospital. I don’t know the condition of the person.”

Mr. Trump praised the work of Secret Service personnel for keeping him safe.

Asked if he was shaken by the incident, the president asked reporters: “I don’t know. Do I seem rattled?”

Once again as I have said before no matter what happens to President Trump – he still stands. I think that should be his new campaign slogan. You can call him a Russian agent – he still stands. You can impeach him – he still stands. You can throw a huge plague at him – he still stands. Now this, and he still stands.

And as I reported on Ground Zero Friday, even though there was speculation in Washington that he might quit – he still stands.

In the many years I have been doing Ground Zero, I have produced shows that ion he surface appear to be about one aspect but then goes deeper down the rabbit hole and then the full picture is the obvious.

In the news business you call that burying the lede.

When you bury a lede, you are basically giving secondary information that may have no consequence in the bigger picture. Basically you postpone the more essential points or facts after you offer your speculations and opinions of what might be happening.

Friday’s show was one of those shows where the prospect of Trump quitting, or dropping out of his fight for the White House was an attention-getter that had been discussed in Politico and other Washington DC publications.

It was all centered on those cryptic remarks President Trump gave in Clyde, Ohio.

I was not alone in my speculations as I noticed that immediately after the show there were other shows similar that were making the same points I was, however, they were very careful to avoid sighting the op-ed pieces that were speculating that Trump was tired and wanted to vacation or hide out because as he said there were many rich people that hate him and of course there are many rich people with enough money to actually assassinate him or harm him.

Believe me, I avoided that scenario or speculation completely even though there have been times where we have talked about the possibility of the Deep State hiring a paid middleman to go and be another historic patsy like Lee Harvey Oswald or Mark David Chapman.

If we look back at history as a guide for what is coming perhaps we can prepare and understand that all good things must end and even the great experiment known as the United States can reset and be different, or perhaps more or less like any other country that is under the control of an invisible empire and that its president are more than willing to surrender to treaties provided by a world order that is waiting in the wings.

However, there are some people that see liabilities or those that get in the way of their Color Revolution and while President Trump was calmly taken from his briefing and then calmly returned – the shots fired at the White House again should be seen as a warning that the Deep State is working overtime as we reported on Friday’s show.

People can be hostile, when confronted with the grim reality of what can happen to a President that stands up to those who run government form the shadows with their deep pockets.

This time it appears that Trump has not made any friends with big pharma. In fact when he made his cryptic statement about “how we wouldn’t be seeing him for a while” he was speaking of the big pharma middlemen that certainly are not happy with the way he is handling COVID-19 but cutting prices on pharmaceuticals.

Trumps full statements were:

“You have people called “middlemen.” I don’t know who the middlemen are. I don’t know. They never say “middlewomen,” so they’re politically not correct. But I’ve heard the term “middlemen” for a long time. They are so wealthy. They are so wealthy. Nobody has any idea who the hell they are or what they do. They make more money than the drug companies. You know, in all fairness, at least the drug companies have to produce a product, and it has to be good product. But the middlemen — well, the rebate that I’m doing cuts out the middlemen, and it reduces costs, and the money goes back to the people purchasing the drugs.

So I have a lot of enemies out there. This may be the last time you’ll see me for a while. A lot of very, very rich enemies, but they are not happy with what I’m doing. But I figure we have one chance to do it, and no other President is going to do what I do. No other President would do a favored nations, a rebate, a buy from other nations at much less cost. Nobody. And there are a lot of unhappy people, and they’re very rich people, and they’re very unhappy.”

We now have to conclude that we are now leaving our normality here in the United States and moving into the time of permanent revolution.

We can either philosophically think that as long as we breathe we are okay, or we can feel the pinch of that frayed nerve and act upon what we think is the problem. We have not yet revived the revelation and yet there are so many that see nothing but revolution and will take action that may be counter intuitive to what everyone else has sacrificed for and fought for.

I don’t know if the American people are even ready for the test that is about to be served to them. I know that it is all hypothetical and every analyst will tell you that we are doomed, but imaginations run wild in the apocalypse and we already have a blueprint of prophecy that indicates that there will be a lot of darkness before the dawn.

I can tell you that the “middlemen” that Trump has mentioned are vying for a quick transition of power either with or without an election. This is important as their plans for the great reset are evident.

Recently, presidential foreign policy adviser Henry Kissinger came out of hiding to make a statement about the Post COVID world order and it is very telling about the agenda that is being implemented.

Kissinger recently wrote an opinion piece where he stated that “Failure to establish the Post COVID New World Order ‘could set the world on fire.”

Kissinger, was the national security adviser and secretary of state for Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. For the rest of his long career, he has served as an adviser to political and business leaders.  He is also considered one of those so called middlemen who dictates policy from outside congress and is considered a war criminal in many parts of the globe.

Kissinger stated that “the world will never be the same after the coronavirus” and that the United States government will have to sustain “the public trust.” “In a divided country, efficient and farsighted government is necessary to overcome obstacles unprecedented in magnitude and global scope,” he wrote.  “Sustaining the public trust is crucial to social solidarity, to the relation of societies with each other, and to international peace and stability.”

At the same time, Kissinger called for the government to launch “a parallel enterprise for the transition to the post-coronavirus order.”

Coping effectively with the political and societal damage will take international collaboration, he warned.

“Leaders are dealing with the crisis on a largely national basis, but the virus’s society-dissolving effects do not recognize borders,” he wrote.

“While the assault on human health will — hopefully — be temporary, the political and economic upheaval it has unleashed could last for generations,” he continued. 

“No country, not even the U.S., can in a purely national effort overcome the virus. Addressing the necessities of the moment must ultimately be coupled with a global collaborative vision and program. If we cannot do both in tandem, we will face the worst of each.”

The Post Covid Reset is a reality and the pharmaceutical technocrats want your soul. Trump knows this and he knows that reducing the price of drugs is sending a message.

The legal drug cartels are the ones that stand to lose –and they will not be taken down.

Several writers and commentators have spoken on the “shadow government” and their task of “controlled disintegration” in order to level the physical economy of the wider world economy. Starting in 1973, the Council on Foreign Relations embarked upon a massive, nation changing project it named “Project 1980s.” This project had at its core, the policy of “controlled disintegration” of world economy in order to reconstruct a socialist government based on a form of Democratic Socialism with the offering of world government socialism with forms of capitalism kept on a leash.

If you take a look at social models and history you can always see that extreme nationalism and Socialism is always used as a tool to motivate people in times of economic crisis, and the greater the hardships on a people the more we see nationalist, socialist and state socialist movements become violent and cancerous. Leaders in history have used Hegelian methods to insure that the people move themselves into accepting philosophies and Ideas that they first thought were deplorable.

Now, in the 21st century, Hegelian-Marxist thinking affects our entire social and political structure. The Hegelian Dialectic is the framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead us to a predetermined solution. If we do not understand how the Hegelian dialectic shapes our perceptions of the world, then we do not know how we are helping to implement the vision. When we remain locked into dialectical thinking, we cannot see out of the box.

Sadly, I am seeing that people are too tired to fight the globalist overreach and have concluded that the inevitable is most certainly coming to the United States. We are now facing the reality that our republic will eventually accept being ruled under a world government, saluting a new flag and answering to one world power.

However, no world government will succeed when it is forced upon an unwilling world.

Tyranny, even if it is established under the hollow excuse of the betterment of humanity, will most certainly spark a new world war.

Now that there was an incident in the White House today, and even the President did not seem phased by the incident – this may be the beginning.

Many of the protesters and those who have been inciting riots in the Color Revolution have been practicing their destruction on federal buildings and police precincts. I am sure their next massive project would be storming the White House.

On September 17th there are already plans in play to Occupy the White House as there is a briefing that has been issued by a group called Adbusters—the same people that were backing the Occupy Wall Street movement.

According to their website:

“The Occupy anniversary arrives September 17th, 2020. And it may be the perfect day to trigger another global big-bang moment — a massive collective action of the sweetest kind of disobedience.

The why hardly needs recitation. Because, for these nine years, the shadows have only grown longer. Inequality has soared. Not a single Wall Street CEO spent a night in jail for his role in the 2008 financial meltdown. Politicians and corporate criminals continue to savage the public trust with impunity. And all the while, this howling void of a president, his sins too many to name, sits smugly atop a corona death-toll that may surpass two-hundred thousand Americans by Christmas.

It’s time again for dramatic, decisive action. Which is why, on September 17th, in the original and enduring spirit of Occupy, we and tens of thousands of our fellow citizens will stream into Lafayette Square, in Washington. D.C.

We will lay siege to the White House. And we will sustain it for exactly fifty days. This is the #WhiteHouseSiege.

A siege only works if it is sustained. We witnessed this — the multiplying power of a strategic occupation — nine years ago. You dig in, hold your ground, and the tension accumulates, amplifies, goes global.

Fifty days — September 17th to November 3rd.

They also urge membership to a group called the Black Spot Collective.

As political and social divisions have widened in America, more people ask about the possibility of a civil war in America. It is obvious that we are already having a war based on clashing values.

The political machinery that we inherited from the Founders remains powerful, but requires our energy to make it work. That is something we no longer appear willing to give. Perhaps we should wonder about our right to complain about the system when we do so little to make it work.

We have become consumers, clients of the government, instead of citizens. This deprives the Constitution of its power source and its ability to be used as a cornerstone of law– it is not to bet cherry picked for your favorite amendment to quote when you are told to shut up or put away your gun.

“Consent of the governed” to the Constitution became a meaningless formula with the passing of time. It becomes a founding myth, like the foundation of all traditional governments. Now we see ourselves as passengers of America, not its owners – we now are owned and are willing to hand over the very thing that courageous and brave people have fought for.

What is happening now is what happens when the young forget history and the old forget to not repeat it.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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