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Ron Patton | August 12, 2019
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Most of us when faced with a disturbing truth we would rather live in denial than act on it, specifically, when it requires stepping outside of our comfort zone.

This is largely attributable to the fact that at an early age, each of us is programmed to go along with the status quo; blindly accept as the truth whatever is put before us by the educators, media, our parents, peers or an “authoritarian establishment.”

This seems to happen because of the way we are pre-conditioned to think and behave in the best way possible. We accept harsh and ugly realities as being authentic because they are explained to us in a palatable manner.

In America today, we are living in an unbelievably contrived fiction. Much of the most outrageous political fiction has been laid out in TV shows like House of Cards and Scandal, however, there was a little known comedy called the Death of Stalin, where it illustrated how the death of a prominent figure exposes the complete and utter idiocy of those who are corrupt within a government.

There are those that wish to cover up the death, those that want to make it look like a suicide and those who wish to exploit it for political points.

When approaching the issue of the alleged suicide of Jeffery Epstein, know that there are a lot of conspiracy theories about how the pictures going viral on the internet are not him. That it was impossible for him to commit suicide in his cell that the surveillance system conveniently was not functioning when he allegedly died.

His death has also been an excuse for the Clinton Death list to make the rounds and I could go on and on about what I have read and seen and all I can say is that most of what you are hearing and reading on the internet is again there for clicks and likes on social media.

You really can’t blame the public for feeling a little paranoid about the rot at the center of government. After two mass shootings which have put Americans closer to civil war, the death of Jeffery Epstein should be a lesson in how the public tends to swallow whatever theory fits their political and normalcy bias.

The media sums everything up as one big mystery and the conspiracy theorists put the puzzle pieces together to try and find out whodunit.

All the more reason why Americans want to arm themselves against a recklessly rogue and sinister government.

Epstein’s death should be seen as a blatant indication that the Deep State is fragmenting and panicking and so they want to do some reality testing. They have been doing this since Russia Gate. When that failed, they pushed the Nazi themes – when the agendas bred a backlash, they blamed it on the President – exactly what they were hoping for but when Epstein was making too much noise he had to be silenced.

They could not bear the idea that a lot of Americans were fatigued with their narratives.

Epstein’s death should be a lesson in how we should not be too enamored with our elected officials because even though he may be dead – he lives on in his records.

The records that he kept should be the focus of the media but so far we only have heard about Prince Andrew being a customer and various murmurings about Mar–Largo that believe it or not, do not implicate President Trump.

But when you are dealing with a hot war declared by the Deep State, anything is possible — you just have to wait and see how it plays out.

My feelings on the matter run deeper than the quickly formed conspiracy theory of the day. While I am not saying that there was no conspiracy to end the life of Epstein, I am declaring that Epstein is just one of the many ring leaders that actually are flesh vendors to the highest bidder.

Since World War II, the United States has built itself into a “national security state” which recognizes no ethical or legal constraints. It’s doesn’t exist to protect the American public. It exists to protect itself. And, too often, it protects the predators among us.

The reason they are protected is because they are assets to the intelligence community. These sex trafficking ring leaders have the darkest and most base secrets about the “the protected predators” in places of global power.

We always to look at things with an Americanized lens.

I caution you to not be distracted by the conspiracy theory du jour because when predators like Epstein fall, we should not be too quick to give it an American answer with a convenient American conspiracy theory.

Suppose you were a wealthy and influential man with wealthy and influential friends — not just celebrities, but business moguls and politicians from around the globe.

Suppose you held wild sex parties on your private island and invited those wealthy and influential friends, even ferrying some of them to the island on your personal Boeing 727 airliner.

Suppose those wild sex parties included the presence, voluntary or coerced, of young (perhaps illegally so) women.

That’s pretty good extortion material, isn’t it?

Now suppose a government intelligence agency offered to protect you from prosecution for your escapades — perhaps by leaning on a federal prosecutor to make the matter go away with minimal punishment in return for that extortion material?

Let’s say that there was a possible shadow government blackmail operation underway and that this informant (Epstein) failed to give the information needed to somehow frame or otherwise expose the person they wished to blackmail?

Then he would be of no use to them, making him a target without the protection of the national security state.

Then documents are dumped conveniently on a Friday so that most journalists can’t get at them until the following Monday.

During that weekend Epstein dies, he takes his life or is taken away never to be heard from again.

This is how they do things when the national security state is involved.

The exposure of the debauchery of morals undermines the legitimacy of the state and thus of the entire power structure.

Epstein’s death or disappearance was carried out as an act to protect the national security state because the black budget economy produced from drug and human trafficking includes the laundering of cash that ultimately ends up in “investment funds” and, ultimately, deposited back into the banks of the Power Elite. For a fee (or equity in an Investment enterprise), ill-gotten gains are made clean, leveraged and circulated back into the community, stimulating economic growth and jobs — it bolsters the transparent economy.

Officials at JPMorgan Chase and Deutsche Bank, the two banks that for years served Mr. Epstein, have spent recent weeks poring through their records, belatedly trying to ascertain how they ended up doing business with a sex criminal and what Mr. Epstein was using his bank accounts for, according to people familiar with the internal reviews.

Interviews with people briefed on various investigations into Mr. Epstein’s wealth, and legal and financial documents in multiple countries, show that tens of millions of dollars coursed through his offshore companies and foundations in sometimes unusual ways.

These banks seem to be playing dumb over how sex trafficking money can be laundered through them—hasn’t blood money from terrorist operations, drug and gun running been filtering through these banks through the auspices of the global security state?

The CIA serves at the discretion of the President. It is however feared to be a proxy agency of the power elite, as well. If we take a look at the high-level leadership in the intelligence community we see that many of them are members of various secret societies.

There are many well known secret societies that conspiracy theorists single out as predatory enclaves, however, many will overlook the predatory activities in the hierarchy of churches, the Royal Family, Hollywood, the banks and in both right and left-wing political circles.

America’s current path of moral decay and soaring wealth/power inequality can be traced all the way up to the powerful intelligence cabals.

The difficult thing in this age is how we are subjected to managed information and what are called alternative facts.

What is less often taken on board is that the big lie only works if it comes accompanied by big power.

George Orwell wrote about this in his amazing book, Animal Farm.

If the bipedal chickens in Animal Farm painted on their coop door “Four legs, good – two legs, better!” no one would be given any notice.

But when the powerful pigs put the slogan up, it becomes the rule of farm law, because the farm is theirs. From the belly of the pig of the belly of the beast comes the propaganda and cover-up that is used to protect the wolves that are tending the sheep.

The hidden power or the belly of the pig is in the process of trying to win over the hearts and the minds of the people. They will do so even if it means eating some of their own.

Those who speak form the belly of the pig have the advantage because they control the media and the media controls the culture.

Since the battle is for the legitimacy of the state, it must be waged at least partially in the open. This is a war for the hearts and minds of the public, whose belief in the legitimacy of the state and its ruling elites underpins the power of the Deep State.

The Deep State has declared war and Epstein believe it or not is one of its biggest sacrifices. His silence gives their assets cover –enough cover to try and reshape the narrative – or pollute it with various conspiracy theories that would take the public off the trail of who benefits and who is making money of the selling of flesh.

Jeffrey Epstein’s death in a secure cell is being labeled “suicide” shows how desperate these powerful pigs are trying to protect the self-serving predators that have wormed their way into control of many Deep State nodes of power.

Remember, we are dealing with dark globalist commandos that believe everything is allowed, anything can be hidden or justified – it is their amoral ideology that the end justifies the means.

As I have stated before regardless of what you think President Trump is or how you feel about his leadership – you have to understand that he is the wrecking ball that has fragmented both the Deep State and both the neoconservative and neoliberal elite.

Before he became president they had a solid hold on all of our affairs but now Trump’s presence has allowed for the fragmenting of the political parties and the upsetting of business as usual between the neocons and deep state neoliberals.

This conflict is spilling over into a civil war. Not only are we seeing an increase of violent shootings with higher body counts but other bodies are turning up explained away as suicides, or convenient accidents or heart attacks.

Getting too close to the truth sometimes can put people in a perilous position and we have seen this with the likes of Gary Webb, Danny Casolaro, and Tracy Twyman, who died a year to the date of Epstein’s death.

Even if modern, civilized existence offers little in the way of true peril, we still perceive that we are living in a dangerous world filled with overwrought danger. We have literally evolved psychologically and have programmed ourselves for danger detecting and handling.

But we need to determine that even when faced with the horrors of human abuse; mental, sexual and physical, we tend to let things like this slide.

The terrifying part is that this cognitive selectivity is wholly based on political hatred and bias. Politics right now is probably the closest we’ve come to a full-blown horror story as anything supernatural or paranormal in a long time.

When the pain of human beings becomes a political tool, we face a double standard when it comes to morality and the horror can be found in some of the responses human beings give when predators begin to close in on their neighbors.

A nation that plays dumb to these problems or passes blame to those who espouse a difference in religious and political ideology or sexual orientation contributes to the ongoing abuse of minors and women and all but ensures that these crimes will remain marginalized and misunderstood.

With the question of whom or what could be behind the Epstein death – the mainstream media has already dropped the ball.

We should admit that there were many darker alliances on a globalist level that wanted him dead and while we are all frothing at the mouth over which political figure will be outed as an apex predator, we are ignoring that there is a war between the Deep State and other groups that had everything to lose with Epstein breathing.

The cockroaches are scurrying, and the challenge now is to crush as many as possible before they find cover. Bullies are at heart cowards, and once the bullies who were untouchable due to powerful friends in powerful places are exposed to an accounting of their behavior, they will spill the beans on everyone in a craven attempt to lighten the consequences of their corruption and debauchery.

Epstein fell so that the Deep State could retain their power. The Deep State turned on the one who best had the goods to take them down. Their next move will be to root out more of their enemies so that they can take down the entire structure that is in power now.

Once they have succeeded they will propose a new form of government that they can say will be free from the treachery, but of course, the new government will have its degenerates as well.

They will tell you that the bogey man is dead but we must be clear – he is only one head of the perverted predatory hydra.

There are plenty of flesh vendors that are not caught or killed that are still hiding and are protected by the national security state.

When you have a product that is worth $200,000 to $250,000 per year – I am sure there are many cartels and groups still willing to head up the business so the wealth-power elite can get their fill.

This is why you have a powerful media run by powerful elites that are going through a tremendous effort to marginalize any explanations for Epstein’s death other than “suicide.”

Epstein was willing to start testifying against his rich and powerful friends, but now that will never happen.

It is clear that there are certain people in the national security that have greatly benefited from his death, and in many of those cases, it appears that justice will probably never be served.

Written by Ron Patton

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