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Clyde Lewis | August 12, 2021
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About a week ago, it was the 76th year observance of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. On August 6th 1945, Little Boy, an atomic bomb was dropped by the Enola Gay on Hiroshima, Japan. Another was dropped on August 9th on Nagasaki. For reference the “Little Boy” dropped on Hiroshima was 13-18 kilotons of TNT.

The fiery deaths of the Japanese sent a signal into the ether. The bloodshed, sealed with fire in a magical ritual was “Diluvium Ignis” the flood of fire and second baptism spoken of in ancient texts. The power of the sun was detonated in full view and many were slaughtered in the ritual that transformed the world and mentally effected millions of Japanese for generations to come.

The Japanese fear of the bomb still exists in their art, anime, and of course, Godzilla films.Godzilla, Gojira, and the hydrogen bomb: How a movie monster framed the environmental movement.

But we as a nation were affected as well. There is a part of history seldom talked about and how we are also still invested in the fear of the atom bomb –and history has shown us that in the 1940’s to the 1960’s the people of the United States fell victim of a psychological operation that goes on today.

A psy-op where people are not quite sure if they will become victims of an atomic war. Granted We have never anticipated nor have we obsessed about a nuclear holocaust as much as Japan has, however we need to pay attention to how the collective obsession can lead to Tulpas, thought forms with unwitting intent and the shaping of the powerful egregore. I have talked about thoughts that carry will and as the will turns into manifestation things become interesting.

There seems to be a groundswell of people that think the lockdowns and all of the actions we have taken against COVID-19 are sort of a mass ritual that is preparing us for another tragic event. I have been hearing that there is an alien invasion waiting in the wings. an asteroid that will trigger major destruction all over the planet or quite possibly a great nuclear conflict that will change the entire world and shock us into complying withe New World Order.

Well, there are plenty of reasons to worry about these things because the planet seems to be ready to be pushed into a darker and more traumatic paradigm.

However, this is not the first time a whole generation were wondering of their world was about to end. Many in the 1940’s and 1950’s were worried about nuclear warfare — a possible exchange between Russian and the Unites States.

In fact, the designated speaker for delivering that bad news was Arthur Godfrey. Many baby boomers will remember the Conrad broadcast an how they would be a creepy reminder that the bomb was always on the ready to annihilate American citizens.

Conelrad, was the Government’s acronym for what became the Emergency Broadcast System, at 640 and 1240 AM on the radio. Short for Control of Electromagnetic Radiation, it existed from 1951 to 1963 as a way of shifting the broadcast frequencies of AM stations to prevent enemy aircraft from homing in on radio signals for navigation. In the event of a nuclear attack, those frequencies were where Arthur Godfrey’s message and all other Government emergency instructions were to have been broadcast.Historical Firearms

Many years ago, Just prior to the full digital conversion of television and radio signals, I had prepared a series of shows about the possibility of vulnerability to government controls with regards to the broadcasting of all signals. This included radio, television, cell phones and internet. I concluded that the Digital Television Transition that phased out analog signals with digital signals, there was a potential to control the media with the use of digital “blackouts.” With digital broadcasts there can be complete blackouts of information and programming.

We warned that networks you once loved could be shut down without notice. With the transition some 80 percent of analog signals disappeared. This means that there are less transmitters providing content. It also meant that with less t,ransmitters or stations that provided content—there would be more of an opportunity to shut down signals in the event of a major crisis or uprising where communication is vital to prevent the spread of disinformation.

These blackouts can conveniently happen to channels that broadcast controversial opinions. Digital systems are vulnerable and now we have converted to the digital systems we may have to get used to black out scenarios and or possible grid manipulations that could cause harm or even create hysteria induced by misinformation and propaganda.

There is something we have grown accustomed to for over 70 years and that is the dreaded tone that is followed by an announcer saying that THIS IS A TEST. It was first known as Conelrad, then it was called the Emergency Broadcast System, and now it is EAS, the Emergency Alert System.Emergency Alert System - Wikipedia

The names have changed but the creepiness of the whole affair still remains.

Yesterday around 11:00 AM, every device from my phone to my computer was sending out an EAS tone. It was a national test of that included every electronic device I owned.

At around 2:00 PM eastern time, the Federal Emergency Management Agency conducted a nationwide test of the wireless emergency alert system and its emergency alert system in coordination with the Federal Communication Commission.What you need to know about the 'Presidential Alert' coming to your iPhone on Wednesday | AppleInsider

The wireless alerts only went out to cell phones that opted in.

The phones gave you message that there is important information the President is about to give concerning your safety.

This is the sixth test of the emergency alert system – which goes to radios and television – and the second test for the wireless emergency alerts, but the first on a consumer opt in basis.

The alert said:

“This is a test of the National Emergency Alert System. This system was developed by broadcast and cable operators in voluntary cooperation with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Federal Communications Commission and local authorities to keep you informed in the event of an emergency. If this had been an actual emergency an official message would have followed the tone alert you heard at the start of this message. No action is required.”

With all of the rumors of war between Israel and Hamas, planes gathering in Afghanistan, Taiwan and mainland China, the threat of war and the use of nuclear weapons has now been casually talked about as if the new nuclear option is survivable,

it can be a bit daunting for a baby boomer to remember how there was a bit of a paranoia that came with every test of the emergency broadcast system. Those who are older may even remember the CONELRAD Civil Defense warnings that were issued to help protect the citizens of the United States in case of a missile launch against the United States.

There are plenty of “duck and cover” stories that the baby boomers can reminisce about, and every once in a while someone will see a black and yellow sign that would point out where the various fallout shelters could be found in the event of an actually nuclear bomb attack.

We find ourselves in the middle of what can be called a catastrophic trauma paradigm, and I am beginning to believe it isn’t enough just to say it. I have to demonstrate it and sometimes it is difficult to flush out in a radio show a lesson or some sort of illustration which proves a point in something that most people would like to reject outright.

Private trauma can potentially disrupt individual memory and identity. It can also disrupt perception of what is happening at the moment of that trauma.

Public catastrophes are more complex.

When a major traumatic event happens to country, many people become anxious and fearful, and soon that trauma becomes a part of their lives.

Back in the 1940’s and 1950’s the post war dream was being fulfilled but the shadow of the bomb became a part of everyone’s lives –as the Department of Civil Defense always reminded people that at anytime a nuclear bomb could be dropped at any time and that the best protection is to duck and cover.How 'Duck-and-Cover' Drills Channeled America's Cold War Anxiety - HISTORY

Keeping the people on edge is most certainly a tactic for wielding control and there are just too many “events” that are happening that make us wonder if we are losing our minds. It’s all about “Problem, Action, Solution”, and many people are falling for it because they are so easily duped into thinking that they have no control of their lives.

The current power structure is using this method to seduce the ignorant into participating in the furthering of their Open Conspiracy.

That is why they are prone to over-warning the populace: they know that a fearful populace will demand action against, or a solution for, the perceived threat.

These Open Conspirators have a great way of making Americans feel good about surrendering their freedoms, which encompass all individual rights, for an empty promise of security from the state. A state that is openly conspiring against the very rights they claim they are trying to protect.

In both war and peace, success in the battle for hearts and minds hinges primarily on one side’s ability to operate comfortably in the other side’s human terrain. In such an emotionally charged, competitive communication environment, the ability to affect the psychological and informational battle space of the adversary and the local population depends on the credibility of both the message and the messenger.

It appears that there is an event that is going to happen, something bigger than a COVID-19 outbreak.

No one can actually put their finger on but it is obvious to me that we are in the middle of a battlefield. We may not see the smoke, or smell the gunpowder but we can see, hear, smell and feel the pain that is a result of various traumas to the mind and body.

I have often felt that the EAS tone and all of its predecessors have been a conditioning exercise for everyone and that while people in areas where severe weather is normal hear the tone all the time — other people especially those who remember the cold war see it as a creepy form of mind control.

There are others that have also theorized that EAS sign wave tones are conditioning tones. We are conditioned like Pavlovian dogs to equate the tones with the delivering of information regarding attack. In its sine spectrum the tone is a pulsing tone much like a pulsing light.

Now imagine the same scenario with a cycled Extremely Low frequency (ELF) tone combined with strobe activity jumping from scene to scene? Would this create a reaction?

There is a Pentagon psychotronic technology known as the Silent Sound Spread Spectrum that has been fully operational since the early 1990s. Silent Sound Subliminal Mind control.: insanepeoplefacebook

It can be argued that if enough traumas are levied or pushed on to the public, the easier it is to control their opinions. Trauma can be delivered in such a way that it can be seen as part of a psychological operation where history becomes inaccessible. The narrative becomes impossible to believe, and language loses all of its representative power.

The annoying EAS tone is very much like the loud bells that were rung by the churches in small villages when danger was coming.

While we all know that the test tones and the experience are routine all over the country, and that the FCC has required these tests as far back as 1951 with the Conelrad civil defense operation. The tones and official information have been a part of our lives since then, especially with those who lived through the cold war and the paranoia of a nuclear conflict from Russia.

The tone that is broadcast is like a one note national anthem where we are all under the gun of some dreadful event where the tones will be the last thing we hear before we are incinerated by a bomb, or an asteroid , maybe even a coronal mass ejection from the sun.

It is the most terrifying of all scenarios.

Tests like these have happened before –and they have been known to cause panic and confusion.

The EAS regulations and standards are governed by the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau of the FCC. Each state and several territories have their own EAS plan. EAS has become part of IPAWS -– the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System, a program of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). EAS is jointly coordinated by FEMA, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and the National Weather Service (NOAA/NWS).

The EAS is used on AM, FM and Land Mobile Radio Service, as well as VHF, UHF and cable television including low-power stations. Digital television and cable providers, along with Sirius XM satellite radio, IBOC, DAB and digital radio broadcasters have been required to participate in the EAS since December 31, 2006. DirecTV, Dish Network and all other DBS providers have been required to participate since May 31, 2007.

Despite its regional successes, the EAS is increasingly under fire by critics who charge that its national mission is obsolete in an era of instant 24-hour news coverage, and who deride its quaint reliance on analog radio and broadcast and cable television.

There is an historical incident that backs up this argument and that is the attacks that happened on September 11th, 2001. While our country was under attack there was no EAS broadcast that was cleared by the White House for the president to speak.

The excuse was that the media gave a quicker warning than the EAS system. It was also reported that during the tsunami and nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear facility in Japan, their country’s emergency news network system tones were not used at all.

There was no explanation for this. It was later that the United States Government announced that there would be a nationwide EAN blackout test for three minutes on 11/9/11. It was authorized by the President to test its effectiveness be used in times of crisis. That EAN reboot in 2011 failed and caused more confusion and more speculation as to what was really going on.

There have been many occasions where the EAS has been used outside of official parameters. In the video game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, during a Russian invasion of the United States, one of the loading screen videos is simply the Emergency Alert System. A message scrolls across the screen giving evacuation instructions for residents of Prince George’s County. Strangely, the scrolling message says:

“EMERGENCY BROADCAST SYSTEM” when the tone is actually the EAS tone.

In the 2009 science fiction film, Knowing, when “Diana” pulls in at the gas station and goes to the clerk for gasoline, the television in the background is displaying 24 hour news broadcast, when suddenly the screen changes with both the “Emergency Alert System” alert tones and an alert message stating, “This is an Emergency Broadcast Transmission!” “This is not a test!” The message repeats again and you see a portrayal of a fictionalized presidential cabinet alerting the public of the impending solar flares.

In the 2005 film version of War of the Worlds, the test version of the EAS warning can be heard playing over the radio on repeat during a scene in which the main characters are driving through the countryside, fleeing an alien invasion of Earth.

The 2013 film, World War Z, the Emergency Alert System was used by New Jersey State Police, instructing residents to seek shelter and to pack food enough for at least a week due to a zombie invasion.

In the 2013 film, The Purge, the “Emergency Broadcast System” is used to inform the populace that the yearly Purge will be starting and lasting for twelve hours. The warning signal is also played in the trailer. The producers used the EBS instead of EAS to avoid legal ramifications.

Tones from the EAS were used in the trailer for the 2013 film, Olympus Has Fallen, Cable providers were fined $1.9 million by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on March 3, 2014. An event similar to this previously occurred in November 2013 when TBS was fined $25,000 for simulating tones from the EAS in a Conan advertisement.

The FCC has cracked down on unofficial uses of the EAS tones and has issued fines to radio and TV stations that have used them for commercials and promotional announcements.

Many years ago, Ground Zero was under fire from the FCC because we used the test tone in many of our openings and montages.

The original Ground Zero intro has an EAS tone and an electronic voice that said “This is not a test – this is reality.” Well, the reality as I see it is that this national EAS test and the timing of it as a psy-op that will most certainly play on the psychological fear that is bottled up inside Americans now.

The entire world has been psychologically impaired as other warnings have been given and emergency signs have been seen appearing everywhere in the form of omens and harbingers; namely, missile tests, war games, troop movements and worldwide catastrophes.

We are now just beginning to understand just how the mind is reacting to day to day pressures and fears. With nightmares awaiting us, from plague, pestilence and eventual death we may not understand how traumatic things are becoming more prevalent and how we must find a way to light our spiritual pathway in order to cope with such dismal events.

The mind is a powerful tool, and we can conclude that there are all sorts of realities behind us simply imploding as what is in front of us is the reality we know just beyond our feet.

It can be argued that the nation needs this emergency test in order to guarantee that people will be informed in the event of national emergency or martial law.

It also reminds us that as we cross into darker territory, believing that our world is ending, we must understand that this is not a test but reality.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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