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Ron Patton | August 13, 2019
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Over the weekend my wife and I took in our weekend movie and this time we decided to check out, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

The film is the brainchild of Guillermo del Toro who is well known for putting various scary monsters in his films. What is also amazing about the film is that it is once again a slice out of time – a slice of small-town rural America that existed in 1968.

Back then I lived in small-town rural Utah and a lot of the scenes reminded me of the areas near my grandfather’s farm. I never knew my grandfather but my grandmother held on to her huge rural house in a place called Taylorsville.

My relatives raised Clydesdale horses for work and some were even bred and raised for Budweiser.

Just watching the scenery in the film, reminded me of the times we would spend at my Uncle Wayne’s gas station sipping a small bottle of Orange Crush or grabbing a huge burger at a small hamburger stand called, Genie Boys.

My dad and his brothers were farmers then, however, my dad decided to take up work in road construction – his brother Karl went to Vietnam and my Uncle Ray moved to Pocatello Idaho to grow wheat, potatoes and sugar beets. He also had invested in several hundred heads of cattle.

I can’t believe that a horror film could trigger so many memories of rural life.

It wasn’t always fun of course – my Uncle Karl came back from Vietnam a little shaken, my dad worked a lot and we ended up moving to the rough side of town.

I ran away when I was 10. I made my brother ham and cheese sandwiches, bought some candy bars and took him with me to the bus station. We hopped a bus to Pocatello to work on my uncle’s farm for a season in Idaho.

He met us at the bus stop and then we found out what it was like to really live on a farm.

It was hard work – it was lonely at times and when you are out in the country you see a lot of strange things.

One morning my aunt came to the trailer where my brother and I lived on the farm. She said it would be an early day because my uncle was called out to look over the cattle. They suspected that a predator attacked them and so they grabbed their guns and headed out. I was told that I had to saddle up a horse to go and find the other workers and herd the cattle into a safe area where they could be observed.

I was not all that proficient at riding a horse, especially to round up cattle. So I was told to grab an ATV and I used it to round up the herd. I was called over to an area where the cattle were killed.

I tried not to throw up – my uncle told me to man up and that the cattle were attacked by something he could not explain. One of the bulls had its ear ripped out — it had a perfect hole in the anal cavity. The tongue was removed and the carcass had phosphorous material on it and it smelled like creosote.

There were two female cows that had their entire insides removed and their udders. They also had their anal cavity cored and their legs were splayed out and broken.

My uncle decided that the cows were killed by someone who had access to a helicopter because he believed that the two cows had been dropped from a higher level.

The bull was marked and was killed but it apparently had no broken legs.

My uncle was contacted by a news reporter at KIFI Channel 8. The reporter was saying that not only were there cows in the area that were mutilated, but he also claimed some lambs were slaughtered on a farm 20 miles away in American Falls. The farmer there claimed that he saw strange lights in the area and then woke up to his lambs slaughtered and drained of blood.

The reporter said that he wanted to do a story about UFOs in the area and that people were saying the animals were killed by the occupants of the UFOs – this was the first time I ever heard of UFO’s flying down to kill animals especially cows.

Soon the stories were everywhere – from Colorado to Utah, Arizona, and Idaho.

That was 1975.

The mysterious circumstances surrounding the mutilations were then exploited by the media. There were rumors that the mutilations were of “extraterrestrial” origin or attributed to “satanic cults “or “coyotes and other natural predators.”

If predatory animals can uniformly select body parts, mainly the ones used in reproduction and excretion, and then remove all the blood from the carcass leaving the remaining good meat to rot what we are seeing is a meticulous animal doing the killings.

My uncle, of course, was more religious than he was a believer in UFOs and aliens marauders killing cattle. He saw it as an indication that the farm would suffer scarcity soon because of what he read in the Bible.

In Old Testament writings it was common to read about how those who refused to listen to their spiritual nature would have curse brought upon them. In the book of Deuteronomy, I remember all of the curses that were predicated upon the wicked. The curse upon the people would be fewer children born, a bad harvest, and the death of the cattle.

It is important to note that cows were often cited in ancient texts as being sacred. Cows and bulls were often looked at as divine and their movements and health were always monitored because they were also oracles of what was to come. It was known that ancient Romans would perform a religious practice that included using the entrails of cows and sheep to predict the future. This is a practice known as Haruspex.

Many of the ancient Gods resembled cows or bulls.

The primitive people would offer sacrifices in order to save the farms – there were animal sacrifices like the sheep and the cattle and in some cases, children were sacrificed.

There may have been a reason that cows were used for divination and that is because cattle are merely the four-legged canaries in the coal mine. They are the creatures we must look at for determining what is next in our biological runaway train ride into what appears to be the bio unfriendly future.

The European Society for Clinical Virology, the European Society for Veterinary Virology and the Society for General Microbiology met in London and learned that birds carry virulent strains and when they pass into cattle they become lethal.

Science has now found strains of flu in the cattle. Some are hosts for devastating strains for many years. Cows can incubate pathogens and diseases that can eventually pass to humans. They also have immune systems that can overreact when exposed to an unknown virus.

There is a body of thought that theorizes that cattle mutilations are bad omens. They are simply a pretext for disease and scarcity and that if the aliens or some other force is taking the body parts of birds, domestic animals and cattle it is because they wish to analyze them for the possibility of a future plague.

Bovine blood is also used in the bioweapons industry.

Bovine blood is also used to force multiply viruses that are weaponized in labs. It is also used in many vaccines.

We need to understand that cattle and other animals are exposed to all sorts of outside evils that find their way into the ecosystem. Much to the chagrin of vegan militants, the problem may be in the earth itself. Heavy metals and other contaminants end up in the soil and the watershed. It ends up in the plant life and then it is transmitted to animal life.

Other animals have demonstrated that they are being exposed to all kinds of pathogens, infectious diseases, and toxic gasses. The question is where is all of this coming from? Chickens carry influenza, mosquitoes have carried viral encephalitis and crows have shown that they can carry the West Nile Virus.

Now we can all attribute this to natural and common effect from nature and the environment but knowing the history of the military and their experimentations we may want to look at farm animals and their uses as lethal canaries in a coal mine.

However, the aliens were busy again – this time in my home state of Oregon.

At the end of July, authorities were called in to investigate the death and mutilation of five bulls on a remote Eastern Oregon ranch.

The bulls, worth about $7,000 each, were found dead and mutilated, with genitals and tongues cut out on Silvies Valley Ranch in Harney County.

Two carcasses were discovered July 30. On July 31, three more carcasses were found. The cause of death is unknown.

As an isolated incident, the case might appear a strange fluke. But according to the FBI, thousands of killings and mutilations of cows have happened since the 1970s. The animals typically die in the same way with the same body parts removed.

Jenkins said it’s hard to tell how these five bulls died. There are no entry wounds. A metal detector scan revealed no bullets.

According to National Weather Service data, the past month has had no major lightning storms in the area that could have killed cattle.

Based on the lunar calendar from the 2019 Farmer’s Almanac, the deaths could not have happened during a full moon.

Colby Marshall, vice president of Silvies Valley Ranch, said there were no outward signs of a struggle — no rope burns on trees, no scattered hoof prints, no strangulation marks, and no blood. The bulls, he said, looks like they simply fell over and died.

The bovine fell over and died with perfect holes and surgical removals present much like the classic mutilations of the 1970s.

A necropsy to determine the cause of death was not possible because when the bulls were found, they were already past the 24-hour window when a veterinary inspection would have been effective.

Marshall, the ranch’s vice president, said the bulls had probably been dead for two to three days when they were found.

Even stranger than the deaths are the mutilations. Only a few parts of the carcass were removed on each animal — the anus, scrotum, testicles, and tongues. One bull was also missing its penis and the tip of one ear.

What’s strange about this case is that the areas with missing parts don’t appear to have been chewed. The wounds, when examined, appeared to be clean-cut.

This indicates that the body parts were removed with a sharp blade.

The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association has offered a reward of up to $1,000 to anyone who can provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible. A separate $25,000 reward is also being offered by an interested party.

Just like during the flap of cattle mutilations in the 1970s, no one claimed the rewards offered and so it became a mystery – a mystery tied to malevolent forces and aliens from other planets in search of blood.

And while there hasn’t been much fanfare, nearby farms have also reported numerous mutilations of cattle.

This appears to be yet another blow to farmers that have already had a bad season this year, especially to a lot of the farmers in the Midwest.

Well as we reported a month or so ago the spate in extreme weather and massive flooding has taken its toll on farms.

Farming in the 21st century was an extraordinarily risky business, to begin with, and countless U.S. farmers were already on the verge of going under even before we got to 2019.

Now that this year has been such a complete and utter disaster, many farms will not be able to operate once we get to 2020.

If the horrific weather and endless flooding wasn’t enough, about a week ago the Chinese government announced that they would be ending all “purchases of U.S. agricultural products”, and that was a devastating blow for farmers all over the nation.

In particular, soybean farmers are going to see demand for their crops absolutely collapse. In recent years, China has purchased approximately 60 percent of all U.S. soybean exports.

And even if a trade deal is eventually reached, it is unlikely that all of that demand is ever going to come back. Right now, the Chinese are spending enormous amounts of money “to build transportation infrastructure to ship soybeans grown in what used to be rain forests” in Brazil. They aren’t going to abandon all of that just because Trump suddenly changes his mind.

And the truth is that it is extremely unlikely that Trump will change his mind and cave into the Chinese.

So for the foreseeable future, U.S. farmers are going to be facing weaker markets and lower prices, and that is going to be the final straw for many of them. It can be the final straw for many f us if we are not capable of innovations that will help food demand.

It would be nice to think that all of these farmers will somehow bounce back next year, but that isn’t likely. It is very doubtful that there will be any sort of a trade agreement with China before the 2020 presidential election, and global weather patterns are not going to be getting any more stable. Sadly, it is entirely possible that next year could be even tougher for U.S. farmers than this year was.

Can we imagine ourselves facing famine and scarcity because of what is happening to the farms?

Abundance is the enemy of globalist control. When people experience abundance, they become more self-reliant and realize they don’t need a big centralized government to run their lives. Abundance leads to economic mobility and human dignity, and these must be crushed by globalists to keep humanity suppressed.

It can be said that reports of chattel mutilations and scarcity certainly send a terrifying message.

Proposals of a gradual bankrupting of the system, scarcity, a three-stage disarming of the world, a manufactured environmental doomsday and the announcement of a “space menace” are all part of the blueprint that is being used to flag a potential apocalypse.

Someone or something is monitoring the farms and the food chain by killing the animals and geoengineering the climate.

Written by Ron Patton

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