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Ron Patton | August 15, 2018
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When we first spoke of the deal that was struck between Glaxo Smith Kline and the well-known DNA center known as 23andMe, we knew there would be connections and loose ends that needed to be tied up in order to get a full picture as to why DNA would be used for drug targeting.

We found out this is becoming a worldwide trend.

Amgen acquired Iceland’s deCODE Genetics in 2012 for $415 million to benefit from its unique genetic database, while Regeneron has partnered with Geisinger Health and the UK Biobank to do the same.

It appears that the technocracy oligopoly is badly wanting a look at a cross-section of DNA around the world in order to create a method to target DNA groups and modify their chemical, pharmaceutical, and food sources for reasons that at the moment are classified through business secrets.

The truth is that the DNA will be used in order to identify what toxins are changing and affecting human tissues and the measure is designed to speed identification and recruitment of patients for clinical trials and experimentation.

It can be said that there may be some good things to come from these investigations, but there is also the worry that major pharmaceutical companies are trying to cover up or at least fudge data on certain drugs and chemicals that are causing harm to humans.

This is a sophisticated cover-up that is hiding a very dark and deadly conspiracy.

One of the most sobering facts about pharmaceutical companies is not only are they targeting DNA for further tests and data mining – the top 3 are all leaders in the pesticide market as well, with an obvious interest in promoting the use of their pesticides and genetically modified seeds that are made to absorb these pesticides.

Farmers are forced to buy seeds each year because of the increase in hybrid seeds, which do not reproduce reliably and so are not worth saving for the next sowing season, and because of intellectual property rights on seeds, which prohibit the saving of seeds and seed exchange between farmers.

Many people know that the leader in seed production is Monsanto. Monsanto has been around since the early 20th century and was well-known as a chemical company. Its first product was the artificial sweetener, saccharin. The company then developed into one of the biggest chemical producers in the U.S. and began pesticide production after World War II. Monsanto’s dioxin-contaminated herbicide, Agent Orange caused millions of cases of poisoning when used by the US troops as a defoliant during the Vietnam War.

In 1976, Monsanto launched the herbicide glyphosate, which rapidly became the company’s most important source of revenue and the world’s best-selling herbicide. Monsanto began its seed production in the 1980s and developed genetically modified soya, which tolerates Monsanto’s own herbicide, Roundup.

Today, Monsanto controls 90 % of the GMO seed market. They recently struck up a deal with Bayer to the tune of $62.5 billion dollars. Bayer has since sought to change the name of Monsanto – to Bayer AG.

Monsanto will no longer be a company name.

Bayer will be yet another pharmaceutical company in the pesticide, seed and food business.

The reason they have retired the name is because the name Monsanto has been a lightning rod for environmentalists’ opposition to their genetically modified seeds, and their use of glyphosate that has been under the radar as a known carcinogen.

Changing the name form Monsanto to Bayer and thinking that it changes everything is simply naiveté or perhaps the most glaring example of company narcissism.

Many people think of Bayer simply as the company that makes aspirin since that is how they were founded. But they also produce many extremely toxic substances. In fact, Bayer was one of five companies that formed IG Farben in a 1925 merger. IG Farben was a huge Nazi supporter, and held the patent for the pesticide Zyklon B – which was used in Holocaust gas chambers. They also owned 42.2 percent of the company which manufactured it. Even more sickening, IG Farben used the Auschwitz facility to test its chemicals on human subjects.

In 1948, directors of IG Farben were indicted at a U.S. military tribunal, and at the subsequent Nuremberg Trials, where many were sentenced to prison for their horrible war crimes. Due to the severity of the crimes committed by IG Farben during World War II, the company was considered to be too corrupt to be allowed to continue to exist. It was officially put into liquidation in 1952.

Bayer was obviously allowed to continue operations (along with partners BASF and Agfa).

Bayer was able to retain all of their research on the effects of their chemicals in the concentration camps.

So now the world is once again faced with a Bayer holocaust – this time the valuable chemical in question is glyphosate.

Recently, a San Francisco jury found Monsanto now owned by Bayer liable for the glyphosate-induced cancer of Dewayne Johnson, who is dying from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Johnson sprayed glyphosate 20-30 times per year on public school grounds, which of course exposed kids to the weed killer.

Johnson says that he was “doused” twice with glyphosate due to malfunctioning equipment.

Monsanto, which has been responsible for the mass chemical poisoning of our world going back more than 40 years and hid scientific evidence proving glyphosate caused cancer, pretending that glyphosate was as “safe as salt.”

Johnson’s cancer has caused him to develop lesions over 80 percent of his body. He spoke in court about how the lesions tore into his self-confidence, embarrassed his children, and kept him from going out in public.

Monsanto was ordered to pay $250 in punitive damages for engaging in intense evil and deception, plus another nearly $40 million actual damages.

More than 4,000 lawsuits have already been filed against Monsanto over similar claims.

If decided similarly, these glyphosate lawsuits could subject Monsanto / Bayer to over $1 trillion in financial liability — enough to completely bankrupt the corporation and end its mass poisoning of humanity.

We presented a Ground Zero show back in 2015 where we released a study that indicated that, glyphosate that at the time was already labeled as a “probable human carcinogen” by the World Health Organization was identified to be showing up in high levels inside most Americans.

In the first-ever, comprehensive, and validated testing project carried out across America, this toxic chemical was found in the urine of 93 percent of subjects tested.

Children had the highest levels of the toxin in their systems. Overall, higher levels were found in the West and Midwest, regions known for their agricultural production.

At the time the test was carried out, there was a controversy brewing over whether or not genetically modified foods created by Monsanto were causing this phenomenon.

The testing project was carried out by a University of California San Francisco laboratory, with preliminary results showing glyphosate in well over 90 percent of all urine samples analyzed during early phases of the study in 2015.

The study involved more urine samples than any other such study for the toxin in the U.S. The results were staggering –and the effects were disputed by Monsanto and its chosen board of scientists.

Known best as the primary ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, glyphosate has become the world’s most widely used herbicide as high-input conventional agriculture production has advanced. It is a broad-spectrum, non-selective chemical that is used to kill vegetation in farm fields, as well as gardens, roadsides, playgrounds, parks and other areas likely to present exposure to food, water, animals and humans.

Since 1996, Monsanto has marketed “Roundup Ready” seeds for crops including soy, corn, canola, alfalfa, cotton and sorghum. These genetically modified seeds make the food and feed crop resistant to the deadly effects of Roundup, which encourages the overuse of the chemical for the control of weeds in the farm field.

So, most Americans don’t realize that when they eat these foods that they have been marinating in Roundup while they grow.

One does not have to eat GMO crops to be affected by the poison.

Each year, more than 250 million pounds of glyphosate are sprayed on American crops, primarily on “Roundup-ready” corn and soybeans genetically engineered to withstand the herbicide. But when it comes to the food we eat, the highest glyphosate levels are not found in products made with GMO corn.

Increasingly, glyphosate is also sprayed just before harvest on wheat, barley, oats and beans that are not genetically engineered. Glyphosate kills the crop, drying it out so that it can be harvested sooner than if the plant were allowed to die naturally.

A recent study found that a number of popular breakfast foods, including cereals, granola bars and instant oats, were tested and found to contain potentially dangerous amounts of cancer-linked glyphosate.

The Environmental Working Group, an environmental advocacy organization that conducted the study, said that glyphosate was found in all but five of 29 oat-based foods that were tested.

California, which is known for its robust cancer warnings, has determined there is a one in 100,000 risk of cancer from glyphosate when more than 1.1 milligrams is consumed per day. EWG says it has calculated a one in one million risk if more than 0.1 milligrams is consumed and a similar risk for children if even 0.01 milligrams is consumed daily.

In January of 2014, General Mills the makers of Cheerios announced that original Cheerios were proudly made without genetically modified ingredients. They embarked on a campaign to boast the change, but even the cereal maker admitted that the Cheerios’ main ingredient, oats, have never been a genetically modified crop.

However, their goal was to tell a half-truth in order to cash in on the growing environmental and health fears surrounding GMOs, the truth was that they labeled it non-GMO because there are no GM Oats and so they didn’t make a particularly significant change to their product.

They did switch to GMO-free sugar and corn starch, however now they have to deal with the fact that most oats have not escaped the spraying of Roundup.

Glyphosate is so pervasive that we now can understand why so many people, mostly children have it in their systems and why it shows up in their urine.

If you or your children are eating Cheerios right now, there’s a good chance that they’re accompanied by a dose of Roundup.

The worst offenders were Quaker Oat products, which regularly clocked in at 400 or more glyphosate parts per billion, meaning they would be dangerous for children if even 27.5 grams were consumed daily. A single packet of Quaker’s dinosaur eggs instant oatmeal contains more than three times EWG’s daily safe limit for children.

Now we see the consequences of genetically modified foods.

Studies in human cell lines in vitro and in animals, as well as in human epidemiological and clinical studies, have shown that Roundup and glyphosate have serious effects on hormonal systems, developmental and reproductive toxicity, malformations, cancer, neurotoxicity and damage to DNA.

This means that glyphosate is now being found to be genotoxic.

Glyphosate herbicides altered cell cycle checkpoints in sea urchin embryos by interfering with the DNA repair machinery. Cell cycle dysfunction was seen from the first cell division in the sea urchin embryos. The failure of cell cycle checkpoints is known to lead to genomic instability and cancer in humans.

Glyphosate and its main metabolite AMPA have been found to cause irreversible damage to DNA in human cells in vitro and in mice in vivo.1516 Such damage to DNA may increase the risk of cancer and birth defects. AMPA damaged DNA in human cells in vitro at doses of 2.5-7.5mM and caused breaks in chromosomes at 1.8mM.16

An in vitro study showed that irradiation corresponding to a few minutes of sun exposure greatly amplified the DNA-damaging effects of glyphosate on mammalian cells.

Adjuvants in Roundup along with glyphosated do not fare any better with analysis.

Glyphosate and Roundup caused DNA damage in human mouth cells in vitro after a single 20-minute exposure at much lower doses than those used in agriculture. Roundup was much more toxic than glyphosate alone.

The study showed that in principle, people who are exposed to Roundup through inhalation could suffer DNA damage. With both glyphosate and Roundup, DNA damage occurred at concentrations below those required to cause cell damage, suggesting that the DNA damage was caused directly by these substances instead of being an indirect result of cell toxicity.

Glyphosate and Roundup caused damage to DNA and chromosomes in the bone marrow of mice in vivo and in human cells in vitro. Roundup was only slightly more toxic than glyphosate. (source GMO Myths and Truths)

According to EWG, glyphosate is an especially concerning problem for children. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, for instance, has found that children between the ages of one and two have much higher exposure than older people. Their daily glyphosate intake is estimated at 230 times the 160ppb benchmark.

It is obviously a dangerous move to allow chemical and pharmaceutical companies to control foodstuffs.

At the moment it appears that we are all being manipulated in some grand experiment.

How we react will determine the outcome of the experiment. Many Americans are as ignorant as lab rats and they do not think about what they are eating and most of the time they will stand for cheaper and unhealthy foods in order to fill their stomachs.

The sad part is that now GMO’s are now found in 86 percent corn, 93 percent of soy, canola, and cottonseed oil, and 95 percent of sugar beets. In the last 20 years, food allergies are on the rise.

Childhood obesity and morbid obesity are pandemic in America. People are plagued with acid reflux, and gastro intestinal problems. The Food and Drug aAministration has been responsible for pushing anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers, and antibiotics on the population.

These drugs are being prescribed at an alarming rate. Could it be that the GMO’s we ingest are the reason we have seen an increase of stomach disorders, mood swings, and bacterial infections that cannot be eradicated by antibiotics? Making the correlation seems like a no brainer, especially when there seems to be a looming health crisis that everyone is talking about and yet no one has a clue as to how the problem can be solved.

Written by Ron Patton

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