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Clyde Lewis | August 18, 2020
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Over the weekend some dear friends of mine had a barbecue out in the country. It was a special occasion as our friends father, a veteran and a POW died at 95 and so we gathered to pay our respects by flying his retired flag in a ceremony that was very touching and patriotic. My crew and my wife Janine love to visit our friends in the country because they know how to host a party and they also have at their house a movie theater with a big screen and surround sound that is excellent for watching blockbuster movies.

Every time I go there, I offer my passwords for my streaming services so that we can watch some major movies on the big screen. While we all settled on watching Hamilton—we did have some discussion about some of the movies we thought were cheesy science fiction.

I started bringing up some cheesy B-movies from the 1950’s that would be cool  and someone piped up and said you don’t have to go back that far for some cheesy science fiction and brought up that one film where people tried to save themselves form a disastrous flood by building arks.

Everybody said in unison, 2012 – the film that had John Cusack in it and at the time was a film that was a herald about the end of the world.

Giving the film a date as a title is not only a novelty but it means certain doom for any rental possibilities because it literally is a dated film.

But then a lot of science fiction is also surpassing its expiration date like V-for Vendetta and Blade Runner –all set in the year 2020.

However as much as 2012, the film was considered nonsense back when we were all worries about the end happening in 2011.

There’s one scene in the film “2012” where a generic scientist wearing a white lab coat says, “The neutrinos coming from the sun have mutated.” It is a laughable line – but it is there to make it look all scientifically plausible. However even though back then it was a goofy throwaway line – it was there to indicate that anomalies that happen on the planet that would be considered unthinkable could happen before the eschaton takes place.

Now, I am not about to convince anyone that neutrinos mutate but as you may know Antarctica has been the focus of some remarkable anomalous activity that cannot be explained. These areas are being used as relay areas for transmissions from the moon and elsewhere by the Chinese Military.

NASA’s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) uses a giant balloon to haul delicate electronic antennas high into the cold dry air above Antarctica, where there is little or no radio noise to distort its findings. There is a constant “wind’ of high energy particles coming from outer space – some of which are a million times more powerful than anything we can generate ourselves.

Low energy particles – neutrinos – can pass completely through the Earth, barely interacting with the substance of our planet at all. But higher energy objects are stopped by the reassuringly solid matter of the Earth.

That means that high energy particles can only be detected coming “down” from outer space. To detect a heavier particle – a tau neutrino coming “up” out of the Earth would imply that these particles are actually travelling backwards in time.

While NASA wishes to downplay all of this – what could be happening is that the earth has somehow generated a magnetic anomaly – perhaps the beginning of a time expanse that is similar to Einstein-Rosen Bridge. In more simplistic terms – the earth may be creating a wormhole.

News of how the Magnetic field is changing makes me wonder if there is activity happening that either indicates a pole shift or that perhaps the earth is forming a gateway –or star gate that will either open it up to ultra-terrestrial travelers or gods – or that we are seeing what can be only compared to a cancer forming in the magnetic field.

This is similar to the plot form a very intellectually deep science fiction film called, Annihilation.

Annihilation is actually a film that is based on the Southern Reach trilogy, a book series by Jeff VanderMeer where an extraterrestrial event takes place and the military, scientists move in and create a perimeter known as Area X. Area X is also called “The Shimmer.” The Shimmer is sort of like an energy or magnetic field that looks like the filmy soapy substance you see in a bubble.

This extraterrestrial event is simply a magnetic anomaly that forms over an area and those who enter it end up getting various cancers, some commit suicide and others find themselves having encounters with strange beings.

I remember watching the film thinking that this had to be about the South Atlantic Anomaly.

The South Atlantic anomaly was actually a news item in the drudge report today –and I was curious as to why it was there.

It was a link to the science alert website with the headline:

“NASA Is Tracking a Vast, Growing Anomaly in Earth’s Magnetic Field”

The article is reporting that NASA is actively monitoring a strange anomaly in the Earth’s magnetic field: a giant region of lower magnetic intensity in the skies above the planet, stretching out between South America and southwest Africa.

This, of course, is the South Atlantic Anomaly. Something that we have brought up before – and while many people in the past believed it was all some sort of fodder for a god conspiracy theory or hypothesis – it is no longer a product of over active imaginations.

The South Atlantic Anomaly likened by NASA to a ‘dent’ in Earth’s magnetic field, or a kind of ‘pothole in space’ – generally doesn’t affect life on Earth, but the same can’t be said for orbital spacecraft (including the International Space Station), which pass directly through the anomaly as they loop around the planet at low-Earth orbit altitudes.

This anomaly can be compared to the Shimmer from the movie Annhilation—and while NASA will say that it is not affecting the environments or people – what it may be causing is an indication that this is where the earth is beginning what can be called its transmogrification.

On average the planet’s magnetic field has lost almost 10% of its strength over the last two centuries, but there is a large localized region of weakness over Africa and South America. The field strength in this area has rapidly shrunk over the past 50 years just as the area itself has grown and moved westward.

Over the past five years, a second center of minimum intensity has developed southwest of Africa, which researchers believe indicates the anomaly could split into two separate cells.

The anomaly is causing technical difficulties for satellites orbiting the Earth.

European Space Agency (ESA) scientists from the Swarm Data, Innovation and Science Cluster (DISC) are using data from ESA’s Swarm satellite constellation to study the anomaly. Swarm satellites are designed to identify and precisely measure the different magnetic signals that make up Earth’s magnetic field.

While there’s much scientists still don’t fully understand about the anomaly and its implications, new insights are continually shedding light on this strange phenomenon.

For example, one study led by NASA heliophysicist Ashley Greeley in 2016 revealed the South Atlantic anomaly is drifting slowly in a north-westerly direction.

It’s not just moving, however. Even more remarkably, the phenomenon seems to be in the process of splitting in two, with researchers this year discovering that the SAA appears to be dividing into two distinct cells, each representing a separate center of minimum magnetic intensity within the greater anomaly. Just what that means for the future of the SAA remains unknown, but in any case, there’s evidence to suggest that the anomaly is not a new appearance.

A study published last month suggested the phenomenon is not a freak event of recent times, but a recurrent magnetic event that may have affected Earth since as far back as 11 million years ago.

What is most surprising is that scientists are saying that this anomaly has no connection to the possible pole shift.

It is simply a magnetic whirlwind that is moving along the surface of the planet.

Once again – I often say that 2020 seems to be an apocalyptic bingo card which has had its share of plagues, pestilence, murder hornets and tornadoes of fire –and we can add a massive magnetic whirlwind to the list.

When you stop and consider that this anomaly is believed to have been with us long ago – I can’t help but wonder if magnetic whirlwinds were actually the vehicles of the Gods.

As you do the research into the Tetragrammaton or the symbol of the name of God – you find that the Hebrews in Exodus spoke of the thunderous voice in the whirlwind and the pillars of fire that came down from heaven.

These magnetic maelstroms were actually the vehicles of angels that brought with them the death winds.

The King James Version of the bible translates “whirlwind” 27 times in 25 verses, all in the Old Testament, and nearly always in terms of God’s judgment.

In the lesser quoted book of Nahum we read that, “The LORD is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the LORD hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm.

During George W. Bush’s inaugural address of 2001 – He quoted a statement attributed to statesman John Page—it was a quote he sent to Thomas Jefferson.

 “We know the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong. Do you not think an angel rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm?”

Many though that it was a biblical quote but some say it was a quote that was being delivered to his Illuminati brethren that the end of the world is nigh.

Although interpretations may vary, some say that Lucifer is the angel the rides in the whirlwind –when others claim it is Metatron, who is the legendary high ranking angel that was the voice of God where again we are reminded that the Talmud states that the thunderous voice in the whirlwind was God.

Was Bush’s quote an Illuminati dog whistle indicating that the world must prepare for the great magnetic whirlwind? Will it bring with it signs of the coming of God to the earth or does it signify the coming war in the heavens and that there needs to be a vehicle for the hosts of fortresses and heaven to return.

A magnetic Rosen Bridge certainly would be sufficient for this task.

This may explain why there is an expedient rush by scientists to find something or observe something that may be alien to our solar system or that may be lurking somewhere in a “bubble universe” that sometimes overlaps our reality.

Bringing that through the magnetic whirlwind would be both thrilling and terrifying.

We know now that perhaps the Department of Energy has already found ways to somehow maneuver through the multiverse. We have Neutrinos moving in reverse that would indicate that there is a magnetic anomaly that is playing hob with time.

We are told that physicists have already discovered new particles that uphold radical theories like string theory, which predicts the existence of a multiverse. These particles if they exist are being produced at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

It is rumored that the experiments there have opened doorways to several levels of hell, but wouldn’t it be surprising if they also have opened the gates for several levels of heaven?

Is it a wise move to push ourselves into these realms overlapping the other universes?

What do we exchange when we do so? Do we make ourselves a target for some sort of infiltration or incursion?

Is this natural? And how do we know that this anomaly may be affecting areas of the earth?

Earth’s magnetic field is like a wire that connects two different hemispheres together. Whenever electrical variations happen in one hemisphere, they show up in the other.

This is like a magnetic Butterfly Effect.

There are scientists who believe in the electric universe theory that all things on the earth are affected by magnetism.

We can only assume that the magnetic field has weakened into a more complex form. Some may want to call it a biblical while others want it to be a simple scientific event.

It is theorized that when magnetic fields weaken and intensify there are earthquakes and weather changes that happen. Scientists say that a magnetic shift would not affect humans or animals, but that does not mean that we won’t feel something.

A perfect example of what a pole shift feels like is the same feeling you get when you witness and eclipse of the sun. Many people remember how they felt during the summer solar eclipse of August 21, 2017.

Astrologers, psychologists, and some scientists warned that an eclipse affects the magnetic field and that people may feel a sense of anxiousness or fear when they feel the immediate shift in the magnetic field during and eclipse.

If you remember in February 1979 when a total solar eclipse was seen over the Northwest and parts of Canada, there were swarms of earthquakes that happened in Washington and Oregon in the summer of that year. Fifteen months after the eclipse happened, Mount St. Helens erupted.

Three years after the eclipse over the United States — you can argue that our lives have been on the decline– new diseases, civil unrest, and other seemingly unnatural events have happened.

We have recently seen earthquake activity taking place in the ridge tectonic area of the mid-Atlantic region. The Anomaly had slipped and passed over the region where a 5.4 earthquake was recorded on August 17th 2020.

In the book, “The Earth’s Shifting Crust” co-authored by Charles Hapgood we read about the polar shift theories where the indicators of a magnetic shift are easy to detect.

He would correspond with Albert Eisenstein about his theories and while both acknowledged that magnetic pole shift would take some time. There are certain things which could happen and rush the process, creating pole shifts and tectonic displacement.

Much of the plot for the disaster movie, “2012” was based on Hapgood’s theories.

An electric event is certainly responsible for the South Atlantic anomaly — we are seeing the electrical field weaken over the area and major crust displacement that is swallowing up and splitting the lands in Africa.

Large “telluric currents” have been found circulating through Earth’s crust because our magnetic field induces current flow in conductive strata. Thousands of amperes flow beneath the surface, varying according to conductivity.

Sometimes earthquakes can produce flashes of light and other luminous events, as well. Bolts of lightning have been seen coming up from the earth during volcanic eruptions, some of the bolts are so massive they travel up the column of ash and smoke.

A man in Florida reported witnessing a bolt form the blue where a bolt of lightning took out a palm tree – the lightning came from a blue sky.

Jonathan Moore was working yesterday afternoon in Lutz, a suburb of Tampa, when the lightning bolt struck a tree about 75-feet away. 

According to the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, a bolt from the blue is a flash from the side of thunderstorm clouds that travels a relatively long distance into the clear skies, and then angles down before striking the ground. These lightning flashes can travel several miles away from the thunderstorm. Some claim that the bolts actually come from the earth and they fire into a blue sky.

The central Florida peninsula from Tampa Bay to Cape Canaveral has the highest lightning concentration in the U.S, according to the National Weather Service. More than 90% of the lightning in this region occurs between May and October, during the hours of noon and midnight.

So lightning is common – but not lightning bolts from a blue sky.

Certainly anomalies in the magnetic field may be responsible for anomalous weather.

Another strange anomaly occurred in Northern California, in the midst of the Wildfires.

The Loyalton fire in Northern California spawned at least one fire tornado that prompted the National Weather Service to issue a tornado warning. Intense wildfires can sometimes create their own weather, resulting in the formation of a pyrocumulus cloud. These clouds typically form in association with wildfires or volcanic eruptions due to the intense heating of the air which cools and condenses as it ascends.

On rare occasions, this situation can lead to the formation of a fire tornado. 

Doppler radar detected rotation in the area of the Loyalton Fire, which caused the National Weather Service to issue a rare tornado warning for “a fire induced tornado and outflow winds in excess of 60 mph.”

While not necessarily tied to the magnetic field there are theories to suggest that Vortices seen during a tornado are actually formed by columns of electromagnetic plasma.

For air to become plasma and carry current, the air has to be partially ionized. A plasma state can be defined by “plasma density” — the number of free electrons per unit volume, and the “degree of ionization” — the proportion of atoms ionized by loss, or gain of an electron.

A gas with as little as 1% of the particles ionized is a plasma, responding to magnetic fields and displaying high electrical conductivity. A partially ionized plasma is often referred to as a cold plasma and highly ionized plasma is referred to as hot. Discharge from a corona is predominately a cold, dark current, invisible to the eye.

Cloud-to-ground arcs come from high charge density regions of the corona, primarily surrounding the central updraft where current from the updraft generates ions. Ground charge builds below this region in response, and the electric field strengthens, magnifying and focusing and electron avalanche. 

It forms an inner, spiraling, negative current to ground and an outer spiral of positive ionic wind flowing up to the source of coronal discharge in the cloud.

Again a smaller form of a magnetic whirlwind – whirling dust, fire or magnetic energy.

Scientists are now warning us that magnetic fluctuations in the Earth will be on the rise as the Earth is slowing down. This could mean that anything disrupting the magnetic flow could have a devastating effect.

As we demagnetize the eschaton, we may become witness to some of the most existing and terrifying moments in our history.

As anomalous as it may sound.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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