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Ron Patton | August 21, 2019
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The other night I made an off-handed sarcastic remark about how the eccentric and rabid left sees Trump. For three years we have heard that he is a Russian collaborator. Now that this notion has faded, there are other extremists that are now claiming he is a white nationalist, a fascist, a white supremacist. With things going the way they most often do – the extremists will try and paint him as the Antichrist.

Today I woke up to some very interesting headlines that certainly made my head spin — these headlines were being pushed by left-wing extremists on social media as proof that Trump is on his way to becoming the Son of Satan himself — the counterfeit savior of the world.

It seems that a number of extremists left-wing news outlets have been riled about a number of tweets that were sent out by President Trump praising conservative talk show host Wayne Allyn Root for declaring him “the greatest president for Jews and for Israel in the history of the world.”

In a recent tweet, the US president quoted Root as saying that the “Jewish people in Israel” love Trump “like he’s the King of Israel” and “like he’s the second coming of God”, though “American Jews don’t know him or like him.”

Boom – after those tweets, people were immediately freaking out over the acknowledgment and Trump’s unbridled appreciation for being considered the external savior of Israel.

Many social media users did not seem to agree with this assessment and quickly seized the opportunity to let Trump know what they thought about him.

Then came a story of Trump speaking at a press gathering about his trade war with China and how someone has to stand up to them.

He looked up into the sky and said: “I am the Chosen One.”

Trump’s exact quote was when it comes to dealing with China’s trade practices, “somebody had to do it.” He then added “I am the chosen one” as he looked up to the sky.

This prompted commentary on some websites saying that this comment was odd especially after he tweeted what he did about Wayne Allen Root and the whole mess with the tweet about Jewish people that vote for a Democrats” having “either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.

Now while no one is actually going on the record spreading the idea that Trump is the Antichrist – these latest statements and tweets have been used as a way to demonstrate that Trump is an out of control demagogue that perhaps has a secret about who he really is and what his agenda is.

The whole Antichrist smear for a leader is nothing new and what is most disconcerting is that while the biblical Antichrist is due to rule the world according to eschaton watchers – Americans tend to think that the bad guy from hell will somehow be an American leader.

Perhaps the first U.S. president suspected of being the Antichrist was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Roosevelt’s extraordinary influence and desire to form a worldwide United Nations raised the suspicions of many conservative Christians. When President Roosevelt began to engage in diplomacy with the Soviet Union, prominent evangelist, and politician, Gerald Burton Winrod suggested that Roosevelt was at the very least under the influence of the Antichrist, and carrying out his plans.

During John F. Kennedy’s candidacy for president, Protestant leaders compared electing Kennedy, a Catholic, to electing the Antichrist. In 1990, a man named Gregory Stuart Gordon invaded the house of former president Ronald Reagan, telling Secret Service agents “Ronald Reagan is the Antichrist. He must be killed and I must kill him.” While Gordon’s attorney claimed that Gordon was only trying to attract attention in hopes of gaining treatment for a drug problem, courts judged that his threat was serious and sentenced him to a two-year prison term.

I remember back when Barack Obama was heckled at a Los Angeles fundraiser. It wasn’t just a heckle, it was an accusation. The man in the audience called Barack Obama the Antichrist.

The heckler was booed by the crowd when he began his rant with “The Christian God is the only and only true living God, the creator of heaven and the universe.” “Jesus Christ is God! Jesus Christ is God! Jesus Christ is God! Jesus Christ is the son of God!” the man continued.

“You’re the antichrist!” the man said. The crowd responded with an enthusiastic cheer of “four more years” afterward.”First of all, I agree Jesus Christ is the Lord. I believe in that,” Obama said to tepid applause. He then smiled as the man was escorted out by Police. He was very careful not to react to the accusation.

I am sure there are many people in this country who wonder or have even considered that in what appears to be the end days a messianic figure has arrived and he is our President – a man who seems to walk away unscathed and untouched as he continues to do peculiar things. Things that are subtle and can be shut down as just quirks from a puppet being used to carry out the processes of creating a New World Order.

Throughout every passage of scripture, Muslim, Jewish, and Christian there is a story about an empire that will appear to serve God but in reality will be an ecumenical trap or a state religion. This has been called the New World Order. Christians believe that it is the empire of the Antichrist.

We know the story so well that it is a “program” a program that has an obvious response whenever we see or hear of something that sounds Apocalyptic.

More often, apocalyptic ideas have issued in the expectation that human history might screech to a halt at any moment and dissolve into some kind of apocalyptic judgment. Protestant Christians have been especially susceptible to these schemes, especially the more conservative Protestants known as evangelicals, because of their inclination to read the Bible literally.

They have tended to focus on the New Testament book of Revelation as well as the book of Daniel in the Hebrew Bible. Both texts are replete with imagery and allegory that would strike most casual readers as downright bizarre, but many Christians throughout American history have expended untold energies trying to fit these writings into an interpretive framework for understanding the end of time.

These notions, grounded in a literalistic interpretation of biblical prophecies, admit of many different constructions, and evangelical Christians who agree on such issues as biblical inerrancy, meaning the Bible is infallible without any mistakes or that left out inconvenient texts were left out for a reason and of course church leaders that will argue bitterly over whether or not God’s elect will go through the tribulation which is seven years of rule by the antichrist—predicted in Revelation.

There are arguments over whether or not the United States is the Whore of Babylon – that the Pope is the Antichrist according to protestant tradition. But of course, there are a wide variety of theories swirling around thanks to Nostradamus. Combine both his predictions and the biblical revelations and you get a wide variety of candidates for the Antichrist.

Was the antichrist, Napoleon? Hitler? Mussolini? Stalin? John Kennedy? Henry Kissinger? Mikhail Gorbachev? Saddam Hussein? Osama Bin laden? Obama, Hillary or Trump?

Historians of American religion and evangelicalism in particular, have recognized the importance of apocalyptic ideas in shaping American Christianity.

We need to face up to the idea that America is obsessed with the end times, so much so that it consumes everyone from all political divides.

The problem is we make it Americacentric when the Antichrist will be a world leader that comes from a religious and monarchial background.

For what it is worth, since Trump tweeted about being a god, and then talked about being the chosen one both #Antichrist and #ChosenOne have trended on Twitter.

The words “chosen one” have a specific meaning with Trump’s base of evangelical voters, but ordinarily, a comment like that might seem benign since it was referring to a trade war, not a religious one.

However, the president blurred things by looking at the heavens as he said it, or, did he look at the Whitehouse when he said it? The debate rages on as this is sending an apocalyptic ripple throughout the nation.

Left-wing Christians exist, at least I have been told otherwise by conservatives but they do exist and are now using a passage in the bible to demonstrate their passion for unveiling Trump as their new choice for the Antichrist:

“Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.”

I guess it was natural that this would happen because Trump has from time to time set himself up as being a man of sin and to his detractors “the lawless one.”

I make no judgments but people who don’t make Trump their external savior know that he is vainglorious, charismatic, at least in the eyes of some Americans, and obsessed with wealth or Mammon.

Kushner Companies, a real estate company jointly owned by Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, is headquartered at 666 5th Ave. Trump, while not Eastern European himself, Trump has a proclivity for Eastern European women and has tried to garner better relations with Russia, a country that figures prominently in 20th and 21st-century apocalyptic mythologies.

In the 1950-60s it was common to hear from conservatives Christians that the Soviet Union was the “beast,” which had “feet like those of a bear” (Rev. 13:2). The bear is, of course, the Russian totem animal, and some Revelation junkies still support this thesis.

And while Trump says that his favorite book is the Bible, he did once say that he’s “not sure” as to whether he’s asked God for the forgiveness of his sins.

And of course his many sins are now being listed by religious liberals who now have a strong feeling that Trump has sealed the deal with his recent tweets; for example, a twitter feed in the trending antichrist hashtag journey decided to connect the dots by claiming that there are many reasons to declare Trump the antichrist—some of them include:

“The condemnation of Muslims and Hispanics — no true Christian would do this. His infidelity to his wives is not Christian -His serial lying is not very Christian either. He expressed an inkling of compassion when he appeared to exempt immigrant families from deportation, but Homeland Security will now separate out women and children. Again no Christian leader would separate families and of course, Trump, more than any other American leader, has spread hatred and violence throughout the land. Trump always puts himself first, not other people, presumably not even God.”

Trump proclaimed that he is a “very proud Presbyterian,” but his home church Marble Collegiate had not seen him in years and reported that he was no longer a member. The Rutgers Presbyterian Church sought to excommunicate him because of his anti-Muslim statements but found out that that they obviously could not boot a non-member.

Even though 80 percent of evangelicals voted for him, some of their leaders doubt very much if Trump is a Christian.

They definitely do not believe he is “born again.”

From early in Trump’s presidential candidacy, his biggest religious supporters—indeed, his only religious supporters for a while were charismatic Christians. Of course, there were many that were on the Ted Cruz bandwagon.

Other religious conservatives supported Trump in 2016 a lot of reasons:

He was going to destroy globalism, the deep state, lock up George Soros the former Nazi collaborator, and even expose the criminal Clintons. They liked Trump because he said he liked them, told them they were persecuted and vowed to stand up for them. He said he would bring back “Merry Christmas.” He told them they were important.

But there were other, more spiritual and paranormal reasons as well.

There were a slew of religious fanatics who claimed to have visions that Trump was the chosen one and not the Antichrist but the President that would lead the world back to God.

A Catholic holy man named Thomas Zimmer who spent much of his life in Italy even claimed to have received a prophecy in the 1980s that Trump would “lead America back to religion.”

In fact, while some conservative Christians speak about Trump’s defeat of Hillary Clinton as the work of God, it seems the real divine intercession was in clearing the GOP field for Trump.

It all fell into place as if it was the will of God.

Once it became clear to the community of conservative charismatics that Trump was God’s candidate, they mobilized to support his campaign.

I was concerned again because like Barack Obama before him, there was an uprising of commentary declaring him the chosen one – they even called Obama the new Lord and savior.

This raised alarm bells with the Christian Right and soon they were of the opinion that Obama was no new Jesus but a counterfeit Christian who used it as a way to mask his Muslim beliefs.

Demonizing public officials has been one of America’s biggest pastimes and discussions about the apocalypse stir a lot of strong feelings about who is out to destroy America, rather than what the plan is for the New World Order.

The Christian religion is being distracted by eschatological doctrines and Gnostic philosophies in their entertainment and in some of their sermons that they are not aware of what is in their own bibles. They are being seduced by ecumenical and Luciferian ideas that appear to be from the bible but are far from it.

This is the trick – the trick is somehow making your religion a political weapon.

Various planners from Fabian socialists to the CFR have appointed puppet leaders in the evangelical community and in the political realm to bring about their scheme of a united global order and an occult theocracy.

Their agenda is to bring about a “Global Spirituality.” One that appears to be Christian, but mingles Luciferian concepts. The CFR spiritual model of Unity and Diversity is a model that holds that Jesus is only one of many religious ways. The themes of the new global spirituality include “All Things Are One” and “As above, so below“ terms that are associated with Hermeticism or ritual Magik. Basically meaning there is no external God. God is man, God is earth, God is nature. All is God.

Americans have been known to speak about the leaders they want, and when they do they sometimes sound as if they want a leader that is akin to a Monarch that uses the political arena as a tool to create an apotheosis meaning a model of excellence or divine perfection almost to the point of Godhood.

This is why the thought of a leader using God in the political arena is a dangerous methodology because if we give any leader a title of the divine, or Godly, or even messianic, we run the risk of becoming an Imperial cult, a Monarchy or government like the Roman Empire.

One thing is for sure if people are seeing an Antichrist in Trump maybe it is because they have a feeling that the times are ripe for the mess to be cleaned up by a messiah.

Put people in a place where they feel they are losing a grip on their personal freedom and watch them as their minds unravel and every programmed fear is exposed and every frayed nerve is left exposed, raw and ready to snap. When the nerves snap and the mind is open, what suggestion will enter in? What can possess it?

What course will the mind take? We are having those questions answered every time we see the mainstream narrative reinforce the forecasted doom on the horizon. When times become hopeless and the tragedies pile up and the morgues are full to capacity, the American people, maybe even the world will want a Savior.

However, I do not believe that President Trump or any other leader should be put in that position.

Furthermore, the idea of Trump being some kind of supernatural wunderkind is still tempting to explore.

He arrived on the scene with no particular expertise, and suddenly, he was in charge of everything, even though there was a woman right there who had been preparing for the same thing for decades. He just stepped into office, and suddenly he could do anything he set his mind to. He can wield nuclear power, melt ice that has been there for decades, and he almost bought Greenland.

However, he lost the deal to buy Greenland — maybe he needs to renegotiate the art of the deal with the devil.

Written by Ron Patton

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