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Ron Patton | August 23, 2019


Many people are telling me to watch the docudrama, “The Family” on Netflix. As I stared into the first episode, I realized that what I was watching was a very important film on how there appears to be a clandestine covenant at play in Washington DC that is aching for the control over the mind of the United States. It is the dark side of what can be seen as the religion of the state – the backbone for “The New World Order.”

The late Doug Coe was the leader of “The Family” whose initiates include Mike Pence, Dr. Ben Carson, Dan Coats, Jeff Sessions, Betsy DeVoss, Billy, Franklin Graham and “Cells” of Congressmen, Senators, Judges, and Businessmen.

The Family also is known as “The Fellowship” – an outgrowth of the Protestant denomination; specifically, the Restoration Movement started by Abram Vereide, coincident with the rise of the Nazi Empire.

Members of “The Family” have included US Senators Strom Thurmond, Mark Pryor, Mark Hatfield, John Ensign, Tom Coburn, Sam Brownback, Charles Grassley, Jim DeMint, Lindsey Graham, Conrad Burns, James Inhofe, John Thune, Pete Domenici, Bill Nelson, Don Nickles, Mike Enzi, Rick Santorum, John Kerry, and Al Gore – who calls Coe a personal hero.

There is also Chief Justice William Rehnquist, Ronald Reagan’s Attorney General Ed Meese, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bush Secretary of State James Baker III, Bill Clinton, Karl Rove, George W. Bush’s Attorney General John Ashcroft and Attorney Gen Alberto Gonzales, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and National Security Advisor, Marine Corps General James Jones.

Doug Coe once said that most of his friends are not good people. In the Fellowship these men are allowed their murders, their transgressions, and their criminal activity because they see themselves as “the chosen.”

They also have had ties to current and former authoritarians around the world who have committed atrocities in their home countries, for the sake of advancing a conservative religious agenda, including the late former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

Rolling Stone once described it as a “secret theocracy” used by powerful Christian men to influence politics worldwide. In the book, Thy Kingdom Come, by Randall Balmer, it is reported that this group has actually distorted the faith of the religious right and have turned it into a dangerous cult.

It is obvious the world is in turmoil, angry with nothing constructive to occupy the minds of the public. We see uprisings and demonstrations that are not inherently evil but are there to encourage criminal behavior in some circles and cult-like behavior in others.

The blind following of those in the throes of anger can be evident and we are at a point in history where anyone with the right words can hypnotize and guide people into committing acts they wouldn’t normally do.

The media has been the ringmasters of what appears to be a violent circus, waiting with bated breath for moments transpiring in the political climate which has turned from mere cheerleading to violent uprisings.

While there is a tendency to make what is happening a partisan argument, it has to be repeated and demonstrated that we are on a dangerous course that has been set by men who participate in an open conspiracy to leverage their positions of power to pursue agendas of empire building.

These men appear to embrace liberty, freedom, and God while advancing causes and actions that are an affront to those traditions that we have hoped to espouse as citizens of a brave, new and prosperous world. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are merely rhetorical and serve only as emotional triggers instead of practices.

Men that lead in America today invoke God, but do not deserve his blessing, nor do they deserve their positions, because they have desecrated that which our forefathers have fought and suffered for.

Meanwhile, many Americans downplay or otherwise criticize those who point out that there are a few people in power who are acting in their own interests rather than for the greater good of the world.

There are those who rationalize that what we are participating in is a war against those who will bring down our way of life. Our claim is that the fight is for democracy and freedom.

Regardless of what we are fighting against or fighting for, the overall truth is that what we are seeing is extremism, furthering the goal of the imposition of “moral clarity” by military force.

Those who are obsessed with their own nobility over the nobility of others have a tendency to allow their ends to justify their means.

When in the middle of the fight it is difficult to understand the full consequence of what our actions might bring to our doorstep in the near future. Radical attempts at utopia while sounding noble to create chaos and division and thoughts lead to action and actions may result in dystopian traps.

Programming has always been absorbed into our culture. It is silent and seldom felt. It is used in order to rob of us of our cognitive liberty and independence. When we are children we learn reality, through our parents, teachers and in some cases, religious authorities. Environment and circumstances also have a part in programming us during our formative years, and then we mature and take responsibility for ourselves.

However, many people do not even think about taking responsibility for their cultural conditioning.

The majority of people are conditioned in the most simplistic sense with the idea of “good versus evil” and from there they make their judgments about who are good and who are the evildoers, what are good and evil choices and whether or not is right or wrong to program people into acceptance of an authoritarian policing over who or what is good or evil.

Much of what is policed by the authoritarian rule we hope is being directed away from us. This means there are the others who are seen as evil or destructive and so they should be avoided, ostracized or even terminated because we have been programmed with what can be called a destructive groupthink aimed at dividing people and creating chaos.

It is unpopular to throw out warnings about how the divisive arguments and creating scapegoats are destructive. Warnings about self-destruction ruin the programming dialectic. The programmers need you to develop your fear, anger, and hate, in order to give free rein to violent passion and emotion.

Reason, truth-seeking, humility and independent thought are keys fighting against programming and cult-like behaviors.

No word in the English language conjures up more disdain than the word, cult. It has been used and abused to describe any group that dances to the tune of a different drum. While it is arguable that we have all been a part of cult-like behavior from time to time in our lives it seems that there are many jumping on the bandwagon to warn you that these groups lurk in the most unassuming of places.

Many of us have our own prejudices regarding the stories of cults or cult leaders like Jim Jones of the People’s Temple, David Koresh of the Branch Davidians and Marshall Applewhite of Heaven’s Gate. However many people don’t realize that they can fall prey to cult-like behavior in both their religious and political views. Many already have and this is why there seems to be a polarization of views in the country a model of you are either on our side or the side of those who oppress us.

You will also be surprised to learn that many of you are probably already a part of a group that uses a tactic known as group dynamics to get you to do their bidding. This type of manipulation can get even the smartest of people to do things that most people would consider peculiar.

Cult-like behavior exists in therapy groups, political groups, and many businesses use group dynamics to instill pride and loyalty.

The confusing thing is that not all cults are bad. If the group is legitimately trying to find the truth and they’re purpose is to better mankind then they will stand up to the scrutiny and they will persevere. If they are continually pressuring people to commit before they hear the whole story, or if they lie or use nebulous rewards or undefined fear of an enemy as a tactic to get your servitude then you should realize that this group may be destructive and needs to be avoided.

There are many things that can be used to put fear and paranoia into your mind. We have heard of prophecies, outrageous claims, alien invasion terrors, and possible virtual takeovers. While they are possibilities to consider, one must realize that until they transpire, they are pure speculation.

Many though, are convinced that their fears will come true and are left in a hellish pit of despair. They tend to look for a protective network. A group that answers their questions or even weirder still continues to fuel their fears.

While a healthy dose of paranoia motivates even the people who dwindle in unbelief, unhealthy fear and manipulation can get you to move away from your family, stockpile weapons, and kill others, even yourself.

It just takes a few triggers and a few key ingredients and soon the whole world comes crashing down around you.

Many times on my show I have spoken of the deep state and how it is poised to destroy our basic foundation of government in a controlled demolition.

What if I were to tell you that there is a clandestine covenant or brotherhood that has been established to undermine religion in this country – a covenant that has secretly branched out to maintain what is called a civic or state religion that claims that their doctrines are those of a warrior Christ than a passive one.

As I have said in the past there have been many men who have had the charge to lead great movements and have declared themselves chosen. There have been others that have hidden behind the scenes only to show up unexpectedly preaching a gospel that leads to corruption and death.

Back in the 1960s, the Reverend Jim Jones established the Happy Heaven’s rest home in California. He had some help from missionaries form a group called World Vision.

World Vision called itself an international evangelical order, however, they had performed espionage work in Southeast Asia for the CIA. World Vision was considered the architects of the infamous “Operation Phoenix” that was responsible for 40,000 mostly innocent individuals.

During the Reagan years, World Vision was a presence in camps where the CIA recruited mercenaries against Nicaragua. They were also involved with the Lebanon camps where Palestinians were slaughtered by the Phalange, a group that called itself a predominantly Christian Lebanese right-wing party.

World Vision organizers were also in the refugee camps in Cuba and many members were part of the notorious Alpha Team 66 – CIA funded mercenaries from the Bay of Pigs debacle.

World Vision always seem to be in the proximity of the CIA – always declaring that they were doing the lords work around the globe; coincidentally, everywhere they went there seemed to be a bloodbath of what could be called God’s enemies.

Failed Reagan assassin John Hinckley Jr. was the son of World Vision official, John Hinckley Sr. or Jack Hinckley.

Hinckley, of course, was a deranged individual obsessed with Jodie Foster and was found guilty of his crimes — he was then packed off to the Washington-area St. Elizabeth’s Mental Hospital — an institution with a fascinating history of involvement with the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program, which focused on mind control experiments and efforts to study the possibility of “programming” killers.

One of Jack Hinckley’s good friends was George H.W. Bush was at the time the Vice president under Reagan and former head of the CIA under President Jimmy Carter.

If John Hinckley’s aim would have been better, George Bush would have been president a lot sooner and would be able to establish his New World Order, sooner.

Another mind-controlled assassin was Mark David Chapman who shot John Lennon was an employee of World Vision where he served in Haiti.

On November 18, 1978, 913 people died in Jonestown. Jim Jones became a Bible-thumping “faith healer,” using wet chicken livers as evidence of cancer which he removed by “divine powers.”

Already the stench of criminal activity surrounded him, and his landlady referred to him as a gangster who” used the Bible instead of a gun.” His connections to World Vision gave him the power to establish Jonestown in Guyana. Considering the history of World Vision and what went on previously in Guyana, it is possible that the real purpose behind repopulating Jonestown was to create another breeding ground for brainwashed zombies like Chapman and Hinckley.

Members of Jim Jones’ “church” were bound and gagged immediately after landing in Guyana and taken to the compound. They were pumped with drugs, which were available in vast amounts at Jonestown — enough to drug 200,000 people for more than a year. Among the drugs found there: Quaaludes, Valium, morphine, Demerol, Thorazine, sodium pentathol), chloral hydrate, thallium, and, of course, cyanide.

Jonestown residents lived in cramped quarters and ate meager rations of often spoiled food. They were then forced to give 16 to 18 hours of slave labor per day. When they weren’t working, they were required to stay up day and night listening to Jim Jones lecture.

Among the charming punishments the flock endured were forced drugging, sensory deprivation in an underground box, physical torture, and public sexual rape and humiliation, not to mention your average ordinary beatings and verbal abuse. All of the drugs and environmental conditions forced upon Jonestown residents were also employed in the CIA’s notorious MKULTRA program, which was implemented to test and implement brainwashing and mind control techniques.

A 1974 government report admitted that certain “target populations” were used, namely blacks, women, prisoners, the elderly, children, and inmates of psychiatric wards.

Jim Jones was probably World Vision’s biggest mistake – or maybe he was their biggest asset as he was doing the work of God using the powers of a covenant operation as a front for the CIA.

The attitude of “The Family” or “The Fellowship” is Jesus plus nothing – no judgment and no punishment – those involved are chosen and can act in whatever amoral activities they wish to commit without any consequence – they are saved doing the work of God in the devil’s playground – but is a secret covenant within a power elite ordained by God? Or is this another attempt at establishing the One World Religion led by so-called secular leaders that appear to be Christian?

The organization is ostensibly a kind of confederated network of Christian prayer groups dating back to the early 1900s that eschews traditional denominations and hierarchies in favor of trying to more closely follow Jesus’ teachings. It sponsors only one public activity: the annual National Prayer Breakfast, customarily attended by every president.

Over the years, The Fellowship has cultivated deep and wide-ranging ties with America’s leading politicians, businessmen and other world leaders, who attended the annual prayer breakfast or became regular attendees of various prayer groups around the world — places where they could speak candidly and seek support from other members, though critics cast the gatherings as a nefarious mixing of religion and government with sometimes unsavory dealings with despots.

This is very telling because various planners from Fabian socialists to the CFR have appointed puppet leaders in the evangelical community and in the political realm to bring about their scheme of a united global order and an occult theocracy.

Their agenda is to bring about a “Global Spirituality.” One that appears to be Christian, but mingles Luciferian concepts. The CFR spiritual model of Unity and Diversity is a model that holds that Jesus is only one of many religious ways. The themes of the new global spirituality include “All Things Are One” and “As above, so below“ terms that are associated with Hermeticism or ritual Magik. Basically meaning there is no external God. God is man, God is earth, God is nature. All is God.

Americans have been known to speak about the leaders they want, and when they do they sometimes sound as if they want a leader that is akin to a Monarch that uses the political arena as a tool to create an apotheosis meaning a model of excellence or divine perfection almost to the point of Godhood.

This is why the thought of a leader using God in the political arena is a dangerous methodology because if we give any leader a title of the divine, or Godly, or even messianic, we run the risk of becoming an Imperial cult or a Synarch.

Every major step in the development of the New World Order, from a simple ideology to a worldwide superstate can be traced back to a very specific ideology, which upholds rule by a chosen body of spiritual elite or secret brotherhood from behind the scenes. The brotherhood plays a role in the hidden hand the guides us towards this Order. It can also be seen as a manifestation of a Luciferian spirituality that professes to enlighten practitioners through mysticism and magic.

The Synarchy which is shadowy politico-occult shadow government that rules by divine mandate and believes that chosen emissaries are provided by a higher power to carry out missions of avenging what they see as the evil in the world.

The Synarchy that may be in power now is a government run by a form of priesthood and is ruled by a secret society; however, the societies are not always the ones that are named by conspiracy theorists.

Many Christians in America believe that the establishment of the United States was based on Christian values and ideologies. This is only half true, because the rebellious nature of the insurrection was purely Luciferian, and in some cases bordering on Hermetic Arcanum and Gnosticism.

From the very beginning of Christianity, the Gnostics, or those who called themselves of a “different opinion” than the Christians, began a systematic opposition to the Apostles and adopted an “elitist view” against the general teaching of the Gospel.

They were of the opinion that the dogmas of the Gospel were good for the common people, but that the superior minds of the ruling oligarchy required a “secret doctrine” which was reserved for the elite.

We all know that the elite does not practice the Christianity that is practiced by average people — they do what they wish because they see themselves as chosen.

By the way, even though the media has had a heyday with Trump speaking about being the chosen one to deal with Russia, he appears to not be a member of The Family but has attended the National Prayer Breakfast every year since taking office in 2017.

Written by Ron Patton

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