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Clyde Lewis | August 23, 2021
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I was watching the 11th season premiere of The Walking Dead, when Liam came downstairs. He was looking for something to eat when he asked what are you watching CNN? I laughed and said it is “The Walking Dead!” and he said that he couldn’t tell the difference.

I was laughing because he has a point — if you are not really paying attention, you would see that the same situations happening on The Walking Dead seem to be mirroring what is happening in the United States and most of the western world.

It is a shame really that no one is really paying attention to the reality of what can be seen as a self-inflicted apocalypse.

People, of course, are now responding to the pseudo reality of the Hegelian-Marxist Dialectic.

Problem Reaction Solution — we are in the reaction part of the equation, and everyone seems to know the solution, or they are simply mimicking the words for paid experts who are just spouting off a whim or some sort of theory that they wish to put out is fact to hijack reality and create a psychological air of guilt.

Guilt aimed that those who question authority, calling them traitors’ combatants, terrorists, or murderers.

Many of those who do not wish to conform are now being accused of committing some moral crime against the paranormal system that serves the pseudo-reality.

Demands will be made with sufficient vagueness such that they can never be said to have been met and such that responsibility for failure will always be the fault of the enemies of the ideology who “misunderstood” them and thus implemented them incorrectly.

This is how it goes in the new normal, where people being barbaric to one another because they don’t have the same ideology as you.

Mark Dice, who is a successful man on the street commentator stood on a sidewalk holding a clipboard. He was asking passersby if they would sign a petition to have those who have not taken the experimental COVID vaccines arrested and jailed.Mark Dice investigation: Video shows Americans are in favor of mandating vaccines & jailing "anti-vaxxers" -- Society's Child --

Several exclaimed “Yes” when Dice droned on about how “we don’t need those people walking among us,” and “we’ll have to decide for them what’s best.”

There were several who accused Dice of being a socialist for advocating such extreme government intervention in individual lives, and one astute passer-by took Dice out with “This is a joke.”

This person noted that those who signed? “They’re all idiots.”

It is an example of how narcissistic and sadistic people get in situations we are facing now.

In fact, many of them are ill informed which fuels a kind of pseudo reality.

There is an old urban legend about the Rodney King riots where a reporter asked a looter what he felt about the Rodney King decision. The guy, who was holding a TV looked at the reporter and said “I don’t follow sports.”

This illustrates the air of mob ideology or cult ideology that is pervasive in today’s America and it appears that it is spreading all over the world.

As we are now speaking in terms of ideologues, we need to be clear before continuing that by “ideology” is meant here something closer to “cult ideology” than a more general meaning of the term. It is crucial to distinguish between these so that we do not confuse those sweeping approaches to contextualizing and understanding reality that are generative of comprehension of the real with those that exist in relationship with the pseudo-real.

Something is being used to maintain the brutal nature of people in the New Normal – it is paramorality or something else that us being used as a maintenance tool to trigger these types of ideas in people.

I would say that the mainstream media and social media play a big role in this new paramorality and the generating of pseudo-reality.

Though we are primarily interested in ideological pseudo-realities, perhaps the most atomic example of a pseudo-reality is not ideological in nature. It is the tragic world of the clinically deluded person, which only he accepts as the “true” state of affairs. “His reality,” “his truth,” is no one else’s because he is not a normal person, and no one is confused by this.

These behaviors, even when done by the sincere person who has confused reality for a pseudo-reality, should all be seen as manipulations and abuses, though it’s always important to recognize that intention of each participating individual matters in the moral ramifications that follow from this fact.

Pseudo-real world-builders tend to manipulate people upon their vulnerabilities, which is a well-known fact of cult recruitment. Thus, they are most effective on people who have an underlying baseline of psychological, emotional, or spiritual illness, particularly of the kinds that relate poorly to the real world and the rough-and-tumble social realities within it.

These are also often manufactured to purpose and target the psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually susceptible, along with the naive, the angry, and the aggrieved. It is in such minds where pseudo-realist manipulations are most effective and can generate a sizable sympathizer base among otherwise normal people, some of whom will be induced into the psychopathologies that underlie the whole project.

This is the real alchemy of the pseudo-realist ideological project: turning normal, mostly healthy people into psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually broken water-carriers who can no longer cope adequately with the features of reality and thus must prefer the pseudo-reality that was built to receive them—and, more importantly, to make strategic use of them.

You can chalk it up to future shock or being shell shocked but the brutal nature of how we feel about each other is beginning to show and this leads to things that are far more dangerous than we care to think about on a psychological level.

The gaslighting and emotional blackmail of America is creating a reason for America to eat itself.

Common sense has denigrated as bias or some kind of false consciousness, and science is replaced by a scientism that is a tool of power itself.

This weekend, the warring Proud Boys and Antifa took their battles from downtown Portland to the neighborhood where my step son Liam goes to school. Their battles are now raging in neighborhoods instead of being isolated downtown.Photos: Antifa supporters, Proud Boys clash in Portland | US & Canada News | Al Jazeera

This time there were no police to break up the fight as gunfire was not only being exchanged in a downtown battle, but vehicle windows were smashed and overturned as both sides were using weapons and small mortar bombs in their brutal exchanges.

Nothing has changed — only that the battles have now moved into neighborhoods and there is no police presence.

The mobs have won and the strange thing was people were driving by the riots unphased — one van the drove into the crowd was overturned. It just seemed like business as usual — or on the street was one reality playing out and those who were uninterested were in a different reality.

We are now living in an era of pseudo reality –where people have become so jaded, they just don’t care anymore about how bad things have gone.

Pseudo-realities are, simply put, false constructions of reality. It is hopefully obvious that among the features of pseudo-realities is that they must present a plausible but deliberately wrong understanding of reality.

They are cult “realities” in the sense that they are the way that members of cults experience and interpret the world—both social and material—around them. We should immediately recognize that these deliberately incorrect interpretations of reality serve two related functions.

First, they are meant to mold the world to accommodate small proportions of people who suffer pathological limitations on their abilities to cope with reality as it is. Second, they are designed to replace all other analyses and motivations with power, which these essentially or functionally psychopathic individuals will contort and deform to their permanent advantage so long as their pseudo-real regime can last.

Pseudo-realities are always social fictions, and in the world we live in now there is a great amount of political fiction that is used for social pressure and passion towards one political ideal. This is being carried out to the point of bigotry and sectarianism, these are the very things that are responsible for the continues civic wars in Afghanistan and throughout the Middle East.

We often critics those countries because we see warring factions, and strange rituals that we cannot identify with. Equally, they see us as just as violent and strange as they see warring factions between groups like Antifa and Proud Boys as proof that we are no better.

We have created the pseudo reality that one group is better that the other, when both seems to be looking to stage warfare in the streets. this has gone beyond a color revolution this is now going from Live Action Role Playing to an all-out war with gun play and use of mortar bombs.

If you were to ask why nothing is being done– you will be told that the wars that we are seeing in the streets are a myth and that we need to focus on the traitors of January 6th.

The media will see to it that you will not even think about what is really happening in our streets and in our cities.

You need to focus on their reality, their experts, and their political agendas.

Many of the greatest horrors of the history of humanity owe their occurrence solely to the establishment and social enforcement of a false reality.

Pseudo-realities, being false and unreal, will always generate tragedy and evil on a scale that is at least proportional to the reach of their grip on power—which is their chief interest—whether social, cultural, economic, political, or (particularly) a combination of several or all of these.

So important to the development and tragedies of societies are these pseudo-realities when they arise and take root that it is worth outlining their basic properties and structure so that they can be identified and properly resisted before they result in sociopolitical calamities—up to and including war, genocide, and even civilizational collapse, all of which can take many millions of lives and can ruin many millions more in the vain pursuit of a fiction whose believers are, or are made, sufficiently intolerant.

Science fiction author Robert Heinlein once said:

“A dying culture invariably exhibits personal rudeness. Bad manners. Lack of consideration for others in minor matters. A loss of politeness, of gentle manners, is more significant than is a riot.”

It must be observed that people who accept pseudo-realities as though they are “real” are no longer normal people. They perceive pseudo-reality in place of reality, and the more thoroughly they take on this delusional position, the more functional psychopathy they necessarily exhibit and thus the less normal they become. Importantly, normal people consistently and consequentially fail to realize this about their reprogrammed neighbors.

Perceiving them as normal people when they are not, normal people will reliably misunderstand the motivations of ideological pseudo-realists—power and the universal installation of their own ideology so that everyone lives in a pseudo-reality that enables their pathologies—usually until it is far too late.

It is recognized, albeit superficially, that who controls the past, controls the present and thereby the future. George Orwell’s book “1984”, hammers this as the essential feature that allows the Big Brother apparatus to maintain absolute control over fear, perception and loyalty to the Party cause, and yet despite its popularity, there still remains a lack of interest in actually informing oneself about the past.

What does it matter anyway, if the past is controlled and rewritten to suit the present? As the Big Brother interrogator O’Brien states to Winston, “We, the Party, control all records, and we control all memories. Then we control the past, do we not? [And thus, are free to rewrite it as we choose…]”

Of course, we are not in the same situation as Winston…we are much better off. We can study and learn about the “past” if we so desire, unfortunately, it is a choice that many take for granted.

In fact, many are probably not fully aware that presently there is a battle waging for who will “control the past” in a manner that is closely resembling a form of “memory wipe”.

However beyond what can be seen as a memory wipe is the act of creating double-think and allowing a lack of empathy to envelop society. It is evident that high-grade psychological warfare has controlled the minds of people leaving them in a psychological state , where they are confused and without empathy.

When someone hears about the death of someone who was diagnosed with COVID-19, the tragedy is often justified when the person has not been vaccinated. There seems to be an upswell of people who are no longer capable of feeling sorrow, or even empathy towards those who are sick and dying regardless of their vaccinated status.Man who mocked coronavirus vaccine in viral tweet died of COVID-19 – Press Enterprise

We see the majority of the western world starting to question their own and surrounding level of sanity. The increasing frenzied distrust in everything “authoritative” mixed with the desperate incredulity that “everybody couldn’t possibly be in on it!” is slowly rocking many back and forth into a tighter and tighter straight jacket.

“Question everything” has become the new motto, but are we capable of answering those questions?

No– and what is most disconcerting is now the experts do not know how to answer questions that were once answered with the same benign “trust the science.”

Vaccinated people appear to be getting the coronavirus at a surprisingly high rate. But exactly how often isn’t clear, nor is it certain how likely they are to spread the virus to others.

And yet there is a new meme spreading around the internet and that is people are now saying “I do not trust authority, but I still got the vaccine.”May be an image of 1 person and text

That is an example of what Orwell called “Double-Think.”

Absent clear public health messaging, vaccinated people are left confused about how to protect themselves. Just how vulnerable they are is a key variable not just for public health officials trying to figure out, say, when booster shots might be needed, but also to inform decisions about whether to roll back reopening amid a new wave of the virus. On a smaller scale, the unknowns have left music lovers unsure if it’s OK to see a concert and prompted a fresh round of hang-wringing among parents pondering what school is going to look like.

For the time being, there are simply more questions than answers. Are breakthrough infections ticking up because of the delta variant, waning immunity or a return to normal life? Are vaccinated people more vulnerable to severe illness than previously thought? Just how common are breakthrough infections? It’s anyone’s guess.

But the lack of empathy continues by those who are vaccinated.

There is a lack of understanding as to why people have hesitated or refuse to get the vaccine. People have lost friendships, have lost jobs, and have been made to feel like pariahs.

Even when the experts are unsure — those who have had the vaccines are thinking that they are intellectually superior and have no sympathy for those who are cautious.

it is like the equivalent of swimming amongst the sharks and the sharks smell blood.

The social behaviorist sick joke of having made everyone obsessed with vaccines is an example of how much control the government has in controlling crowd behavior and with all of the other dangers we face — it just piles up.

People are reaching a breaking point.

For the better part of two years now, the world has been living through a pandemic. The suffering has not been parceled out evenly, but virtually everyone has felt the pain in one way or another.

Meanwhile, the world’s baseline drumbeat of catastrophe has not faltered. Wildfires have filled the skies with smoke; earthquakes have leveled cities; buildings have collapsed without warning and a Hurricane has created widespread flooding and death. It is worth asking, then, how, if at all, the most universal of disasters is changing the way we process these crises—and how we’ll react to disasters for the rest of our lives.

The question is really two questions: one about the victims of future catastrophes and the other about the observers who will watch those catastrophes play out from a safe distance on TV?

Can they empathize with these people? Are they self centered and think that they had it coming? Do they see themselves as future victims and have they prepared themselves for these possible disasters?

Some rationalize that they will not be affected by something like this and so they do not prepare, they go about their daily lives thinking that they will be alright.

People are choosing their own realities and are living in pseudo reality where either everything can be explained by an expert or that we are all doomed and that life goes on no matter how dangerous it may get.

Surviving one crisis puts one at greater risk of having an unhealthy psychological reaction to another.

For those of us lucky enough to observe a disaster from afar, the experience of having lived through one before could make us more empathetic toward the survivors. Or it could leave us fatigued to the point of just not caring anymore or resolving that perhaps the sooner the world ends the better.

If fatigue is in fact swamping empathy, it would be a darkly ironic outcome: the disaster survivors more vulnerable than ever to trauma, the onlookers less willing than ever to help.

Is extreme cold-heartedness calcifying into the norm? Is this the new normal?

I see a lot of cold-heartedness in social media posts that gleefully post stories where people have died from COVID-19 that have not been vaxxed saying that they deserved death — in Europe someone spray painted “Gas the unvaxxed” on a wall during a riot.

These are the callus people that stands between the real world (where people care about life) and the pseudo-real that are useful idiots to the ideology, and their role is to generate copious amounts of epistemic and ethical camouflage for the pseudo-realists.

This phenomenon is key to the success, spread, and acceptance of pseudo-realities because without it very few people outside of small psychologically, emotionally, or spiritually unwell people would accept a pseudo-reality as if it is a superior characterization of the genuine article.

Clearly, the more plausible the account of pseudo-reality on offer, the stronger this effect will be, and the more power the ideologues who believe in it will be able to accrue.

The ultimate purpose of creating a pseudo-reality is power, which the constructed pseudo-reality grants in many ways. Though these means are many, we should name a few.

First, the pseudo-reality is always constructed such that it structurally advantages those who accept it over those who do not, frequently by overt double standards and through moral-linguistic traps.

Double standards in this regard will always favor those who accept pseudo-reality as reality and will always disfavor those who seek the truth. An ideological pseudo-reality must displace reality in a sufficient population to grant itself power to succeed in its goals.

Linguistic traps will often employ strategic double meanings of words, often by strategic redefinition again leading to Orwellian double think where you hold two contradictory beliefs at the same time.

We are a nation that is at war not just ideologically but in some places physically– The American experiment appears to be over – and whatever happens next is certainly an indication of dark days ahead with a plate of vengeance that will be served cold to those who tapped danced on that frayed nerve of those who see themselves as patriots.

The right or wrong here is not an issue – the fight is against a paramoral threat that is external and there needs to be a consolidated effort to restore our constitutional republic.

Science. Politics. Religion. Interpersonal relationships. There is no sphere of human study, thinking, belief or behavior that isn’t affected in some way shape or form by what we believe to be true or false.

That’s what it all boils down to. And yet doing the work to understand ourselves and the world in which we live is no small task – as we are constantly being presented with policies, ideas and perspectives that present this challenge to us in increasingly, significant and meaningful ways. And made all the more important for their intensity and wide-spread ramifications.

It must be stressed that the paramorality in play is always an inversion of the prevailing morality that is also parasitic upon it — this is what Nietzsche called the slave morality. It is the morality forced upon those that will be reduced to peasants. Then we will see an apocalyptic morality that is ever present in our zombie fiction stories like “The Walking Dead.”

It is a particular type of perversion of morality that can feel more moral than moral but is, in fact, evil. This is because the paramorality acts in service to a pseudo-reality, not reality, and is thus the domain of psychopathy, which, when inflicted on the normal masses, is evil.

The goal of the paramorality will always arise from and exist to favor people with particular psychopathologies who cannot otherwise cope with the discomforts of reality. This implies that an ideological pseudo-reality’s most successful means of gaining strength is through appealing to the perceived victimhood of those people and whipping up the grievances of those who have suffered similar injustices with more dignity.

When widely empowered, this should be treated as another symptom of impending civilizational calamity and a need to identify and reject the pseudo-reality manipulating these feelings.

It functions like a cult, totalitarianism. It creeps up on you, little by little, little lie by little lie, accommodation by accommodation, rationalization by rationalization … until one day you find yourself taking orders from some twisted little narcissistic nihilist on a mission to remake the entire world. You don’t surrender to it all at once. You do it over the course of weeks and months.

Imperceptibly, it becomes your reality. You do not recognize that you are in it, because everything you see is part of it, and everyone you know is in it … except for the others, who are not part of it. The “deniers.” The “deviants.” The “foreigners.” The “strangers.” The “Covidiots.” The “virus spreaders.”Why we've created new language for coronavirus - BBC Worklife

See, although the narratives and symbols may change, totalitarianism is totalitarianism. It doesn’t really matter which uniform it wears, or which language it speaks … it is the same abomination. It is an idol, a simulacrum of the hubris of man, formed from the clay of the minds of the masses by megalomaniacal spiritual cripples who want to exterminate what they cannot control.

And what they want to control is always everything.

Everything that reminds them of their weakness and their shame.

Unfortunately, once this kind of thing gets started, and reaches the stage we are currently experiencing, more often than not, it does not stop, not until cities lie in ruins or fields are littered with human skulls. It might take us ten or twelve years to get there, but, make no mistake, that’s where we’re headed, where totalitarianism is always headed.

Whatever happens next, you can bank on the idea that the United States is fast hurling itself towards dystopia.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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