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Clyde Lewis | August 24, 2020
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There are many elder statesmen within the realms of conspiracy theory that are considered the planners of the chaos that insures that the New World Order will become a reality. Some of them have long since died like Zbigniew Brzezinski and there are others that are still with us like World Economic Forum Founder Klaus Schwab, who is also a Bilderberger and Henry Kissinger who has the most interesting contrast of honors, he is both a Nobel Prize winner and in some countries, he is considered a war criminal.

Every so often, Kissinger steps out of his Darth Vader like hyperbaric chamber and at the age of 96 continues to give us his wisdom about the progress of the New World Order.

Recently though he gave everyone a dire warning. The Wall Street Journal reported that Kissinger warned that “the world will never be the same after the coronavirus” and that the United States government will have to sustain “the public trust.”

He stated that the only way we do this is to be a part of ‘a global collaborative vision and program’ and adhere to the ‘principles of the liberal world order.’

Kissinger called for the government to launch “a parallel enterprise for the transition to the post-coronavirus order.”

Coping effectively with the political and societal damage will take international collaboration, he warned.

Kissinger warned that failure either to conquer the coronavirus or to build the post-coronavirus world order might lead to global catastrophe.

“The historic challenge for leaders is to manage the crisis while building the future,” he concluded. 

“Failure could set the world on fire.” 

Kissinger was an advisor to Barack Obama and during the Democratic Convention Obama was sending the same message.

Standing in Philadelphia before an image of the Constitution, Obama laid out a dramatic argument: The survival of the democracy founded here depends on the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

Obama said “I want to talk as plainly as I can about the stakes in this election because what we do these next 76 days will echo through generations to come.”

He said that what is at stake is our democracy.

He was focused on the next 76 days and putting the blame of what is happening in the streets and with COVID-19 on the current administration when most of the cities where buildings are being burnt down, riots are happening in the streets and law and order is not being conducted are being run by what are called “progressive” governors.

Kenosha, WI is now on fire with rioting and looting. They are calling it “anti-police” rioting and looting but it is really BLM led protests that as usual turned into rioting and looting. Wisconsin has a Democratic Party Governor and a Democratic Party mayor, as usual for a city engulfed in uncontrolled rioting and looting.

Denver is now on fire too. Another BLM peaceful protest turned into violent rage filled horror. Another Democratic run city in a Democratic run state.

It appears that cities in states run by Governors with Democratic Party run mayors and city councils all over the nation are one by one erupting into violence, chaos, terrorism of local residents and businesses, property destruction and mayhem.

Seattle city Council is seriously discussing closing its city jail permanently and not replace it, along with closing its juvenile detention centers and not replace them and defund it’s police. This is the city that allowed BLM to occupy and set up it’s own “nation”, patrolled by BLM with guns, who only allowed BLM members within its borders at night – and at night one black child was shot – 2 black people were killed when BLM only allowed at the point of a gun BLM members within its borders.

All of the bloodshed, destroyed property and fear is being called a myth by progressive leaders in Washington DC but for those that are seeing it day in and day out and saying something about it are being called conspiracy theorists and Alt right agitators.

As I have said prior to all of this – that the left is losing the center – it is not about political favoritism – it is parapolitical observances, something the media is neglecting to speak about –and it is time to ask if any American Republican or Democrat should put up with this abuse.

It’s the Decimation to America.

If you read any of my materials or listen to any of my shows you know that the foundation for all of what I do is based on fringe analytics – it is a phrase I adopted because every media outlet wishes to vilify those who decide they want to indulge in conspiracy theory. While the emphasis should be placed on theory, the media would have you believe that anything that undermines their narrative is a lie and that conspiracy theory or even to be called a conspiracy theorist is a pejorative of sorts. The media will tell you that anything that smacks of a conspiracy theory is anti-science. So this creates a schism of sorts.

People who claim that they listen to science are the same people that did not pay attention in science class and those who deride conspiracy theory probably did not pay attention in history class –and knowing how the education system has been running in the last 20 years I see why we are in the situation we are in now.

Conspiracy theory tries to explain the parapolitical ponerology of the demonological imbalances of government and all those who abuse power, lack accountability and continue to act with impunity.

When using the term demonological, we bring in an element of the paranormal, and what can be seen as secret societal undermining of the system from the Deep State to the fabled Illuminati.

Those who deny all possibility of conspiracy anywhere must eventually decide, that the extent of incompetence is roughly equal to what mathematicians contemplate when they speak of The Infinite. Others, who cannot believe stupidity reaches such transcendent proportions, perforce believe in some kind of conspiracy, or conspiracies, at least part of the time. Incompetence, we mostly believe, cannot explain everything wrong with this planet.

Someone once asked me at a UFO convention how aliens that are so advanced crashed their spaceship at Roswell.. And I replied because even in the most advanced cultures incompetence can rear its head.

But that simplified it all, right?

I really don’t think that we can get off that easy—but it seems that the media is feeding people with all sorts of extremist viewpoints that we must conclude that it is a conspiracy.

For example this past weekend there was another demonstration where anti-marxist groups gathered in downtown Portland to give their support of the police. However the local media determined that anti-marxist demonstrators were agitators and Alt-right white supremacists. Meanwhile, all the mostly white demonstrators that claimed to support Black Lives Matter, the anarchists and Antifa were burning American flags and were claiming that everyone marching against their cause were fascists and racists, including the faction of Cubans that left Cuba in the 1960’s to escape the tyranny of Castro.

It is a deadly comedy of errors in the political theater of the ugly and the media perpetuates what I believe will lead to a civil war.

But to say such things makes you a conspiracy theorist but there are no theories here being offered – just observances that need to master the obvious.

Indeed, those who think “conspiracy theories” never contain anything but paranoid fantasy should remember that our government itself and all advanced governments believe in conspiracies and have laws against them. Special branches of the police power have the job of investigating possible conspiracies in various areas.

Conspiracy theories therefore flourish in times and places of anxiety and uncertainty; but they come to full flower in those times when the government also fears conspiracies, in other words when government does not trust the people.

Whoever is pointing the finger at conspiracy theorists and conspiracy theory, those who demean the freedom to do so are hiding their own ugly conspiracies that they don’t want you to figure out.

The media claims that Q or QAnon is a conspiracy theory because they have no idea what they are talking about and they hope that calling it a conspiracy theory is going to have people ignore it as some fantasy.

QAnon is like an open ended alternative role playing game full of revelations and it will continue to gain support as long as the revelations continue. This is a threat to the media and their covetous control of the narrative.

You can sit at your computer and search for information and then post about what you find, and Q basically promises that through this process, you are going to radically change the country, institute this incredible, almost bloodless revolution, and then be part of this historical movement that will be written about for generations.

But you can only sit at the computer and play the infowar for so long before you miss out on the color revolution that is already happening but of course QAnon can be just as divisive as the media because of it’s cult like followers and their over emphasis on self-importance.

This idea of how Q is giving information of world-historical significance also justifies the time that QAnon believers spend deciphering posts and promoting Q. Even as the game-like qualities of QAnon draw in believers, they vigorously deny that they are participants in live-action role play: After all, if they were, why would the media and the government pay so much attention to them?

It is because the media is threatened by conspiracy theorists like Q followers –because they are generating their own conspiracy theories – and while many of them have been exposed as fallacies they still try to find ways to justify their littler Live action role playing game where they proselytize from the pulpit of the 24 hour news cycle. It is like some sort of sectarianism—where cults are pitted against each other to see who can get the most converts.

It is the true conspiracy believers that use facts and Conspiracy theorists that lack facts fighting against those who believe in what they call facts which are backed by some faceless expert that when questioned claims that science is on trial and that science ends all arguments.

This became the default position of Climate Change defenders and COVID-19 fear mongers. Like conspiracy theorists most of what these so called science adherents believe is what is tool to them – it has nothing to do with self-discovery or education.

The idea of science as the Whole foods left puts it is now a badly corrupted idea. The United States ranks 25th globally in science skills and reading, and well below that in math; all one hears is a loud and intrusive call to science. In reading skills the US placed below Malta, Portugal, and right about the same as Kazakhstan.

In the United States people are more entertained than educated so this is why most of what we are hearing from the mainstream media is extremist views that come from the fashionable hashtags and electronic hieroglyphs we now call memes.

I am sure that if you were to corner any white kid with a black lives matter poster at a protest and ask him or her about Harriet Tubman and her place in Black History I am sure you would get a blank stare. I am sure that while protesters will decry the police brutality against George Floyd and Breonna Taylor – they probably know nothing about Henrietta Lacks and how she like most African Americans of her day were misled, misinformed, used and abused by the American medical system under the pretense of medical progress.

In her case we have both racism and science as the bad guy but the media focuses on the police and whatever the uneducated will get riled over.

But in a nation that no longer reads, and can no longer read, it is not surprising that knowledge is absorbed through an extremists obsessed media, on overzealous fixation on junk science and the beauty of memes and gifs that qive a quick message over a cell phone.

Most of these younger Americans that are standing on the street burning down buildings and inhaling tear gas imagine that they revere science, and know enough about black oppression that they ridicule anyone who questions them as unscientific or Black Lives Ignorant .

But rest assured, they think of all of their so-called cause in cult terms, really.

It’s a religion of sorts based on revisionist science and most certainly revisionist history.

The media supports the ignorance and has homogenized everything into allegory.

They have also eliminated dissenting opinion – social media censors it and those who express it are again anti-science conspiracy theorists.

It is so amazing to see that there are so many Americans out there that don’t speak up about how reprehensible this is.

All the news outlets are given clear messages by the spin doctors in government, by the White House, and by contacts within the State Department and Pentagon. And by the advertising firms employed by the state.

It is a fact that ad agencies are not in the business in promoting science or history.

When it comes to any and all reports of COVID-19 keep in mind that the WHO, the CDC, and most every other NGO or government agency of any size hires advertising firms.

NGO’s are what are pushing this color revolution –and those that oppose it don’t have the luxury of hiring an advertising firm to boost their image.  So their image is provided by the media as Alt right Black Hating neo Nazi brutes. As opposed to the peaceful protesters that burn down buildings, attack police officers, assault people and hide behind their new found fetish for African American issues.

I am not saying that there aren’t any Neo Nazi brutes that participate in these anti-Marxist pro baseball Toby Keith listening, hot dog eating All American gatherings but the media refuses to point out that for every peaceful protester that shows up to a rally there are many unemployed, anarchist, communist, fascists that show up pretending to care about black lives or anything else.

To understand the nature of institutional corruption one must understand the goal of the globalists. The philosophies of those of Imperialist nations are going to further Imperialist ideology. Those who wish to create the Global reset are not in the business of helping Americans and all of the young uneducated radicals in the country are becoming the useful idiots in the quest for the global world order.

The US jobless rate just hit 2.1 million. Officially. Making the total something over forty million. It’s much higher in reality. Nobody has work. There is no work and we are at the start of a period of massive evictions, foreclosures, and delinquencies — and the homeless population will soon reach Biblical proportions (in some cities, such as Los Angeles, its already Biblical). Will be simply of a magnitude never before seen.

We have already been acclimated to lockdowns because of COVID-19 – imagine curfews, and lockdowns for bomb threats in your neighborhood or further police units demanding that you shelter in place as they hunt down the neighborhood terrorist or someone that has created a mini rebellion against the state.

The surveillance state is what the objective is but that is said to be nothing but conspiracy theory. Why do you think they want you to get used to the idea of staying six feet apart? It mask it easier to identify you with face recognition technology –even with your mask they can track you just looking at your eyes.

There is no question, none, that those measures, the lockdowns, the masks, the distancing, and the attending diseases of despair, will kill more people by a factor of ten than COVID-19 ever will.

This is not even to begin discussing the psychological harm done, in particular to children. And not just harm to children, but severe harm to the most vulnerable.

The predictable outcome of these riots, these attempts at fueling battlefield America and the continued lockdowns is a guaranteed minimum income. Very minimum. Restrictions on travel, all freedom of movement in fact, will not soon return to normal. Various forms of surveillance and tracking, as well as health certifications, are the goal of the state.

The state was so successful in creating house arrest using a virus as a weapon, and riots as a political tool – why not keep it going—why not threaten people with more of the same.

When Michelle Obama spoke at the Democratic National Convention she said something rather threatening. She stated “If you think things cannot possibly get worse, trust me, they can.” That is if we don’t make a change in this election. Again we hear these dire fearful remarks that are up there with “The World will end in 12 years’ if climate change not addressed – they claim to be speaking from a place of leadership when you can see they speak from a place of fear and threats.

But of course, the media will reinforce that Trump’s home team speaks from a place of hate.

It is all about hate and fear and we are asked to choose between the two.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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