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Clyde Lewis | August 26, 2020
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Last night, Wes Skotko and I were trapped in our building as the so-called “peaceful protests” developed into a riot situation that moved from a confined area near the justice center to the courthouse. The crowds spilled over to where our building was located. Explosions were heard outside and police bullhorns shouting that a riot situation was underway.

It was a terrifying feeling, because I was watching Andy Ngo’s coverage of the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin and just as the bombs were exploding outside my window, I was watching groups running and shooting one another in Wisconsin. There was also a clip where a young man had his arm ripped to shreds by gun – the wound was so bad you could see the muscles and tendons barely clinging to the bone.

I posted videos that simultaneously showing the chaos in Portland and the shootings in Kenosha and people were confused – I guess they couldn’t believe that there was a deadly synergy between both cities happening at the same time.

I thought that this is what civil war looks like and realized that this is what Argentina was like in the 1980’s – in fact, it was much worse.

After debating on whether or not Wes and I should stay longer and wait for the riot to die down, we evacuated the building with the help of a security guard. Wes was armed, and was the first to leave the building to find his car. The security guard escorted me out just as the police were again moving toward our building with tear gas and bombs.

Right now, to be honest, I feel like that weird uncle at the family reunion who tells his war stories but this is not North Korea or Vietnam, this is not Tehran, Ukraine or Kandahar — this is the United States of America in 2020.

As I ran and got into Wes’s car, I had this cold feeling come over me.

I knew people were going to die in Kenosha. The next morning my worries came true — two people were declared dead and a third was injured.

For many months now, all eyes have been directed to the COVID-19 propaganda show with Fauci and Gates, and their mainstream corporate media mouthpieces, striking thunderbolts in the storm to scare the unknowing audience into submission so the transformation of the Great Global Reset, led by the World Economic Forum and the International Monetary Fund, can proceed smoothly. But as I have indicated many times on this show, while the leaders of this reset are beside themselves with how easy it was to dupe that masses into giving up their freedom for Safety Theater, we are now seeing what happens when people lose hope. This is now beyond the quick fix of some political victory for either Trump or Biden and the American people have to realize that this is not about your political colors and which violent group to support this is about the controlled demolition of the United States of America.

All the doom, gloom and divisiveness in the United States has caught the attention of experts who evaluate the strength of governments around the world. The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index, a measure widely cited by political scientists, demoted the United States from “full democracy” to “flawed democracy” in January 2017, citing a big drop in Americans’ trust in their political institutions.

The media stands accused of painting a picture of a very dark America that needs to revolt and carry out whatever means necessary to secure a left vote or administration. We have seen violent protests which have been ignored liberal media outlets and have been spotlighted by conservative groups as threat to our national security.

This imbalance is actually affecting Americans that feel that their way of life is being threatened. The continued onslaught of this activity will not stand with most Americans and apparently what happened in Wisconsin last night is showing all Americans that the backlash is underway– an example of things to come.

Welcome to your first police state — they are calling it the Boogaloo and what is happening is Kenosha, Wisconsin is the reckoning. Ground Zero listeners as far back as 20 years ago knew that it would come to this. Back then we had no idea what factions would create the civil upheaval. Many back then thought the Federal Government would turn on them and allow lawlessness to foment for the sake of the police and surveillance state. Now we know that what is happening has been caused by state government and leaders that are too afraid to act and people that are not used to widespread insurrection in their country.

The question is why and I think the answer is obvious and I think that when I reveal it — you should not take it lightly.

It is obvious that local Governors and Mayors want the violence. They love it. They relish it. It brings them power and prestige. It gives them more of a reason to crack down on innocent people, shut down business and collect those emergency funding checks that are never used for the people — only for those who give them special favors– they run their governments like mob bosses.

They should be charged with dereliction of duty and the question is why are they continuing to make draconian decisions about our freedoms and allowing crimes to occur in their cities. In many countries this would be grounds for extrajudicial execution, not of the people causing the melee but the leaders who are allowing it to continue.

To maintain their power, as the systems they’ve built fail, they have set us against each other: looters and rioters become cannon fodder in their war against common decency, culture, communities and family.

All for control over the levers of political power.

To quote Mao Tse Tung “A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another.” he also said the memorable phrase “”Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

We have been in the insurrection a long time now — the revolution has been playing out and showcased in Portland Oregon, Chicago Illinois, and New York.

Look around you — look at Kenosha, Wisconsin – we now can see that the day of reckoning has come for the anarcho communists that have been creating chaos in major cities and using Black Lives Matter and Antifa as useful idiots in their color revolution.

The shootings last night in Kenosha, WI are a dividing line for America. This moment in time is where people have realized that the starting gun was already fired and with that gun Political Power is becoming a non sequitur — this is the moment where normal people finally said, “Enough. There will be consequences.”

For some time now the internet has been discussing what is called the Boogaloo — it is slang for civil upheaval or war. Many of us who are older know that the Boogaloo is a dance style that was featured in films.

Versions of the “Boogaloo” became the “Big Igloo,” “Big Luau,” and so on, eventually evolving into a bunch of gun enthusiasts wearing Hawaiian shirts.

Like anything in culture, you will have people co-opt something for their own personal agenda. Furthermore, like any good joke, it doesn’t take long for people to wear it out and water it down into meaning nothing or anything.

In short Boogaloo is just another meme — another magical meme that has carved out a novelty term for the civil war.

Whatever the case, one thing remains certain: the Boogaloo is, like many things, not a simple black-and-white issue, and this makes it a prime target for being portrayed as just about anything. Again calling a possible civil war in America hardens my resolve that we are living in a terrifying Clown World where the e United States becomes a slaughterhouse disguised as an amusement park.

The new warriors packing heat and wearing Hawaiian shirts.

For four years we’ve endured a non-stop parade of political derision unmatched in modern history. The quest for regaining the power of the White House brooked no holds being barred. For each cause that was championed to remove President Trump — the morale of the country suffered the division was sealed with hate and hate was enough to ignore the facts, to ignore the warnings of insurrection. No matter how much Trump was hated, the ballot box should have been the place where change is supposed to happen.

However, this was not in the cards as Russian meddling accusations, impeachment trials, and now a pandemic have been used to put the nation through a kind of holistic chemotherapy to remove what was seen as a cancer to the country.

And if Trump wouldn’t go willingly and we didn’t learn our lesson, then they would activate every cell to flood the streets with disaffected and nihilistic youths to loot and rob; using their outrageous sense of entitlement as fuel for their rage against a machine they are, unwittingly, the main cogs of.

A scorched earth policy has been employed by the clowns under the bigtop and they are relishing their moment to look like kings but in the end they will be kings of nothing.

The protests never seem to end in some cities, and crime rates are absolutely skyrocketing all over the country. Much of what is written about all of this chaos is focused on trying to pin the blame on someone and the media is oblivious thinking that if they don’t show it — they can lie and say that it is no big deal or that it is all peaceful and for a good cause.

There needs to be some way that the American people can file a class action lawsuit against media outlets who are disingenuous and levy their biases disguised as news — they are certainly fueling the fire using their Orwellian newspeak and myopic prose.

The corporate mainstream media are good at reporting grim viral milestones, election warnings, and potential storms ahead. But lately with the help of a badly schooled Teenager named Greta Thunberg, Alexandria Occasio Crotez, Bill and Melinda Gates, Doctor Fauci and even the speakers at the DNC convention we are being told that the world as you know it is coming to an end, they remind us daily and they don’t think when the speak how much of an impact it has on people who don’t take the time to use wisdom or discernment.

To say that they are part of the problem gets you censored on Facebook or ridiculed by those who believe that they are darlings for hash tagging us with platitudes instead of being instrumental in implementing constructive ways of rising to the cause. Instead they make it sound as though that there is a war on everything and they overuse the term not knowing that their war stance makes them look like shallow power hungry oligarchs that hardly deserve our respect.

Hate to break it to you — these people are worthless and they will continue to be because they have no real solution only a hate Trump strategy that is not working. There is a war alright but it is in the streets of America and who knew that they delight in watching it and promoting it so you will continue to empty your pockets into their campaigns of hate and feigned concern for Black lives or any lives for that matter.

Wars are only profitable for those that promote them. Think of that when you look at what the leadership of the state has allowed to go down and ask yourself how long are you going to take it.

Those that fight the wars are the real victims. Those caught in the crossfire are those that think it is all going to work our when they elect their party into power.

The cards are stacked against you and no quick fix is going to repair the damage done what is happening is going to take a long time to fix.

Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy are the three components of what psychologists and social scientists call the ‘Dark Triad’ – personality traits that inform how one thinks and what one does. And dark they are because these personality features represent some of the very worst that humanity has to offer itself.

As we continue to see the chaos and destruction being carried out by far left groups who claim to be fighting for justice and equality, some new studies go to show that their “liberal” sentiments are contradictory and reveal a deeper pathology.

What these activists are actually doing is acting out their Dark Triad tendencies – which fly in the face of the very values they claim to espouse and closely resemble their supposed political ‘enemies’ that they call Nazis, white supremacists, and fascists.

We are seeing the results from a combination of extremist politics and entitlement.

I have quoted Elon Musk when he said that the left is losing the middle and immediately those who consider themselves liberals heard what I said and took offense – when I pointed out that the hostile response proved my point. I was told that I obviously supported Trump.

But what was missed and what is seldom heard when I say these things is that more moderate voices are co-opted and exploited by their more radical counterparts. ‘Politically correct liberals’, ‘politically correct authoritarians’, Alt right agitators: whatever the ideological mask the media decides to put on people, the root problem is the psychopathic element who influence and distort every type of belief system.

When we realize that, perhaps we’ll be able to get somewhere.

A perfect example of what I am saying is how Twitter exploded after Melania Trump gave her speech at the Republican Convention.

Anti-Republican partisans online appeared to abandon any pro-women and pro-immigrant rhetoric to mock Melania Trump’s accent, appearance and even to doubt her visa following the first lady’s RNC speech.

In her address at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday, Melania urged to “stop the violence” at the ongoing anti-racism protests, and expressed her sympathies for Americans hurt by the coronavirus pandemic.

The speech’s substance was largely ignored by some Twitter users, who went on to ridicule the first lady for being an immigrant from Slovenia.

The criticism of Melania often came down to her having a noticeable accent. 

So, all of those virtue signalers, attacked the first lady for being an immigrant, and having an accent. While they deplore sexism, they made fun of her appearance, comparing her to an alien gray some were even saying that they couldn’t help but picture her naked since they have seen some pics.

All these sentiments seemed to go against the left’s usual advocacy towards respect for women and immigrants. And this contradiction I am sure will be excused because of “Trump’s Hate.”

Well guess what? – It looks like the left are no different – they are just as ugly as those they claim to oppose.

Yet it is quite humorous when I hear people demand that those who wish to watch the chaos and not get involved need to pick a side and participate in the ugly theater because it is your American duty to do so.

The impulse is to label or otherwise try to force someone into a side because this is war – this is the most important time in our lives—it is the time we play Russian roulette with our vote because we are being told by those who want to dethrone the current administration that they have the secret to avoiding Armageddon.

Here is a clue for you all – they don’t!

Meanwhile, two people are dead and a third is injured in Kenosha. Gunfire broke out last night and with all of the armored vehicles and AR 15’s and blown off limbs – it looked like a war zone.

In earlier nights rioters set fire to buildings and trucks, causing widespread destruction that led the governor to initiate a state of emergency. More than 100 members of the Wisconsin National Guard have been deployed to the city.

The question is – has the line been drawn? Is this a Fort Sumter moment in the 21st century? Do we find it the least bit ironic that if this is the moment in our second civil war – we are fighting again for the same reason as we did back in 1860’s?

How much more can we take? Is there a limit? There are a lot of people out there right now confronting that limit for the first time.

We are up against people who have no limit on their behavior. Everything is justified in the pursuit of their righteous cause. Everything is tolerated because of fringe parapolitics.

The State has become an enabler.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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