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Clyde Lewis | August 3, 2021
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I am noticing that people are now getting nasty with each other about the vaccine. The mainstream news is suggesting segregation, others, even the experts are saying that we should make it hard on the unvaccinated. Some newscasters like Don Lemon suggests we starve them.

Oh, the intellectual supremacists are worthy of derision because they just don’t know just how immoral they have become.

There is a fundamental trait that many people possess and that is a generic set of instructions which some refer to as the instinctive substratum that is encoded in most human beings on a level beneath their observable personality.

There are basic instincts that people have developed or should develop that include wisdom as well as emotional content that allows people to make social bonds and perceive the emotional needs of others.

It also has information that compels us to want to contribute to the human race, rather than simply our own personal interests.

At times we can be selfish, self-serving and so on but this eventually subsides as human beings we need to be part of a social structure – a need to bond and a need to belong. Much of this is encoded in our consciousness.

Throughout the centuries this basic set of instructions has allowed human beings to create social and moral concepts that are quite similar. This has been critical for the survival of the human species. It is taken for granted that everyone has this basic information.

Most people believe that, despite our flaws, all of us essentially want what’s best for humanity. They think that although we have our differences and make mistakes, because we all look human, everyone is on the same side.

We now however are facing a major problem with this instinctive encoding. There is a concerted effort to reprogram human beings to be less human and there is a conspiracy to destroy simple moral principles and human dignity.

There are people in power today that wish to destroy the psychological foundation and wish to beat down society until they are deficient in emotional data. They wish to cause deficits in high level emotions and use fear as a tool to render people in a state of panic and confusion.

As I have said on this show, they use death as a threat in order to get what they want. The fear of death may not be enough and so they resort to using torture to get what they want,

Psychological torture. Repeatedly over and over again. This created altered personalities in people– and if you are observant, you are now seeing their psychopathic acumen rubbing off on people you may know.

The goal of the psychopath is either to take away your dignity and morality or program you to be just like them. They will tell you are selfish if you decide to keep your dignity, your morality and even your patriotism.

They keep on repeating their actions until everyone complies with their desires.

It is like the worn-out recording on a record — it plays over and over again until someone either turns down the volume or lifts the arm of the needle,

But the song remains the same — the new boss same as the old boss and you wonder if you have heard it all before.

You have and you will keep hearing it over and over again.

If you feel as if you are having Deja Vu with the whole COVID-19 spike routine that is because it happened last year as well. It started on June 23rd of last year and as the cases increased businesses were forced to close in the fall and we has what Joe Biden said was a Dark Winter it was a challenge to the get people vaccinated.

It was an obvious race for the Herd Immunity Threshold. Or the H.I.T.

I actually said at the time that there were no doctors or experts that gave us the HIT data because they did not want the people to know about how a virus operates and to see spikes in cases is normal — it is just that to normalize or way of living was not in cards for those power-hungry governors who took great delight in restricting people from doing what they needed to do.

Certainly, in the case of COVID-19, there are areas where the infection has spread more intensively and areas that have been relatively spared. Without even distribution, there is no total population immunity even if enough people have been vaccinated to meet the predicted necessary threshold.

When we were told that President Biden did not meet his goal of 75% of the population getting vaccines — we were all informed of the Delta Variant. The Delta variant scare was efficient in getting more people to get vaccinated.

Yesterday, we finally reached President Joe Biden’s goal of getting at least one COVID-19 shot into 70% of American adults.

Most people understand the basic concept of herd immunity threshold and the math behind it. In the early days, some public health officials speculated that COVID-19’s HIT was 70%. Obviously, the difference between a HIT of 70% and a HIT of 10-20% is dramatic.

However, New York reopened when they reached 40% herd immunity and that was without a vaccine — now the country is just over 70% — 60 % should be enough to get things back to normal in most areas but apparently it is not enough.

As a growing number of companies carry out the government’s bidding by either demanding staff get vaccinated, demanding that customers mask up even those who have been vaccinated or both we are now learning that experts have now moved the goal posts for heard immunity threshold.

Bloomberg reports that delta’s spread has pushed the estimate for herd immunity “well over 80% and potentially approaching 90%” according to the Infectious Diseases Society of America, which announced the change during a briefing held today.

That’s a much higher bar than previous estimates of 60% to 70%. But the key here is Dr. Anthony Fauci and other policymakers will likely automatically treat the 90% number as a threshold for vaccination, not immunity – in other words, in their calculations, they exclude the millions of Americans who have been infected with COVID but haven’t consented to vaccination.

Yet, plenty of academics are already jumping on the bandwagon. Richard Franco, an assistant professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, said that it is becoming clear that this. the Delta Variant is a very dangerous, way more dangerous virus than the original one.

Earlier today, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio leaked plans to require gyms and restaurants to collect proof of vaccination via a vaccine passport app being utilized by the city. Unfortunately, these passports will disregard tests showing the presence of antibodies in the already infected. Some research has shown that antibodies produced by natural infection are at least as effective as certain vaccines.New York's Vaccine Mandate Should Be the Norm - Bloomberg

But don’t let the facts get in the way of getting a vaccine –and don’t let 80% Herd immunity be enough for everyone to get back to normal.

This is getting out of hand — and the argument that continues to encourage vaccination is losing its validity —especially if we have reached the desired goals of around 70%.

The problem with the IDSA’s new herd immunity target is that some academics say we’ve already reached the 80%+ immunity, and that COVID will never be able to threaten the American population like it did last spring, when immunity was virtually zero.

80% to 85% of American adults are immune to the virus now.

More than 70% have received at least one vaccine dose and, of those who haven’t, roughly half have natural immunity from prior infection. There’s ample scientific evidence that natural immunity is effective and durable, and public-health leaders should stop their misinformation campaign.

The goal has been met and the horror stories should stop.

Without accounting for natural immunity, we are far from Anthony Fauci’s stated target of 70% to 85% of the population becoming immune through full vaccination. But the effect of natural immunity is all around us. The plummeting case numbers in late April and May weren’t the result of vaccination alone, and they came amid a loosening of both restrictions and behavior.

A few people will get sick and some of them may die — but the numbers and the herd immunity threshold do not seem to be consistent.

I am calling it the One HIT Wonder.

The Delta variant has now peaked in Europe and yet we are still panicking in the United States.

Despite what the administration has said about giving people the freedom of choice on vaccines, Dr. Fauci revealed that the Biden Administration is depending on vaccine mandates to coerce 100% of Americans to accept the vaccine.Fauci tells Congress 'no guarantee' the coronavirus vaccine will be effective

The only way to get to this level is via local mandates, Dr. Fauci pointed out. And that’s exactly what people should expect.

“To get to the 93 million unvaccinated people, we are going to need local mandates”.

But this does not make sense.

The average death rate of covid is a mere 0.26% of those infected this is a statistic that the media consistently and deliberately refuses to mention to the public. This means that 99.7% of the public is in NO danger from covid whether they are vaccinated or not.

Do the vaccines ensure better odds? Well, according to recent statistics from Massachusetts, not necessarily, as they report over 5100 infections and 80 deaths of fully vaccinated patients. The media keeps telling us that only the unvaccinated are dying, but this is a lie, like so many other lies they have been peddling when it comes to covid. So, what’s the point of taking an experimental vaccine if the death rate of the virus is so low and the jab doesn’t necessarily protect you anyway?

There is no point. The science and the stats do not support it. The vaccines can’t even be credited with the decline in infections and deaths this year; the numbers plunged in January – Only 5% of the population was vaccinated by February. The only explanation for this is that the population hit herd immunity many months ago.

Remember when governments said that they needed 70% herd immunity or vaccination to stop the lockdowns and mandates? The goalposts have been moved again and the government “science” changes monthly. Now, they claim herd immunity doesn’t matter and demand 100% vaccination.

We must ask the question again – Why the relentless government push for total vaccine saturation? It’s not saving lives, and the mandates remain regardless, so why?

The vaccines are NOT about public health nor are they about saving lives. They are obviously about something else.

As numerous virology and vaccine experts have warned over the past year, there is a great risk of harmful health side effects when it comes to experimental mRNA technology. Even one of the creators of mRNA vaccines has suggested that there are dangers in rolling out these gene manipulation cocktails without more testing. Of note are concerns about longer term disorders such as autoimmune disorders and infertility.

The mainstream media and the globalists will argue that there is “no evidence” that the mRNA vaccines will cause deadly side effects or infertility.

However, there is NO EVIDENCE that they are safe. Most vaccines are tested over the course of 10-15 years before they are released to the public for use. The covid vaccines were unleashed on the public within months. Honestly, I have no intention of acting as a guinea pig for an untested vaccine.

But what if the elites know exactly what the side effects will be? What if the vaccines are a pivotal part of their “Great Reset?”

The infertility question in particular is drawing the most fire from the establishment, and I would point out a particularly insidious narrative being implanted in the media. Whenever people question the chance of sterility caused by the vaccines, bureaucrats and media talking heads go on the attack, and then say “There’s no evidence that the vaccines cause infertility, but Covid-19 might cause it.

And there you have it. The stage is being set, in my view, for a mass infertility event, and covid will be blamed in place of the experimental vaccines. This is why the establishment needs a 100% vaccination rate; unvaccinated people would stand as evidence of their crime.

Klaus Schwab’s reset agenda is impossible to enforce in a permanent way unless the human population is greatly reduced over a short period of time (a generation or two). Globalists are constantly talking about population control and reduction. Elites like Bill Gates are famous for it. Is it any wonder that they would devise a plan to institute it?

What if, as many experts have suggested, the vaccine side effects create this condition of a diminishing population? What if they are meant to? We will not know for certain for a couple of years at least as autoimmune disorders and infertility take time to become visible in a population. The average timeline for actually diagnosing an autoimmune disorder is 4.5 years. Infertility can take six months to a year to diagnose.

If a large population of millions of people remain unvaccinated after the next couple of years, then they will represent a sizable and undeniable control group. A control group is a group of subjects that act as a pure sample untouched by a drug or vaccine experiment. If the vaccinated group becomes ill or dies from specific conditions and the control group does not have those same conditions, then that is a pretty good sign that your vaccine or drug is poison.

The 50% of Americans and smaller percentages in other nations are a control group for the experimental vaccines. If something goes wrong with the vaccines, then we will be the proof. I suspect this is what the elites are really afraid of.

They have to force us to be vaccinated as well – ALL of us, so that there is no control group and thus no proof of what they have done. They could simply blame mass health disorders on covid itself, or some other false culprit.

If the vaccines are a Trojan Horse that causes widespread illness or infertility, and the globalists get caught because a control group exists, then it will mean outright rebellion along with ropes and lampposts for them. Their “Great Reset” will fall apart.

To be sure, this might happen anyway. Vaccine passports are the line in the sand for most people. We are even seeing extensive protests and riots in places like Italy, France, UK and Australia over the draconian passport scheme. The US, though, is where the biggest fight will take place, in my opinion. We have an armed population, millions upon millions of trained combat veterans and civilians, a military with around 70% conservatives and independents and a historical understanding of asymmetric warfare. As we have seen in places like Afghanistan, tanks, jets, missiles and drones are no guarantee if victory against a guerrilla force.

Vaccine passports are not going to happen here. We simply won’t allow it.

The globalists have set in motion an end game – It could be an end game for us, but it also could be an end game for them. They are on a strict timeline. They must get near 100% vaccination rates in the next couple of years or sooner. They must get their vaccine passports in place in the next couple of years or sooner. And, they must instill permanent lockdown conditions in the near term to stifle growing dissent.

We are now in a kind of race in which the globalists must implement their agenda as fast as possible while we must hold out and hold them back until the truth becomes obvious to the masses; the truth that the lockdowns, mandates and vaccines were never about safety and were always about control – from social control to population control.

Herd immunity is now not even an issue — vaccines seem to be and the confusion is evident.

When politicians and others speak about herd immunity, unfortunately, they are under the misconception that the current tools we’ve got are adequate to eliminate the virus. It’s not what we have at hand right now.

Instead, we should be talking about how to live with the virus.

I have said this 6 month in — that we must live with the virus, That we should value our lives over fear and that sometimes things are worth the risk –sometimes they are worth the pain—you may remember I gave an example about this.

I talked about Grandma and Grandpa and how they live their lives despite the pitfalls of getting old.

Grandma has arthritis, Grandpa has a bad knee, Grandma complains that she is in pain a lot of the time. Grandpa takes a long time to walk to the mailbox to get his mail because he uses a walker.

So then why don’t we just strap them both a bed and give them a morphine drip for the rest of the time they are alive.

We don’t do this because Grandpa with the walker and bad knee likes to go to the coffee shop to hook up with his old friends, Grandma as fragile she likes playing bingo with the neighbors up the block.

Grandpa knows and of course you know that he could fall at any time, he could have a stroke or a heart attack– Grandma can get the flu and die. She could be spreading the flu and eventually making her friends sick.

But we don’t stop grandma or grandpa because they both want to be autonomous –because it gives them a higher form of pleasure than being a vegetable on morphine.

We encourage they get out and do things because Grandma and Grandpa’s dignity is valued more so than the dangers, they both face from dying.

Their lives matter – but so does their dignity.

I always hear the statement “Every Life Counts” and I think that yes this is true but we are not giving anyone a life of dignity with these draconian measures that are being proposed to somehow combat COVID-19.

This is not about politics, or the economy – it is about human dignity.

Time to start living – time to start accepting that this virus will not go away and that we cannot keep living in fear.

Peddling the concept of 85% or 95 0r even 100% herd immunity by using vaccines creates a misconception that we are actually going to get to a stage where this virus is going to be eliminated. That’s unlikely to happen. It will continue circulating.

Pushing a 100% vaccination rate and pushing herd immunity stats at 90% before getting back to normal is suspect — anyone in their right mind knows this. It is also obvious that if they are pushing vaccines even through you can test positive after getting them — that the PCR tests are inaccurate and are useless.

That is another explanation as to how they are gaslighting us. The PCR tests don’t work to diagnose active infection with covid19.

We all keep saying that don’t we, but we don’t seem able to grasp what it means, because even though we know PCR tests don’t work to diagnose infection we keep accepting all the statistics that are produced as a result of assuming PCR tests diagnose infection.

We say – “0h wow, covid numbers rising despite the lockdown”. Or “massive spike in people getting covid in THIS care home despite precautions”. Or “look the ‘vax’ doesn’t work because people who get it still catch covid”.

No. Wrong. They’re not “covid numbers”, they’re positive-test numbers. It’s not a spike in people ‘getting Covid.’

It’s a spike of people testing positive. The people who get the vax don’t “still catch covid”, they still test positive.

THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE and the media and Dr. Fauci won’t admit it.

And the reason why these ‘anomalies’ happen, the reason why vaxxed people can still test positive, is the same reason a banana can test positive because the PCR tests don’t work.

We all know the danger of false positives if too many cycles are run. This is admitted even by Fauci.

If you run your tests at 30 cycles or more the results are very likely to be junk and any positives meaningless. And, incredibly, most labs performing these tests have been doing just that – running cycles of 30 or more, even up to 45.

But this well-known and important fact hides the even more important fact that even when the tests are done properly they still don’t work – in that they are not designed to do what they are being used for.

They don’t diagnose infection or detect active infection. They aren’t, for the most part, even specific for Sars-Cov-2. They just look to see if you have some random fragments of RNA in your body that someone has identified as being similar to some types of assumed viral RNA.New coronavirus case at OHSU Hospital in Portland -

Even if the test truly finds this stuff inside you and isn’t just spewing out nonsense from having its cycle threshold set too high, there is literally nothing to show this bit of junk has anything to do with your runny nose, sore throat, pneumonia or death. It might, but much more likely does not.

They weren’t even designed using real viral RNA from the (alleged) Sars-Cov-2 virus. They used “synthetic RNA” or “contrived sources”, because there were no isolated samples of Sars-Cov-2 available.

The CDC says that the 59 different PCR tests on the market can’t have their performance` compared…because they all used different “contrived samples” for their production.

So, in terms of diagnosis or epidemiology, the information we get is little better than if we took a six-sided die, labeled one side ‘positive’ and five sides ‘negative’ and started rolling.

Looked at like that, the mystery of post-vaccine “breakthrough infections” or “repeat infections” or “lockdown spikes” is not so mysterious is it? Turns out there’s one simple answer to all of them.

Why can you test positive and then negative and then positive again on the same day?

Because the tests don’t work. Why do ‘breakthrough cases’ turn up? Why do ‘spikes’ sometimes happen during lockdowns? Why can you ‘catch covid’ more than once?

It is obvious the tests don’t work. Why can you ‘have covid’ without symptoms?

Because the tests don’t work.

Why does covid only ‘kill’ people already dying of something else? Why can you test positive after getting vaxxed?

Because the tests don’t work.

Absorb this fact. Internalize it. Stop talking about ‘cases’, stop buying the fundamental lie which sells all the other lies.

People are tired of being lied to — they are tired of the goal posts always being moved but apparently they are not tired enough and are tolerating all of this and it is not healthy.

You can die in a traffic accident, fall down the stairs, get bacterial pneumonia, have a coronary thrombosis, die of old age, or shoot yourself in the head and a COVID test will say you were positive and so you wind up being on the honor roll that is reported on the news.

You could be vaxxed every other Tuesday or develop “natural immunity” a million times…but that scientifically meaningless PCR can still turn you into a case any time that chance or the approved cycle threshold decide.

That’s why no one will ever reliably ‘have immunity’ and this pandemic can last forever.

The pandemic will never end because we are so gullible and no nothing about our bodies, our immune system and how we are developing immunity in some way and we are doing it without vaccines or PCR tests.

There are a number of dangers in continuing to make people believe that a vaccine or some other miracle drug will push us into herd immunity.

Firstly, it could dent confidence in vaccines. Even if South Africa gets to its target of 67% of the population being vaccinated – as set out by the Department of Health – there will still be outbreaks of COVID-19.

That is because the PCR tests will continue to give the wrong results.COVID-19 tests can detect active or past infections, potential immunity | Edward-Elmhurst Health

Now with the Delta Variant, they are saying that we would need to be closer to 84% for the “herd immunity” threshold to be reached.

But that will not be enough — not for them — they don’t want us to be back to normal. They don’t have plans to get us back to normal –has anyone even noticed this?

failing to face up to the reality that herd immunity will not be allowed will mean that we will continue to believe that ongoing restrictions will get us there. That will compromise the lives of people on multiple fronts – including education and livelihoods.

They are not going to get 100% vaccinated unless they forcibly throw someone down and medically rape them with a syringe.

No country is going to lock its borders perpetually. This means the entire global population needs to reach the same sort of threshold round about the same time. At the moment just 1% of the populations of low-income countries have been vaccinated. And 27% of the global population.

Now with the spooky Delta variant, we would need to get close to 84% of the global population developing protection against infection in the absence of non-pharmacological interventions in as brief a period of time as possible.

Not going to happen. Not by a long shot.

So be practical and learn to live with one more thing that may kill you but chances are it won’t unless you are immuno-compromised.

This has been the case all along — and I am tired of people that have let their fear and gullibility ruin their lives.

The only sustainable solution is to learn to live with the virus.

We are simply going to have to become comfortable with the idea that SARS-CoV-2 is going to be like one of the numerous other viruses that circulate that cause respiratory illness each day. Usually mild infections, and less often a severe disease.

Do you understand this? Do you hear what I am saying?

You do have a choice. and that choice is to be informed and start living again.

So people will, unfortunately, continue dying of COVID-19, but certainly not at the magnitude that’s been seen over the past 18 months. A major advance would be for COVID-19 to be no more severe than what is seen every influenza season.

That agenda is being clearly stated and has been from day one, and we have spent the last 18 months talking about it. It involves the biggest wealth and power transfer ever envisaged, the mass destruction of small businesses, home ownership, personal autonomy.

It involves the demonization of anyone questioning the prevailing narrative, especially those refusing the experimental ‘vaccine’.

Stop with the mandates — stop ruining people’s lives and stop thinking you can live a risk free life.

Any rational person has to ask why they are pushing these experimental vaccines on people like an evangelical preacher selling salvation. Any rational person would ask why they need to bribe people to take the vaccine. Have million-dollar lotteries, give away 100 dollars to people that get vaccinated.

Those of us who are fighting to preserve our right to live our lives with a modicum of dignity, and some basic semblance of democracy, are outnumbered, but we haven’t had our final say yet … and there are millions of us, and we are wide awake.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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