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Clyde Lewis | August 31, 2020


Saturday night It was reported that a member of the conservative and pro-police group Patriot Prayer was assassinated on the streets of Portland. Aaron Danielson, who went by the alias of Jay Bishop to avoid being doxed by Antifa, was gunned down according the authorities.

Mayor Ted Wheeler held a press conference condemning violence and condemning divisiveness and then proceeded to give a laundry list of how Trump’s hate is responsible for this, rather than his inability to lead and stop the violence.

Joe Biden left the basement, skipping over Kenosha, Wisconsin for a campaign stop in Pittsburgh where he attempted to flip the script on President Trump over left-wing violence which the former VP has failed to directly condemn.

He also passed the buck blaming the President – only because his base were actually wondering when he would acknowledge the violence.

Biden’s comment was only “Do you feel safe in Trump’s America?”

When he should have asked if Oregonians or those in Kenosha feel safe in progressive led cities and states.

Biden defended himself from growing charges he’s soft on left-wing looting, rioting and arson besieging US cities by trying to make it seem like “white nationalists,” “white supremacists” and “right-wing militias” are behind the civil unrest.

Again, he is not acknowledging that there are various factions fighting the war in America and that as the leaders of the various states are unwilling to govern President Trump will have no choice but to take military action that will bring about a full on police state against an apparent insurrection.

This is not Trump’s America – this is Dark Triad America where those with the worst traits are pushing the color revolution and the vigilante justice will be the answer which will lead to an uncivil war by the numbers.

The other night I was talking about an interesting psychological interpretation of what has been happening in America. The demonstrations and the out of control chaos that has been allowed by progressive Mayors and Governors is part of the Dark Truad approach where bad actors do their handy work all for the soul purpose of creating dragons to slay –so that our so called leaders can say that they are the heroes when it all is wiped out by the call for a police state.

Narcissism, machiavellianism and psychopathy are the three components of what psychologists and social scientists call the ‘Dark Triad’ – personality traits that inform how one thinks and what one does.

These personality features represent some of the very worst that humanity has to offer itself. As we continue to see the chaos and destruction being carried out in the streets by extremist groups who claim to be fighting for justice and equality, some new studies go to show that their these sentiments belie a deeper pathology. What these activists are actually doing is acting out their Dark Triad tendencies – which fly in the face of the very values they claim to espouse and closely resemble their supposed political ‘enemies’ as well.

The media has encouraged these darker traits in order to divide us and they also invite the darker edge of humanity and are more than happy to create the two sides of good and evil – as they see the opportunity to politically shame the president on behalf of what can be seen as a failed attempt at addressing the violence by the Biden Campaign.

The media has failed at explaining how we have gotten to this point in history and opportunists have failed to provide valid experts and valid leaders to decry the violence because it is easy for them to pass the buck and determine that this is an exquisite failure of the Trump administration.

The media however has failed to inform the people that what we are seeing is an outside attempt by radicals with deep pockets – to undermine and rip apart the fabric of our constitutional republic.

This is an uncivil war that is growing and while we have the power to stop it – the lack of leadership, and accountability is what will push us over the edge.

We need to hear the truth and I will attempt to convey it as long as those who listen have an open mind.

In late 2011, the Occupy Wall Street movement emerged at Zuccotti Park in New York City’s financial district against the deepening global economic inequality following the Great Recession and the protests quickly spread to other cities and continents. In just a few months, the sit-in was expelled from Lower Manhattan and the anti-capitalist movement itself largely was diverted towards reformism and away from its original radical intentions. It was also revealed the origins of OWS and its marketing campaign were traced to Adbusters, a media foundation that was the recipient of grants from the Democratic Party-connected Tides Foundation, a progressive policy center which receives significant endowments from none other than George Soros and the OSF.

Emerging just two years later, the roots of Black Lives Matter were not just in community organizing but partially took inspiration from the Occupy movement. Unfortunately, the similarities between them were not limited to a shared lack of clarity in their demands but facing the same dilemma of being absorbed into the system. While OWS was quickly suppressed after hopeful beginnings, the BLM leadership became career-oriented apparatchiks of the Democratic Party and left grass-roots organizing behind.

Through the non-profit industrial complex, the Democratic Party has mastered bringing various social movements under its management on behalf of Wall Street in order to funnel public funds into private control through various foundations. Along with the Ford Foundation which has given BLM enormous $100 million grants, Soros and the OSF have been one of the principal offenders.

The democratic party has embraced these groups as being pro democrat in hopes that the sympathies will be returned in kind but the truth of the matter is — most of these organization have the philosophy that no party, either Democrat or Republican is going to give them the power they need to make change and so the fight is not for a party win over the other but an overthrow of a system that they feel has betrayed them.

Those who are mistakenly in for the so called liberal politics and sympathies to Joe Biden are kidding themselves.

Anarchists are Anarchists, Marxists are Marxists and Antifa are all loosely knit organizations that embrace a little of everything but are fighting against all government.

Various autonomous chapters and groups across the US may self-identify as such, but there is no single official party or formal organization with any leadership hierarchy. While the original Antifa movement in the 1930s Weimar Republic was part of the Communist Party of Germany, the current manifestation in the US has a synonymous association with black bloc anarchism (\even inverting the colors of the original red and black flag, though it is really made up of a variety of young people with ambivalent political tendencies.

However that attitude, and perception the media is signaling is something that is a bit disingenuous. They are obviously creating the two sides mechanism in order to conclude that the two sides are fighting a civil war — one that supports conservative views while the other champions liberal views.

The media is basically laying out the idea that there are two revolutionary factions in America fighting it out when we have many factions teaming up –all for basically the same thing but with different outcomes.

The so called outright believe in the police and Trump. While many on the Left will say they espouse radical views of racism — that is like saying that all democratic socialists espouse the values of Joe Biden the truth is there are many factions who have allied with each other and soon they too will divide and not agree on everything.

The so-called civil war is not one side or the other — it will be many sides warring over how the government should be operated and how they can benefit with having their mob run the show.

The resistance, the revolution, and the counter-revolution are a byproduct of despotism that has been established over the last 15 years.

So when you hear someone like Biden talk about how this is Trump’s America, he negates that Ferguson, MO and that Barack Obama gave a measured, lengthy analysis of the Ferguson riots and also defended the Department of Justice’s decision not to charge a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer in the shooting death of an unarmed African American teenager Michael Brown.

Obama explained then that since it’s up to state prosecutors to bring criminal charges, the federal government could only have stepped in if it found specific evidence of a civil rights violation.

Apparently, they did not. Obama also condemned the violence in Baltimore  but again made guarded statements about extrajudicial executions and the lack of due process in America. Biden neglects to acknowledge these past incidents as he also neglected to acknowledge the crisis in Portland and Kenosha until the concerns showed up in the polls–which is indicative of the measured responses that all democratic or progressive leaders have given in major cities where the riots occur.

This is indicative of a lack of courage and a lack of leadership—it indicates that when you see division and fighting among politicians – the people will somehow mimic the same in some political 100th monkey theory.

The media fails to explain or acknowledge how the United States has been fomenting civil war since the end of the Bush administration and that sparks and flair ups of racial attacks were part of the Obama presidency and that shootings and bombings in major cities were met with measured responses.

This is not Trump’s America that we are seeing — we are seeing America and the picture that has been painted by the media has been wrong on all counts and the political football that has been tossed about by both republican and democratic leaders will eventually lead to a police state all because the American people are not getting the full story and opinions are being made based on disinformation that is purposefully being given in order to further political agendas.

You have Black Lives Matter which is a mix of some blacks, but mostly sympathetic whites, and Antifa which is almost exclusively white. Antifa is being used as the Black Lives Matter shock troops breaking windows and burning buildings, after which organized opportunistic flash Mob blacks, and the destitute with no real political agenda start looting.

While you see the whites of Antifa embrace and support Black Lives Matter, you never see the blacks of Black Lives Matter supporting Antifa because they’re white. There’s limited commingling and overlap, they both want “change” or communist utopia, but it’s a very uneasy alliance.

The initial “peaceful” protesters provide needed cover for the violent protesters to gather and stage before nightfall.

What the media focuses on is the Dark Triad of activists that they tend to pigeon hole for their own needs of creating two sides in an us against them playing field.

While it appears that the factions are allied to two sides – the truth is that in the end all the factions will separate and may turn on each other.

This will also eventually happened with law enforcement. There will be local police, state police and feds that will be in disarray over how to combat the issue.

The biggest tool to guarantee and to continue the fighting is to keep everyone in a schism.

The media has gone form the fourth estate to the 5th column –and it needs to be said that it is obvious that the deep state is controlling the narrative – in as much as they want to condemn and otherwise malign those who wish to challenge the narrative.

The Central Intelligence Agency was founded in 1947, for the expressed purpose of conducting secret intelligence operations that could serve political aims at the same time they generated huge and untraceable profits. The extent of the CIA’s illegal enterprises necessitated the creation and maintenance of a permanent ministry of disinformation, managed by our own taxpayer-funded “Shadow Government” and “Deep State.”

They learned from a very true and tested organization.

The Nazis.

Joseph Goebbels served as Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. The stunning successful lessons of his Nazi propaganda programs were not lost on the world’s political and economic leaders in the post-war era, and in the time since then.

In retrospect then, it is clear that these propaganda campaigns have proven SO successful, that even today, few of us ever realize how ongoing, vast and wide-spread they are.

Propaganda’s efficacy is so indisputable, that it is commonly the case that those who are the most certain that they are NOT among the propagandized, are in fact its most overt victims.

Corporate media focuses on those stories they are paid to propagate, i.e., those which support the financial and ideological agendas of their owners, who themselves are all, without exception, central parts of the larger global ruling oligarchy.

A key part of the propagandist’s handbook is to simply leave unexplored stories that they are NOT given approval to manage and control; stories which, we might assume, do not generate sufficient advantage for the owners. Such calculated sins of omission are essential to keeping the mass of believers unperturbed by the vagaries of complexity in the delivery of their daily dogmas.

A group of leaders representing various progressive organizations from across the Portland area have called for the resignations of Mayor Ted Wheeler and Police Chief Chuck Lovell in the wake of the violent shooting on Saturday night.

Portland-based community groups have long said they feared confrontations would lead to serious injuries or worse.

The demand for Wheeler to resign was also echoed in a joint letter from the Oregon chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Oregon Justice Resource Center, the Portland Democratic Socialists of America NextUp Action Fund, Portland’s Resistance and Popular Mobilization PDX. It said:

“What took place last night was inevitable given Mayor Wheeler’s repeated failure. He has not protected or supported Portlanders. We do not have confidence in his ability to course-correct. He must resign.”

Wheeler held a news conference on Wednesday vowing to do more to address violence during protests, police accountability and aid for downtown businesses.

Addressing the issues and his complacency did not prevent the shooting Saturday and his laundry list of Trump hate was divisive during the press conference after the shooting.

His tenure as mayor is a failure and both sides of the protests agree that he should resign.

Again showing that this has nothing to do with political party but those who are ill informed believe that it is and this is why they still are in their places of power.

He and the governor of Oregon are agents that utilize the Dark Triad personality traits as leaders. They are narcissistic, Machiavellian psychopaths that feel entitled to retain their power by allowing the chaos to continue in their cities.

In fact, every American city that has faced the onslaught of violence has been ran by Democratic or Progressive leaders that use their lack of leadership and the condoning of violence to pin it in Trump, declaring it Trump’s America.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is up for re-election in November and has previously said publicly that he wouldn’t resign.

This, of course, is the ultimate hubris.

He and Governor Kate Brown have both showed their lack of leadership but of course both have sustained their positions. Governor Kate brown has faced recall petitions at least four times with the recent one again failing to put her ouster on the ballot.

It looks as though the violence and confusion will not abate as we continue the same old story of right versus left when it appears that there are many factions that are unhappy about what is happening.

If history is an indicator of what might happen in 1968, perceptions of increasing lawlessness helped Richard Nixon to victory — he also was running against a sitting vice-president, while the current Republican candidates are incumbents. 

It can be argued that every dead body that turns up in a progressive city that allows for the violence to continue, is a vote for Trump but it also is a vote for a police state.

So it looks like no matter what decision is made, we lose.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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