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Clyde Lewis | August 4, 2020
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Last week when we were doing a number of shows about the military’s investigation into aircraft that the New York Times is teasing that is not of this world, I realized that we are truly living in the apocalypse.

The true definition of an apocalypse is basically living in a time where the lights will shine on the dark corners of reality. We have always known that there are people in high places of power that have been in on the secrets and we have always known that big things are being planned behind closed doors.

However, now through various table scraps of disclosure, the secrets are not so big and the reveal is obvious, but now it is being revealed at a time where we have no choice but to acknowledge and then we either have concern or we move on.

There seems to be no time to contemplate the impact of conspiracy theory becoming nonfiction. It seems as though no one wants to hear the “I told you so’s” from those who gave the warnings years ago.

People now are seeking answers.

Some of the answers have been given already – some are being given openly, but still the majority of people do not like these answers, because they are going to have to realize that business as usual and even politics as usual will not survive in what can be called a New World Order.

It used to be that only those who were considered conspiracy cranks used the term New World Order… and even today there are those so-called sophisticated political pundits that wish to steer people away from talking about such an idea because it takes the wind out of the sails of the voter who feels that what he or she is doing is changing something.

The truth is the violent demonstrations and the color revolution that we are witnessing have taken the value out of your choice and your vote, regardless of who is at the command of the United States.

The plan to supplant the constitutional republic is already underway.

I know many of us have that fighting spirit and we really don’t want to hear that our way of life has been hijacked but it has, and the only way to rise up against it is to admit that the fate of our nation is now hanging by a thread.

It’s nearly impossible to read a book or even an article on geopolitics today without the mention of the phrase A New World Order. The narrative arc behind this phrase is all-too familiar: the democratic world order led by the US is now crumbling, the international system will throw up many uncertainties as a result, and one of the likely end states for this upheaval is a Sinocentric world order. For those unfamiliar with what Sinocentric means – I can give you the literal definition where are roads lead to the Chinese model of a new order.

Sinocentrism is the belief held by China that it will be the center of the Universe. In the case of the New World Order it will be the centerpiece of world control.

Many claims of this New World Order narrative need deeper investigation, starting from these questions: what constitutes a world order? How was the US able to reach this position of a world leader after the World War II? What are the odds that China will replicate this feat?

As awareness grows of the international establishment’s globalist plotting against liberty and national sovereignty, problems on the road toward a “New World Order” are becoming increasingly obvious, and the opposition seems to be invisible.

For many years conspiracy theorists have discussed the vision of the New World Order, described the late George Herbert Walker Bush, But many have failed to explain that when Bush made his famous speech, he spoke about this new order in an idealistic way. As a globalist, he saw it as a good thing, a reason to apply the American ideal to the building of a world empire under the direction of the United Nations and NATO.

Former Secretary of State and National Security Adviser, Henry Kissinger — a key front man for a powerful movement aiming to impose what he and other globalists refer to as a “New World Order” has said that there will be many that will die while fighting against this globalist order and considers them speed bumps on the road toward the globalist vision of planetary government.

In fact, Kissinger defined the new world order from a book of the same name, written by Henry Kissinger in 2014. He defines it as ‘the concept held by a region or civilization about the nature of just arrangements and the distribution of power thought to be applicable to the entire world.’

The two words — ‘just’ and ‘power’ — are of great importance in this definition. Kissinger further explains why legitimacy and power are the two components on which any order is based:

He states:

“Any one of these systems of order bases itself on two components: a set of commonly accepted rules that define the limits of permissible action and a balance of power that enforces restraint where rules break down, preventing one political unit from subjugating all others. A consensus on the legitimacy of existing arrangements does not—now or in the past—foreclose competitions or confrontations, but it helps ensure that they will occur as adjustments within the existing order rather than as fundamental challenges to it. A balance of forces does not in itself secure peace, but if thoughtfully assembled and invoked, it can limit the scope and frequency of fundamental challenges and curtail their chance of succeeding when they do occur.”

A corollary is this: while the survival of nation-states depends on power alone, achieving a world leader status requires both power and legitimacy.

Power simply refers to the ability to influence one’s will over the others, irrespective of the other’s will. In an international relations context, such power is attained through a combination of several factors: a strong military, a favorable geography, a big and growing economy, nuclear deterrence, and so on. However, even the most powerful nation-states require something above all else.

Credibility and Legitimacy.

This is where America had its strength and now it appears that we are losing a lot of our legitimacy in the eyes of the world powers –and this has nothing to do with the current administration.

The plot to throw the United States into the mix of the Global Plantation has been in the planning for some time – not as the leader of it, but just another cog in the corrupt machine.

The COVID-19 pandemic is being used to facilitate the efforts of a select few to create a one-world government with power concentrated in the hands of an elitist group of billionaires.

In March of 2020, the United Nations New World Order (UNNWO) announced their annual International Day of Happiness global campaign, along with a call for solidarity and unity in the global fight against COVID-19.1 The campaign theme, according to UNNWO, was a call on all 7.8 billion members of the global human family, and all 206 nations and territories of planet earth, to unite in solidarity, and steadfast resolve, in fighting back against the COVID 19 Coronavirus.

With the UNNWO sustainability goals, such as addressing poverty, hunger, polluted waterways, and more, sound admirable, they rely on one-world government manipulations such as media censorship, mass surveillance of citizens and total governmental control of your health care decisions.

Bill Gates of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a big World Health Organization funder, has stated he intends to vaccinate the global population against COVID-19, and then track and monitor each person through digital surveillance. The Rockefeller Foundation also supports mass-tracking of the citizenry — all under the guise of “public health.” The reasoning for this is to stop the pandemic.

But, will a gigantic global disease surveillance system created under the pretext of COVID-19 be dismantled once the pandemic is declared over? Or, will it simply morph into other surveillance functions also presented as mechanisms to protect the “public health?”

As the COVID-19 pandemic passed its six-month mark and the number of reported cases in some countries and states rose, the focus on a vaccine intensified, with numerous vaccine makers vying to be first with results.

That distinction came in mid-July, when the initial results from a clinical trial of a vaccine candidate developed by Moderna, sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, received a positive write-up in The New England Journal of Medicine and that pleased Wall Street.

What’s interesting is that Moderna has “never produced an approved vaccine or run a large trial according to all news sources that I have read. Yet, it seized the COVID-19 opportunity and forged ahead. When you think about it, though, the exuberance over the vaccine candidate is irrational and it is also suspect.

First, as with all vaccines, adverse effects can and will sometimes occur. Even fiercely pro-vaccine advocates have expressed concerns about possible adverse effects of a hurried-up COVID-19 vaccine.

However Politifact and Consensus science has been actively scorning anyone who questions the efficacy of any vaccine that is rushed to usage, especially from an unknown player in the world of pharmaceuticals.

A few months ago my staff and I ventured out to Goldendale, Washington to reveal Isolation trailers in an area that is far off the beaten path. We also pointed out that other parts of Washington State also had isolation trailer areas where the non-compliant can be housed.

Last month, it was reported that 14 medics of the Arkansas National Guard were ordered by Governor Asa Hutchinson to transport positive COVID-19 patients from locations around the state to an isolation facility near the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock.

According to a press release the facility provides an isolation location for Arkansans unable to isolate at home due to family considerations.

These are literally camps set aside for sick people and who knows what or who they would like to isolate in the future.

Back in 2016 you may remember that thanks to a Freedom of Information Act inquiry a video was leaked to the internet that was produced by the Pentagon that literally gave a play by play of what special forces were training for in the not too distant future.

The video, used by the Joint Special Operations University, stated that in the future megacities will be breeding grounds for “adversaries and hybrid threats.”

The video is called “Megacities: Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity.” 

The chilling five-minute training video, obtained by The Intercept through a FOIA request and made available online, paints a dystopian picture of the future bedeviled by “criminal networks,” “substandard infrastructure,” “religious and ethnic tensions,” “impoverishment, slums,” “open landfills, over-burdened sewers,” a “growing mass of unemployed,” and an urban landscape in which the prosperous economic elite must be protected from the impoverishment of the have nots.

But here’s the kicker: what they’re really talking about is martial law, packaged as a well-meaning and overriding concern for the nation’s security.

This COVID-19 crisis is pushing us that much closer to that dystopian vision becoming a present-day reality.

We have already seen the violence in the cities, the CERT units, the SWAT teams, the Federal Troops—all we need now is United Nations jackboots to come in and direct the rest of the groups to take over and govern those who are not governable.

We all know that this type of governing is fierce and corporal.

With millions of dollars in stimulus funds being directed towards policing agencies across the country, the federal government plans to fight this COVID-19 virus with riot gear, gas masks, ballistic helmets, drones, and hi-tech surveillance technology.

Indeed, although crime rates have fallen dramatically in the midst of this global COVID-19 lockdown, there’s been no relief from the brutality and violence of the American police state.

While the majority of the country has been social distancing under varying degrees of lockdowns, it’s been business as usual for the Federal police trained to shoot first and ask questions later.

With all of the violence provided by the color revolution that assists in establishing the New World Order –some Americans have overwhelmingly accepted the reality of storm troopers marching in the streets of major cities.

The truth is they have no choice and when the mission creep is revealed these troops will not be appreciated because they will become the enforcing body of the new order.

While other legal scholars debate just how far the federal government can go with this, such threats to your rights and health continue to grow. And, certain media groups, who should be supporters of free speech, are leading the charge to take away your free speech rights. Standing at the forefront, the so called “fact-checking” group Media Matters is trying to discredit vaccine safety groups who they believe could stand in the way of worldwide vaccination.

What they are doing is dangerous.

One major interest Media Matters and its affiliates have served over the years is that of the pharmaceutical industry. They often smear scientists and journalists who report on prescription drug and vaccine safety issues, falsely labelling them as ‘anti-vaccine.’ Of course, that’s like saying that because I do a story about problems with Firestone or Goodyear tires, I am “anti-tire,” or because I have exposed fraud within charities, I am “anti-charity.”

This goes for political conspiracy theory as well – to think that if I point out a flaw in President Trump – I am “anti-Trump”– or if I say that liberal left is becoming unbearable—I am “anti-liberal” or even “pro Trump” is ridiculous.

And believe me I get it all the time.

This type of logic is what is destroying the ability to warn people of what is coming.

As biotech billionaires rush in to profit from the COVID-19 pandemic, your privacy rights are being violated through tracking and contact tracing, and your right to refuse a vaccine may be in jeopardy if it is deemed for the public good. At the same time the very media that should be promoting your right to free speech and to question government’s decisions for your body is advocating for having those rights taken away.

Through the pursuit of an artificial vaccine, natural immunity to viruses like COVID-19 will not occur and future pandemics are assured. But that means mass vaccination will have to be repeated over and over again, which is good news for the pandemic profiteers.

Experts say that the first round of COVID-19 vaccines probably won’t eliminate the need for masks, social distancing and other measures. So, after all the promises made by government officials, a vaccine may only reduce symptoms, and may turn into a recurring shot that only works on half the population.

You need to start asking yourself if you want this type of life for a long drawn out period of time.

70% of Americans are planning to wait to get the vaccine – or won’t get one at all, according to a poll from CBS News – which notes that just 27% of those over 65 would get the vaccine right away, while liberals are twice as likely than conservatives to get one immediately.

This speaks volumes.

If we haven’t already crossed over, we’re skating dangerously close to that line that keeps us on the functioning side of a constitutional republic. It won’t take much to push us over that edge into a full-blown banana republic.

From there comes the announcement of the global reset.

Up to now, we’ve been largely passive participants in this experiment in self-governance. Our inaction and inattention has left us at the mercy of power-hungry politicians, corrupt corporations and technocrats that have everyone under house arrest.

Back in 1970, Rod Serling the man behind the timeless TV show, The Twilight Zone spoke at a commencement at the University of Southern California. In the commencement speech, he commented that when the screams are heard to do something they sometimes go ignored but he pointed out that:

“If we don’t listen to that scream and if we don’t respond to it — we may well wind up sitting amidst our own rubble, looking for the truck that hit us or the bomb that pulverized us. Get the license number of whatever it was that destroyed the dream. And I think we will find that the vehicle was registered in our own name.”

It is good for all of us to be reminded of the ideals America was born to embody, of the fact that it could stand to embody them more fully, of the fact that all these ideals can be embodied at the same time, and of the simple reality that America is not itself an ideal but a real nation with real people that need to borrow from the well of national memory in order to become united again.

It would be good to remember, as well, that our country has made it through moments of much deeper division than this one — in the lifetimes of many Americans, let alone in the span of our national memory.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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