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Clyde Lewis | August 9, 2021
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I have to admit there are times when a lot of what I read and see in the news gets to me. When you are bombarded with death propaganda you start to think of your mortality. It is a never-ending barrage of insanity — and I have to keep telling myself to focus and try to be strong. Anymore, defiance is in what you can endure, especially when you see that everything we are witnessing is a continuous panic loop because we just don’t want to admit that this pandemic we are in is now endemic and that we can’t go on living as if we are going come down with a severe case of death as soon as we walk outside of our homes.

Masks are back, some hospitals are filling up again and we are being told that the scourge of the pandemic is the unvaccinated. We are being told that vaccine hesitancy is causing the new holocaust.

Those aren’t my words — those are the words being thrown around in op ed pieces and politicians. there are so many comparisons to Nazism, holocaust and I can’t count.

People on both sides are using these comparisons –and no one is stopping the madness.

It’s a tragically predictable outcome, leading some politicians and pundits to unload their frustrations on the unvaccinated.

“It’s not a pandemic of ignorance,” the Santa Monica Daily Press quipped in an editorial about Los Angeles County’s spike in cases and hospitalizations. “This is a surge of straight stupidity.”

High levels of infections in unvaccinated people increase the risk to everyone, and headline after headline has documented the ensuing rage of the vaccinated. Unvaccinated Americans have been called “arrogant,” “selfish” “stupid,” “idiots” and worse for refusing to get the jab.COVID-19: A global survey shows worrying signs of vaccine hesitancy

Public health experts told USA TODAY that anger is understandable, widespread and unproductive. They worry that shaming and blaming the unvaccinated could backfire, entrenching their decision rather than persuading them to get the shots.

It is like the entire world is under some hysterical trance — like some dangerous curse or some chaotic magic or mesmerism has people in a fit mass hysteria.

It is working — as we are being told that people on ventilators are now texting their friends to get the shot — their last words before they die.

It is unbelievable and reminiscent of those old fear stories we were told when we were kids about using marijuana or LSD.

That didn’t work either but the propaganda war on drugs continues — as the propaganda war provided by Big Pharma continues and the shaming and the anger and hatred grows to a fever pitch,

The devil is getting his due.

As I was looking over my e-mails, I was noticing that there were at least 5 that asked me if I knew what the word pharmakeia meant. There were two emails that already defined it for me saying that it was a Greek word that was used in the bible to warn people about the use of potions, and sorcery to ward off diseases.

I was intrigued that so many e-mails were asking the same question and how others had found the word in the bible.

So I wanted to do some studying of my own and what I found was quite interesting –and I realized why I was getting the e-mail inquiries.

It was because I was speculating about how the technocracy seems to be treating the vaccine as if it were the mark of the beast.

Just saying this is now stirring controversy because people are saying that this mark or whatever it might appear to be or has to be a conscious choice– that it has to be obvious to people so they can make an honest and fair decision over whether they take it or not.

Well the word pharmakeia in the bible arguably gives a warning about discernment and the use of “snake oil” that is created by sorcerers of evil.

In the Book of the Apocalypse, Revelation Chapter 18, there is a passage that gives us the reason why all the nations were deceived. They were deceived by merchants who were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

In the Greek translations of the bible there are several words that accompany sorceries as evidenced in the book of Galatians Chapter 5: 19.

Words like “pornea” for sexual immorality, aselgia for debauchery, eidolartira, idolatry and pharmakeia for sorcery.

According to the Thayer Greek Dictionary “pharmakeia” is “the use or administering of drugs; poisoning, sorcery, and magical arts.Why is there a Caduceus variation on Baphomet's lap?: conspiracy

This is where we get the word Pharmacy or Pharma. Now if one wanted to be literalist then the use of any drug would be considered sorcery — but obviously people do not feel that taking drugs to maintain their lives is a sin.

However, there are those who say that taking potions and drugs that alter the body or the mind might be something to consider. This is why some religions like Mormonism, Seventh Day Adventist, and Jews all have health restrictions and health codes they follow.

Certain drugs and foods are prohibited because they believe it alters the body.

It is also interesting to note that some of the original pharmacies or Apothecaries were run by witches or known magicians.

Both John Dee and Edward Kelly were famous Elizabethan magicians who ran an apothecary and were proficient chemists. Both claimed to be alchemists, and seers.

Nostradamus enrolled in the University of Avignon in 1519 at the age of 15, but was forced to leave a year later when the town was stricken by plague and the university closed its doors. He subsequently spent eight years traveling throughout France, Italy and Spain researching herbal remedies while working as an apothecary and helping victims of the plague.

He also was a magician and a seer and was also a healer.

Although the perception of Nostradamus as a prophet with an uncanny ability to accurately predict the future has persisted since the 16th century, scholars now believe that he didn’t actually possess a supernatural power to see into the hereafter, but rather the ability to project past events into the future.

All were practitioners of pharmakeia.

Much of what we use as cures and tinctures have been passed down from generations and some have even been obtained by various witch doctors as well.

There is much that has been learned from those who practice ceremonial magic –even the ability to control one’s mind into thinking they are going to die if they don’t drink a certain tincture or poison.

I once heard a speech given by Michael Crichton during his book tour for State of Fear. State of Fear was a book that he wrote about a global disaster and in his studies for the book he would look at statistics of well-known disasters throughout history and he focused on Chernobyl. He said that while many people died there, there were more people that died because of what he called, bad information.Chernobyl disaster: how the Soviet Union's cover story was blown | New Scientist

He gave some low estimates of immediate Chernobyl deaths as a consequence of the actual incident, and he compared them to what was being reported.

The UPI in 1986, at the time of the disaster, predicted that there would be 2,000 immediate deaths. The New York Post thought there would be 16,000. The Canadian Broadcasting Company in ’91 thought there would be that many, and you see the BBC and The New York Times in 2002 predicting at the low end 15,000 deaths. Their estimates were 15,000 to 30,000 deaths.

Now, there was a UN commission in 2000 that suggested that the catastrophe was nowhere near that proportion, and , the next UN commission in 2005 doesn’t really show up on the graph, because the total numbers are 56.

56 deaths that were immediate deaths during the incident. All the rest were inflated potential deaths from the disaster.

Now, to report that 15,000 to 30,000 people are dead when the actual number is 56 represents a very large error.

Crichton said the most troubling of all, according to the UN report, was that the largest public health problem created by the accident was the damaging psychological impact due to a lack of accurate information.

This was manifesting as negative self-assessments of health, belief in a shortened life expectancy, lack of initiative and dependency on assistance from the state. In other words, the greatest damage to the people of Chernobyl was caused by bad information. These people weren’t blighted by radiation so much as by terrifying, but false, information.

Crichton said that it implies that the people were already told that they were going too die so they prepared for death and many of them did because of psychological trauma.

Crichton compared it to a curse — or what aboriginal witch doctors call pointing the bone.

A shaman shakes a bone at a person, sings a song, and soon after, the person dies. This is a specific example of a phenomenon generally referred to as hex death. A person is cursed by an authority figure and subsequently dies.

According to medical studies, the person generally dies of dehydration, implying that they just give up. But the progression is very erratic, and shock symptoms may play a part, suggesting adrenal effects of fright and hopelessness. Yet this deadly curse is nothing but information, and it can be undone with information.

He then quoted Paul Ehrlich, the Malthusian writer of the Population Bomb about the use of coercion as a form of sorcery –and that it is effective in getting people to behave erratically and that the procedure of reducing the population will not be painless.Williams: The Great Population Hoax Turns 50

Here is Paul Ehrlich writing in his 1968 book, “The Population Bomb”:

“A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells; the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people. . . . We must shift our efforts from treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer. The operation will demand many apparently brutal and heartless decisions. The pain may be intense. But the disease is so far advanced that only with radical surgery does the patient have a chance of survival.”

The cutting of the cancer means to weed out the population– using tools like coercion and pharmaceuticals to get the job done.

But his comments should not have come as a surprise to anyone aware of the political and cultural climate of, say, the past five decades. Overpopulation has proven to be a persistent fear — even as the evidence for it grows weaker and weaker.

Political leaders are just one perpetrator here. Newspaper editors can be even more forthright. Recent columns in the New York Times, NPR, and NBC reveal the concerns of the overpopulation worriers more clearly. The entertainment industry meanwhile pushes these fears to their extremes. Think Thanos in the “Avengers” film, or Samuel L. Jackson’s Valentine in 2014’s “Kingsman: The Secret Service.” His character states “Mankind is a virus. A cull is our only hope.”

Hollywood hyperbole, you might think. Predictive programming and pharmakeia for those who are labeled conspiracy theorists.

Perhaps if there was some way we could break down how it all began, how the magic spell that has been cast has worked and how the pharmakeia is perhaps the evil it proports to be.

Now remember, pharmakeia is not just the use of poisons to alter the body with witchcraft and mind control, it convinces the user that it is the only way to avoid death.

Remember it began with the lie — it would just be two weeks of lockdown. Just two weeks of staying 3 feet apart, then it was six feet. Then it was don’t go outside. Don’t shake hands , if you can just work] from home. We will have to close non-essential businesses.

It will take about two weeks — just to flatten the curve and then we will be back to normal.

Then came the decals, the social distancing foot prints in stores — the plastic barriers, the mask wearing. It will just be for 14 days — that is it and by this time we will figure it out.Covid: Virus cases show clear signs of fall in most of UK - BBC News

Then it was a mask won’t protect you — then it was wear the mask — in fact, wear two -it will only be for two weeks,

Then the two weeks became a month. Shut down the bars. the restaurants. the theaters. No more dancing, no more church and no more singing. No more sports.

It’s just non-essential medical services that you have to give up. It is just non-essential items that you are not allowed to buy. It’s just not being able to exercise. It’s just gyms. It is just the closure of your business for a while. It is just not making money for a while. It is just not being able to pay your bills for a little while.

It’s just a minor inconvenience. It’s just not being allowed to carpool. It’s just not socializing for a while. It’s just a mask. It’s just not traveling for a while. It’s just not hugging people for a while. It’s just missionary sex that is risky.

It is just not seeing your family and friends for a while. It’s just not visiting your grandparents temporarily. It’s just your grandparents not having visitors for their safety. It’s just one birthday you have to sacrifice. It’s just one Thanksgiving alone. It’s just one Christmas without your family. It’s just two birthdays you had to sacrifice. It is just not celebrating any milestones for a year and a half.

We were all told it was temporary– we were told that we were selfish if we even cried or whined about being inconvenienced.

But it is a safety measure. for your own good and the good of others — don’t you care that you may murder someone by just breathing in their presence? Hope you don’t mind the contact tracing and the vaccine passports.

You may need a health screening. It is just a temperature check. It is just a scan of your face. It’s just a minor loss of privacy.

I know it was supposed to be just two weeks but, hey this is science… and what isn’t science we can blame on conspiracy theories dreamt up by Trump supporters — right?

And the kids — the kids can all just play video games while in lockdown and you can watch Netflix and sign up for Disney plus, and amazon prime and Hulu and, and, and... you know, more TV.

It is just one semester. It is just two semesters. It is just one year out of your child’s life. It is just one more semester. It is just a high school graduation that can be delayed.

Oh yes, we are holding back your student because they all have to relearn what they didn’t even absorb in the first place — nor reading no handwriting — no spelling — this is the NU NORMUL.

But hey — stop whining about being inconvenienced— it will all be better you will own nothing and like it — that is why the economy is being leveled so that you will be forced to demand a handout and wow, that two weeks has been months and you are getting used to not working and wow you are getting that basic income check and unemployment –who needs to work?

Yea, now its months — it is all blurring together.

It’s just the birth of your grandchild that you missed. It is just not being able to be there for your relatives when they are ill or dying. It is just not having a funeral. It is just in person that you cannot grieve with your loved ones. It is just not getting to attend religious service. It is just not getting to practice some parts of your religion.

Oh, and we decided to elect a new President who says that he is a miracle worker and that by July, everything will be better –we just have to silence the detractors who are combatants and domestic terrorists.Biden's first 100 days: What to expect on Covid-19, the economy and immigration

It is just misinformation that is being censored. It is just conservatives that are being censored. It is just some of the science that is being censored. It is just the people who have the opposing opinions that are banned online. It is just the opposition that the White House is targeting for censorship. It is just bad opinions that are being censored.

We have been isolated for over a year -and we need something to take away our fear and our pain–and lo and behold our government and big pharmakeia has provided it for us.

And we went through all that no touch torture and ritual so that we would have to0 beg for our deliverance by taking a poison. We are saved,

It is just one vaccine. It is just one set of booster shots. It is just regular booster shots every six months. It is just another two weeks. It is just one more lock-down. It is just once a week—twice tops—that you will have to prove that you are fit to participate in society. It is just the unvaccinated that will be segregated from society. It is just a medical test.

Add it all up — we were groomed. We were ritualized and mesmerized to take the vaccine.

Now, is there good argument that this is pharmakeia?

Did we really have a choice and will we? We have been programmed into thinking that there is no other way.

It took over a year for the grooming to take place and it hasn’t ended –and it was supposed to be only two weeks.

But it is going to be our entire lives.

For over a year and a half and counting, we have been robbed of the ability to live our lives fully, to make meaningful choices for ourselves, and to express our values the way we see fit.

All of these supposedly little and supposedly short-lived inconveniences have transformed us into totalitarian states from which there appears to be no endpoint.

We have given them freely compromise–and what are we getting? More of the same rhetoric of do it or die — participate or face some severe consequences.

And what does one get for compromising? Merely your continued membership in a society that will only have you if you immolate yourself and become nothing more than a reflection of the desires of the ruling class.

If you cannot be truly yourself in a society, is that society worth clinging to?

People want to belong, and they want to live but is this living?

What is the point of living if one merely exists to obey the elite to one’s own detriment? Is it even living if one lacks the agency to direct one’s life?

Yes this is all getting to me — I don’t want to feel rage against society, resentment towards my friends and family, and self-loathing. But I know a lot of people are,

And soon it is going to eat people alive.

Now what is pharmakeia again? The use of sorcery, grooming, idolatry and the use of poisons in order to control people. This is what the Good Book says destroyed nations.

The poison is evident and the narrative casts the spell.

The makers of this narrative don’t care how you become afraid. They don’t care what flavor of infection got you there. They just want you scared of a vaguely terrifying virus and the people potentially carrying it.

They have us where thy want us terrified, ineffectual and a slave to anything that mitigates your fear.

I think that is most definitely the definition of pharmakeia and hardens the resolve who fear that this whole exercise is a ritual for accepting the Mark of the Beast.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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