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Clyde Lewis | September 10, 2020


Today, I woke up to red skies as the smoke was so heavy I could smell it in my room. I was awakened by the sound of that EAS tone saying that areas near my home were put on notice that they may have to evacuate their home.

I have seen wildfires before, they have been safely away from me in forested areas some 40 miles away.

Last night, they were 15 miles away – now they are 10 miles away. Our Governor finally addressed the issue and reported that other fire groups from Utah and other responders will be called out to try and stop the fires.

It is quite annoying to know that Our Governor moves slowly to make a difference – it is almost as if they are helpless in the face of a crisis and today I remember what Debora Tavares said “We need to harden up.”

This is not picnic and I have to admit that sometimes it gets a little scary. Even the bravest among us get a little scared but with our leadership I see no sacrifice; not even a tine of bravery.

I remember back in the day, when I was younger and lived in Utah. I worked for Salt Lake County and during a freak heavy rainfall, flooding was out of control and I was called out to do flood control.

I was filling sandbags and there was a disheveled guy next to me, unshaven, pushing a shovel. I asked him if he wanted a cup of coffee and as I looked at him I realized that the grizzled looking man at the end of the shovel was Utah’s mayor Ted Wilson.

I asked why he was there working with us and he said I am former National Guard and I am not opposed to heavy work when there is a crisis.

I gained respect for him when he was mayor he was showing leadership by getting into the dirt with everyone else—a far cry from today where leaders just don’t lead by example anymore.

I don’t know about you but I am growing tired of these so-called leaders that are using politics to interfere with our lives—using politics as an excuse to not warn us of what is coming—or admit to their negligence or have a modicum of accountability.

Americans may finally be waking up, and realizing that the government is corrupt and unaccountable. In some areas, state governments are allowing the riots to continue, and they have been slow in helping people out of fire areas all over the pacific coast.

It is as if there is a plan to watch everything go down in flames – a scorched earth policy that progressive governments are putting us through to punish us for electing Donald Trump.

Anytime you hand power to anyone, their morality will decrease as the desire to control others increases. No one cedes power willingly either. If we have learned anything from 2020 it’s that those in power or authority figures are not in it for us, but themselves.

I am sure that many of the big named politicians that hide their fangs behind their masks have already inspected their bunkers knowing that they will be whisked away in order to be protected because we all know that their lives are valued more than ours.

Believe what you will but there are no saviors in Washington and no alleged saviors that are cynically using talking points of inequality and fanning the flames – we are experiencing our own bit of entropy—we are in chaos and it is now stacking up.

You can’t use the hollow refrain “Anything but Trump” when there isn’t anything left. America does not value their survival – all they value is their politics but Mother Nature is no respecter of politics.

Mother Nature sees you as another parasitic bag of water and blood that can be roasted frozen or crushed.

Sometimes there are things all around us that indicate that the world is on a collision course with destiny. The tempting of fate seems to be a great sport with those who control us. They are able to make laws, take away rights and dictate to us what is sacred and what is profane. In the end however what wins is nature. Nature is neither good nor evil but it carries out justice.

Strategists are now coming forward to analyze what continuity of government entails and how traditional systems can operate when disasters, civil upheavals and pandemics stack up and how we as a nation will be able to deal with out of control conditions where people are going to have to step up and rely on themselves instead of first responders.

Make no mistake the world is on the cusp of a new era – one that will be characterized initially by disorder. You are going to have to understand that we will be living in a temporary “Age of Disorder.”

Temporary, of course, is relative – are you ready to deal with a five to ten year recovery time? Also within that bracket of time you will have to also deal with stacked crisis after crisis that will stretch fire and police to the brink—and yet people are clamoring for defunding of these essential services.

Not all entropy is ‘bad’. Indeed, if the themes of the world economy swing like a pendulum, then it may be that some have swung too far from a ‘sensible center’ and are due to revert.

However, world leaders see this as a booming opportunity to levy their controls on the people – because they believe that you cannot fend for yourself.

In 2004, American intelligence analysts consulted with hundreds of experts across five continents to try to predict what the world would look like in 2020.

The result, a 119-page report by the National Intelligence Council titled “Mapping the Global Future,” is an eerie and illuminating read with 2020 now upon us. The authors, led by Mathew Burrows, then a top official at the council, sensed that the world was approaching an inflection point, even if they didn’t yet know what role the United States would play in it. “At no time since the formation of the Western alliance system in 1949 have the shape and nature of international alignments been in such a state of flux,” they wrote. What is most unsettling is the intelligence report looks more like a blueprint or some exercise in retro-causality.

As with most expert predictions, the intelligence officials got plenty wrong about our present era. But they got a lot at least partially right, an indication that not everything about the world today is as unpredictable as it might seem. While the analysts at the National Intelligence Council may not have seen President Donald Trump coming 15 years ago, they anticipated the way the country would be like no matter who was President or dictator or whatever was in charge of our despotic nation.

Intelligence analysts rightly anticipated that while the United States would remain the world’s preeminent power in 2020, Americans would see their country’s influence diminish relative to emerging powers. In other words, they envisioned at least one dimension of the coming anxiety about making America great again, if not the slogan itself.

However, they also pointed out that without resilient infrastructure and leadership the United States could face what is called a Black Sky Hazard, where a stack of crises unfold all at once creating chaos and stretching our nation’s ability to keep it’s citizens safe.

‘Black Sky hazards’ are natural and man-made threats that can disrupt systems and resource–infrastructure interdependencies upon which most of the planet depends – this includes not just pandemics, but other threats such as a– massive fire, EMP attacks and or a massive cyber-attack that crashes the Internet or collapses the electricity grid. In the words of two eminent analysts, these ‘messes’ reflect a ‘complex system of problems that are so tightly bound together that the problems are not inseparable, they don’t even exist apart from the system of which they are a part’. They are manifestations of deeply intertwined political and functional interests, which spill over in ways that are often unpredictable, but ultimately have global impacts.

These Black Sky hazard plans have also been part of national security gain of function exercises where EMP’s Coronal Mass ejections and massive fires that threaten the electric grid are tested and evaluated for the country’s resilience.

Of course back then, we failed the test. Every table top exercise– every simulated disaster would continually demonstrate that emergency services would come up short.

Here we are in 2020 and we wonder if we are going to pass the ultimate test — the reality that Dark Winter is including or will include dangerous Black Sky hazards leading to large scale catastrophic events.

If there is any indication of what awaits us we may want to look to China and what they are doing for the next 4 months.

China has announced it plans to boost its strategic commodities reserves to assuage anxiety over energy and food security. Starting in 2021, it will make “mammoth” purchases of crude, strategic materials, and farm goods, officials apparently say. This is being done to ensure China can ride out any rerun of this year’s supply disruptions, due to a possible repeat of another pandemic deterioration in trade relations with the US, or even something else; something that we need to pay attention to.

This is apparently part of the shift to “internal circulation”, or greater self-reliance, and infrastructure resilience against cyberattacks and the grid systems which are already being flagged, and which will kick in for the five year plan 2021-25.

Actually, those in the know conclude that this has already been happening across the board for some time: China has been swallowing up raw materials and strategic goods far in advance of what the economy needs right now.

You need to ask yourself what it really says if China is stocking up so much. Do you think that perhaps it is time to prepare accordingly?

This is Dark Winter and Black Sky hazards are just one more thing to put on your 2020 apocalyptic Bingo Card.

The Washington Standard recently ran a headline that of course got my attention—it read:

“Darkest Winter? DHS “Prepares” For EMP Attack”—again that Department of Homeland Security fears an EMP attack on the grid – but many of these wildfires and would be domestic terrorists can actually sabotage substations that carry power to people’s homes.

DHS says, in its own government document that it needs to “combat” and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack that could drop the nation’s power grid for a substantial amount of time. If we have learned anything over the past 8 months, it’s that when China and our government “prepares” for something, it’s actually making us a promise.

This type of occurrence is called a Black Sky Event – cousin to the Black Hazard Event.

It’s nearly impossible to imagine that our power system could be vulnerable. That the system we rely on to sustain our families, households, and communities could be at risk. That a country with the world’s greatest military would be powerless to stop an attack on our electric grid. That our elected leaders have been aware of this possibility for years and have not moved to rectify the situation.

The Wildfires and the heat has forced utilities to instigate rolling blackouts leaving Californians and Oregonians without power. High winds that have sustained speeds of 100 miles an hour have brought down power lines, and branches have broken from trees causing damage and brown outs.

I am sure that most people can’t contemplate one black event on top of another in this “Age of Disorder”, we must note that while some historical super-cycles have begun and ended abruptly, others were slower to evolve and end. The most recent era – the second era of globalization, during 1980-2020, is much more like the latter. It started slowly and has been gradually fraying at the edges over the last half-decade. The end of this era has been hastened by COVID-19 and when, in years to come, we look at the rear view mirror, we may see 2020 as the start of a new era.

Hopefully we will see it as a year we learn from our mistakes but it seems that the programming propaganda has succeeded in creating a need for people to demand some sort of savior to deliver them form their problems.

Rest assured that even after the election there will be no easy cleanup – no easy answer, the catastrophic cycle is now out of control.

Pieces of the system are tumbling over like one domino after another. Every stressor added is knocking out more of the system as time goes on.

COVID-19 was a wake-up call, which could have come just as easily from any other Black Sky hazard.

This should compel us to make fundamental adjustments in the ways that we as a people anticipate many threats, monitor them, and assess how they have been and should be handled. To date, we can see that politicians use these crises as fodder for votes and there is little integrated analyses of potential crisis drivers from a local perspective.

Those that have been undertaken are typically ‘one-offs’, rarely look beyond the immediate but most of the time people who are aware see the storm clouds gathering and plan so they can be self-reliant.

We not only have to plan and prepare for these events but we should also worry that the system may not be able to provide for you.

From the economy to the justice system to the infrastructure, our system is grinding to a halt in a variety of manners that stand to completely change the American way of life. 

Written by Clyde Lewis

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