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Clyde Lewis | September 17, 2020


The announcement of possible life forms on Venus has been buried in the apocalyptic headlines of COVID-19 and the wild fires burning in the western United States. The rarity of finding the gas, Phosphine in the clouds of our neighboring planet has some scientists declaring that it certainly a sign that there is some form of life on the planet.

However, the announcement has gotten the attention of Russia and they are now declaring that since they were the first to land probes on the planet that it is theirs and that no one should be allowed to explore it.

Roscosmos Chief, Dmitry Rogozin, who’s known for espousing unconventional scientific views and for frequently sarcastic anti-Western rhetoric said this week that Russia wants to send its own mission to Venus, in addition to an already-proposed joint venture with the United States called “Venera-D.”

Rogozin, a former deputy prime minister, told reporters on Tuesday. He noted that the Soviet Union was “the first and the only one” to land a spacecraft on Venus.

He said that Venus is theirs as he reported:

“We think that Venus is a Russian planet, so we shouldn’t lag behind,” NASA’s Mariner 2 became the first spacecraft to fly by Venus and measure its extreme surface temperature in 1962. The Soviet Union launched several “Venera” spacecraft, and in 1970 Venera 7 became the first spacecraft to make a successful soft landing on the planet, though it melted within seconds.

Its successor Venera 9 took the first image, and the only one to date, of the Venusian surface from the ground-level perspective.

Back in 1962, according to Rogozin, the United States even called it the “Soviet Planet.”

Last month, Rogozin declared Venus “more interesting than Mars,” suggesting that studying the planet could help scientists understand how to address climate change on Earth.

The dispute seems to be a “cold war’ like stance with regard to who really can declare planetary property and half-jokingly some are worried that of tensions heat up there will be no joint operation to explore Venus but a warfare stance with light saber rattling leading to a possible space confrontation.

While no one is talking space war over the hellish terrain of Venus yet the defense department is now coming clean about Russia and China and killer satellites mounted with Direct Energy Weapons. Weapons that cannot only be used for weather control, but for taking out satellites and damaging the power grid and GPS systems.

Defense Secretary Dr. Mark T. Esper said at the Air Force Association’s Virtual Air, Space & Cyber Conference yesterday that while we are not engaged in any Space Conflicts at this time, the secretary stated that America’s air, space and cyber warriors “will be at the forefront of tomorrow’s high-end fight.”  

That means confronting near-peer competitors China and Russia. That means shifting the focus from defeating violent extremist groups to deterring great power competitors. It means fighting a high-intensity battle that combines all domains of warfare, he said.

“In this era of great power competition, we cannot take for granted the United States’ long-held advantages,” Esper said. 

“China and Russia have placed weapons on satellites and are using directed energy weapons to exploit U.S. systems and chip away at our military advantage,” he said.

Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and some violent extremist groups also look to exploit cyberspace to undermine U.S. security without confronting American conventional overmatch. “They do this all in an increasingly ‘gray zone’ of engagement that keeps us in a perpetual state of competition,’ the secretary said.

Again it looks as if the conspiracy theorists are right again and that Facebook should invest in a batter fact checking service.

The idea of direct energy weapons being used for geoengineering, weaponizing weather. Mother nature, and using Direct Energy weapons to start fires or even disrupt the power grid has been discussed by what are called conspiracy theorists for at least 50 years. Now with advancements in satellite delivery, and electromagnetic Ionospheric heaters –we are now going to be seeing more weather disruptions, seismic disruptions and electric grid disruptions as acts of war.

On May 12th, 1962 General Douglas MacArthur delivered a speech commonly known as the “Duty, honor, country” speech to the cadets of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point on the occasion of his receiving the Sylvanus Thayer Award. It was during this speech that MacArthur eluded to the possibility that future wars would be fought in space and that in the future we would be using weather geoengineering as a weapon.

In that well-known speech he said:

“We deal now, not with things of this world alone, but with the illimitable distances and as yet unfathomed mysteries of the universe. We are reaching out for a new and boundless frontier. We speak in strange terms of harnessing the cosmic energy, of making winds and tides work for us, of creating unheard of synthetic materials to supplement or even replace our old standard basics; to purify sea water for our drink; of mining ocean floors for new fields of wealth and food; of disease preventatives to expand life into the hundreds of years; of controlling the weather for a more equitable distribution of heat and cold, of rain and shine; of spaceships to the moon; of the primary target in war, no longer limited to the armed forces of an enemy, but instead to include his civil populations; of ultimate conflict between a united human race and the sinister forces of some other planetary galaxy; of such dreams and fantasies as to make life the most exciting of all times.”

It can be surmised that MacArthur had a vision for what we now speak of in our modern world – a confirmed reality that the military as far back as the early 60’s was working on energy weapons to control the weather. That eventually those direct energy weapons would be used in interplanetary warfare – to somehow protect the earth and to defend new territories on planets.

Simply put – MacArthur spoke about geoengineering, direct energy weapons and a military that would be responsible for protecting the planet from enemies in space whether it would be earthly adversaries or extraterrestrial incursion.

It is unfortunate that when someone actually discusses the reality of adversarial countries using direct energy weapons for weather control or even for starting fires or destroying the power grid, they are told that this is all a myth that it is science fiction and that we should all resolve that it is all about climate change and that the science is settled.

It is not a myth and it would be in our best interest to start up the conversation about alternatives, because political technocrats wish to hijack the narrative to cash in on the blame game saying that this is all a matter of redistributing wealth at the expense of human rights.

Chief of Space Operations Gen. John W. Raymond, recently said at a Pentagon briefing that “The United States doesn’t want to engage in warfare in space, but like in all domains, the U.S. military must be prepared for such a conflict, and that’ll take a lot of preparation and change.”

The chief of the newly-created Space Force spoke during a the same presentation as Esper which was part of the 2020 Air Force Association Air, Space and Cyber Conference, held virtually as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To plan for warfare at the speeds and distances required to operate in space, the Space Force must be lean, agile and fast. The new military service has been working on all of those things since it stood up in December, Raymond said.

A big part of the leaning effort, he said, is the reduction of bureaucracy.

“Since establishment, we’ve been in the business of slashing bureaucracy, delegating authority and enhancing accountability at every crossroad,” Raymond said. “My opinion: big organizations are slow. We must move at speed to outpace the threats that we face.”

The general said the Space Force, in an effort to reduce bureaucracy, implemented a large-scale reorganization that involved removing two echelons of command, including a numbered Air Force and an O-6-level command.

Also part of eliminating bureaucracy, Raymond said, is a hard look at the agencies that exist now that are involved in acquisition for the space enterprise. He said Congress has identified some 65 different organizations involved in space-related acquisition.

There are also attempts at establishing what would appear to be like a United Federation of planetary cooperation with regards to diplomacy in space and to watch for aggressors that wish to disrupt the life and well-being of those who live on earth.

The Space Force established a chief partnership office at the Space and Missile System Center, and that team is working to expand space partnerships with nations such as Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

While the Pentagon did not openly identify the types of weapons that both China and Russia are implementing, there have been reports that the United States have been working on their second generation electromagnetic and direct energy weapons to be used in space warfare.

The Air Force Research Laboratory Directed Energy Directorate at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico, has developed a counter-swarm high power weapon that should cause those with nefarious intentions of using drones against United States forces at U.S. military installations at home or overseas to think twice about such actions.

AFRL exhibited the technology, called the Tactical High-Power Operational Responder—code named THOR.

THOR is s a counter-swarm electromagnetic weapon that AFRL developed for airbase defense. The system provides non-kinetic defeat of multiple targets. It operates from ground power and uses energy to disable drones.

Last year, we reported that there was some electromagnetic testing at the China Lake Facility in California. These weapons were allegedly triggering significant seismic events in the month of July.

China Lake, which covers 1.2 million acres of the Mojave Desert, felt the brunt of huge earthquakes, from the magnitude 6.4 earthquake that struck at the morning of July 4the 2019 to the scores of aftershocks and then magnitude 7.1 earthquakes that occurred on the 5th.

U.S. Geological Survey experts identified the epicenters of the two largest tremors and countless others as occurring within the Navy installation. Navy personnel and California National Guard aircrews assisted geologists in surveying the impacts of the tremors, which cracked paved roads, opened gashes across the desert area and shifted railroad tracks.

The weapons station, as well as nearby towns of Ridgecrest and Trona, saw scattered damage from the quakes but no deaths or major destruction.

China Lake officials had reported few details about effects to the weapons station and offered scant information in public updates posted on the weapons station’s official Facebook page.

The weapons station, about 150 miles north of Los Angeles, stretches northeast from Ridgecrest, a high-desert desert town of 28,000. The installation includes several significant cultural or archaeological areas, including the Coso Rocks, a national historic landmark.

China Lake is actually a dry lake located on the north range area, named for early Chinese immigrant workers who mined borax from the dry lake bed. It is known as The Secret City and is second only to Area 51 as the most secretive facility used by the military.

China Lake has also been known for its experiments in Weather and Geological Warfare. They have been used as a geoengineering facility.

The Earth and Planetary Sciences Department at China Lake, which was headed up by Dr. Pierre St. Amand who was an important figure in the development of military weather modification efforts, most notably Project Popeye and Operation Storm fury.

This operation extended the Monsoon season over Laos during the Vietnam War. The operation seeded clouds with silver iodide, resulting in the targeted areas seeing an extension of the monsoon period an average of 30 to 45 days. As the continuous rainfall slowed down the truck traffic, it was considered relatively successful. It created hazardous mud conditions for the enemy.

In the 1980s, China Lake suffered some major flooding during a weather control experiment that was carried out there.

As with many government military programs, compartmentalization and secrecy rule the day, and weather modification is no different. In fact, it may be more compartmentalized and secret than others for several reasons. First and foremost, would be the environmental modification treaties making weather modification illegal but when have treaties ever stopped the US government from doing what it wants to do.

The China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station has a verifiable historical connection to weather modification programs. That fact is acknowledged by the U.S. Naval Museum of Armament and Technology in their website article about The Secret City which states, “From weather modification to satellite-delivery systems, the contributions of Naval air weapons station have not stopped with armament.”

The biggest question is whether or not geoengineering weapons were tested at China Lake and did they trigger the earthquakes there in July of last year?

There have always been questions raised over whether or not weather weapons and other secret weapons can be used for Induced Seismicity.

Project Stormfury and the High Altitude Meteorological Manipulation Energy Research (HAMMER) project and its ties to HAARP the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. There was also a separate program that was also used for weather warfare called the Solar Magnetic Amplification and Causative Configurator or SMACC.

The HAARP Project was formed in 1993 and expanded until 2008. It was classified as an Ionospheric heater used to officially track submarines and communicate with them and unofficially control the weather.

The military has had their eyes on weather control since Operation Popeye was implemented in Vietnam. It was a rainmaker project where the military controlled the weather and used it as a weapon.

As far back as 1954, the military had interests in weather modification and documents outlining Project Storm Fury outlined an interest in Hurricane modification.

According to a declassified 258-page document entitled, Weather and Climate Modification, Problems and Prospects. There were brief summaries of the interests of the US military services in weather modification.

According to the document:

“A portion of the United States Navy program in weather modification is devoted to the logistic and flight support of the joint N 0 A A Navy research program on hurricane modification (Project Stormfury). In addition, it supports studies of cloud and fog dissipation and:

The development of pyrotechnic seeding devices. The Office of Naval Research has for many years supported several basic research programs in atmospheric electricity, some of which are relevant to the possibility of artificially modifying lightning from thunderstorms.”

All of these weapons have been addressed by the Department of Defense in what is called a “Fourth Offset” strategy built on one of the most disruptive military technologies to emerge in some time: directed-energy weapons.

It should not be considered conspiracy theory to bring up these space age operations when applying them to strange weather anomalies and anomalous activities in space.

When local mayors and Governors tell you that what they see is a result of climate change – keep in mind that none of them have taken the time to analyze or even review what has been said at Pentagon meetings like the recent 2020 Air Force Association Air, Space and Cyber Conference.

Take this as your warning – the preparations for space warfare is underway.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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