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Ron Patton | September 17, 2018
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פָרָה אֲדֻמָּה

Ever since the second century, mankind has been setting a due date for the final judgment. Stories have been told of fire from the heavens, floods, and bad weather, earthquakes, and bloodshed. I can also be said that all of these things, including UFO sightings and the appearance of strange creatures are business as usual in the apocalypse.

Religion has continually given us this fear mechanism. For some of us it is metaphorically tattooed into our DNA. I have always wondered if the apocalypse is there in order to control our minds and tell us that the reward is coming if we only follow the rules and regulations set by an unseen hierarchy that is also controlled by some unseen power that can be God or the adversary.

There are those who see the apocalypse and virtual Armageddon as a form of salvation – I have always been worried about this attitude about the end, if an end is coming.

No one can fully understand the secrets that God has waiting for us.

Prophecy is a tricky tool. Its fulfillment is only acknowledged in the eyes of its beholders. It seems that in some odd way people are living as if they have no future ahead of them.

There isn’t one dominant system of thought that controls the actions of western society today. It has become fragmented and those who are on the constant watch for those “troubling signs of the times” are labeled as paranoid, religious nutcases who are waiting for a great savior to come.

There are also those in the same camp, that are slightly off-center who want to point to an “antichrist of the week” and in the same exercise come off looking as nutty as their counterparts who probably meet in the same churches or social groups. Finally, there are those who have been thrown into a sense of apathy, not caring either way because it all is a catalyst for depression.

Not just any depression, either, but one where the person is angry but is too beaten up emotionally to even act upon that anger.

I am one of those people who ride the roller coaster of all emotions with regard to the possibility of an end game scenario playing out in an apocalyptic curtain call.

I look around me and I see metaphors in television shows, in movies, and in songs.

Today, I had a moment to catch some television before I left for work. I was seeking out the television show American Horror Story.

The title for this season’s horror show is “Apocalypse.”

I caught the first episode in the series and after scores of ICBM’s hit various targets all over the world and the United States – there are a few people that are selected by some unknown directive to survive. Many of these individuals have a certain DNA type that was recorded and documented at a 23 and me type of website.

There are only a few that are gathered together in various secluded sites all over the world and it appears that there is something demonic about the little enclave. All of the subtle hints are there and it appears that there is the implied idea that eventually this group will be given the opportunity to produce a chosen one; perhaps an anti-christ of some sort.

I haven’t seen the whole season, but the vibe certainly sends the message that a post-apocalyptic cult has decided that there must be some sort of perfect human to be born – or even sacrificed for some purification ritual.

It may even be that whatever the reason – the DNA of the selected may be used for some genetic engineering where the chosen one is a product of breeding and trial and error.

These types of television shows are certainly priming the pump for a revelation of the method lesson which has been in the works since 2012.

Back when everyone was seeing an apocalyptic end of the world prior to 2012, there were plenty of new age prophets who were telling us that every Red Moon and every earthquake was leading us up to doomsday.

While many people were anxious for rapture by December of 2012 – there was really no one who would talk about how the date that was selected was merely a window of time where the Mayans declared that we would begin to see something called the final cycle of creation.

The final cycle or creation began in the Fall of 2012 and would eventually lead to a long cycle of extinction.

The seeds of the possible future have already been planted through the use of clever predictive programming. I have spoken many times of the causal reversal where futures are approximated using clever prognostication in the media and using the Revelation of the Method to have it seen as something that has been witnessed before.

Most of what we see as “predictive programming” is established in film and television. It is there that the view of the apocalypse is safe, but it also can be seen as a form of religious programming.

Many film makers have been known to use Christian fear as a missionary tool.

Back in 2015, the USA Network premiered a miniseries called DIG. The series begins in Norway where on a rural farm a white van full of Rabbis and Hassid Jews arrive and anxiously file into a farm stall where a farmer pulls a red heifer out of a mother cow.

A Rabbi inspects the heifer for black hair. He sees none and declares that a prophecy has been fulfilled.

Then the focus is on Israel and the Temple Mount, the site of Ariel Sharon’s provocative visit that set off the intifada, and also site of the First Temple of the Hebrews. Destroyed by King Nebuchadnezzar, and then again by the Romans, according to Jewish traditionalists the Third Temple will be built by the Messiah, who will be not only king of Israel but also high priest of the rebuilt Temple. To the Muslim Palestinians and their co-religionists worldwide, this is the site of the Dome of the Rock, a Muslim shrine, the sacred Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the place where Mohammed mounted a white horse and galloped straight up to heaven.

A large number of Christian fundamentalists have also marked this spot with importance. According to a popular “dispensationalist” view, Jesus Christ will return to earth to do battle on the plain of Armageddon and triumph over the Antichrist only after the building of the Third Temple.

The cornerstones for the third temple to be built in Jerusalem have already been selected by a group known as the “The Temple Mount Faithful.” They have also created priestly vestments that meet scriptural guidelines and have been attempting to breed an unblemished red heifer in anticipation of the coming dedication ceremonies. It was commanded in the book of Numbers that no unclean being could enter into the temple. The only way to purify anyone that was to set foot on the temple mount was to sprinkle the ashes of a red heifer on them.

This according to The Book of Numbers, Chapter 19:

Speak unto the children of Israel that they bring thee a red heifer without spot, wherein is no blemish, and upon which never came yoke.

The red cow is to be slaughtered, burned and then its ashes are to be turned into a paste and used in anointing the builders of the Third Temple.

News of the red heifer’s appearance would not bode well with Muslims. All of the sites of the old Jewish temples are occupied by one of Islam’s holiest shrines, the Dome of the Rock. Extremists have wanted to destroy the Dome and the adjoining Al-Aqsa Mosque to make way for the new temple. If a red heifer is born and found to be clean this would be a signal that perhaps it is time to destroy the Dome of the Rock and begin the building of the new temple in Israel.

If the heifer were born the Middle East, it would be seen as a sign that a new era in history is beginning. Wealthy fundamentalist Christians and Zionist Israelis aren’t leaving anything to chance. They want to conjure the beast themselves and give that little nudge to God by using the modern miracle of genetic engineering to create the unblemished red heifer for the sacrificial rite.

There are many Jewish teachings regarding what needs to happen before the Temple can be rebuilt. In addition to things, such as the appearance of Elijah, the war between Gog and Magog, the ingathering of the Jewish exiles to Israel, many Jews believe a red heifer is needed to ritually purify the Jews before they could create and enter this sacred space, especially the Holy of Holies.

Some Israelis rate the miraculous birth of a red heifer as one of the greatest “signs” of the ages — one of the most significant events to occur since the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D.! Some consider it as important as the establishment of the state of Israel itself in 1948, and the return of Jerusalem to the Jewish people in 1967, in the “Six Day War.”

Why is there such incredible excitement in Israel? Because it is believed that the Temple of God cannot be rebuilt without the sacrifice of a red heifer.

Nor could priesthood function unless each priest is sprinkled with the ashes of a red heifer, mixed with water from the pool of Siloam. Also, many believe that Messiah cannot come until a Temple is rebuilt. Therefore, to start this sequence of events, there must first be a red heifer which meets the halachic requirements which can be sacrificed.

The last red heifer sacrificed by the Jewish priesthood was killed shortly before the Jewish rebellion against the Romans which began in 66 A.D. The ashes of the heifer, along with treasures of the Temple, and Temple artifacts, were then removed for safe-keeping and hidden in a place of security.

According to many rabbis, the ashes of the last red heifer slain as a sacrifice must be combined with the ashes of a new red heifer sacrifice, in order to purify the location for the new Temple, the priesthood, and the nation of Israel.

The first sacrifice of a heifer in Israel was performed about some 430 years before the time of the Exodus, when Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt.

Now, this ritual is predicated on red cows actually existing. The problem is that they don’t. At best cows are auburn. Yet, according to the ancient texts, there were red heifers for the burning.

How does one reconcile this? Well, rabbinic teaching tells us that God miraculously brought about red heifers for use for this purpose, but there could be another explanation.

The ancients separated the domain of colors differently from us moderns. What we today see as to distinct colors, our forefathers saw as merely different shades of the same. What we call brown, the ancient Hebrews just saw as a type of red. They would be baffled by our pedantic insistence that pink, purple, red, orange and brown each be given a different name – to them all were just different shades of red.

Tradition holds that the heifer must be truly red from head to toe, with no more than two black hairs on its body, the problem being that such beasts don’t exist.

But they can be genetically created and there is the suspicion that recent news about a red heifer being born is the product of genetic engineering.

The Temple Institute, a religious organization dedicated to “every aspect of the Holy Temple of Jerusalem”, recently announced the birth of a completely red heifer in the Holy Land – the first one in the last 2,000 years.

The Temple Institute recently posted a video of a red heifer on YouTube, claiming that on August 28, 2018, “a perfectly red heifer was born in the land of Israel”. The animal has apparently undergone careful examination by rabbinical experts who have so far deemed it worthy as a candidate for the red heifer described in the Bible. However, that may change as the heifer grows, so it will be monitored closely.

According to some Jews, the Messiah cannot come and hail the End of Days without the Third Temple arising in Jerusalem, and since the Temple cannot be built without proper purification, a red heifer must be found. The Temple Institute, an organization dedicated to preparing the groundwork for the construction of the Temple (where the Dome of the Rock is inconveniently standing) has been looking for years.

Every few years a red heifer is announced but is then rejected due to a non-red hair being found.

Some fundamentalist Christians believe that the Second Coming of Christ requires that the Temple be rebuilt, thus they too anticipate the birth of a red heifer as a sign of the coming of the end of days.

Muslims also tell of a heifer tradition. The chapter in the Qur’an titled al-Baqarah (“The Cow”) describes the burning of a cow by the Israelites, though it isn’t red but yellow.

Could it be that the red heifer is the product of genetic engineering of the red angus strain created by overzealous Jews and Christians?

At a genetic level a heifer cloned is still a heifer. A heifer with genes modified to produce red pigmentation is a red heifer. However, the process by which it came to be may invalidate the sacred rarity that the red heifer is.

This begs the question that if the Shroud of Turin was indeed the legitimate burial shroud of Christ, then his DNA could be extracted from the shroud; he would then be a clone of Jesus Christ—it would definitely be a second coming of sorts, but would the cloning process invalidate the arrival?

I mean genetically speaking Jesus Christ would be indeed the Christ and he would be of the same blood and genetic makeup of Jesus.

However, it would not be the resurrected Christ but a second incarnation of the body of Christ.

Last year, there was a documentary that was released called, “The Jesus Strand.”

It was reported that scientists extracted several different DNA samples from the Turin Shroud and from bones belonging to John the Baptist. Another team is working to extract DNA from the James Ossuary, a first-century chalk box which may have held the bones of Jesus’ brother.

While DNA analysis can’t prove that these are the artifacts some believe them to be, the hope is that these and other items could one day provide insight into the relationships between them and their modern descendants. Let’s assume for a moment that contamination could be completely ruled out and that DNA analysis demonstrated that DNA from the Shroud was a familial match to DNA from the James Ossuary and that they are both belong to the Jesus Strain what is stopping zealous scientists from cloning the family?

If they can do it with the Red Heifer to nudge God – why stop there?

In the Catholic view of Christianity, the idea of immanentizing the eschaton or facilitating the end times is considered anti-Christian. The idea of bringing forward a pseudo messianic government is considered blasphemy. And yet we are seeing before our eyes all faiths clamoring for an eschatological end to their lives in hopes that the heavens will open and God or someone who is most like him will return and gather up the faithful for that final ascension into the sky.

This is something that sounds very much like a theme from a science fiction movie. I know that there are many people of all of major faiths that believe that their way of thinking should be the one true way at the time of the eschaton.

The eschaton or the time of the end is being encouraged now because the leaders of the world want you think that to end world would stop it from becoming any worse. They will attempt to guide and acclimate you for the end and many people who are seeing a messianic future will become victims of their own folly. The more they are convinced of their manifest destiny the easier it will be to walk them into a philosophical and quite fatal trap.

As Jean Baudrillard had written in his book Simulacra and Simulation, “The simulacrum is never that which conceals the truth–it is the truth which conceals that there is none. The simulacrum is true.

How cynical of a move would it be if mankind were to engineer its own apocalypse or its own second coming or in the case of the Jews, a messianic miracle?

Baudrillard has illustrated in several of his books that the real will no longer have to be reproduced because the simulation will suffice.

This is what is meant by the old idea that in the end times, even the elite will be fooled.

Written by Ron Patton

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