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Clyde Lewis | September 18, 2020


The other day I was going through my Facebook posts and I noticed a person who said that I am soft on Black Lives Matter and that I needed to wake up and get on the right side of history with what is happening. I often wince when people try to pin me to some political ideology and I get equally annoyed at people who feel that their views are on the right side of history.

History is reviewed and over time is set in stone only when the topic has been mythologized and agreed upon by some unknown authority. I know that the media wants to be the orators of history but of course their views are motivated politically and I don’t know if any of us are going to live long enough to piece together what is left of history as our recall is beginning to falter which again gives the media and opportunity to make history in their own image.

I have a little truth to share with you all. History has never been clean, it has never been tidy and the fact that we have managed to maintain a modicum of civility up until now is miraculous.

Arguably, some will say that there really has not been any civility in the United States; however, I can safely say that we have not edged ever closer to a Civility War in the modern era than we have now.

The idea of American Civility has been debated within the legal world since the early seventies, when judges and lawyers grew concerned with unruly courtrooms and popular impressions that their profession was stocked with crass, win-at-all-cost opportunists and sharks looking for blood.

Well, there is blood all over America and the sharks are still gathering. However, there are a majority of Americans that want out of these murky waters.

Sparked by the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, the United States has been forced to face an honest conversation about race.  Since the death of George Floyd you cannot escape the concerns and the conversations that center on race and race relations in this country.

This is not a bad thing;in fact, it is beneficial that we always keep in mind that we have to be better to one another – that people of color are profiled, targeted and brutalized in society.

Regardless of how tiring the conversation can get, we have to address this issue.

However, there is another issue that has reared its head and that is the conspiracy by the media and others with deep pockets to focus their attention on extremism to create color revolution in order to force a quick exchange of power that leaves everyone of all colors and creeds in the cross-hairs of a massive take over that will destroy the United States and its cornerstone which is the Constitution.

I want to be clear that while I make an attempt to demonstrate the greater conspiracy it has to be said that racial injustice, bigotry and prejudice like most social pathologies are an irrational social force that has dogged our species since the origins of society. While we can study it, observe it, and decry it but the dynamics of it, where a man despises his neighbor seemingly defies common sense.

Yet, in a well-intentioned effort to solve this intractable problem, we now use racism as a political tool. We are constantly reminded that racist malevolence is often fomented by a far-reaching conspiracy of cultural terrorists.

Now, if you are able to speak with people of color and are not hung up on the new found militant nature of race discussions you will find that most of the anger and the so-called racist issues that are brought up in the media are from a selected body of so-called experts who earn a very big paycheck from interpreting everything that the far right says as veiled racism or white supremacy.

Typically, these organizations reside in the upper echelon of the nonprofit public policy NGOs, which presents an onerous problem as their financial existence is closely tethered to the rise and fall of ethnic intolerance, one cannot help but question the objectivity of these so called experts and who is backing them financially.

Recently, there was a glaring example of just how pervasive the whole exercise has become.

Newt Gingrich appeared on Fox News show “Outnumbered” with host Harris Faulkner to comment on the violence in American cities. The former Republican House speaker, blamed “George Soros’ money” for violence in American cities before being shut down by two other panelists on the TV show – it was one of the most awkward moments in news broadcasting.

The next day saw an apology — from the show’s host for not letting Gingrich finish.

“Progressive district attorneys are anti-police, pro-criminal, and overwhelmingly elected with George Soros’s money,” Gingrich said Wednesday. “And they’re a major cause of the violence we’re seeing because they keep putting the violent criminals back on the street.”

“I’m not sure we need to bring George Soros into this,” said co-host Melissa Francis.

“I was going to say you get the last word, Speaker,” Faulker said.

“He paid for it. I mean, why we can’t discuss the fact that millions of dollars…” Gingrich said before co-host Marie Harf injected.

“No, he didn’t. I agree with Melissa. George Soros doesn’t need to be a part of this conversation,” Harf said. “OK. So it’s verboten,” Gingrich replied.

Apparently yes – and the apology that Harris did the next day was backed with we do not censor but they did and it is just another way to water down the propaganda and pretending that the media is not responsible for perpetuating the same us against them propaganda.

It’s been often said that people were shocked as they watched Nazi Germany descend into complete fascism without anyone putting up a fight, and now, we are watching Americans do the same thing. It has a lot to do with the constant brainwashing and propaganda being shoved on people all day, every day, manipulating them into being compliant with anything government commands.

Since the fear-mongering of COVID-19 started, there has been non-stop “beast mode” propaganda everywhere. I am realizing that the propaganda is centered on the idea that America is suffocating – that it is on life support and the only way we are going to make that turn to fresh air is to elect a puppet government that will continue to answer to the globalists of the world.

From George Floyd begging for his life saying “I can’t breathe” to the COVD-19 patients on ventilators struggling to get the last breath, to the people in the west not able to breathe clean air downwind from the wildfires.

It is becoming too obvious to ignore unless you’re willfully trying.

Now in the aftermath – the horror, the division and the violence makes it hard to have breathing room in major cities. From tear gas to businesses being set ablaze, many people including blacks are now realizing that the whole Black Lives Matter movement is responsible whole or in part for the violence in this country.

Even though Fox News says that it is uncomfortable to say so George Soros is a contributor to Black Lives Matter and to cover it up or to censor it says something about how much money pays for violence and control in this country and even though some people think that Black Lives Matter is a formidable force in this country, it’s presence and what it appears to be associated with is turning off a majority of Americans, both black and white.

As political researcher Laird Wilcox remarks, “There is an anti-racism industry entrenched in the United States that has attracted bullying, moralizing fanatics, whose identity and livelihood depend upon growth and expansion of their particular kind of victimization.’”

While their passionate defenders will certainly object to such a charge by citing the threats posed by America’s expanding political fringe, such protests fail to address the questionable methodology and often politically motivated criteria used by these media-savvy experts to classify unconventional social and religious movements.

As we shall soon see, one needn’t stockpile weapons or espouse reactionary beliefs to fall under the watchful eye of these formidable private surveillance networks.

For now you put a mask on your face – and soon it will be the equivalent of putting tape on your mouth.

It is a psychological operation that has a marketing strategy.

Yes, Black Live Matter is this generation’s “Save The Whales” – it has to be said that real lives are being manipulated and the cause for racial equality has been hijacked in order to perpetuate the idea that Americans are hateful and dangerous to themselves.

Soon it will be obvious that all lives will be shattered and that no lives matter when you are poor and trying to rebuild a business that has been destroyed for the cause of color revolution.

The color revolution, has a logo, a brand and associated products that are marketed through the media. People who are well meaning jump on to these causes because they feel it helps—they do so without researching them and they tend to ignore the violence –because it fits with the image and action parameters of revolution.

They do not know how it will end – but it is the open revolution that generates money and power—money and power to fuel anti American ideologies.

The motive behind this clever marketing strategy isn’t difficult to fathom: Combating the dark forces of “hate” has become a perpetual money-making machine. By issuing teeth-chattering prediction of impending racial terror, the more visible anti-racist groups gain access to an endless supply of lucrative foundation grants and stream of donations from terrified constituents. 

But don’t say a word about it – don’t giveaway the idea that an effective slogan has been hijacked and bastardized to mean violence, segregation and censorship.

Contrary to corporate media narratives, up to 95 percent of this summer’s riots are linked to Black Lives Matter activism, according to data collected by the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED). The data also show that nearly 6 percent — or more than 1 in 20 — of U.S. protests between May 26 and Sept. 5 involved rioting, looting, and similar violence, including 47 fatalities.

ACLED is a nonprofit organization that tracks conflict across the globe. Its U.S. project that collected the summer protest data is supported by Princeton University. The project’s spreadsheet collating tens of thousands of data points documents 12,045 incidents of U.S. civil unrest from May 26, 2020 to Sept. 5, 2020.

Of the 633 incidents coded as riots, 88 percent are recorded as involving Black Lives Matter activists. Data for 51 incidents lack information about the perpetrators’ identities. BLM activists were involved in 95 percent of the riots for which there is information about the perpetrators’ affiliation.

Early estimates from insurance agencies say the cost of this summer’s rioting will set a record surpassing that of the 1992 Rodney King riots, which cost an inflation-adjusted $1.2 billion. Much of that will be paid by taxpayers in the form of overtime and hazard pay for police and EMTs, emergency room visits, destruction of public property, and more. Of course, rioters are inflicting these costs during a time governments, and the people who fund them, have fewer resources due to coronavirus shutdowns and pent-up entitlement obligations.

Of course, Portland, Oregon and with its worthless Mayor and ineffective Governor are seen as the biggest failures in trying to quell the violence.

Rather than assigning responsibility for violence to those who engage in it and allow it to continue , the media constantly pushes the criminal victimization narrative that the rioters are not to blame for their rioting. This is abuser psychology 101: The abuser is never responsible for his or her abuse. The people who might object to it are. This is also false and manipulative.

The violence is not limited to the extreme of rioting. It is pervasive in the summer 2020 protests. Of the 12,045 incidents recorded by ACLED, 1,143 — or nearly 1 in 10 — involved violence of some sort: rioting, looting, clashes with police, cars rammed into crowds, bystanders pepper-sprayed, armed attacks. Of these violent incidents, 84 percent involved BLM.

According to many innocent victims of this wave of injustice, the police response is not robust enough. They want to know why the police are not protecting them and their property. They pay taxes. They contribute to the common good rather than attempt to destroy it. What’s the point of mayors and governors if they don’t ensure their police protect innocent people and their property when rioters come to town?

The wave of disenchantment falls on everyone – and it is now finding its way into the election debate –something that was conveniently overlooked by the media – but is now being addressed by the left wing candidates.

After 4 months of nonstop rioting Joe Biden was forced to denounce, the destruction and looting saying that it is lawlessness. Recently, Nancy Pelosi had to say something as well.

We support peaceful demonstrations. We participate in them. They are part of the essence of our democracy. That does not include looting, starting fires, or rioting,” Pelosi said Thursday, adding “They should be prosecuted. That is lawlessness.”

Many political critics have now concluded that this is too little too late and that the left is losing the middle –meaning that they are sabotaging their own positions opening the door for a Trump victory in November.

The words of warning from Biden about how the violence will continue if you don’t vote for him are sounding more like threats – the American people are actually psychologically shaken seeing everything as a micro-attack.

In a cancel culture even the democrats will have to learn how to be careful with what they say.

Pelosi did not mention BLM or Antifa, or name any group responsible for the destruction.

Many expressed the same theory that the polls were slipping and that those polled were very adamant about how the left was not addressing the violence in the country – the association that most left wing leaders have with Antifa and BLM are beginning to hurt their cause.

Indeed, a series of new polls reveals that the majority of Americans believe there is a war being waged against police officers, and that support for the ‘black lives matter’ movement has dropped even further, with many more now seeing little distinction between the movement’s ‘protests’ and violent riots.

Polls from Pew Research indicate that:

“As racial justice protests have intensified following the shooting of Jacob Blake, public support for the Black Lives Matter movement has declined, a majority of U.S. adults (55%) now express at least some support for the movement, down from 67% in June amid nationwide demonstrations sparked by the death of George Floyd. The share who say they strongly support the movement stands at 29%, down from 38% three months ago.”

The findings also show that “The recent decline in support for the Black Lives Matter movement is particularly notable among White and Hispanic adults.” Meanwhile, a poll from Rasmussen, reveals that 59% of voters believe there is a war being waged on police officers. A whopping 80% of Republicans said it is obvious to them that there is a war on police, compared to 39% of Democrats.

In addition, a majority of independents (60%) agreed with the statement.

Previously, in 2018, 43% of respondents believed there is an ongoing war against police, with another previous high of 58% in 2015 also now being eclipsed.

The new poll found that 59% of respondents say they support the institution of ‘Blue Lives Matter’ laws in their state to classify attacks on police and first respondents as hate crimes with harsher punishments. Several states have already implemented such laws since 2016.

“In June, a majority of White adults (60%) said they supported the movement at least somewhat; now, fewer than half (45%) express at least some support,” Pew notes, adding that “The share of Hispanic adults who support the movement has decreased 11 percentage points, from 77% in June to 66% today.”

The Rasmussen Poll reveals that while white voters are most likely to support ‘Blue Lives Matter’ laws (63%), a majority of 52% of black voters also support the idea, in addition to 49% of other minority voters also expressing support.

The poll also found that a huge majority of 84% of black voters expressed concern that attacks on police would lead to a shortage of police officers and a decline in public safety.

There is also a public concern about how these violent demonstrations add to the community spread of COVID-19.

However, the media is relentless on sanitizing the reality for example:

In response to criticism that CNN is continuously praising mass gatherings when they are BLM organized, but condemning Trump campaign rallies for breaking COVID restrictions, the network seriously attempted to argue that the Trump rallies are scientifically more likely to spread the virus than BLM gatherings.

A couple of days, Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh called out CNN’s hypocrisy on this matter, noting that “if people can protest in the streets by the tens of thousands, if people can riot, if people can gamble in casinos, then certainly they can gather peaceably under the First Amendment to hear from the president of the United States.”

In response, the CNN Newsroom drafted in “medical analyst” Leana Wen, who happens to be a former Planned Parenthood president, to explain why science means COVID doesn’t affect BLM protests as much as Trump rallies.

“It does not care why it is that people are gathering but it does care about the conditions under which they’re gathering,” Wen argued, adding “outdoors much safer than indoors and wearing masks obviously much safer than not wearing masks.”

“I would also in this case would distinguish between the behavior of the participants while at protests versus rallies,” she continued, arguing that BLM protesters are more “aware” of the risks than Trump supporters.

At protests many people are aware of the risks and doing everything they can to reduce that risk versus at many of the rallies we are seeing people going in defiance,” Wen claimed.

“It’s their behavior during those events. I also worry about what they do after the events. They may not be self-quarantining and testing as then getting tested as they should be,” Wen baselessly conjectured.

She even cited a study carried out in June that found “There have not been surges of infections that have been tied” to protests.

Of course, there is no evidence that Trump rallies are tied to any surges of infections either, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

The propaganda outweighs the reality and contrary to what CNN tells you they won’t tell you that Americans are finally reaching their breaking point – fatigue is setting in and annoyance is fomenting and even though most Americans are biding their time – the next phase of the propaganda machine is to expose more right wing extremism and soon it will exploit random terrorist activity that will conveniently even up the score.

In the meantime, the death toll will rise and the political factions will do everything necessary to push the blame away from perpetrators and throw it at each other.

These substantial sums beg an important question: How big a threat is the far right? Do we really need to focus on the infinitesimal extremists that certainly are not welcome in any situation? The problem is the hate marketing and the exploitation of the victim culture that is being bred behind the scenes.

Would we be better off meeting in communities and raising concerns about race in a civil way and by our own choice in the act of utilizing common sense and fairness? Do we need to be coerced into being good to one another?

I don’t want to be the guy to take the wind out of the sails of a huge movement in history but it is always healthy for a group to re-evaluate what works and what doesn’t.

Violence certainly doesn’t.

The cause of violence is not the police. It is not poverty. It is not one’s race. To say so is in fact a smear against poor people and people of the racial group identified. The cause of violence is the people who have chosen to be violent.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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