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Ron Patton | September 19, 2019
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In the era of disposable Soda Pop culture, it can sometimes be difficult to find relevant events to report that raise a highly charged interest in categories that you find that are secretive in nature. Anymore, we see that the mainstream media has avoided their charge at being an informative fourth estate and has surrendered to being parrots to the State Department.

The filter that has been installed will block any and all information that would open the door to finding out the truth about many subjects that are considered taboo or even allegedly classified.

Since the media tends to tell you the truth is out there, they certainly aren’t in the business of telling you that some truths that were once elusive about fringe subjects have now been revealed and much of what has been declassified really has not been seen or heard by the typical individual.

For example, there are still books and television shows that will tell you that the Air Force base in Nevada called Area 51 is still mysterious and that the government still keeps it a secret. This is why the Storm Area 51 movement began. We know that the guy who started it all was just kidding but when he heard of the interest he felt that it would be an opportunity to create a sort of an alien Woodstock called Alienstock.

Well, with security concerns and red tape, he abandoned the project and said the “Storm the Area 51” idea was a lost cause. However, that has not stopped the die-hards from trying to make good on the promise to find “them aliens.”

Two Dutch Nationals were the first be arrested for trespassing on the National Security site which of course is heavily guarded. In spite of this, the two men were able to park 3 miles past the entrance gate. Deputies found in their possession several cameras, a phone, a laptop, and a drone. The men consented to a search of the cameras. Deputies found video footage captured on the Nevada National Security Site property.

They pleaded guilty and then left jail with a plea agreement and were told to return to the Netherlands.

But their plea agreement comes with conditions: Stay away from any events near or related to the Nevada National Security Site and avoid stepping within 500 yards of the site for the next year.

While much of what goes on at Area 51 is still classified, there have been a lot of secrets declassified along with other major operations and files on the military and their relationship with UFOs.

It’s allure still exists even though the military has admitted it exists and that much of went on there in the 1950s until now has been used, according to the military and the CIA strictly for the testing of new aircraft.

It wasn’t until 1989 that Bob Lazar claimed that he had a position at S-4 an underground facility at Area 51 where he among others back-engineered extraterrestrial spacecraft.

There were also unconfirmed reports that there were aliens that were at the underground facility.

As we have reported before the military, the CIA and F.B.I. have always had a keen interest in the phenomena and even had a public relations program ordered by Harry Truman to, when possible, debunk the sightings and encounters that public claimed happened to them after the end of World War II.

It is interesting to note that in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s stories such as these would be of profound interest by the military.

For years we have heard about UFO encounters that have been recorded by the military and the eventual denial of such reports.

It has always been the aphorism amongst Ufologists that there has been a consistent attempt to suppress any and all information about UFOs and alien visitation. With all of the leaks and the cover-ups, many cases have been debunked or at least been retold to the point of banality. It has also been suggested that most cases have evolved into the realm of legend because they have happened so long ago and true witnesses are elderly and arguably not as sharp as they used to be.

Some of the witnesses have taken to their graves the secrets surrounding such landings.

It seems that the phenomena is more complex than just the idea that aliens are flying these machines and there are many researchers that caution that not all Unidentified objects that occupy our skies are alien technology.

Three controversial videos appearing to show encounters between US Navy aircraft and what the military terms “UAPs” – so-called ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena,” have now been declared real by the Navy, however, they now claim that the videos were accidentally released to the public and that they were never cleared for public viewing.

The Navy was careful not to use the term UFO because they do not want loaded opinions that may indicate they were flown by ETI.

In fact, it has been discovered that there have been many terms used by the military to describe unidentified aircraft.

There are UAP’s, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, ULO’s Unidentified Luminous Objects, UNEO’s, Unidentified Near-Earth Objects, USO’s, Unidentified Submerged Objects U.O’s, Unidentified Objects and U.P’s, unclassified phenomena.

No matter what you call them they are still U.F.O’s to me.

Many governments of the world have reopened many cases of odd phenomena in the skies and many world leaders have commented that the only way any disclosure of these phenomena can be had is to remove and all spiritual or paranormal discussions of the objects because it all gets in the way of the science of the phenomena.

These unexplained events, the Navy admitting that the U.A.P. seen in the released video footage along with declassified CIA documents, add to the never-ending trickle-down of information that is leading to disclosure.

In fact, it is my opinion that this is disclosure; however, it is not some great big news conference confirming the Roswell incident or indicating that we have anti-gravity engines of free energy sources left to us by the aliens.

There is story after story of data that has been released both scientific and military confirming what most people think already know and that is we are not alone.

Although for years we have heard that the military or the Pentagon have no interest in UFOs, history seems to show that UFO encounters with the military are just as numerous as those reported by civilians.

The onset of contemporary UFO lore actually was kick-started at a military base at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

From there other stories of unidentified objects and the Military have been a matter of record.

Some of the more intriguing incidents regarding military encounters with UFO’s can be found in the classified UFO documents that author and MUFON representative Dan Wright talked about in his book, The CIA UFO Papers.

Included in the declassified report was Operation Mainbrace.

Operation Mainbrace a group of NATO maneuvers held on September 1952. These maneuvers were declassified and much of what happened remains a mystery. Those who participated reported that there was a possible base where “saucers” were seen. This base was reported to be in the vicinity of Denmark and Norway.

The maneuvers commenced September 13th and lasted twelve days. According to the U. S. Navy, “units of eight NATO governments and New Zealand participated, including 80,000 men, 1,000 planes, and 200 ships. Directed by British Admiral Sir Patrick Brind, “it was the largest NATO maneuver held up until that time.”

On September 13th, The Danish destroyer Willemoes, participating in the maneuvers, was north of Bornholm Island. During the night, Lieutenant Commander Schmidt Jensen and several members of the crew saw an unidentified object, triangular in shape, which moved at high speed toward the southeast. The object emitted a bluish glow. Commander Jensen estimated the speed at over 900 mph.

Within the next week, there were four important sightings by well-qualified observers. (Various sources differ by a day or two on the exact dates, but agree on details. There is no question about the authenticity of the sightings; the British cases were officially reported by the Air Ministry, the others are confirmed by reliable witnesses. All occurred on or about September 20).

On September 19th A British Meteor jet aircraft was returning to the airfield at Topcliffe, Yorkshire, England, just before 11 A. M. As it approached for landing, a silvery object was observed following it, swaying back and forth like a pendulum. Lieutenant John W. Kilburn and other observers on the ground said that when the Meteor began circling, the UFO stopped.

It was disc-shaped and rotated on its axis while hovering. The disk suddenly took off westward at high speed, changed course, and disappeared to the southeast.

About September 20, personnel of the U.S.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt, an aircraft carrier participating in the Mainbrace maneuvers, observed a silvery, spherical object which was also photographed. The pictures have never been made public. The UFO was seen moving across the sky behind the fleet. Reporter Wallace Litwin took a series of color photographs, which were examined by Navy Intelligence officers.

The large UFOs were reported to be flying in the same area that Mainbrace reported was a hotbed of saucer activity. The images are believed to have been taken in March 1971, from USS Trepang SSN 674 submarine, during a voyage from Iceland to Jan Mayen Island in Norway.

However, some experts believe that the photos only give evidence that the U.S. military was secretly testing aircraft in the region. Some commenters have pointed out that the supposed cigar-shaped UFO looks remarkably like the Aereon 26, an experimental aircraft that was being tested in the early 1970s.

On October 7, 1965, reports of a dozen flying objects over the Edwards Air Force Base sent an F-106 A fighter jet scrambling in pursuit.

The UFO never leveled off. It just continued to climb. Aircraft always show movement in relation to the stars, but as this light moved higher it seemed to become stabilized with the stars. In other words, it appeared to move right out into space until it finally passed out of view.

Reports of unknown craft and flashing lights weren’t uncommon around Edwards – many people do not know that Area 51 is actually is a remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base.

Project Blue Book, a government program that rounded up the 12,000 reports of unidentified flying objects since 1948, including the 1965 Edwards report. Four years later, the Air Force shut down Project Blue Book, declassifying most of the information, including 40 minutes of a 6-hour-long recording taken on October 7.

The event remains resonant because the witnesses were extremely credible. It is not in doubt that they saw something though it remains unclear what exactly that something was. The fact of the report’s existence and the existence of myriad similar reports does, however, confirm that there was a massive government conspiracy to cover up the incident.

In September of 1977, a little known incident was reported that included a firefight between UFOs and about 1300 troops.

During the Joint Attack Weapons Systems Test at Fort Benning, Georgia, the entire base witnessed a UFO invasion. As many as 1300 troops were involved in the event. Most were left with severe psychological trauma and “missing time” gaps.

On an early September morning at 5:30 AM the Sergeant-in-Charge of First Battalion, First infantry called a formation for new arrivals to inform them of what to expect as part of their Advance Infantry Training or AIT. During this time Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta companies of the First Battalion, First infantry unit were informed to ascertain their linens, toiletries, other essentials and detail the barracks. They were also informed to clean their weapons and report back for another formation at 7:30 PM that evening.

The soldiers gathered in a field adjacent to their assigned barracks awaiting orders by their commanding officer. As they stood in parade formation, a strange movement in the sky began to distract some of the men’s attention. It looked like a cluster of stars.

The stars seemed stationary at first but suddenly began to make odd formations.

One star moved from the cluster in a fluid-like motion, and flowed seamlessly along the sky. It moved across the sky, stopped, and repeated this odd behavior for several minutes.

The unusual events gained the attention of other men in formation. The captain in charge took the podium and began to speak as if he had not seen the floating “stars” in the night sky. While the captain spoke about how long training would take, and to what degree of training the men could expect, all eyes turned to the sky. Suddenly a strange rumbling sound began to come from the surrounding area. The sound seemed to swish back and forth and within a few seconds, the men of Charlie Company began to break formation and run. As the men disbursed, an exceedingly bright, white and blue light went speeding down the dirt road adjacent to the formation.

According to witness John Vasquez, he motioned to the man in front of him and before he could ask him what they were looking at, he realized that the man was in a catatonic state. He was immobile and lifeless, almost as if he was asleep while standing upright. As Vasquez regained his composure he realized he was also immobile. All the men in the formation were running, screaming, or frozen by the strange and vivid light approaching them. Some of the men ran to the barracks and hid in the crawl space beneath the structure. Others, including the captain at the podium, were standing still, frozen with strange and terrified expressions on their faces.

Suddenly, one of the men running for the barracks realized Vasquez was not catatonic, but couldn’t move. The man stopped and helped Vasquez make his way to the barracks. Inside the crawl space, the men panicked and could not understand what was happening. Outside they could hear men screaming out awful, painful wails. They dared not venture out without understanding what was happening. These were men of combat and war; they were expected to react in the face of battle. Many men believed that this was an invasion of the Russians. After all, it was 1977 and they had been warned of a possible attack on the United States.

As Vasquez and his fellow soldiers sat under the barracks, they could hear the rumbling sound again and see the blinding light that seemed to flow into the crawl space. As they looked out, they could see an extremely large mass silhouetted against the night sky. It was visible only because the blinding lights emanated from underneath the mass. The group made their way into the center of the building but the light from outside was so bright that Vasquez could not see his hands in front of him on the ground. They sat in panic for a few seconds, arguing over the best action to take. One soldier said that they should run to the other barracks and that there was no hope for their fellow soldiers, they were already dead.

The following day the men were instructed on the day’s events and routinely delegated their day without any unusual circumstances. At around 10:30 PM the lights in the barracks began to flicker off and on. Though reassured the UFO scenario was part of AIT and JAWS the men, were all emotionally unstable at the sight of the lights flickering. They sent out a man to find the drill sergeants and he found that they were abandoned once again. Without a hitch, the men assembled and prepared for another possible encounter.

The men told the general about the lights flickering and he informed them they were like that all over the post but that it was most likely a wide-spread electrical issue. Still, he ordered the men down the road. When they reached their destination, the heavy odor of gas was prevalent, and since there were no gas masks, the men began to run in circles. Just then a searchlight scanned the formation and the men ran down the road to a separate location. Again the men were not sure if perhaps this was a drill or if they were about to experience another terrifying abduction, or perhaps another unusual time warp. As they gathered at the crossroads they meet the General talking frantically on his two-way radio. He was calling in reserves and just then a glowing object emerged from the sky.

The object moved slowly but did not glow with the same vivid light that had accompanied all the previous encounters. The General radioed for air assistance and a helicopter emerged at the sight and dropped many flares to illuminate the area. Once the pilot could see the object, he wasted no time firing on it. The missile was consumed by a massive ray of light that was projected from the object, but it never exploded. At that point, the missile fell from the sky and hit the ground. The General then ordered the tanks to pursue the object as it slowly moved across the sky toward the barracks. All companies were ordered to situate within the tree line to draw fire on the object. As they fired on the unknown object small balls of light were returned back at them.

A helicopter in the assault was also hit with the balls of light, at which point the helicopter seemed to lose all mechanical function and crashed to the ground. The pilot and crew were rescued. Then the men ran down into a gully and saw several of their own men lying on the ground; they appeared to be dead but had no visual injuries. When Vasquez and his colleagues encountered the fighting they repeatedly suppressed heavy fire into the tree line. Their bullets were hitting something because they could see the spark from the bullet at the impact. They too were met with return fire by the small balls of light. Vasquez was able to avoid several hits but finally was hit in the leg. The impact of the hit caused a terrible sting and the red whelps that accompanied the burn were extremely painful.

The UFO encounter lasted for several hours and more reserves were being called in by the minute. Vasquez and his fellow soldiers were now aware that they were in a real combat situation, but their training had not prepared them for a potentially unearthly opponent.

Three years later another incident at a military base also had soldiers scrambling, eventually encountering a strange UFO.

USAF Sergeant Larry Warren claimed that when he and other personnel arrived in the woods they could see a strange mist that covered the ground that resembled a soupy ground fog. The fog itself had a luminescent glow to it. Looking into the fog they could see the pulsing red light that eventually pulsed more brightly.

After the red light exploded the triangle could be seen. The main body of the craft was pearl white. The sides of the craft had a chromatic rainbow effect as light reflected from its sides.

USAF Sergeant John Burroughs also witnessed the triangular craft when he was called to investigate. He was the one who accompanied the two security patrolmen in the woods. James Archer was one of the security patrolmen who confirmed that the object was a triangular-shaped object with three landing legs.

Archer also claimed that he could see what appeared to be the pilots of the aircraft but he claimed that the shapes did not look human. He also hypothesized that the occupants may not have been human. However, it needs to be stressed that he didn’t go to the extremes of claiming that they were “aliens.” He thought that they might have been robotic in nature. Perhaps the aircraft was piloted by remote control.

Sergeant Adrian Bustinza who was acting security police commander at the time of the incident claimed that when they arrived to investigate the downed aircraft, the light balls would not turn on and that the jeeps were drained of energy.

The deputy base commander of RAF Woodbridge, Lt. Col. Charles Halt documented the event as “Unexplained lights in Rendlesham Forest.” British and American authorities had apparently audiotaped and videotaped the whole event.

It was reported by security personnel that during the time of the investigation there was an electrical field in the woods. This caused the radio contact with the base virtually impossible. There was an ozone smell and the air was becoming electrically charged as if the men were in a thunderstorm. Their hair began to stand on end and they could feel a tingle on their skin.

Others made claims of seeing beings in the cone-like aircraft. Some claimed that it was their shadows and that they were making fascinating shapes that were out of synch with their movements. A red light blip would follow the shadows as they moved like a cat and mouse video game.

The shadows continued to move out of phase and each time the men would stop, the shadows would take another step.

British tabloids were the first papers to report this remarkable story. The papers were spinning tales of alien encounters based upon an alleged account by Larry Warren. Larry Warren allegedly claimed that the next thing he remembered was that he awoke in his bunk with a headache with mud caked all the way up to his knees. Warren allegedly claimed that he was tested for exposure to radiation and was forced to sign a security oath.

Warren later supposedly broke his oath and claimed that he and others were shown high-quality gun camera films of UFOs shooting down MIG fighter jets. Warren said that the footage was very clear and showed a classic flying disc. Warren said that there is a point of missing time where during the investigation in the forest, they were ordered to form a circle around the perimeter of the object.

Base commander, Col. Gordon Williams, then approached the object and a beam of light came down from the ship. Three silver suited beings came down out of the light. They were human-looking with large heads and almond-shaped eyes, the classic grey.

Col. Williams denies that he was there. Others swear to it. They also say that the USAF personnel assisted the beings in making repairs to their craft. The whole incident was reported in tabloids as only lasting 30 minutes to an hour. When numerous accounts say that the whole event continued for a nightmarishly long 3-day period.

The only thing that remained was the shadows, the flash of red light and the separating craft. Not to mention the nightmare of meeting strange beings that conveniently didn’t end up on the tape.

All we hear is the sound of men who are confused and frightened. The tape was heavily-edited, omitting the alleged encounter with the beings.

With all of the military encounters that are a matter of record perhaps it is time to set aside taboos about the subject. Now that the Navy is saying that the UFOs or UAPs in the Nimitz footage is real perhaps there is enough money in the annual intelligence budget that could easily cover what’s needed to look into the incidents.

What we lack above all is the recognition that this issue warrants a serious collection and analysis effort to evaluate whether these encounters area threat to national security.

To make headway, the task needs to be assigned to an official with the clout to compel collaboration among disparate and often quarrelsome national security bureaucracies.

A truly serious effort would involve, among other things, analysts able to review infrared satellite data, NORAD radar databases, and signals and human intelligence reporting. Congress should require an all-source study by the secretary of defense while promoting research into new forms of propulsion that might explain how these vehicles achieve such extraordinary power and maneuverability.

It looks like disclosure is going to take some effort, more than just declaring that U.A.P are the real deal – it is going to take money and analysis to understand where these objects are coming from and to eventually determine if they are being piloted by ETI.

Written by Ron Patton

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