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Clyde Lewis | September 21, 2020
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I know that many times on this show I have talked about Orwell’s 1984 and how this dark dystopian novel mirrors the world we live in today. However, it is not the only story that has a monopoly on how we are living today. I want to share with you a couple of other stories that seem to illustrate what we are up against as a people and just thinking about how prophetic they are sends a cold chill to my soul.

I have in my office a picture of Philip K. Dick – probably one of the most successful science fiction writer who posthumously has had a lot of his stories tuned into movies from Blade Runner to Minority Report, Total Recall and others.

One of my favorite stories by him is a short called “The Mold Of Yancy.”

Philip K. Dick wrote the story in 1954.

Basically, the story is about how a police contingent from Earth is notified by computer analysis that the human colony on the planet Callisto is moving toward a totalitarian structure. They are puzzled when, upon arriving on Callistan soil, they don’t find any of the presumed hallmarks of totalitarianism. The society appears almost identical to the United States of the 1950s.

The legal government s set up in the usual archaic fashion. Two-party system, one a little more conservative than the other–no fundamental difference of course. But both elect candidates at open primaries, ballots circulated to all registered voters.

However, there was a side of Callisto that they did not see and that is public perception being controlled by technology. Leaders that presided on Callisto were cryptopoliticans and one in particular was a virtual leader named Yancy.

There are several things that Yancy says and does and the image is so life like that people don’t even realize that he is some animatronic puppet that has words put into his mouth by several “Yancmen.”

Yancy controls public perception. But some aren’t happy with what Yancy is creating. The story illustrated how conformity can be used as a psychological tool and if you create an all American Icon that is a cross between Ronald Reagan and George Orwell’s big brother, the people will not care about things like foreign policy and terrorism. They will only care about what the devil in the box has to say and what the graven image of a manufactured messiah can do for national morale.

What was most troubling is how a totalitarian state was being manufactured behind the scenes while technology was being used to alter perceptions of the citizens giving them a reason to believe that everything is fine and that every once in a while trauma would be allowed to happen in order to allow for the “leaders’ to remedy it with more programming.

From the story we read how the heavily sanitized totalitarian system would every once and while show its colors:

“It would show up in hundreds of ways. Terrorist raids, political prisons, extermination camps. We’d hear about political recanting, treason, disloyalty … all the basic props of a dictatorship.”

“Don’t confuse a totalitarian society with a dictatorship,” Kellman said dryly. “A totalitarian state reaches into every sphere of its citizens’ lives, forms their opinions on every subject. The government can be a dictatorship, or a parliament, or an elected president, or a council of priests. That doesn’t matter.”

Advanced technology can be used to create a virtual world where peoples are opinions are formed by algorithms that put them in a virtual echo chamber.

Yesterday, something happened during an interview with Nancy Pelosi that struck me as being very much like the Yancy story –where leaders are virtual programmed puppets that are programmed to say what is pleasant to their constituents.

George Stephanopoulos was interviewing Pelosi on the ABC news program “This Week.” Stephanopoulos had asked Pelosi about the possibility of a second attempt at impeaching Trump in the coming months if he moves forward with replacing Ruth Bader Ginsberg before the election.

But instead of responding to the question, Pelosi came out with the random phrase, “Good Morning, Sunday Morning” and then continued to answer — the utterance appeared to make no sense whatsoever and came off as if she was being rebooted like a robot or a computer.

Meghan McCain, the daughter of late Senator and former presidential candidate, John McCain said in a tweet:

“This is so uncomfortable to watch….And confusing. It’s like something is malfunctioning.”

I thought about how creepy it was – like Pelosi was a robot form Westworld.

However, what is most surreal is that I said to myself that it wouldn’t be all that surprising.

It seems that in 2020 all we are seeing now are programmed responses from Trump to Biden and the people are programmed to just go along with it. You can’t joke about it – or call attention to it without one party or another saying that you are insensitive of biased.

Just like in that Yancy story by Philip K. Dick – kind of a Yancy Pelosi.

However the truth is far stranger than fiction and it will only set you free if you want it bad enough.

I watched the TV show “Our Social Dilemma” on Netflix and it inspired me a bit because of what I have been seeing with regard to the changes we will be facing and how we will eventually view social media.

After watching it, I concluded that we may be seeing a medium that has reached its nadir because it seems that the media itself has bred this age of schism, anxiety and anger.

However, what is most disconcerting is that one of the commentators off handedly referred to MK Ultra and the idea of the science of triggering people with their own dopamine.

That every “like button” or pop up prompted a response from someone and that this type of programming was just a simple thing at first but now it has grown into a monster.

As Sean Parker, founding president of Facebook, admits, the narcotic-like, slot-machine effects were consciously designed into the platform right from the start. As Parker bravely confesses, they “understood this consciously,” but they “did it anyway.”

While the focus of this documentary was about the spread of disinformation, and it hinted that it is a cesspool of dangerous conspiracy theory, there were segment that illustrated the mental mechanisms at play to trigger people into becoming addicted.

I would have loved to have a constructive conversation about how social media lost its way as a tool – because the business model was meant to enslave people by giving them that dopamine squirt of approval—but now the trolls seem to have taken over and the way we see ourselves is a more radicalized and extremist than we used to think.

Facebook did one thing and that is—shattering the overwrought self-image of America.

COVID-19 is leaving everybody vulnerable now – people are spending more time on social media – they are getting their news from it and the mainstream heritage media is using it to fortify the fears of everyone.

If you ever have stopped to think why everyone easily and quickly acquiesced to social control, by staying home, social distancing and mask wearing – you can actually point to social media as it showed us people in streets of China dropping dead and throwing up blood online. It has been later revealed that many of those videos were staged and some of them were unrelated to COVID-19.

It programmed people into thinking that if you got the disease you would have a violent death when most people recovered without incident.

Now Facebook is sending out confusing messages and most of what you are reading about it is based on an algorithm that reinforces your biases. Same goes for the riots and the wildfires – the truth about all of it is not being given.

We are being programmed into becoming frightened and that hiding in every dark corner is someone you trust that is about to become a monster.

It is like the zombie apocalypse without the undead but there are technocratic controllers that aren’t eating your brains – they are hacking them.

So, if you feel you also may be going insane in the present climate of digital screen life, where real is unreal but realer than real, the apparent is cryptic, and up is down, true is false, and what you see you don’t, it has a history.

Facebook has become the ultimate plug in to a superficial Matrix –in essence we have all been taken in by what can be seen as an MKUltra tool.

Most of the facts about MKUltra come from affidavits and testimony given to the Rockefeller Commission, then the Church Committee and the single surviving official report that they managed to get their hands on. The report was prepared by the Inspector General’s office in 1963 when the surreptitious administration of drugs to unwitting test subjects in the MKUltra program was supposedly terminated.

The report defines MKUltra as “research and development of chemical, biological. And radiological materials capable of employment in clandestine operations to control human behavior.” It goes on to say “additional avenues to the control of human behavior had been designated as appropriate to investigation under the MKUltra charter, including radiation, electroshock, various fields of psychology, sociology, and anthropology, graphology, harassment substances, and paramilitary devices and materials.”

Any other reliable information about MKUltra is gleaned from testimony given during senate hearings in 1977. The hearings were prompted by the seven boxes of documents containing some eight thousand pages that the CIA had turned up earlier that same year in response to a FOIA request.

The heavily censored documents surfaced in early 1977 even when Richard Helms, Director of the CIA from June 30, 1966 – February 2, 1973, had ordered all documentation pertaining to MKUltra destroyed during his tenure.

The new documents survived only due to a clerical error. They are budgetary data and give little additional information from what had already been obtained by the Rockefeller Commission and the Church Committee. Some surviving information pertaining to MKUltra was officially declassified in July 2001.

The legend of MKUltra began at the end of 1974, when journalist Seymour Hersh, in an article published in the New York Times, accused the CIA of conducting experiments on American citizens and of sundry other nefarious acts on American soil during the sixties. In the beginning of 1975, responding to national outrage, President Gerald Ford convened The United States President’s Commission on CIA Activities within the United States. Ford’s commission was known as the Rockefeller Commission because it was headed by then Vice President Nelson Rockefeller.

One hundred and thirty-two years ago, Nietzsche added that “something extraordinarily nasty and evil is about to make its debut.”  We know it did, the twentieth century was the bloody butcher of war, poverty disease and rebellion.

Nihilism stepped onto center stage and has been the star of the show ever since, straight through to 2020.

Obviously, we haven’t gotten our bearings. We are far more adrift today on a stormy electronic sea where the analogical circle of life has been replaced by the digital, and “truths” like numbers click into place continuously to lead us in wrong, algorithm-controlled directions.

The trap is almost closed.

Of course, Nietzsche did not have the Internet, but he lived at the dawn of the electric era, when space-time transformations were occurring at a rapid pace. Inventions such as photography, the phonograph, the telephone, electricity, etc. were contracting space and time and a disembodied “reality” was being born.

With today’s Internet and digital screen life, the baby is full-grown and completely disembodied. It does nothing but look at its image that is looking back into a lifeless void, whose lost gaze can’t figure out what it’s seeing.

It is the image through a glass darkly and it is gathering up history of consciousness that is certainly analyzed at the speed of light and then the ghost in the machine is there to haunt you with memories of the horrible things you have published and the horrible things people have said about you.

It certainly mocks you like a demon – and can haunt you like a ghostly voice in the void.

The internet and Facebook take on this paranormal persona—a dead entity that lives vicariously through your thoughts and actions. We use it to conjure our various beasts – our monster from the ID, if we wish to call it that.

Lurking behind our thin, rational facade is an impulsive demon. A demon that takes control of us, acts without thinking, and serves its own purposes regardless of the impact to our ultimate well-being.

That demon is your ID.

Your ID, your lizard-brain, your ‘animal’ impulses, that piece of you evolved in a context wildly different from the one in which you now live.

Our vast technology network, now held and ever-accessible in the palm of your hand, push-notifying for your attention wherever you go- that tech is the make-shift key that not only unlocks your inner-demon, but amplifies him & allows him to run your life unchecked & afoul.

This isn’t a new observation- it’s the central warning of 1956’s classic science-fiction film, “Forbidden Planet.” Explorers discover the remnants of an advanced alien civilization “the Krell” and attempt to uncover its secrets while under attack from an invisible monster.

The great reveal of the movie: the peaceful Krell created machinery so advanced it turned desire into matter. But even the most rational Krell were evolved from creatures less noble, and at the center of every Krell brain still hid a lizard-core, a place of base instinct… a place of pure id. The Krell’s machinery faithfully transformed even the darkest subconscious impulse into a literal “monster from the id,” wiping one-another out. The explorers realize dramatically that the invisible monster they fight, is in fact themselves.

Who would have thought that B-movie would give us fair warning about how advanced technology could haunt us and that the demons and ghosts with the machine are created by ourselves?

Take, for example, the phonograph, invented by Thomas Edison in 1878.  If you could record a person’s voice, and if that person died, were you then listening to the voice of a living person or one who was dead?  If the person whose voice was recorded was alive and was miles away, you had also compressed earthly space.

The phonograph suppressed absence, conjured ghosts, and seemed to overcome time and death as it captured the flow of time in sound. It allowed a disembodied human voice to inhabit a machine, an early example of downloading.

Soon, with the arrival of cinema, they would see ghosts as well.

Today, speaking ghosts are everywhere, hiding in hand-held devices. It’s Halloween all year round as we are surrounded by electronic zombies in a screen culture.

This technological annihilation of space and time that was happening at a frenetic pace was the material background to Nietzsche’s thought.  His philosophical and epistemological analyses emerged from German intellectual life of his time as well, where theologians and philosophers were discovering that knowledge was relative and had to be understood in situ, i.e., within its historical and social place or context.

Without going into abstruse philosophical issues here, suffice it to say, Nietzsche was suggesting that not only was God dead because people killed him, but that knowledge was a fiction that changed over time and was a human construction.

All knowledge, not just science, had to be taken “as if” it were true.  This was a consoling mental trick but falsely reassuring, for most people could not accept this, since “knowledge” was a protection racket from pain and insanity. It still is.

In other words, not only had people murdered God, but they had slain absolutes as well. This left them in the lurch, not knowing if what they knew and believed were really true, or sort of true – maybe, perhaps. The worm of uncertainty had entered modern thought through modern thought.

While the average person did not delve into these revolutionary ideas, they did, through the inventions that were entering their lives, and the news about Darwin, science, religion, etc., realize, however vaguely, that something very strange and dramatic was underway. Life was passing from substance to shadow because of human ingenuity.

It is similar to what so many feel today: that reality and truth are moving beyond their grasp as technological forces that they voluntarily embrace push everyday life towards some spectral denouement.

An inhuman, trans-human, on-line electronic life where everything is a parody of everything that preceded it.

The fundamental problem is that our well-meaning side is the slow-side of our mental machinery, while our impulsive animal side rapidly & frequently seizes on whatever it can, after it all, it evolved in a context of relative scarcity.

Information technology not only efficiently matches supply with demand in the palm of our hand, but increasingly over thrusts our minor vices, boredom, insecurity into demand-generating opportunities. These desires, freshly heightened by rapidly evolving, data-driven marketing, can be satisfied instantly by equally scientifically developed products & funnels…. long before the rational mind can speak up and say “hey wait, I don’t have the time to analyze this!”

Worse still, the negative effects of indulging in your ID essentially compound: bad habits are more easily reinforced than good ones, quickly entrenched, and willpower erodes. The battle for self-control isn’t lost, but if we aren’t proactively fighting & improving, we should be aware we are actively losing by default.

While the idea of social distancing has put a dent in our dignity and our ability to be humane—we cannot allow ourselves to be consumed by draconian science and technology that wishes to make you into a machine. Sure, Elon Musk wants you to hook up but isn’t this one more step to turning off and allowing the demons that he so passionately talked about takeover — is anyone at all aware of the metaphor of Musk putting his new invention into a pig?

It is literally the casting of demon into the physical bodies so that they are controlled – perhaps to the point of lemmings that can be marched into the waters of the abyss – just like the pied piper leading rats and little children to their demise.

Every technocrat that is interested in opening their mouths today are pushing the agenda of estrangement.

People like Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates are two of the biggest proponents of destroying the human ability to love, and to be social animals.

This should sicken those who think that humanity is worth saving and healing.

If human communication becomes primarily digitally controlled on-line and on screens, those who control the machines will have achieved the most powerful means of mind control ever invented. That will be MKultra on a vast scale. Surveillance will be complete.

Yes, there are places on the internet where truth is and will be told, but as we can see from today’s growing censorship across the web, those power elites and intelligence forces who control the companies that do their bidding will narrow the options for dissenting voices.

Such censorship starts slowly, and then when one looks again, it is a fait accompli. The frog in the pan of slowly heating cold water never realizes it is being killed until it is too late. Free speech is now being strangled. Censorship is widespread.

The purpose of so much internet propaganda is to confuse, obsess, depress, and then repress the population. Orwell rote in 1984 that “The peculiar linking together of opposites – knowledge with ignorance, cynicism with fanaticism –is one of the chief distinguishing marks of Oceanic society, The official ideology abounds with contradictions even where there is no practical reason for them.” One look into one’s life will suffice to see how the overlords have set people against each other.

It’s a classic tactic. Divide and conquer. Trump vs. Biden, Democrats vs. Republicans, whites vs. blacks, liberals vs. conservatives. Pure mind games. Contradictions every day to create social disorientation.

To make matters much worse, they say we need 5G to go much faster.

Again, we go back to that B-Movie called, Forbidden Plane,t where Commander Adams says to Dr. Morbius:

“And so those mindless beasts of the subconscious had access to a machine that could never be shut down. The secret devil of every soul on the planet all set free at once to loot and maim. And take revenge.”

The Krell Machine has been built.

It is the internet where Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—take just a bit of your soul and sells it back to you as a product –all it asks of you is your estrangement.

It has become an MK Ultra-like triggering mechanism and it appears to be a catalyst for violent response and organized action from the citizenry all the way up the chain to its programmed leadership.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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