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Clyde Lewis | September 23, 2020


I know that we have an election coming up and I know that there are plenty of people that think they know who should be voted in to run the country. However, I think that there should be another election that we should hold in this country and that is that we should put to a vote how we should be treated now that we are being told the COVID-19 is going to be with us for a long time.

For most of the year, we have been told what to do – we have complied with lockdowns, we have been social distancing, we have followed the arrows in the stores, we have worn masks and while we have been told this is all one big health crisis, we are also being shown that this is also a political football and so with this in mind, we need to put to a vote how the people really feel about being put under house arrest and told to not do this or that.

We need experts to step in and talk about benefits and risks and then let the people decide who best has the solution to the crisis.

So far, we only hear from two people Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates and various other overpaid shills that parrot what they say and we have other experts that try to speak up about what they know and they are immediately shut down, banned and censored.

We put life choices on the ballot all the time—here in Oregon, we voted that it was okay to end your life if you felt the quality of life would suffer. In New York they voted to allow late term abortions –even at the moment where someone may be near death family members vote on do not resuscitate orders because of quality of life decisions.

I want to make the argument that our quality of life is suffering in the United States.. we need to vote on what happens next.

We should not be ordered anymore — this is America and the abuse of power needs to stop.

The U.S. death toll from the coronavirus officially topped 200,000 Tuesday, by far the highest in the world—however what won’t be reported is that weeks before we officially reached that number the media had already been pushing this so called grim milestone.

Even before it was officially reached.

I joked yesterday on a Facebook post that if the media would just have a second of silence for everyone that has died that would mean that they would have to shut up for at least 55 hours and by then maybe we would all calm down and get on with our lives.

Just days after publishing significant new guidance on airborne transmission of the coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday withdrew the advice, saying only that it had been “posted in error” on the agency’s website.

The new document for the first time had acknowledged that the virus spreads mainly by air, a declaration with urgent implications for how people protect themselves indoors and how ventilation should be engineered in schools, offices, hospitals and other public places but the confusion has again created a backlash and has challenged the confidence of those who want to jump when the CDC says jump.

With all of the research I have done on what has gone down – there cannot be a statement of failure from the so called experts without saying that President Trump has been the biggest offender for passing false information about the virus and now memes are being spread all over the internet that he is solely responsible for the 200,000 deaths.

However, we tend to forget that long before Bob Woodward made the rounds on television, shaking the confidence of people and their leadership, we had people like Dr. Fauci claiming that we shouldn’t let the virus get in the way of our lives –and when Nancy Pelosi feared xenophobia with the virus made it a point to dine in Chinatown to show people that you can’t get the disease from eating Peking duck.

Not only that but we also forget how Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates both frightened everyone into thinking that COVID-19 would kill and estimated 2 million people and that if we were to take just 15 days to flatten the curve we would sail through this think without a problem.

None of this has transpired and even with all of the precautions and misleading information from more than just our President we have still managed to reach the 200, 000 milestone and this is only the beginning.

What we can actually see as a success in all this, is that the media has successfully engendered paranoia and with cold and flu season coming on the smallest cough, or just a sneeze will launch destructive gossip and action where people will be policing each other to the point where nothing will get done.

In Arlington, Massachusetts a father says that his nine-year-old son was sent home from Bishop Elementary School because he was sneezing. The fourth grade student was told he could not to return until he gets a negative COVID-19 test.

Lancinet Keita says that he sneezed two times then the teacher told him to go to the nurse—he did not have a fever nor did he show signs of being sick.

Bishop Elementary where the boy attended school sent out an official statement:

“A student at Bishop Elementary School was sent home early today after he displayed COVID-19 related symptoms. This decision was made both out of an abundance of caution and in accordance with district protocols related to COVID-19. This isolated incident is not indicative of any need for wider concern of COVID-19 exposure. Per district protocols, the student will either have to produce a negative COVID-19 test, written documentation from a health care provider stating it is an alternative illness or be symptom free for 10 days following the start of the symptoms.”

What is most troubling is that kids are usually in a constant state of sniffling whenever the weather changes and if this reaction is any indication of how winter is going to be – we are going to see a mountain of problems with hypochondria and paranoia.

Common cold viruses invade the planet every year causing multiple, dominantly benign yearly viral distribution, without consideration of its dangerousness. They produce in a high majority up to 99.5% of their infections, either zero or mild symptoms like a sore throat, runny/stuffy nose, cough, sneeze or headache.

They represent the most common human infectious disease, adults having typically two to three infections per year, and children even more.  In my research for many shows and seminars I have done in the past on the subject of Cytokine reaction we are up against at least 200 virus types every winter the main ones being rhino-, corona-, adeno-, and enteroviruses as well as influenza, parainfluenza, human respiratory syncytial and metapneumoviruses. They can become dangerous mainly for frail, sick and old individuals, and their lethality can go as high as 8% in nursing homes.

Does this sound familiar?

Like the influenza virus, they mutate regularly to counteract the protection gained by the human population thanks to its immunization. Common cold and influenza viruses produce respiratory tract infections, which are fatal for 2.6 million human beings per year worldwide.  

Before COVID-19 no one considered the dangers of any virus producing similar indications – now it is in our faces – putting 200,000 up against 2.6 million and we begin to see how the constant reporting of deaths has made us more than paranoid.

The COVID-19 pandemic episode has as its source the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the last corona mutation. On many points, it obeys the typical characteristics of common cold infections.

I want to stress that reporting this – is not conspiracy theory or fake news — it is fact.

Statistically speaking In Italy, 95% of the fatalities happened for patients suffering from one up to three or more pre-existing morbidities, and the mean age of the deceased patients was 82. Such a mean fatality age is very close to the average life expectancy of developed European countries.

Many studies have recently indicated that at least 80% of COVID-19 infections are indeed asymptomatic leading to a final corrected infection fatality rate between 0.1 and 0.2%. This is comparable to a flu pandemic.

More evidence is also firmly accumulating that cross immunizations between different corona strains is frequent, so that human beings already infected earlier by another corona strain will be protected against the risk to get a severe form and might even remain asymptomatic.

This can explain the high amount of benign or even asymptomatic forms in children, who share their virus loads frequently and efficiently thanks to their close play and interaction behaviors.

That a sufficient and efficient amount of herd immunity could develop itself in the current human population fits well with the presence of completed daily death toll curves (number of deaths per day) of the COVID-19 epidemic episode in a large number of countries. Daily death toll curves have indeed started their regression since the beginning of April in many countries worldwide.

However, now with the common cold looming for the fall and influenza looming for the winter, the biggest concern is with human behavior and how we will treat people who break out in a sneeze or cough because of a minor throat irritation.

These things are more common than COVID-19 although with the psychological environment people will certainly freak out when in an area where someone might sneeze – even if they are wearing a mask.

The common cold has not received much attention from virologists and epidemiologists, we have no idea how they exactly distribute themselves and fluctuate along the whole year.

However, many events and activities that we have in the fall and winter are now being cancelled as the fear of second wave is now approaching.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released its guidance for celebrating Halloween amid the COVID-19 pandemic because obviously we never thought before that Halloween traditionally falls at a time when kids end up with a cold or even the flu.

The CDC recommends that families avoid participating in traditional door-to-door trick-or-treating, which the health agency has labeled a “high risk” activity. It was always a high risk activity but now with the ever constant “You are going to die agenda” kids will not be able to have fun this Halloween.

Other things that the CDC says are High risk include:
-Attending crowded costume parties held indoors
-Going to an indoor haunted house where people may be crowded together and screaming
-Going on hayrides or tractor rides with people who are not in your household
-Using alcohol or drugs, which can cloud judgement and increase risky behaviors
-Traveling to a rural fall festival that is not in your community if you live in an area with community spread of COVID-19

The CDC also reminds you that Halloween costume masks should not be used in place of cloth masks to protect yourself against the virus.

You can imagine what is going to happen to Thanksgiving and Christmas and those eight days and nights of Hanukkah. Your New Year’s Eve will probably be a lonely one as well.

And in year’s past all of those special occasions exposed you to cold’s flu and food poisoning, and yet I am sure you attended all of those gatherings—this year it is all forbidden.

Like other viruses including the influenza virus, the infection by coronaviruses like common colds can activate, in a small percentage of infected individuals, an inflammatory and immunological overresponse, called a “cytokine storm”. This one may lead to transient up to life-threatening tissue damage in the lungs, and it is the mechanism at the source of different auto-immune disorders.

But that can happen to anyone at any time –and get this it was always the case even when we didn’t think about the 200,000 dead from COVID-19. Even when we weren’t reminded of the millions of deaths from the flu all over the world every year.

An integration of the psycho-emotional factor, is so important in human medicine for prevention of diseases and the curtailing of inflammation due to stress.

However, as the media loves to point out the dramatic fatal evolution of COVID-19 – social isolation in times where social gatherings are an important way to fend off seasonal depression can be fatal.

We have not yet experiences Dark Winter and we are being warned of the “Twindemic” scenario and now the CDC is implementing more social isolation and confinement measures leading to reduction/suppression of democratic freedom and basic human rights and activities.

We are all being urges to listen to the science but the science that is pushing the political agenda is neglecting psychological wellbeing and no one is asking about it. For the past 7 months we have been asked to tough it out for a reward of getting back to normal.

There is no normal because we as a country are damaged psychologically—we are neglecting the science that says that humans are social animals and that we need to have social cohesion in order to maintain the public mental health.

We know that our mental state also directly co-influences recovery from diseases that are mostly treatable.

Three factors are proposed here to directly co-influence the amount of critical cases and deaths:

The baseline level of anxiety in a given human population
The suppression of freedom by limitation of democratic human rights
The suppression of basic human interactions through isolation and confinement.
The disruption of social bonds is a severe issue for all societies, and, isolation in itself can lead to death.

Now, this is science too – it is science that will not be indicated until the deaths from despair start piling up and none of those deaths will be tallied because then we could easily say that the media contributed to the untimely deaths of people who would normally survive a simple sniffle or a cough without being treated like a pariah.

Fear of not surviving the winter, desperate loneliness and panic can invade the normal functioning brain, and then we begin to see the defense mechanisms fall down and may open the way to a full-blown, potentially life-threatening viral infection. Confinement may increase in addition the vulnerability of the human organism to new pathogens, as it might have been the case with the war confinement at the end of the First World War during the development of the 1918 flu pandemic.

The application of general distancing and confinement measures leads unavoidably to a huge amount of questionable or even unmanageable decisions. The subject of the adoption of more or less strict measures creates unavoidably fractures inside social groups.

Even worse, different measures, which make minimal or even no sense, have been imposed by states and pushed by fearful individuals and groups, encroaching on democratic freedom and basic human rights. It is clearly not desirable for the people to be limited, controlled or threatened by the government it has itself chosen.

General confinement measures during the winter months, because of their psychosocial dangerousness, should be kept only in the context of exceptionally high epidemic lethality.

You can shut me down for saying so – you can attack my show for being truthful, you can ban me on Facebook but that does not change reality.

COVID-19 is nothing more than a drop of water that is making the vase overflow.

We have been functioning for years without knowing the odds of catching a cold or a flu in social situations and yet prior to COVID-19, we did not even think of how dangerous it was.

Your psychological well-being is now a political issue and so therefore we must vote on what we feel is the right direction to go this winter and we need to decide before the onset of cold hard paranoia sets in.

Seen at the ethical level, the corona crisis highlights the fact that any considered limitation of the right for self-determination, freedom and basic human rights would have to be based on a sound, profound, open and balanced multidisciplinary analysis.

We need to look clear headedly at the risk/benefit ratio of confinement. It should be presented to the people and voted upon.

Leaders have now made it political and our sense of wellbeing has been hijacked by our government leaders. Should it not be our choice to decide what we do next and whether or not we should decide the risks to public health and whether or not it is being handled in a way the benefits us psychologically?

With the corona crisis, we have cumulated, in the absence of such an analysis, severe collateral damage, with measures applied against a threat which did not justify them.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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