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Clyde Lewis | September 25, 2020
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As history unfolds, it becomes quite clear that our interpretation of news events is based on quick glances at a newspaper, magazine or news program that is funded, owned and/or operated by a corporation that has a controlling political interest in what is being reported. This type of journalism is what you would expect in a country where the press is no longer objective. It usually turns up in countries that are highly controlled.

Countries with state-run newspapers and state-run radio and TV stations. The state of the media has been declared dead by old-timers who long for the days of real journalism, where hunting for the blockbuster story was as stimulating as delivering it. Now those days have long passed and no one understands that sometimes it takes more than a television show or a newspaper columnist to get the whole story.

While trying to keep pace with an ever-changing world there is a point where we have difficulty keeping informed of what dangers are out there that might harm our families and ourselves.

So we develop a need for instant information. A flip of the switch gets us a news report. We listen and watch for certain buzzwords or sound bites. If we do not hear anything that sounds dangerous to us or if it does not affect us directly we tend to overlook it, or ignore it.

There are times where we have neglected information that may come back and bite us in the future.

America has become utterly intolerant of uncertainty. And in the absence of certainty, Americans scan the news, see the confusing stories, try to work on pattern seeking skills, and connect the dots.

From there come the best conspiracy theories.

But we are now in the habit of saying that conspiracy theories are lies – or they are the extremist counter point to the mainstream narrative that goes out of its way to tell you that they would never try to mislead you or even scare you into complying with am agenda.

But they are lying, especially about the public health and they are lying so much that they are beginning to believe their lies even when they don’t measure up to scrutiny and critical thinking.

It has been a while since I have opened the show with two COVID-19 topics in one week. I am hoping that it is not a trend –but the media is again doing something that needs to be addressed. While they will tell you that they are pushing facts and not fear – I was watching CNN today and a “Breaking News” flash came on the screen.

It used to be that a “Breaking News Flash” meant that something other than the normal news has come to the attention of the network. In this case the “breaking news flash” was simply a report that again we have reached another milestone 7 million reported cases of COVID-19 in the United States and that Florida has now grabbed the spotlight because the Governor there has lifted all of the mandates for mask wearing and restrictions on all public gatherings.

You can imagine the derision that is now being levied at Florida.

In recent weeks, though, it cannot have escaped anyone’s attention that there has been a drum beat which feels for all the world like a prelude to yet more fruitless and damaging restrictions. Think back to mid-summer. We were newly out of lockdown and despite concerns for crowded beaches, large demonstrations, opening of shops and bars, the main item on the news in relation to COVID-19 was the reassuring and relentless fall in daily deaths if we were to comply with their mandates of hand washing, social distancing and mask wearing.

We were told that we would be inconvenienced for 15 days in order to flatten the curve and take the load off area hospitals.

The goal posts were moved and the days extended to months and now most of the year has been shut down and now we see that simply putting the number of cases in boldfaced type was considered breaking news.

This is a blatant indication that they are manifesting fear with their facts and are telling people that we have to pay attention to what they call “science” when they fail to tell us that what they are reporting is based on consensus—albeit consensus with experts that support the fear mongering agendas.

If CNN and other left leaning news organizations were to put the facts over the fear they would report that active cases of COVID-19 at the time of their broadcast, they would also include recovery rates and those who died from complications of COVID-19 rather than saying that the death were all because of COVID-19.

I am suggesting this because the flu and cold season is coming and this will confuse people and even frighten people when they get the annual sniffle, sore throat and cough. However I do believe that these news organizations will continue with the consensus reporting that hides behind science and their witch hunts that hide behind political expediency.

The media continues to be dishonest and we can honestly conclude that they are lying to the American people through omission.

They are also profiteering off of what they call science and the experts they choose are profiteering off of investments in vaccines that are not cures but tools to create herd immunity something that can be done naturally and has been done influenza and other emerging pathogens that have the potential to evolve into something worse.

The plan is evident and if you do not create a means by which to strengthen your immune system you will have the double worry during the second wave that is already underway and a possible “twindemic” that will certainly cripple the medical system.

News organizations like CNN and MSNBC have failed to continually put the spotlight on how doctors and science have discovered better treatments like anti-inflammatory steroids, anti-coagulants and in particular, oxygen masks and not ventilators in the main that have helped the ‘case fatality rate’ even for the most hard-hit individuals.

The death rate even though we are given big numbers in bold face type on our TV screens is far lower now than it was six months ago.

Also if you want to know the truth behind the “second wave” it simply some magical terminology provided by the media and Dr. Fauci as there is no foundational, medical or scientific literature which tells us to expect a “second wave.”

The second wave is yet again a scary terminology for control. The Twindemic is also a magic word for the projections of both influenza and COVID-19 to push the Flu vaccine.

Again, what we are looking at here is profiteering from consensus and using fear as a motivator for that profiteering.

Would it be possible to disclose to us the evidence upon which they were relying to predict this second wave? Surely they have some evidence? If there is any to be found – I would love to hear it on CNN or Fox News.

I am sure the American people would love to hear facts but of course, facts don’t sell vaccines.

You won’t hear about it because it is too simple to declare a second wave by throwing up numbers of accumulated cases instead of showing active caseloads and recovery numbers.

The last two novel coronaviruses, SARS and MERS, were of one wave each. Even the WW1 flu ‘waves’ were almost certainly a series of single waves involving more than one virus.

The multi-virus season is about to unfold and the media would be wise to separate the substance to calm public fear – but why let a success racket stop because of inconvenient facts.

The US hit 7 million cases the same day that 23 states, most across the US heartland and Midwest, reported an increase of new cases compared to the previous week, according to a CNN analysis of Johns Hopkins data.

California became the first state to surpass 800,000 infections, according to Johns Hopkins data. Texas is second, with about 747,500 cases, followed by Florida with some 695,000 cases.

Nationally, the rate of new cases is up 9% from last week, with a seven-day average of more than 43,000 cases nationwide.

Early on in the pandemic, health experts had warned of the threat of a second wave of cases. But given the fact that there is no proof or a model of the so called second wave , Dr. Anthony Fauci said the nation remains in the first wave.

Fauci said to the press that “Rather than say, ‘A second wave,’ why don’t we say, ‘Are we prepared for the challenge of the fall and the winter?'”

Are we seeing their arguments weakening? Are facts going to eventually win over the fear?

It would be reasonable to expect some limited ‘resurgence’ of a virus given that the fall and winter season forces people back into their homes and we convene for family dinners and gatherings.

You’re most in contact with family, friends and coworkers and they are the people with whom you generally exchange colds and flu. Complying with mask wearing and hand washing will reduce the spread of the flu too and yet the whopping numbers of cases and deaths make the science look like an organized system of ignorance led by the hundred monkeys leading other monkeys who don’t see their compliance as pointless.

We complied and over 200,000 have died.

A long period of imposed restrictions, in addition to those of our ordinary lives did prevent the final few percent of virus mixing with the population.

But, with the movements of holidays visiting distant relatives, starting new terms at universities and schools, that final mixing is under way. It should not be a terrifying process. The media should report that it is to be expected –instead they take the approach that those who are getting sick are not listening to the science.

We should be outraged—we should say something or do something.

People are dying because COVID-19 is just one more virus that has the potential to kill people with other morbidities and circumstances.

The numbers that rising are to be expected and it should be reported that way.

It happens with every new virus, flu included. It’s just that we’ve never before in our history chased it around the countryside with a technique more suited to the doctor’s office or emergency room and not in some supermarket parking lot.

This is what we are doing in the 21st century – it is pathetic and we should expect more. Instead we are fearful and trusting but it is getting us nowhere because the huge numbers in boldface type indicate that we aren’t doing it right.

The left will complain it is all because of a lack of leadership when in reality it is because of a lack of common sense.

It appears that the new objective is to continue with the attacks against our human dignity and freedoms by making everyone a bio-security risk. It doesn’t have to be this way but it is and we need to start discussing and maybe even voting how we are to move forward with many voices instead of one or two like Fauci or Bill Gates.

As I predicted during the Democratic debates, the objective by the globalists is to create a parasite or peasant class for the purposes of a scarcity economy that replaces manpower with machines and technology.

The mask you wear marks you as the peasant class—your health determines if you are a parasite that is feeding off resources and overwhelming the medical system.

The proof is simple – we always see the show trials in the media of mostly conservative and god fearing Americans who contract COVID-19. Those who have been outspoken calling it a hoax are also exploded in the media. Conservative politicians are always in the spotlight if they get COVID-19. Many progressives seem to be immune. Riots and demonstrations are also immune form COVID-19 and Trump Rallies contribute to the dangerous spread of the virus.

We are already being programmed as to who the peasant class is – who the parasites are for now but in the end, everyone regardless of your political leanings, will be a biological health risk for just a sneeze or a cough.

Every aspect of your life will be monitored and controlled, as we move towards the ultimate Surveillance State. Your ability to work, to socialize, to travel, conduct business, access public services and to purchase essential goods and services will be dictated to you, and restricted, by the State, based upon your biosecurity or immunity status.

This transformation process is well underway.

There are already military styled quarantine camps for those who do not wish to comply – most of them are trailers that are placed in fenced off areas, in campgrounds, fair grounds and near hospitals.

The apparatus behind all of this fear based control has invested billions in propaganda. The fascist technocracy, presently being constructed at an alarming pace, requires our cooperation. Without it, the biosecurity dictatorship cannot gain its desired authority.

We don’t need anyone to tell us how to live. Nor how to deal with the tiny minority incapable of taking responsibility for their own actions. We are acting out of fear and the continued programming that tells us that if we want to go about a normal life we are selfish.

If you notice, none of those who tell us what to do practice what they preach.

We are taught, practically from birth, that respecting authority is a virtue. To obey is to be good, disobedience is punished. What could we be if instead we taught to think critically, that all of us have equal, inalienable rights, never to cause harm or loss and to take responsibility for themselves because there is no claimed protection from abusive authority?

How about protection from those who use biases to bring about agendas – fear to compel people to comply?

History shows that rebellions against internal elites are rare. Most societies won’t rebel if they still feel a sense of comfort in transition.

Americans dream of revolution, drawing parallels with revolutions such as 1776 America but they ignore conditions that we see in America today like apathy and disorganization, accompanied by a massive increase in the State’s surveillance and police machinery.

You can say that you have the guns but they have bigger ones and enforcement is something that guarantees conformity.

We traded away our liberty for promises of security and prosperity. Everything has a price. We will need cohesion to stand together during the difficult times ahead, ignoring those seeking to retain power by dividing us against ourselves.

Keep in mind that that every year there is a chance that you will die. You don’t know the time or the date, or the cause. That is plenty to be afraid of if you continue to focus on it. That is the beauty of creating your own nightmares and having a government or religion producing all kinds of spook stories to get you to give up your personal freedoms.

You can’t quantify safety or legislate stupidity. However, governments have been known to legislate out of fear, especially if they support the whims of a former bartender who thinks that she is an expert at both politics and the expiration date of our existence.

In the “good old days” our tragedies were local and isolated. Today with the aid of technology, tragedy is seen everywhere, every day. We want protection, we want guarantees that bogyman can be conquered – we want to be told not to worry or that whatever happens to the United States it is for its own good.

We are witnessing the timeline in history abruptly switching sides – it is the moment where everything is turning upside down. Those who are vigilant knew this was going to happen on a global level – it was foretold that this type of hyper shake-up would take place as the New World Order is being established.

The coronavirus pandemic is likely to inflict far more casualties than we normally count. It has taken months to get a seeming majority of Americans to take seriously the possibility that their behavior means life or death for friends, loved ones, and strangers who are susceptible to the virus’s direct effects.

But virtually no one is focused on the cascade of depression, and death that will come as indirect effects of the virus’s progress: patients with other afflictions who will die as COVID-19 victims take up ICU space, equipment, and personnel; healthy delivery drivers who fall asleep at the wheel covering shifts for a sick colleague or picking up extra work to cover a shortfall at home.

Rather than lay out an achievable but ambitious long-term goal to protect Americans, we are again the victims as there are among us leaders willing to abuse their power by taking advantage of the fear that they themselves generated.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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