Arthur C. Clarke one of the greatest science fiction writers stated that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” But what if we add a little wordplay to his statement and ask “what if magic is responsible for the creation of advanced technology?”

Those who are familiar with alchemy know about chaos and synergy, the idea of breaking something apart and then putting it back together again or the creation and destruction of primordial matter. It has been proposed many times that when the atomic bomb was detonated at the Trinity site in White Sands, New Mexico, it accomplished many things. Not only did it send the message to our enemies that we have the ultimate weapon but perhaps to the magicians who hid behind the science that it was a “working” that channeled the power of the atomic bomb into the universe and that it animated what is now called the Homunculus.

There are many that do not know the meaning of what the Homunculus is.

Although science has made progress in and of the last century, there are numerous ethical issues that need to be addressed by the scientific community. One such issue is that of the creation of artificial life. For some, this is the logical progression of scientific knowledge; for others, this is a realm that should not be interfered with by human beings. Concepts relating to the creation of artificial life such as genetic engineering and human cloning are relatively modern scientific ideas.

In the past, however, it was in the field of alchemy that Medieval scientists sought to artificially create life. One of the beings that alchemists were purportedly able to create was the Homunculus, meaning ‘little man’ in Latin.

The purpose of the Homunculus was to be a servant of man and over time scientists and magicians have wanted to bring into the world a perfect servant whether it be natural or unnatural.

To the Kabbalists, the Homunculus was called the Golem, or a man made of clay. They compared the creation to breaking of a huge bottle where the flow of life began and man came into the world as a little version of himself, bald and sylph-like.

In the beginning of creation these little bald human-like beings would thrive in the Pre-Adamic world until biblical mankind arrived in Eden.

At the Trinity site, the scientists ordered that a 100-tonne bottle called Jumbo that it be brought in at a great expense in order to enclose the atomic bomb. However, it never was used for that purpose but it was placed a short distance from the explosion.

The bomb was detonated on the 33rd north parallel on 7/16/1945 – when you add the numbers of the date separately it adds up to 33. The bomb was later used on a Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The 33rd north parallel runs through both of these cities.

The 33rd President Harry S Truman, announced the news that the bomb had been detonated from the cruiser, USS Augusta, in the mid-Atlantic, saying that the device was more than 2,000 times more powerful than the largest bomb used at that time to date.

Many occult scholars have created the notion that in the realm of dark forces, a ritual performed at the 33rd parallel has more power than rituals performed elsewhere.

Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, the architect of the modern atomic bomb who was in charge of the Manhattan project was asked by a student after the Manhattan explosion, “How do you feel after having exploded the first atomic bomb on earth”. Oppenheimer’s reply for the question was, “not the first atomic bomb, but the first atomic bomb in modern times”. He strongly believed that nukes were used in ancient India. What made Oppenheimer believe that a nuclear war was the accurate description of the weapons used in the Mahabharata War in the Epic which match with that of modern nuclear weapons?

He was referring to something called the Brahmastra which was a weapon written about in ancient Sanskrit. According to ancient Sanskrit writings, the Brahmastra was a very powerful weapon that was created by the gods.

It had to be detonated in a certain area after a key phrase or invocation was given by the user of the weapon. Through this invocation the user could call upon the weapon and use it through a medium against an adversary.

The weapon was also believed to cause severe environmental damage. The land where the weapon was used became barren and all life in and around that area ceased to exist, as both men and women became infertile. There was also a severe decrease in rainfall with the land developing cracks, like in a drought. The Brahmastra is mentioned in the Epics and Vedas as a weapon of last resort and was never to be used in combat.

It was said that the weapon had the capability of burning the sky and that it would send a signal to call creation both above and below.

When Oppenheimer’s bomb was set off in New Mexico, Enrico Fermi offered wagers on “whether or not the bomb would ignite the atmosphere and cause a chain reaction, and if so, whether it would merely destroy New Mexico, destroy the world or even send a huge wave into space creating turbulence and maybe take out other planets.

It was Fermi that suggested that there are billions of stars in the galaxy that are similar to the Sun, and many of these stars are billions of years older than the Solar System.

With high probability, some of these stars have Earth-like planets, and if the Earth is typical, some may have developed intelligent life.

Fermi theorized that an explosion of great magnitude would signal possible alien races and that they could very well visit this planet to at least make note of the area where the bomb was first detonated.

Although many scientists would like to claim that the Fermi story is a myth, there was a definite concern that a thermonuclear reaction might trigger the fusion of nitrogen nuclei in the atmosphere causing a cascade effect.

In most UFO discussions there has always been the theory that perhaps the detonation of the nuclear bomb was a ritual and that it was used not only for war, but to signal the sylphs or homunculus to come to Earth in order to exchange technological advancements and perhaps share the secret of Artificial Intelligence.

Significantly, in 1947 there was a report of what has now been called a crashed saucer in Roswell, New Mexico. Not only is Roswell near the first test site at Trinity, but it also sits on the 33rd parallel.

Rocket scientist Jack Parsons had once said that he believed that the bottle at Trinity housed a golem. He claimed that it contained clay, placed in a sealed container with a variety of ingredients and that the scientists who were Kabbalists wanted to animate the primordial matter by alchemical means.

The ritual would signal a new age of creation and bring the world closer to creating artificial life.

It all sounds so unbelievable, I know but there seems to be some method to all of this alien, alchemical madness.

An article in Scientific American published a recent study by a space and atmospheric physicist at the University of Reading in the U.K. found that the concussion waves from bombs that were detonated in World War II were felt at the edge of space.

Christopher Scott claims that air raids over London in World War II released the energy of at least 300 lightning strikes. Scott said, and historical accounts from the ground attest to the far-reaching power of bombs like the 22,000-lb. British “Grand Slam.”

When the researchers looked at the ionosphere-response records around the time of 152 large Allied air raids in Europe, they found that the electron concentration significantly decreased due to the shock waves from the bombs.

Ingo Mueller-Wodarg, a planetary scientist at Imperial College London who was not involved in the study, said the research is “a neat demonstration of how the ionosphere is affected by activity on the ground, despite being many tens to hundreds of kilometers above the ground.”

The effects of the shock waves would be temporary, Scott said, lasting under a day. “The ionosphere is largely controlled by solar radiation,” he told Live Science. “The bombing represents a small impact by comparison.”

Scott added that the ionosphere weakening may have affected the efficiency of shortwave radio communication, which relied on the ionosphere to reflect the signals over long distances.

More modern technologies, such as GPS, are affected by disturbances in the ionosphere. Another study published earlier this year found that the massive shock wave from a 2017 launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket created a temporary hole in the ionosphere, which may have disrupted navigation signals for an hour or two afterward.

It only goes to show that explosions from the Earth and massive power released from something like HAARP certainly affects the ionosphere.

So, perhaps Enrico Femi was on to something when he thought the atomic bomb would send a signal into space.

It is obvious that the contemporary UFO/Alien era began just after the testing of nuclear capabilities and thereafter people were reporting little bald Homunculi like entities coming down from space to butcher cattle and abduct humans from their homes.

It is also noteworthy to point out that Colonel Phillip J. Corso had claimed in the book “The Day After Roswell” that much of our modern technology came from the retrieval of the flying saucer that crashed at Roswell.

Recently there has been speculation over whether or not the events that happened at Roswell was purposefully carried out by alien beings in order to begin something called, “The post biological era or the era of artificial intelligence.”

One of the first science fiction films ever created dealt with this very notion. In 1920, a film was released in Germany called ALGOL: Tragedy of Power. The plot – an evil alien creature named ALGOL was a visitor from the demon star of the same name. He appeared to a poor miner and gave him superior technological advancements, a free energy device that has indescribable power. ALGOL then explains to the man that anyone who possessed it could become master of the world.

The film was released two years after World War I. The story was the first of its kind anywhere. It was probably the first time a story about alien intervention and secret technologies had ever graced the screen. It certainly had a Promethean theme and was considered at the time to be a remarkable film dealing with the occult. The very idea of an industrialist with a secret technology used to enslave a people was an ominous foreshadowing of things to come.

There have been many UFO theorists that have observed that perhaps the little bald grays with big eyes are simply synthetic intelligence. The argument assumes that there are highly intelligent extraterrestrials that built the first artificially intelligent Homunculi.

They are the gray aliens that are hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings.

Susan Schneider of the University of Connecticut and the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton theorizes that the aliens that we claim are visiting this planet may be Artificial Intelligence that is billions of years old.

Schneider said in a Daily Galaxy report, ‘all lines of evidence converge on the conclusion that the maximum age of extraterrestrial intelligence would be billions of years, specifically ranges from 1.7 billion to 8 billion years.

If and when aliens decide to reveal themselves to us on a grand scale, they probably won’t look like little green men or spiny insects. It’s likely they won’t be biological creatures at all, but rather, advanced robots that outstrip our intelligence in every conceivable way.

While scores of philosophers, scientists and futurists have prophesied the rise of artificial intelligence and of the impending singularity, most have restricted their predictions to Earth. Few thinkers outside the realm of science fiction have considered the notion that Artificial Intelligence is already out there, and has been for eons.

The question is whether or not we signaled them with our weapons and with that, they came to Earth and exchanged their technology with us.

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