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Clyde Lewis | September 28, 2020
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Over the weekend, I was in a diner with my wife having breakfast and a song came on that I had not heard in a while by The Guess Who called “Share the Land.” I remember the controversy about that song in 1970’s. While the song had an innocent commune hippy vibe, there were many radio program directors that thought the song pushed communism.

So it was banned.

The song features this refrain:  “Maybe I’ll be there to shake your hand, maybe I’ll be there to share the land, they’ll be giving away when we all live together.”

I was thinking as I sipped my coffee that perhaps Bernie Sanders had a hand in writing the song or that Alexandria Occasion Cortez could cut an album and make it a big hit.

A new poll says many younger Americans have no problem with socialism and some even want to try it. There are others who were born between 1964 through 1979 that are wondering why the younger generations and others want to change America.

The truth is that for over 40 years, there has been what is called the cynical conspiracy where broken dialogue, censorship and clever framing of the mainstream media, radio, TV and movies have brought us to this point in time.

In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine voted John Lennon’s song, “Imagine,” the third greatest song of all time. Former president Jimmy Carter observed that “in many countries around the world… you hear John Lennon’s song, ‘Imagine,’ used almost equally with national anthems.” The song is indeed beautiful. However, Lennon was quoted in the book Lennon in America, by Geoffrey Giuliano as saying that the song is “an anti-religious, anti-nationalist, anti-conventional, anti-capitalist song, but because it’s sugar-coated, it’s accepted.” Lennon also described the song as “virtually the Communist Manifesto.”

Songs like “Imagine” were believed to be a product of the Tavistock/Marxist philosophy of “collectivism,” philosophies emphasizing the collective over the individual fighting for a common cause or threat. Marxism, more than any other philosophy, has influenced modern collectivist thinking by adding equality and fraternity to the traditional collectivist values.

Tavistock and social engineering groups like the Rand Corporation have broadened the appeal of collectivism in a more sophisticated way than it has been previously. Through media, music and drugs our culture has become easily manipulated into accepting a form of socialism and eventually the United States may see itself creating a model of government similar to state socialism.

I remember when I first started on talk radio, I was given great advice from my mentors. I was told two important things – one, no matter what you say on the air you will never change the way the world goes and two, you should never fall in love with your opinions because eventually, you will fall into the trap of thinking they are fact.

I have tried to keep these two things in mind when I do my shows and while I admit that sometimes I can go off track, I try to keep those two rules as the basis for most of my broadcasts. If you engage with people who have differing beliefs you start reflecting on what you truly believe. It’s an opportunity to reflect upon what you believe and why you believe it.

A mentally healthy person will not attack a person’s beliefs — most who wish to be teachable or want to learn about others will ask “Why do you believe that?” and then listen. Figure out their reasons for their belief by asking questions. Then ask yourself if their conclusions are justified by the rationale they provided.

You can let people be wrong – I sometimes do that because I don’t want to steer away from major points in conversations. While being aware of other people’s beliefs are good for your mental hygiene, it is also healthy to call out those who are extremists. If you can’t figure out how your side or another side goes too far or overreacts to certain topics, that may be a sign that you are part of the problem and need to moderate your beliefs.

You can always spot a zealot – or a fanatic because they emotionally react when you try and challenge their opinions. They put all of their emotional energy into a small detail rather than focusing on the bigger picture.

This is what is known as myopia.

There is a great deal of myopia, attention deficit, misleading talking points, and manipulated information the people are being fed in the media – the more you read and the more you watch the more you can pick up on what the end goal is with their method of informing the people about major events.

We are now learning that oppression and marginalization has mutated into an ideological virus. We are now seeing that resistance to mainstream brainwashing will not be allowed to derail the framing that the media is trying so desperately to monopolize and even in the face of obvious gaslighting people are not thinking – they are just going along with whatever the media says, or with whatever expert they can pay to push an agenda. The awful truth is that as we are preparing for the first debate between the presidential candidates we are seeing a race to see who can out their criminality the quickest — both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are going in head first with all of the skeletons that are in their closets and the people are participating in the theater rather than demanding any explanations.

Throughout conflicts between the political parties, the question of language and communication looms crucial. The language that is used by each party helps define the terms of the conflict, interests, and objectives. A key factor in conflicts is information which, if misleading or false, can lead to misperceptions about the parties, their objectives, and strategies.

Due to the powerful effects of television, news images, and its impact on its audience, it becomes increasingly easier to distract people from the facts and frame the narrative in a way that spins a lie or a conspiracy theory to implicate someone or to create a scapegoat. From there, social media takes over and while it can be used as a magnifying glass for a framed narrative provided by the mainstream, it is countered by other conspiracy yarns that are compelling and complex.

The mainstream media in its framing war will tell you that conspiracy theories are divisive, dangerous, and even, evil. The term ‘conspiracy theory’ has long been used to discredit anyone pointing out collusion between powerful people, but efforts to pathologize dissent as ‘conspiracism’ are doomed to collapse under the weight of reality.

However, now we have to conclude that we have allowed ourselves to be brainwashed and in the year 2020 politics have replaced truth. We have arrived at a state in which social justice treats the principles and themes of politics as The Truth, where no dissent is tolerated, and anyone who disagrees must be cancelled.

The media has learned that the only way you can win the framing war is to make something political — because the destructive dynamics involved has beguiled people into pledging undivided support for the manipulative nature of politics. Collectivism is a tool that was once proposed to engender the attitude of the open revolution — The majority of people realize that their identity is connected to various social groups. As members of several social groups, we can find ourselves the victim of multiple forms of social oppression.

H.G. Wells authored a book called, The Open Conspiracy. This book was an expose on what the elite were planning for the future and how state socialism would gradually take over the world, creating a “New World Order” that would replace world religion and world government. He stated that it all would be replaced by collectivism. He stated that collectivism would kill religion and normal politics by replacing it as the new religion and philosophy.

Collectivism would create a parapolitcal uprising .

The only way it could be secured is to find ways to put programmed leaders into religious and political positions so that they can convince the consensus to accept collectivism as the replacement for religion. Postmodernists have also pointed out that there has always been a 40 year conspiracy to literally reeducate Americans into accepting state socialism through media, movies, TV shows and music.

In November 1964, the American historian Richard Hofstadter published an essay in Harper’s Magazine about the paranoid style in American politics, arguing that “American politics has often been an arena for angry minds” ripe for “conspiratorial fantasy.” Arguably, many elites in contemporary mainstream American institutions appear to believe that anybody expressing concern about a so-called cancel culture has been in possession of such a paranoid mindset.

In 1980, a book appeared called The Aquarian Conspiracy that put itself forward as a manifesto of the counterculture, defining the counterculture as the conscious embracing of irrationality — and political “consciousness-raising,” about the fate of the planet , race and capitalism . The Aquarian Conspiracy declared that the 15 million Americans that were involved in the counterculture in the 60’s were about to start a revolution.

It is theorized that this revolution and experiment had failed in the 20st century, and that in the 21st, century the sleepers within the old revolution would rise again and finish what was haphazardly started in the 1960s.

While many have praised the Aquarian revolutionary book for its positive and constructive views, there were others who saw it as a guide for the programmed “flower children” to rise up and begin the task of a collectivist “conspiracy” — one where the world would come together in a common cause, similar to what was predicted in the writings of Karl Marx.

It is argued, however, that the author, Marylyn Ferguson, was not asking that the revolution be based on the “Marxist model,” but a new internal process, where disillusioned “hippies” would create a new society within the old one, a coalescence of a new social order.

The counterculture, it seems, was actually a programmed sleeper cell that was ready to be activated at a future time. With all of the same whistles and bells that started the revolution of ‘flower power’ back then. This time “flower power” had changed into a more accepting attitude to socialism and the ideas of Hegel – and Marx.

Flower Power of course was replaced with Anarcho communism, Antifa and Black Lives Matter. This would explain why we are seeing a repeat performance of protests and demonstrations in the streets as older generations that were part of the counter culture are encouraging younger people to participate in walk outs, hunger strikes, violent police uprisings, marches, and peaceful protests.

Forty years after The Aquarian Conspiracy was published, many of Marilyn Ferguson’s forecasts for change have become social realities. Spurred by the student movement of the sixties, the New Age movement that followed, the educational transformation, and a controlled liberal media, America has indeed been changed by the “people’s cynical conspiracy” blindly led by the media, schools, and “power elites.” Most of the people simply drifted along. They didn’t know what was happening or where they were headed. Even churches failed to notice the rising hostility towards God’s truth and values.

Much of what the counterculture left us in the 1960s was a romanticized view of the era. If you have noticed, many events of that era have been somehow been sanitized by media moguls who grew up then, telling future generations that there was a time when protests, revolutionary thinking, and disruption opened the dialogue for a government that would provide for the necessities of the people.

Now, we are living in different times where the innocence of peaceful protests has been scarred by violence, ruled by ignorance and fueled by fear.

There is no sanitized song, or passage of poetry that can justify the color revolution. The collectivist brainwash has now fragmented the social warrior into factions that make war with those who wish to sustain patriotism and the idea of law and order.

They see this as a means to enslave – they do not value these ideals anymore.

As humans, we have tendencies towards defining ourselves in collective groups. Mostly by our religious and political views. There are some who define themselves by their country of origin. There are some who predict that the future will bring us to a time where the entire world will function with a “hive” mentality.

Collectivism has found varying degrees of expression in such movements as socialism communism and fascism. The least collectivist of these is social democracy which gradually reduces the imbalances of unrestrained capitalism by government regulation, redistribution of income (Sharing the wealth) and varying degrees of planning and public ownership. In socialist systems collectivist economics are carried to their furthest extreme, with a minimum of private ownership and a maximum of planned economy.

Look around you and realize that the idea of a ‘collectivist” world order is ready to be accepted. Anyone who says no to the “collectivist” dogmas will be made an example. They will be criticized and devalued in society as pariah.

The programming of minds to accept a New Social Order or a New World Order has been going on for over 40 years. The generation that was programmed first is now in power. The younger cynical generations are trying to fight the programming, but it becomes difficult when faced with the idea of survival. Tweeners, Generation X and the various generations after are being influenced once again by the older programmed counterculture.

It is interesting that the programmed “yuppie” finds himself in the same environment as he found in his adolescence. A culture influenced by drugs, and the prospect of a socialized movement. He is being plagued with social issues like abortion, population reduction and environmental sustainability. He is also living in times of war. A war that is fighting against ideologies that he doesn’t really understand.

It is the idea that Then is Now and Now is Then. The future is all about some idealistic potentiality, mixed with the predictions of doom. The present then remains stagnant out of fear. It is all linked to prophecy, predictive programming and crisis trauma ritual.

When people feel tossed about like feathers in the wind, helpless to control their futures, they turn to mass movements, to anything to which they can surrender their individual will. They put all of their faith in leaders and messiahs no matter how dishonest or manipulating they are.

That is why now, we must understand that the programmed sleepers have awakened and have decided to accept the open conspiracy and indulge in the permanent revolution. The sorry thing is that no single person can be blamed for wanting it. It has been a refuge all along and now it seems to be the only safe solution for survival. The majority want it. Those who say they don’t will eventually give in too.

As governments accrue more power to themselves, they seek out ways to expand and complete their control – and fear and dread secure the ideal atmosphere in which to enforce this type of mindless conformity.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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