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Clyde Lewis | September 3, 2020
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Last night during our On Beyond Zero broadcast on Facebook, a caller from Florida suggested I so a Ground Zero show in Spanish. It is all because I said something in Spanish to a caller who said that he had studied many languages and realized that God is fake he doubled down by saying that God was like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. I did not understand how studying different languages would bring someone to that conclusion and just to see if he was paying attention I ended the call with the words, “Que Dios Nos Bendigas” which means “May God bless us.”It was my little way of saying something in a different language about God that basically reinforces the belief that something out there is the heavens watches us and has interest in what we do.

He didn’t acknowledge what I said.

I would have to disagree with him because when I lived in Argentina I read the Bible in Spanish and reading it in a different language actually gave me more perspective and to the nature of God and the mission of Jesus.

But the fascination with spiritual activity in a Latin country did not stop with the Bible. I was actually able to have the privilege of listening to people share their supernatural experiences with me. Many people would share stories about contact with tall white beings that they claimed were from somewhere out in the heavens and that these encounters were common. It was around 1984 where there was a huge UFO flap in South America and there was a major UFO Sighting over Santiago, Chile and another similar sighting over Bariloche, Argentina. I was completely mesmerized by the stories– however it took at least 12 years before I found out what really happened back then –and I actually did a Ground Zero show where I simulcast the program with Jaime Mussaun of Setenta Minutos and I wanted to bring up the mysterious case of “Friendship” Island.

It was 1984, someplace near the Southern coast of Chile, and a mysterious distress signal had just buzzed across the receiver of ham radio operator Octavio Ortiz. A business agent who operated a small 27-megacycle CB station in his pastime, Ortiz, who went by the ham operator’s handle Lucero or “bright star,” was mystified by what he was hearing, as it seemed to have to do with a bright celestial object of an entirely different kind.

These signals were coming from an Island off the coast of Chile. There was a mysterious group–some say they were a religious cult that occupied the Island — they called themselves “Friendship.”

According to Ernesto de la Fuente, who actually visited the island, there is a certain point after crossing the Moraleda Channel in which UFOS or what appeared to be elliptical vehicles employed by the Friendship are magnetically guided to their enigmatic island. A entrance amid the rocks opens to provide access to the underground area, which is allegedly “equipped with all manner of advanced gear and electronic devices.” De la Fuente was told that all the electronics originated in Valparaíso and in certain instances were brought in from places all over the earth.

There seemed to be nothing strange about the electronic equipment, however, members of the Friendship looked identical — very tall and lanky with strange haircuts and deep dark eyes.

Indeed, the majority of the sources of information available on the web that discuss the sordid details of the Friendship Island affair still attribute the entire event to “alien beings” who, rather strangely, were said to resemble humans of Nordic appearance. Based on this description, a variety of alternative theories have emerged as well that suggest everything from a secret base where escaped Nazis were keeping various technologies hidden, to more fanciful ideas about a joint-project between these Germans and American intelligence agencies, collaborating on a South American equivalent to Nevada’s most infamous USAF installation, Area 51.

Apart from all the speculation, it is hard to know what to make of the Friendship Island stories. I was first acquainted with the Full story when I was given a UFO magazine calle Karma 7 that was published in Spain. It even included a tape recording of the communication between the Friendship group and those who were very close to them. I have managed to hang on to the recordings od the communicating between the Chilean fisherman and the aliens –and while there are not many Spanish speakers who listen to my show — there have been many people that have reviewed the taps and have identified two characters in the conversation whose voices are distinct without a known dialect. Some have suggested that they have German accents while others claim that these voices sound like they are using dialect that would be given by a priest or someone who is a religious official.

Either way — it reminded me of just how mysterious South America is when it comes to UFO’s and other anomalies in Space and how the people in those areas of the world say that the UFO’s or OVNI’s Land there often and that the occupants have shown themselves to various groups in Brazil, Peru and Argentina.

Back in June we reported the alleged Mage, Brazil UFO crash. Immediately after the event was announced and strange video was surfacing in the internet, Reddit moderators online were censoring and culling posts with the word “Brazil” days after people filmed a UFO above Magé. “A huge number of people saw lights in the sky of Magé, and reported that incident.

More surprisingly, many words like ‘moon’, ‘pentagon’ and ‘navy,’ were also censored after the alleged crash. After many complaints to Mods of these forums, Brazil and Pentagon were the only terms that were censored following the events in Mage.

After the UFO incident, we received reports of spikes in COVID-19 incidents prompting President Trump to issue a travel ban.

Meanwhile, it was reported that new satellite data from the European Space Agency revealed that the mysterious anomaly that has been weakening Earth’s magnetic field has split. The South Atlantic Anomaly has been quite active in splitting and moving in a Northwestern pattern. The magnetic field in this anomaly is swirling around and weakening in some areas.. some are suggesting that this magnetic weakening could put Africa and South America is danger because when the magnetic field weakens — cosmic rays and solar particles can get through and Bolide Meteors can also break through the barrier and leave these areas open for a possible strike from space.

The South Atlantic Anomaly likened by NASA to a ‘dent’ in Earth’s magnetic field, or a kind of ‘pothole in space’ – generally doesn’t affect life on Earth, but the same can’t be said for orbital spacecraft (including the International Space Station), which pass directly through the anomaly as they loop around the planet at low-Earth orbit altitudes.

It’s not just moving, however. Even more remarkably, the phenomenon seems to be in the process of splitting in two, with researchers this year discovering that the SAA appears to be dividing into two distinct cells, each representing a separate center of minimum magnetic intensity within the greater anomaly. Just what that means for the future of the SAA remains unknown, but in any case, there’s evidence to suggest that the anomaly is not a new appearance.

A study published last month suggested the phenomenon is not a freak event of recent times, but a recurrent magnetic event that may have affected Earth since as far back as 11 million years ago.

What is most surprising is that scientists are saying that this anomaly has no connection to the possible pole shift.

It is simply a magnetic whirlwind that is moving along the surface of the planet.

On August 18th we reported on the show “Demagnetizing the Eschaton” that this unstable anomaly would act like a wormhole and no one would know what would go through it and what kinds of problems it could cause for the earth whether it be weather anomalies, increases in UFO activity and possible meteor strikes.

On August 19th, a huge meteor entered into the atmosphere and exploded over a remote area Santa Filomena in northeastern Brazil. Up to 200 fragments of the meteorite, have been found so far. And there may be much more left.

The biggest piece weighed 40kg and is worth over $26,800 – the same as 10 years’ worth of the average salary in the area – and was found on August 27.

Locals living in the town now refer to the meteorite storm as a ‘miracle ‘and the day when ‘money fell from the sky.’

Most of the biggest rocks were found around the area church, further convincing locals that the rare meteorite was ‘sent by God.’

Within hours of the rocks falling, meteorite hunters traveled to the town from other parts of Brazil, as well as professional collectors from the US and Uruguay.

A team of 4 scientists from Brazil’s National Museum in Rio de Janeiro is trying to negotiate a price for the biggest stone. They fear they won’t be able to beat the price being offered by an American hunter, and that the rare rock will be shipped out of Brazil.

The meteorite is believed to be a rare chondrite which dates back to the origins of the Solar System. Only 1% of meteorites are of this type, and specimens can sell for tens of thousands of dollars. The largest chondrite ever recorded weighs 1,770kg and was recovered from the Jilin meteorite shower of 1976.

We can only assume that the magnetic field has weakened into a more complex form. Some may want to call it a biblical while others want it to be a simple scientific event.

It is theorized that when magnetic fields weaken and intensify there are earthquakes and weather changes that happen. Scientists say that a magnetic shift would not affect humans or animals, but that does not mean that we won’t feel something.

Another M 6.5 Earthquake was reported in the Mid Atlantic ridge on August 30th. About 20 hours later, on August 31, the second shallow M6.2 quake hit Chagos Archipelago region in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Meanwhile, two rare deep-sea fish were found dead in the Philippines after a M6.6 earthquake.

A few days ago a listener sent me videos that were recorded on August 22nd indicating that Both Brazil and Argentina were in the middle of a large UFO flap. Various videos were making the rounds showing huge glowing orbs hovering over areas like Sao Paulo Brazil and Buenos Aries Argentina.

There were also UFO’s reported over Mexico, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona at the end of August.

According to a new study, Reported UFO sightings have shot up amid the coronavirus pandemic, with the National UFO Reporting Center hearing about 51 percent more strange encounters so far this year compared to the same period in 2019.

According to a January poll by research firm Ipsos, 57 percent of Americans think there’s intelligent life on other planets. 

The survey found that 45 percent of the country believes UFOs have visited Earth.

Two weeks ago The International Space station actually captured footage of UFO’s in the South Atlantic coming through over South America and Australia.

The UFOs were caught on camera by Russian cosmonaut, Ivan Vagner.

The ISS was passing over Antarctica and over Australia when a row of UFOs passed over the South Atlantic.

While passing over Antarctica and Australia, Vagner was recording video of aurora australis — the southern lights –and detected a number of UFO’s in the solar wind.

Visible are the glowing curve of the Earth and the green of the aurora moving across it. 

Since the video was shot in a time-lapse, the flash of “objects” which quickly appear and disappear in the video actually lasted some 52 seconds. The objects “appear flying alongside with the same distance,” Vagner wrote in further tweets. “What do you think those are? Meteors, satellites or something else?”

It’s unclear precisely when the footage was captured or whether Vagner observed the phenomenon at the time, as he filmed.

It is interesting though that a lot of the UFO activity has been centered near the South Atlantic Anomaly.

Some people say if there are intelligent lifeforms out there, how come they don’t visit us? Why don’t they land on the White House lawn, announce their presence and give us their technology?

As we theorized before the weakening of the magnetic field in the Southern Hemisphere could mean that these UFO’s and near earth object won’t be landing anywhere near the White house.

However, it has been reported that an Asteroid is heading toward the planet and if it hits us, it will do so around the time of the 2020 election.

The celestial object known as 2018VP1 is projected to come close to Earth on November 2, according to the Center for Near Earth Objects Studies at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It was first identified at Palomar Observatory in California in 2018.

It is only 6.5 feet in diameter and NASA says it poses no threat.

NASA says that, “based on 21 observations spanning 12.968 days,” the agency has determined the asteroid probably — won’t have a deep impact, but it could still hit somewhere on the planet.

I am sure some people would hope that Ground Zero would be the White House lawn—while it may just land where the magnetic field is thinnest.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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