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Ron Patton | September 7, 2018



When programs pass into code and code passes into algorithms and then algorithms start to create new algorithms, it gets farther and farther from human aging —the computer learns like a toddler and as it matures we edge closer to deep thinking AI.

If these words sound shocking, then consider them a wakeup call to how we need to harness and rule the machines and not the other way around.

Recent years have seen a more portentous and ambiguous meaning emerge, with the word “algorithm.” We have discussed them before and while their meaning sometimes is lost on the individual who just knows how to hit a delete button – it is important to realize how they are crucial in the workings of a large, complex decision-making software system.

It uses any means of taking an array of input of data and assessing it quickly, according to a given set of rules — they are invisible, but they are there constantly trying to please you and in some cases guide you in your decision making.

Algorithms have literally changed our lives – some say for the better while others are worried that our lack of understanding of such things can unleash a monster.

Since 2016, a more nuanced consideration of our new algorithmic reality has begun to take shape. If we tend to discuss algorithms in almost biblical terms, as independent entities with lives of their own, it’s because we have been encouraged to think of them in this way. Corporations like Facebook and Google have sold and defended their algorithms on the promise of objectivity, but of course, we are now seeing that their algorithms are now biased towards left-wing ideologies and so search engines tend to guide you towards websites that espouse left-leaning thoughts.

Algorithmic decision-making has spread to the granting of loans benefits, college placement job interviews and almost anything requiring choice.

This is chilling because while we are told that algorithms are objective, scientists are learning that they are developing bias and they affect how robots and computers interact with humans.

Psychology and computer science researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Cardiff University have discovered that Artificial Intelligence robots can develop prejudices by learning from each other.

AI often has a complex relationship with racism and sexism, and we’ve seen previous instances of AI exhibiting such prejudice.

If you recall Microsoft’s chatbot, Tay, went full-on racist on Twitter and its successor “Zo” did not fare too well either. Just last year, Microsoft’s Tay bot went from emulating the tone of a supposedly hip teenager to spouting racist tirades within the span of a day. To make matters worse, the entire debacle unfolded on Twitter for everyone to see, forcing Microsoft to disable it.

Despite Microsoft programming Zo to ignore politics and religion, BuzzFeed News managed to get the bot to react to the restricted topics with surprising and extremely controversial results. One of these exchanges saw Zo refer to the Qu’ran as “very violent.” It also started speaking about conspiracy theory and claiming that the death of Osama Bin Laden came after “years of intelligence gathering under more than one administration.

Zo started to form opinions that the programmers did not like.

It started to have a bias.

Microsoft blamed Tay’s downfall on a concentrated group effort by select users to corrupt the bot, but it claims no such attempt was made at bringing down Zo. The chatbot is still available on Kik, with Microsoft saying it has no plans of disabling it.

In his testimony to Congress this week, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey spoke of the problem AI developers have in reducing accidental bias.

This didn’t stop programming bias from eliminating Alex Jones from Twitter for life.

It would be a chilling thought if a robot suddenly decided autonomously to erase or kill someone based on some frankenalgorrithmic bias.

The question is whether or not this is in our future – autonomous bots capable of destroying you based on something as simple as the color of your skin or the contours of your face or how fat you are.

The big news online today was the Tesla’s Elon Musk appearing on the Joe Rogan show smoking a blunt and talking about what dangers AI can pose when it becomes weaponized.

“The thing that is going to be tricky, said Musk, is that it’s going to be very tempting to use AI as a weapon. In fact, it will be used as a weapon. The danger is going to be more humans using it against each other most likely, I think.”

So, how far away are humans from creating something truly sentient? Rogan asked. Musk had some insightful words for him:

“You could argue that any group of people — like a company — is essentially a cybernetic collective of human people and machines. That’s what a company is. And then there are different levels of complexity in the way these companies are formed and then there is a collective AI in Google search, where we are also plugged in like nodes in a network, like leaves in a tree.”

He went on to say that “We’re all feeding this network without questions and answers. We’re all collectively programming the AI and Google. It feels like we are the biological boot-loader for AI effectively. We are building progressively greater intelligence. And the percentage that is not human is increasing, and eventually, we will represent a very small percentage of intelligence.”

The intelligence will grow with Artificial Intelligence and to boost its control we would have to be neurologically connected somehow, thus becoming a cyborg in the bigger matrix.

Musk argued that since we’re already practically attached to our phones, we’re already cyborgs. We’re just not as smart as we could be because the data link between the information we can get from our phones to our brains isn’t as fast as it could be.

Elon Musk says he will soon announce a Neuralink product that can make anyone superhuman by connecting their brains to a computer.

He says Neuralink increases the data rate between the brain and computers and will give humans a better shot at competing with AI.

For a man who says that bringing AI into the world is like releasing a demon, he appears to want to court the so-called demon with a system that connects us directly with it.

As I was reading about the Neuralink setup, I was reminded of a conspiracy theory about nanoparticles that when ingested or inhaled have already put us in a position to be controlled by Artificial Intelligence.

According to what I have read 94% of us have these nanoparticles inside us already.

It is part of a classified Gain of Function exercise known as “Nano Domestic Quell.”

According to the prevailing theory, the U.S. government has embarked on a program to implement a secret “programmable nano device” that when activated mimics a flu virus. It can be activated on the public in the instance of domestic uprisings, riots, and armed resistances.

Dr. Bill Weld is the man who claims that he got his hands on secret documents revealing the programmed aimed at population control using nanotech devices that can be controlled by autonomous Artificial Intelligence.

Keep in mind that these nano devices are inert until activated by a radio signal or direct transmission.

The military can target very specific locations, particularly with drones. They can target a room, a small house, an apartment complex, a city block, a town, or a whole metropolitan area. By simply firing this signal, the nano devices in your body will be activated.

The particles can mimic anything from acute psychosis, heart attack, and flu-like symptoms that can eventually kill the person within 10 to 12 days.

There are many theories as to how the nano devices can be delivered into the body and used as a physical control mechanism in the body.

Nano-scale mechanized pathogens or nano-scale delivery systems of natural, hybridized, or synthesized pathogens embedded in tobacco products, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, and every other consumable vice to which man is addicted.

They can be introduced to genetically modified foods and crops and can also be delivered through aerosol spraying such as chemtrails and other fogging methods.

Once inside your body, Nano Domestic Quell mechanisms remain dormant for years. According to the alleged DARPA documents you probably already have thousands of them inside you, and you have no symptoms The NDQ kill switch system is designed to allow those in control to eliminate specifically targeted demographics in precisely defined locales. Victims may range for single individuals to specific families in targeted homes.

If you do any research on nanites, you will find countless CIA and DARPA funded studies on how these tiny micro-cellular sized killing machines have an outer coating that is robust and can handle penetrating the body’s system until they either burrow into human flesh or attach themselves to go wherever they need to go.

Nanoparticles may be ingested through drinking water, food additives, atmospheric dust on food, toothpaste, and dental fillings and implants. Ingested nano particles can then be absorbed through small nodules in intestinal tissue that are part of the immune defense system. If Nan particles enter the digestive system and proceed into the bloodstream, they could move throughout the body and cause damage.

Toxic effects brought about by exposure to nanoparticles are related to the ability of these nanoparticles to catalyze the population and to bind irreversibly to membranes or DNA. This causes interference at multiple levels of cellular metabolism, signaling, and genetic alterations.

Science has already shown that nanoparticles, once ingested, can be taken up by the intestinal tract and, depending on their size, pass into the lymph nodes, affecting the immune system, or into the capillaries, where they can settle in various organs.

The particular nanites we are talking about are medical nano-scale devices meaning you might not even be able to see them with the naked eye. Metal-Ceramic Core-Shell Nanoparticles are the technical term. They’re customized with targets drug delivery, and cell depth vehicles, carrying large doses of agents, genetic material or programming targeted to specific cells.

They are constructed with a robust structure, they detect specific cells and identify their location that can kill the cells or remain and confirm having completed the operation. They receive a frequency and working orders and report what they completed.

The big question is whether or not recently proposed Neuralink tech is connected to nanite or nanobite technology where the human body won’t even know that it has these particles inside it – who needs a chip when Neurotech can have you synergistically connected to Artificial Intelligence?

Some are saying that the Nanobite system that has been developed has a connection to triggering the strange disease called Morgellons.

One of the more important findings is that the application of certain frequencies, or their harmonics, may play a highly significant role in the various manifestations of what has been called ‘the alien disease.”

It is an ecto-parasitic disorder and has all of the markings of some strange extra-terrestrial threat. Morgellons has been described as an alien contagion.

Morgellons is not being investigated as a threat. In fact, there are many physicians who have likened it to Fibromyalgia or other maladies that seem to be psychosomatic in nature.

There are a few doctors that are saying that this disease is a sophisticated nano technological threat. That somehow it was released to the public and that now many people are beginning to see the strands and bumps that appear with the disorder.

The claim is that Morgellons is not one disease but a system of multiple attack vectors that damage the body in numerous ways and carry various DNA and RNA strands.

The possibility of alien ecto-parasites was even challenged with the advent of prion threats that also threaten the world.

According to a 2010 edition of Science Daily, a new system for the controlled delivery of pharmaceutical drugs has been developed by a team of University of Rhode Island chemical engineers using nanoparticles embedded in a liposome that can be triggered by non-invasive electromagnetic fields.

Liposomes are tiny nanoscale spherical structures made of lipids that can trap different drug molecules inside them for use in delivering those drugs to targeted locations in the body. The superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles embedded in the shell of the liposome release the drug by making the shell leaky when heat-activated in an alternating current electromagnetic field operating at radio frequencies.

Many people have heard of smart dust or neural dust that can be activated through electromagnetic fields.

It consists of standard CMOS circuits and sensors that measure the electrical activity in neurons nearby. This is coupled to a piezoelectric material that converts ultra-high-frequency sound waves into electrical signals and vice versa.

The neural dust is interrogated by another component placed beneath the scale but powered from outside the body. This generates the ultrasound that powers the neural dust and sensors that listen out for their response, rather like an RFID system.

The system is also tetherless – the data is collected and stored outside the body for later analysis.

Now, what is most disturbing is that scientists are actually encouraging the use of smart particles in order to run Smart Cities more efficiently. It is promoted as an eventuality, that smart dust will cover streets and buildings to identify people, that people will have smart dust in their bodies.

The question is how small is the smallest “smart dust” today? Could it be small enough to perform functions inside the human body, or be involuntarily sprayed on us without us realizing it?

Considering what we don’t know about the inner workings of DARPA, the institutes of technology so influential to modern warfare, and other historically dangerous institutions, what technology similar to smart dust could they be pioneering or even experimenting on us with? The answer could be in so-called classified documents about Nano Domestic Quell – the future of mind control and AI data collecting.

Written by Ron Patton

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