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Clyde Lewis | September 7, 2020
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Back in May, I warned Ground Zero listeners of Operation Dark Winter and Project Atlantic Storm. Dark Winter and Atlantic Storm was a geoengineering event where an early winter would hit the United States. Geoengineered massive storms would cause a major disaster with power failures and a pandemic that would create a national emergency.

Many do not know that two years ago I spoke about these events at Contact in the Desert when I presented Clade X  where I speculated about an alien pathogen that would create a pandemic and that it would be incurable if it was released.

Clade X was one of many tabletop exercises where an fictional pathogen would be introduced through a gain of function exercise that would go terribly wrong. At eth time I speculated that Clade X was an alien pathogen – something that came from space.

There were epidemiologists and microbiologists that attended my lecture—they of course disagreed with the “alien” speculation but told me that my data on these tabletop exercises was correct.

During the lecture, I mentioned two other table top exercises Dark Winter and Atlantic Storm one that was carried out before the 9/11 attacks and one that was carried out in 2005. Many conspiracy theorists will indicate that in October 2019 an exercise called Event 201 – gave the blueprint for the novel coronavirus.

Clade X, Dark Winter and Atlantic storm are rarely brought up because of how long ago they were carried out and how unprecedented they were.

These exercises were funded and carried out by the same financial backers of the institute that was granted a U.S. patent for “an attenuated coronavirus” in November 2018. The patent was filed in July 2015. by the Pirbright Institute. Some of the major backers of the Pirbright Institute include the World Health Organization, the European Commission, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Dark Winter and Atlantic Storm were both aligned in predicting the release of a biological pathogen during a massive winter storm. The pathogen was spread on Black Friday during a major winter storm on the Atlantic Coast.
Now, even though the table top exercise predicted a pathogen release on Black Friday during a super storm Noreaster, it is important to point out that the exercise may well be underway for the fall and winter of 2020.

While Black Friday is two months away, so is the national election and the overall scenario of this gain of function exercise was to geoengineer an early colder than normal summer and an early winter in order to allow for the spread of the pathogen.

However as events are unfolding I am beginning to see a new objective—an early winter and the advent of a “Twindemic” before the election.


Back in May, Rick Bright, the former director of the Department of Health and Human Services’ Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, and claimed whistleblower, has been all over the mainstream news as of late projecting the “darkest winter in modern history.”

Dark Winter again is a geoengineered event where an early winter creates an early flu season which combined with COVID-19 – puts pressure on fist response capabilities, hospitals and will most definitely affect the outcome of the election.

This is a Twindemic – and it may begin as soon as Election Day due to some peculiar activity happening with the weather.

The eastern Atlantic is going to become quite active during the next few days, according to the National Hurricane Center.

The National Hurricane Center is now tracking four disturbances in the Atlantic basin for next week. 

Disturbances 3 and 4 have less than a 40% probability of developing into tropical cyclones over the next 48 hours. However, about 1,000 miles west of the Cabo Verde Islands is Disturbance 1, which has a 90% chance of intensifying into a storm. Behind Disturbance 1, also called Invest 92L, is a tropical wave coming off the coast of western Africa that should be watched. 

This is where our major Hurricanes form.

As 92L tracks to the west early this week, it will be within an area of relatively light wind shear and warm water, which should allow it to become better organized and develop into a tropical depression, then a tropical storm.

At the moment, there’s much uncertainty surrounding Invest 92L’s track, though it will cross the Atlantic next week with a west-northwest heading.

Another concern is a tropical wave, called Disturbance 2, emerging off the coast of western Africa on Sunday. NHC forecasts the system has a 50% probability of developing into a cyclone. 

These Atlantic Storms could still fizzle out and avoid the east coast all together, however, along with a surge in tropical activity, the western and central US will undergo significant temperature changes which will indicate an early fall and in some parts of the country winter storm conditions.

Residents in Denver, are set to experience summer and winter-like temperatures within the span of just 24 hours.

Temperatures tied a record high of 97 degrees Fahrenheit in Denver on Sunday afternoon, while a winter storm watch was in effect for the metro area. With forecasters predicting a low of 33 degrees tonight, this could be a record-setting temperature drop.

Now to be clear– a 50- to 60-degree temperature change in one day is not particularly uncommon in Denver, and has happened many times in the city since weather data recording began in Denver in 1872, usually a surge of Arctic air like this happens in the winter months.

Having it happen this early in the year is unprecedented.  

Engineered snow storms are a major part of the ongoing climate engineering assault on our biosphere. Massive fluctuations of temperatures and conditions accompany such unnatural events. It is now becoming apparent that many so called natural weather anomalies are not natural any longer.

The way to tell if the weather has been engineered is to monitor temperature spikes and how unnatural occurrences happen like multiple surges of heat and cold temperatures. In the geoengineered biosphere we see a split in temperature extremes in many areas within hundreds of miles from each other.

It is like the country is having microclimates as temperatures can top the 80’s in one part of the area and have snow an hour’s drive away. Weather modification patents are everywhere now and stratospheric aerosol injections are now part of a CIA program to cool the earth.

In some parts of California, temperatures have climbed near 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

In Oregon, we are bracing for what is called a Red Flag event. East winds, will be developing with gusts increasing to 35-45 mph in the metro area and gusts 60-80 mph in the west hills. Meanwhile, relative humidity drops to around 10-15% by Tuesday and perhaps into the 5-10% range if the drier forecasts come true through Wednesday.

This is the kind of event that may cause power companies to cut power lines to prevent them from starting fires if they get blown down.

The forecast for North Central Texas will also see some extreme changes as well.

14 days ago the long range forecast showed a powerful cold front arriving by the 9th. With temperatures going from 95 on Tuesday, to only 61 on Wednesday! With the overnight lows dropping from 81 to just 51.

 There will also be a strong North Wind clocking in at 15 to 25 mph.

The humidity will go from 68% to 92%.

That means the temps while relatively mild may seem a bit cooler with the wind and humidity.

While all eyes are focused on the consequences of the pandemic, the geoengineers are pushing the climate system to extremes that are far past the breaking point.

The entire climate system is being effected to a degree that cannot truly be known. There is in essence no “natural” weather at this point since the entire climate system is being derailed and disrupted from too many directions to comprehend.

Operation Dark Winter and Atlantic Storm seem to be on track for 2020 but the Black Friday scenario is being changed to Election Day and the pathogen release has now been replaced with a “Twindemic.”

The very idea of a Twindemic will trigger health officials to push flu vaccines in order to stave off a combination of both COVID-19 and the flu.

Experts are warning about the possibility of a “twindemic,” or the overlap of flu season and an expected surge in COVID-19 cases this fall and winter. With what can be seen as an early winter – the flu season could overlap with COVID-19.

Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has encouraged American workplaces to hold flu vaccine programs in September and October. Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, seconded this guidance. He urged all Americans six months and older to get the flu shot to at least “blunt the effect of one of those two potential respiratory infections.”

The New York Times reports a twindemic is the possibility of a severe flu season coinciding with a surge in COVID-19 cases. Even a mild flu season is concerning, given that the inevitable serious cases of the flu tax the medical system each year.

As of right now, experts aren’t totally sure if we’ll have a severe flu season and subsequent twindemic. 

A huge concern of doctors is the risk that the medical system will be overloaded trying to care for both COVID-19 and flu patients at once.

Richard Watkins, MD, an infectious disease physician in Akron, Ohio, and a professor of internal medicine at Northeast Ohio Medical University, tells Health Magazine that “Even there is a moderate-sized flu epidemic—which all by itself can stress hospital facilities—at the same time as the pandemic, we may be in for a quite rough winter.”

Is this the scenario of Dark Winter and Atlantic Storm coming to fruition?

It looks like the experts are not wanting to lift any of the restrictions anytime soon. They stress the importance of keeping up known methods of preventing the spread of COVID-19, and the flu like social distancing, wearing masks, and washing your hands regularly.

None of this is coincidence, none of it is accidental, but it is sinister. If things continue as they have been, and this lockdown remains in place, whether fully or partially, the anticipation of this “dark winter” will be on the minds of most all Americans, especially if it is continually used as the threat of things to come.

With that in the minds of the people, they will be expecting the worst, and will probably get exactly what they expect; an extension of lockdown – urging of authorities to get tested and vaccinated and the people not prepared for a harsh winter.

Dark Winter and Atlantic Storm were both aligned in predicting a major pandemic during a massive winter storm.
The end game talking points after the operations were:

“Preparation will matter”
“Increased knowledge and awareness are essential”
“Homeland security must look abroad”
“The World Health Organization’s authority must be aligned with expectations”
“Effective communication between nations and with the public is critical”
“Adequate medical countermeasures must be developed”
“Biosecurity is one of the great global security challenges of the 21st century”

With this in mind you should already assume that the Governors and mayors of the progressive states will certainly exploit these major upheavals in order to retain control and keep in mind that even after the election – the current President will be in office until January of 2021.

Even if Joe Biden wins his plan is to mandate vaccines and masks and Kamala Harris has already said that she will make sure that food sources be limited including meats and other foods that will be rationed or otherwise penalized for consumption.

Restaurants are already worried that the harsh winter is going to shut them down completely. Most restaurants have relied on patio seething to get through the summer. Some restaurants are being forced to invest in tenting and heaters to accommodate patrons, however, the six foot separation policies and mask wearing would be difficult to enforce.

You should stock the medicine chest with supplements to help the body’s immune system, have on hand an electric generator of some kind for those who depend on electricity for heat or for health reasons. You should always have at least a month’s supply of food on hand and other necessities for first aid if needed and also you ought to start stocking up now before the mainstream delivers the news. Also you should consider how much potable water your family may need.

The technocrats attempt to manipulate Earth’s climate and life support systems is the absolute epitome of unbridled hubris. The ongoing global geoengineering assault has now become dangerous and out of control. Our planet under siege and we are accelerating at blinding speed toward a completely new and unimaginably challenging reality.

The fight to expose and halt climate and weather engineering is a fight for life and our well-being. It will be a dynamic way to demonstrate how a global green economy will be best suited for America for the coming global reset strategy.

I am sure that it has all been planned and The United States has been distracted by politicians and a media that love to exploit fear by allowing disinformation to remain the staple in most broadcasts.

The time to act is now –while the clouds are moving in.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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