I was delayed on the train today because the bridge was up. I sat waiting for the train to move. It seemed like an eternity.
People were complaining and wondering when they would be able to get to the stores to return some of the things they didn’t want this Christmas. I was soured by all of the dissatisfaction of the day. It made my spirit hurt. Then I looked out the window and saw something miraculous. It was a white dove flying down from a bridge and landing just to side of the train. I smiled and it warmed my heart. I couldn’t believe that I was blessed with looking at something so special.

But of course much of my sour attitude strangled the moment and I thought that perhaps it was released at a funeral or an escapee from a wedding breakfast. I laughed at how Christmas entitlement made me surly in the morning. I sipped some coffee and sat down in my cubicle hoping to just pour out to you some kind of “brilliant” blog. I guess it is my routine. I cherish it while I still have the opportunity to do it.
I get the feeling that things are really going to change rapidly.
In the span of human history we have seen on many occasions events that have changed the way mankind conducts its affairs. However we have never lived in those times. Most of us have only read about them and romanticized the events as prophetic, epic, and miraculous to name a few over used adjectives.
History at times can be ruthless about events deemed tragic, and during times of victory can be overzealous about the events. This is all about projected beliefs and faith that these events occurred somewhere out of the blue, beyond the norm and therefore need to be mentioned and chronicled as life changing.
Just weeks ago The United States of America decided to murder and bury their once cherished Bill of Rights on its 220th birthday. Maybe it won’t even be noticed until it is too late to do something about abridged rights and unlawful detainment at the hands of the powerful.
The Military executive was levied against American citizens for reasons that cannot be determined because the average American can’t or doesn’t understand the processes of causal engineering and the reverse causality of government that is busily changing the time line in preparation for a date that many people acquaint with the end of an age and for some it is the date for the end of the world.
It is obvious now that the die has been cast and all of the future has been permitted and manipulated in order to approximate an agenda that will benefit the few as the many will die, fall ill or become homeless.
Can you fathom the possibility that half the people you know may die in the year 2012? This is a statistical possibility as we are seeing the way of life in this country deteriorate little by little and the plans of the Illuminati are being set into motion as the New World order becomes the supreme power in the world.
It is a funny thing that I am getting all pensive about history because I really don’t know what to say about what is happening in the present. It’s as if this is the way that it has been all along and that time has finally caught up with the losses and failures of the world and the obvious solution is a powerful final solution. It is an end to justify the means, a death by proxy, a ritual of killing of that which has been a hindrance to the progress of the elite. It seems that programming has worked. The United States has lost its s will to live and has blamed everyone but themselves for the deterioration of their lives.
It is like the desperate man who wants a suicide by cop. He grabs a gun, threatens his loved ones or co workers shoots one or two of them and then walks out with the gun pointed at the police.
Americans can arm themselves, and talk tough about fighting whatever demon is waiting at their doorstep. However they don’t seem to understand that there are powerful forces that have been paid to protect these high and mighty souls and many of them do not see a moment where they can change the time line will go.
I often think about the time I met George W. Bush in New York back in the year 2000. He was in the Empire hotel having a fund raising event that I accidentally crashed. He came through the door shook my hand and spoke with me briefly. He asked if I wanted to sip some tea with him and so I lived in the moment. I was still thinking as if a political affiliation would do me good and found myself liking Bush and hitting it off with him.
Now I look back at that moment in time and wondered what would have happened if I weren’t so awestruck. I often ponder that my place in the timeline was for a different purpose. That perhaps I was there to influence his thoughts by convincing him of some strange theory I had, or to stop him from being president maybe even reaching out to assault him.
When you are there – you don’t realize that you are in the presence of a man who will change history, who will be on the watch when the World Trade center falls. You wonder about why you were in the city a year to the day that the towers fell—standing at the door looking up into a cloudy day and not seeing where the towers end. You then stop and wonder how it all looks, calling your show Ground Zero and losing your national status after a country names the place where you stood the same.
Isn’t it peculiar that no matter how hard you try – you still wonder where you belong? Did you do everything in your power to stop the dark future? Did you plan for one or did you just take for granted that everything would work itself out?
When your kids and grandkids ask what happened to the country, what will you say? When they ask us why we didn’t stop the injustice, what answers will you give? When they see people crying, reporters on the news breaking down will they feel; that they have a future to look forward to?
Perhaps you and your family were swimming in Christmas gifts this year. But when you don’t have enough money for even the basics, buying Christmas gifts can be an extreme financial burden. I was reading a story about a soldier who had to pawn his purple heart just to get Christmas gifts for his family.
This year, American families are hurting more than at any other time in recent memory. An astounding 57 percent of all children in the United States now live in homes that are either considered to be “low income” or impoverished. As you peruse the headlines your eyes then glance at a group of people fighting over athletic shoes.
The frenzy over Air Jordan’s has been dangerous in the past. Some people were mugged or even killed for the shoes. This year was no different In Seattle Washington , police used pepper spray on about 20 customers who started fighting at the Westfield South center mall. The crowd started gathering at four stores in the mall around midnight and had grown to more than 1,000 people by 4 a.m..
When the stores opened, there was fighting and pushing among people in line and escalated over the next hour. People suffered cuts and scrapes from fights. Shoppers also broke two doors, and 18-year-old man was arrested for assault after authorities say he punched an officer.
This is pathetic. It is embarrassing and makes you worry for the mental health of this country. Isn’t it evident that we have stopped trying to make things work? Isn’t it simple to say that “someone needs to do something” rather than saying that you, yourself needs to do something knowing full well you have power to move others.
When was the last time you have called a talk radio show and have challenged an opinionated political moron with the reality that their precious affiliation to their political party means nothing now. Holding on to rigid views have done nothing to enrich lives? That he or she should have a responsibility to be a human being and not some parrot for the party, or even the empire.
But it continues – and no lesson is learned. We have signed our freedoms over to politicians who have sold us on their push button issues. You know the ones that the minute they are talked about create a national trance. You know the words, we hear them often—“Obamacare, abortion, 9-11, war on terror,” and in no sentence do we hear the words “clean water or fresh food or even affordable medicine’ That can’t be uttered when you have to get out the words “illegal immigration, Zionist Jew , Sharia law , Arab spring, and occupy wall street.”
Be ready to hear the buzzwords of 2012, “mass death, world war three, regret, condemn, suicide, bankrupt, and of course the old standby “God’s will.” Look the politicians in the eyes and you will see a dark space void of morality and full of lies. You will then say that “it’s okay he is one of me—he is a republican or a democrat and what else can I do but vote for what they hand me.
I guess people really don’t know what else to do but be happy and satisfied with the comfort they have been handed. Even it is a body bag or a box. There is a poem by Adrian Mitchell that has haunted me lately and I really don’t know if people are aware of it. I think that now is the time to share it.
I was walking in a government warehouse
Where the daylight never goes.
I saw fifteen million plastic bags
Hanging in a thousand rows.
Five million bags were six feet long
Five million bags were five foot five
Five million were stamped with Mickey Mouse
And they came in a smaller size.
Were they for guns or uniforms
Or a kinky kind of party game?
Then I saw each bag had a number
And every bag bore a name.
And five million bags were six feet long
Five million were five foot five
Five million were stamped with Mickey Mouse
And they came in a smaller size
So I’ve taken my bag from the hanger
And I’ve pulled it over my head
And I’ll wait for the priest to zip it
So the radiation won’t spread.
Now five million bags are six feet long
Five million bags were five foot five
Five million were stamped with Mickey Mouse
And they came in a smaller size.
How is this cold war poem any different from the reports of FEMA coffins lined up in Georgia or the plans for mobile mortuaries and morgues that have designed by Kellogg Brown and Root?
The same company that have contracted out companies to run their internment camps for those that are to be detained under the new draconian laws passed by those who are supposed to represent us.
This is where we are in the United States right before 2012. Ever wonder what the future will be like? Do we see what they are hinting at? Or are we in denial?
Ghandi once said You must be the change that you want to see in the world and Louis Turi appeared on Ground Zero to state clearly that what is coming at us has been generated deep inside of us. The coming doom is product of the doom programming that has been wielded like cudgel by the power elite.
I see the future, everyday. I see it and I worry about it only briefly. Somehow I get the courage to write about it and hoping that it can be changed for the sake of future generations.
However there have been so many plans for our future to hijack our lives perhaps it is time to understand what the shadow governments have planned for you and your family. It is an open conspiracy and there no longer is a reason to hide. It seems to be a clear and present threat to the wellbeing of everyone,
The sheer magnitude and complex web of deceit surrounding the individuals and organizations involved in this conspiracy is too overwhelming for most people, My listeners write me and say that their friends and family react with disbelief and skepticism. They try to tell their loved ones that they are unaware that they have been brainwashed or programmed into reacting with skepticism by schools and media influences.
To those who feel that they have not been brainwashed and desensitized to the encroachment of the fascist order, I ask when was the last time you felt any sorrow for the human suffering and the loss of innocent lives from police actions or war blood purges in countries you can’t pronounce? . What about the pepper spraying of those who rebel against the system? Do you feel like you would step in and push away anyone who would shoot an American citizen? Ity starts with tsers and sprays, then it is batons, bean bags and bullets. The guns, the roar of the barrage of gunfire the body bags, the unknowns you don’t think twice about hating.
That is what we are now. This is the mental health of a nation. The devil is rolling for the win.
Alea iacta est.
The die has been cast. We all die in the end.

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