I want it to be clear to all of you that I have not ignored the reports of Military Homeland security activities taking place in America and how explosives are being mobilized through Military convoys around the country. There are trains and trucks moving all kinds of military ordinance all over the country with digital camouflage that is not meant for a desert setting.
There was a brief discussion last week on the show where people were speaking about if and when we are in a police state they will b ready. Well, there is no need to prepare anymore. We are most definitely being warmed up top the police state culture and anyone who opposes it is met with derision form the public. The general public believes that if they are not taking part in terrorism or if they are not criminal they will not be suspected of anything or detained.

The truth is anyone thinking this is in denial of what is truly happening in the United States.
A recent story out of New Mexico is probably an indicator of how it might be in the future, but without any settlements or courtroom dramatics about civil rights.
For 22 months, Stephen Slevin was held in solitary confinement and never brought to trial. The 58 year old new Mexican man is lucky to be alive and was not a victim of the National Defense Authorization Act , however his story will probably become the norm in the not too distant future thanks to the NDAA.
Slevin was arrested in August 2005 on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. From then until May 2007, he was essentially forgotten in a small, padded cell with no natural sunlight in a Dona Ana County, New Mexico prison cell.
Slevin says that prison guards watched him fall apart, mentally and physically, but did not answer his pleas for help for nearly two years. After being arrested, attorneys say Slevin was subjected to a medical examination, determined to be suicidal and jailed after unable to make bond. As his solitary stay lengthened, Slevin sent over a dozen letters to the jail nurse asking for assistance. The pleas had messages like “I have no slept in days” and “I’m in a deep depression.”
Slevin did not shave during his stay and had a long scraggly beard that went beneath his chin, and the prison would not provide tools to trim his nails and so they grew out until they curled under his toes. Slevin also told reporters for MSNBC that he was continuously denied a dentist and as a result had to remove one of his own teeth during his stay.
He will be awarded $22 million for damages. The man’s attorneys tell CNN that shortly before the jury considered a verdict, the country had attempted to settle to the tune of only $2 million.
There are many lawmakers that are grateful now for the NDAA because they feel that this lawsuit will bankrupt the county and with the new law they can conduct their deplorable behavior unchecked.
I find it eerie that the passage of the NDAA warranted no discussion of the establishment media. So far the subject has not even been a focal point of the GOP debates. Only that when somebody brought it up with Mitt Romney he said he would have signed the bill too, this resulted in him being booed by an audience. Even though Obama claimed that he held reservations about detaining citizens, it seemed pretty hollow when he authorized the executive to order the execution of American citizens.
The simple truth is the signing of the bill gives the executive branch of government the monopoly of deciding who lives or dies, or who is detained or set free. If Obama had reservations in signing the bill why was it so important to change the wording to include abuse of the citizenry, and indefinite detainment of American citizens and allow future administrations the same monopoly on the crime and punishment of citizens?
There has been no real debate on the matter and as we can now see there are preparations being made in major cities for rounding up and internment in most major cities after the bill was signed into law.
During the recent Los Angeles Military drills it was reported that Los Angeles international airport was designated in some areas as a detainment area as was Dodgers stadium. Staples stadium was also buzzed by black OH-6 “Little Birds” helicopters and a “Blackhawk” helicopter. The NDAA allows for the kidnapping and disappearance of American citizens. Many of the citizens will be detained in designated holding facilities.
The surveillance society within the police state culture is now gradually being introduced into society and the American people seem either complacent or feeling that this is needed. In 2002 the Pentagon owned 50 unmanned predator drones, but today the number has ballooned to over 7,000. Additionally the Pentagon has asked Congress for an extra $5 billion to expand the drone program. Although the Pentagon’s primary use for drones is for war, they are using these weapons to spy on American citizens. They will be operational in most major cities and are capable of thinking and locating potential targets for weapons deployment if necessary.
There is also an issue that has been resurrected recently about bio-ethics and the government changing the rules with regards to biological weapons testing on Americans. One particular area of testing is the use of what are being called non lethal directed energy weapons. The policies are changing on this issue and The Department of defense wants to test the full range of these weapons on an unsuspected populace.
There is also a binary provision that states that both Non lethal and lethal weapons should be combined in the warfare theatre. Non lethal weapons according to DOD do not have to have requirements to prove that they do not cause death or injury.
The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues will meet in February 2nd, 2012 to discuss the new suggestion of non lethal tests on unsuspecting citizens of the United States.
President Obama is now establishing a capacity for abuse by his administration and any future administration that does not remove the provisions of detainment, and human experimentation. There will also be discussing the possibilities of Law Enforcement Use and Access to Genomic Information. That is DNA mining at checkpoints and detainment camps if there is a need for the use of such measures. If the need arises there are now provisions where the military can investigate, apprehend, and detain you indefinitely, without trial, literally from any location from your neighborhood to your entire city or township.
They will use whatever means necessary to politically brand you as an enemy combatant and it will be based solely on the partisan paranoia of shadow government advising the President on who are enemies of the state. Any one speaking ill of government decisions will most certainly become enemies of the state based on partisan scrutiny.
With all of this in mind it simply is outrageous to even ignore this issue during the GOP debates or not challenge the policies with the president. Ignoring any and all of the potential police state policy is in my opinion a full on embracing of the monopoly of detainment, the federal encroachment of the New World Order and faith in the state serving propaganda that is similar to pre world war II Italy and Germany. The Future if you decide to accept it is to applaud and enforce the destructive abuse of power the protects the Monarchy and Emperor that we so desire in the 21st Century.

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