Ab Aeterno

Ab Aeterno

Gene Roddenberry the creator of Star Trek wrote, “As the human race moves into adolescence and adulthood, it can no longer afford to guide its affairs via those simple myths. Our human ancestors thought long and hard on who and what they were and came up with the best explanations they could make. The frightening thing is that we–at the end of the 20th century– are still hanging on to those explanations, which date back to our stone age. I think we need a more fruitful way to analyze these questions. We need exciting philosophical thought.”

The philosophical thought has tried to break through all of the cult overtones to establish itself as the third explanation of life on this planet. Even when I attempted to explain the so called anachronisms with Michael Cremo I was besieged with threatening phone calls calling him a crank.
It was expected because so many people have held on to the creationist belief system that really does not explain everything. It is not complete and leaves much to be imagined.
When science lays its hands on the creationist flaws they destroy the beauty and romanticism of what creation may have been. It is truly a philosophical fight that winds up being an ugly argument for something that we should regard as beautiful and intriguing.
In the bible we hear of the Garden of Eden. It was paradise and while we can over play the possibility of a land of milk and honey. We can simplify everything by saying that paradise even after the so called fall of man is most definitely our planet Earth. A garden. Metaphorically what does that indicate to ancient alien theorists?
As a Fortean, I have explored this topic well, from many philosophical perspectives. I have to say that I do lean in the direction of Charles Fort’s beliefs.
Charles Fort’s unpublished 1915 manuscript, novel X, describes how Martian beings or Martian events control life on Earth. Fort ultimately burnt the manuscript, but one surviving quote from it is “The Earth is a farm. We are someone else’s property.”
Was he saying that humans are in a contained environment like an Alien ant farm? Not the band, but the theory that I will try to explain. The Alien Ant Farm Theory, Fort’s theory that many people are accepting today.
An ant farm is a plastic box with sand in it. You put ants in it and they build a civilization. Typically the workers live between 45 and 60 days so the ants in your ant farm will ultimately have to be replenished because ant farms have no queen.
They grow their own food, recycle, create a hydration pond. After a few weeks, the ants build their civilization in a way that makes you say “that’s impressive.” You may also say “This is amusing.”
Earth is an ant farm. Extraterrestrials from outer space planted humanoids (who are the ants) in the ant farm. They probably were impressed and amused. We built the Great Pyramid and created the Roman Empire. That’s the Alien Ant Farm Theory.
Then, of course, there is this theory:
Did Aliens Create Us?
About 30,000 to 10,000 years ago, something odd occurred in the evolution of Homo sapiens: a new and different kind of modern human appeared almost magically and began evolving beside Neanderthal man in Europe and the Middle East.
The skeletal remains of a tiny hominid (humanlike anthropoid) were discovered on the coast of Africa and are believed to date from about the same period (10,000 – 30,000 years ago).
The hominid was about three feet tall, had an enlarged head, and was very frail and slender when living. The jaw was so weak that it could not have been a predator; it could not have chewed raw meat or cracked bones. It would have been no stronger than a two-year old child. But this tiny creature was discovered in layers of silt that were deposited upon the Earth during the Upper Pleistocene Period before Neanderthal Man faded into evolutionary history and during a period when Cro-Magnon Man underwent an unexplained change.
Now, please visualize a Cro-Magnon Man. Cro-Magnon man, for whatever reason, painted marvelous and astonishing paintings on rock walls, deep within caves. Paintings were added, until a cave might have hundreds of different paintings, by many different painters.
Whenever we look at Stone Age paintings shown in books photographed in straight electric lighting, they are not all that impressive. But in the prehistoric days after spending time first in complete darkness, then gazing upon the images in the continually flickering flame of a candle or lamp burning animal fat, suddenly it would have been as if the animal figures had come alive, looking like they are actually breathing, and their hearts beating.
Still other images appear as distorted from every angle but one, as if the animals are coming in from another dimension for only a moment before leaving again. Others are totally invisible until a light is held up to them at a certain angle and distance, quickly flashing into view and then just as quickly vanishing.
Strangely enough, while so much detail was given to the animal pictures, one cannot find a good image anywhere of a human being. Some human-like images are there, but they have only rough outlines looking like ghosts or combined with animal features. The earth energy spots were sometimes marked with clay spirals and human-placed stalactites acting like amplifiers. Thus, they are not human, but are the other world.
Closer to our age this was reflected in the cavern oracles of Delphi in Greece, from Dendera in ancient Egypt, the Sibylline seeresses of Rome, the prophetic voices from the Loltun caves of Mayan Yucatan, from beneath the Toltec Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico, and the Dreamtime memories in the ancestral rock shelters of the Native Australians.
Archeology explains much of what we have seen and stops short of describing other beings that have been depicted as overseers; Gods; protectors of the earth.
Religion itself has created fictional imagery of God or the gods. We only see gods in robes standing amongst the marble columns. It is imagery given to us from the Roman and the Greek. However the sides of caves and the walls of rock show a different look for these gods. Many with halos of light, large eyes and in some cases protective coverings for the head and the body that today are worn by people in religious respect. The garment of God is worn by Popes and Jewish clerics out of respect. Tall miters and yarmulkes cover the heads and buquas cover the faces and bodies of Muslim women. This dates back to a time were women were ordered, not by Muslim decree but by the ruling bodies anciently that women had to wear head covering to allow the angels or the Gods from above to differentiate them from the men.
In old Talmudic tradition the yarmulke was always worn because God is always over your head. Always looking down, always ready to take you up. The dome on the head was in reverence to the beings of the sun.
The dome itself is derived from ancient Pagan symbolism, and was absorbed into the architecture of Christianity and Islam directly from Pagan temple architecture. The “eye” of the Sun was able to “see” into his temple through an “oculus” at the upper-most section of the dome, which was simply an enormous hole in the top. In some Christian “churches” the domed architecture will even include an enormous eye centered in the center of the dome, looking down at the congregation. A lot of government buildings, mainly capital buildings like the nation’s capital have domes that are similar to religious buildings. This is no accident because governments also are acting under the all seeing eye of the overseers.
It is through the key hole we seek the truth about our origins and there is a small hole that has been opened giving us an idea of where we have come from.
We look at religion with our eyes squinting through a small hole. Equally Science seems to be looking through the same hole with eyes skewed and sees things in a different way.
In the small hole we see simple encounters throughout history as being godly and angelic and as the hole widens through time we see a new perspective that rips the hole even wider. We start to see a new religious and scientific synthesis taking place where man learns that his origins cannot be completely explained with science or religion unless we apply a migratory hypothesis. Man and his counterparts in the universe have quite possibly hopped from planet to planet and that the Genesis that we read about in the Bible is only part of the story and not all of it.
The Bible could be a book that explains the origins and the future of man in such a way not to upset or provoke a harsh response. It uses mythologies and metaphors that try to tell the story in storybook form. It doesn’t want to reveal everything, it leaves the reader with the responsibility to use wisdom and realize that we have everything God has right at our fingertips and if we apply them then we will find the truth. We will be able to figure out where we came from. What our origins truly are.
We need to reach through the veil and see beyond the cover that is draped over our minds and see the truth. Beyond the dressing and the and beyond the trappings of religious dogma and the egoism of science.
A literary parable that illustrates my point is the unmasking of the “Great and terrible” Wizard of Oz in the L.Frank Baum masterpiece. Pulling the curtain revealed that when we see “magic” for what it truly is, we begin to see truth. We begin to see that we have the power to know what the wizards know, because they are just like us. They just know the right buttons to push. They know the tricks of the trade. They know all of the secrets and are fearful of what might happen if you figure them out.
The Wizard wasn’t a mean, ugly troll he was only a man. A man who didn’t want his flaws known so he hid behind a powerful facade. He was the ultimate shaman.
If you recall the Wizard really didn’t give the Scarecrow, Tin Man, or Lion anything that they didn’t already posses. He just told them that they had the knowledge, wisdom, and courage within them.
We have in our midst the same “Wizards” who rule in the real world. They are our politicians, and religious leaders who grandstand and give us political agenda and religious piety that is truly entertainment for the gullible. They have used all of the tools and subtle tools to get you to follow them.
They want you to believe in them. They want you to see beyond their flaws and the flaws of their agendas. They want to bait you with a little bit of truth that can be spread over the ugliness of their mundane lies.
They wouldn’t want you to pull the curtain aside and find out the truth. It would obliterate the control they have over you.
History has shown that governments and religions would never surrender to a new Idea or theory or even evidence that something is about to change. Did Pharaoh ever listen to Moses when Moses clearly gave him evidence to show that some powerful force was causing waters to divide, pillars of fire to appear and bushes to burn?
And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night: He took not away the pillar of the cloud by day, nor the pillar of fire by night, before the people Exodus
Did Pilate ever listen to Jesus when he began speaking of another kingdom outside of the earth that he ruled in?
Ye are from beneath; I am from above: ye are of this world; I am not of this world. John 8:23
Will governments, scientists, and religions ever acknowledge the existence of beings that perhaps are visiting this planet and are manipulating and changing the course of our evolution?
Not without a fight.
When someone such as me speaks about these new ideas many people won’t listen because they don’t think that it is possible that we may have been lied to or manipulated into believing a sugar coated fantasy about the true origins of man and his relationship and kinship with a real God.
Not a God that has the attributes of Santa Claus, but a God that walks from behind the curtain and demonstrates that through physics and applied principles man can learn the secrets that a God possesses. Maybe when the cosmic curtain is pulled away man will also see what his relationship is with beings that live elsewhere in the universe.
It has taken thousands of years, many books and sacred texts to continually wire the human mind for the arrival of Gods, demons, angels, demons, extra-terrestrials, aliens or whatever metaphor you choose to use.
Whoever is behind it has had the sound knowledge of social engineering and a clear view of the intended goal. Keeping a mystery is a subtle weapon and keeping a secret is a manipulative tool to get the reptilian mind working to try and reveal the secret.
In the beginning, according to the Bible man was in a paradise given him by a God or creator. The man was like a child always needing to be cared for and pampered. It was then that it became necessary for a helper to be introduced to the metaphoric Eden. The creator using applied physics and in the modern perspective “cloning” took a rib from the man and made a woman. The woman was made from his cells and his flesh.
The Bible itself only gives the story in metaphor and yet other ancient texts give the creation a slant that really is not very flattering or magical.
The Nag Hamadi scrolls which were found in Egypt around 1945 have another perspective that shows that perhaps there were more “gods” performing bio engineering on what is now man. It also demonstrates that they (the Gods) were working on an evolutionary change where man needed to leave behind a reptilian or R-complex brain that is territorial and impulsive.
The texts describe that in the beginning man was a beastly looking creature with leathery and horny skin. After the transformation man was removed from his horny and repulsive skin and was brought forth with a new skin or in other words he became “naked.”
“She looked at the tree and she saw that it was beautiful and magnificent and she desired it. She took some of its fruit and ate and she gave to her husband also and he ate too. Then their minds were opened. For when they ate the light of knowledge shone for them They knew that they were naked and became enamored with their new bodies. When they gazed upon their creators they loathed them since they were of beastly forms.”
Now studious Bible readers will tell you that this is a mockery of all that is holy however the bible its self speaks of more than one creator.
“Let us make man in our own image and after our likeness.”
In Exodus we read of Gods in the plural form again
“Thou shalt not revile the gods, nor curse the ruler of thy people.” –Exodus 22: 28
This also raises the argument that the usage of the plural means God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. However this would contradict what is later written in the New Testament. In I Corinthians 8:5 it clearly states:
“For though there be that are called gods, whether in heaven or in earth, (as there be gods many, and lords many.)
The Bible also speaks of the serpent and how it tempted human kind into giving into its base instincts. Another 2000-year-old text called the Haggadah speaks of the serpent. However it was not a snake. It walked upright on two feet and resembled man. He had superior mental gifts and eventually became an infidel. It was said that the serpent envied man and made conjugal visits on a regular basis.
Which once again does not contradict the Bible. Because if you notice in the book of Genesis, the Gods of the old testament condemned the serpent to crawl on its belly after it gave the fruits of knowledge to man.
This means that the serpent that tempted them once walked upright. A curse was also given to Eve that there would be much pain in her childbirth. Which once again may be an explanation as to the evolution of mankind.
How we went from a reptilian instinctive creature with a small brain to a thinking and reasoning animal with a larger head. The development of the neo cortex would make the head larger and would definitely cause pain in childbirth. As it passes through the birth canal.
Man would become a thinking being with a frail naked body and a large head. In the image of the Gods knowing good from evil.
Then the same renegade reptilian alien race would go into hiding and then return to try and tinker with the creation.
The Bible clearly speaks of alien beings and their encounters with the daughters of men. The resulting hybrid beings were an abomination to God and preparations were underway for a complete annihilation of the hybrid species. This is where we see the story of Noah and the great flood.
Another ancient text known as the book of Enoch describes in great detail the events that took place before the destruction of man as related in the Bible.
“In those days and even afterwards, when the loathsome beings from the spirit world were sexually involved with the women, their offspring became Nephillim, the giants of whom so many legends are told. When God saw the extent of the human wickedness it broke his heart and proceeded to blot out from the face of the earth the mankind he created.”
So here we have more indications the Gods may have been amphibious or at least reptilian in nature and that the experiments that were performed in the creation itself may have not always had the results that the Gods had hoped for.
Is this life a continuance of the experimental process and are the reptilian Gods fighting amongst themselves? In the many alien encounters that are spoken of in the modern era many abductees and contactees describe visitations from beings that resemble an upright walking serpent.
It is also obvious that mankind received some sort of assistance from beings outside the realms of earth on its evolutionary trek. If we are the creation of these beings then perhaps our genealogy could quite possibly be traced to them directly. That our blood lines are similar and that we may have a similar genetic makeup.
Leaving us to conclude that perhaps we are they and they are us. This would make it impossible to actually find too many differences in the DNA of an alien if we are the products of them, the offspring of cosmic geneticists.
Whatever God might be or whatever the Gods may look like is inconsequential to the gifts or the traits that we have picked up from the early reptiles, and mammals. It is evident that conditioning processes and social engineering has taught us that for some reason a reptilian God or a reptilian emissary is evil and loathsome.
Yet histories of antiquity are often pointing to the origins of mankind and his reptilian past, far more so than Darwinian theories of simian evolutionary origins. However it is also noted that speaking of such things can literally turn off the most devout Christian.
To them the serpent is a symbol of evil and the horned reptilian demon or Dragon has often been categorized as the universal symbol of evil. To even give God a reptilian face would smack hard of blasphemy. However the reptilian Gods had different personalities. A reoccurring theme in ancient texts is the human in a constant struggle against a reptilian God of some kind. Usually depicted as part human/ part God with a double helix tail.
The Aztecs spoke of the great serpent god Quetzalcoatl who descended from heaven in a large silver egg. In ancient Greek mythologies Typhon was a serpent God and would often battle with Zeus. In the Bible once again we hear of Michael the Archangel bruising the serpent’s tail in the Great War in heaven.
How can we continue to read the bible and other ancient texts and negate all of the things that we have been exposed to regarding genetic engineering, alien abduction, UFOs and evolutionary possibilities?
One cannot read the 6th Chapter in Genesis and not wonder if the world at that time was being monkeyed around with by all sorts of beings. It is so evidently obvious to me that the ancient Hebrews saw these beings as sons of God.
They weren’t demons; however they came unto the daughters of man for the sole purpose of mating. Their purpose was to continue generating species.
Some “fallen” or “loathsome” beings were trying to pervert the experiment known as man and we know now through many ancient works that the Gods destroyed the corrupt species and continued to breed and re breed.
This process of re-breeding and experimentation could be continuing if you believe the testimonies of the many abductees. It seems the Gods are fighting over who is creating the better human.
I have also been told by many Christians that UFOs or spaceships coming to earth with aliens are never spoken of in the Bible. I tell them that the term UFO and spaceship are modern terms. They are terms that are a product of the alleged alien infestation periods in the time where there are obsessions over such things that have created a fringe element in the pop culture.
Christians who claim to know their Bibles overlook the disc shaped wheel that Eziekiel saw anciently. If you peruse the book of Kings you read of fiery Chariots being piloted by beings with faces that are hideous to the eyes of the witnesses.
Glowing clouds and pillars of fire often accompanied Moses and fiery serpents were also mentioned being associated with him. Moses also saw a burning bush and many other miraculous things that would easily sound like the UFO encounter of the modern era.
Prophets of the Bible wrote of many wonders in heaven that not only could be attributed to space anomalies but to other sources such as God or the Gods coming to intercede with their human offspring.
The words of Daniel, David, Matthew, Paul, John and many more names would fill a mountain of pages with accounts of contact with beings that have the same characteristics as aliens flying in vehicles that are indescribable.
If you want scripture references about wondrous flying machines in the Bible (or to use the modern term UFO) I can give you II Kings 2:11-12, 6:17. Or try Psalms 68:17, or Habakkuk 3:8.
Look in Zachariah 6:1-7 where one can read of the contact with the pilot of these special flying vehicles and their mission.
In Isaiah 19:1 you can read that God travels on a moving cloud like vehicle. If you were in antiquity, how would you describe men and beast traveling through Heaven? You would use the same metaphors that are common in the time in which you lived.
You wouldn’t say UFO because the configuration of the acronym did not exist in the times anciently.
But without a doubt the many religious groups are convinced that the “Alien Obsession” that exists in the world today is an all out deceptive propaganda campaign to lure people away from the teachings of Jesus.
They feel that it is the stepping stone to teaching evolution instead of the magical “creationism” theories that many people dispute over. They believe that science and religion can cohabitate only if it includes a triune God and the metaphors that the bible speaks of without scientific interpretation or evolutionary trappings.
Maybe it can but it seems that creationism, while beautiful and sacred, tends to anthropomorphize the creation event. They want to give it human timetables like the seven-day creation and they want to simplify it claiming that man was simply snapped into existence.
One knows that when they make a cake that the cake has to have eggs, and flour, and other ingredients that need to be changed into a batter that when baked becomes a cake.
Why is it so hard to even believe that the creators took many ingredients that needed to be manipulated over time to get the species of Homosapien they wanted? What is wrong with calling that evolution? That evolution all along is Gods way of dealing with the growth of mankind and the betterment of earth?
Why must it be evil to even speculate that God is an Alien? That we too are the results of extraterrestrial monkeying around and that the ancient texts like the Bible are a simple way of telling the story?
I have mentioned throughout this article that the Bible indeed has text that can be interpreted as being about the relationship between alien Gods and man.
A recent opinion stated by the Christian Gazette claims that the mixing of Ufology, Science and religion is a recipe for spiritual deception and disaster. They conclude that relationship with God is more personal than dealing with a hierarchy of subordinate gods that are alleged to exist.
I have often challenged the assumption that all people that are investigating Ufology worship aliens. The attempt to merge both science and religion could be the very reason aliens and UFOs have become a part of a paradigm shift that readily explains the “miracles” and wonders that are often placed in the Bible, especially in the writings of the Old Testament.
The Bible has implored for this kind of openness and probably should be re analyzed and looked upon with illuminated eyes.
I must say again and again that Ufology is not a religion. However UFO mysticism is merely a spin off product of the investigation. It could be the very thing that is a constant in our history. It’s the great unknown that has always existed.
If we find that perhaps we are the creation of extraterrestrial dabbling, the “magic” of religion disappears. That seems to be the only outcome of “believing” in little reptilian aliens.
However it seems that mainstream Christianity feels that this “middle ground” approach to religion and science is a cunning plan devised by Satan to get the faithful to turn away from Christ.
Christian faiths will be the first to spout paranoia that they are losing congregations to little ETs however it seems that religion is dying by itself and that Aliens and all of the anthropomorphism that comes with them probably doesn’t affect religion in any way. There are many people that secretly believe that if a God can make us can also make extraterrestrials.
It could easily change some minds if we found out that they truly are out there. If Aliens exist and their power to overtake us is as great as we think, do we really have a choice in the matter? Will the truth be painful?
Everyone is awaiting the final word from the governing body as to whether or not Aliens are real and why there is so much secrecy on the matter. It needs to be said that if you judge the actions of your government on such matters the truth is not out there, it is in plain sight.
We explore space, which we have been told is a vast universe of nothingness. We devote computer bandwidth to try and locate signals from other worlds. We are busily constructing a space station in order to do lab experiments in space.
Finally, we are beginning to militarize space and are attempting to shield the earth from terrestrial threats. However is that all we are protecting the earth from? Are there NEO’s that threaten our planet? Or are we protecting ourselves from hostile microbial infestations or possible malevolent alien attacks?
It all remains to be seen in the future. It is obvious that there is more to a “belief” in aliens than Christian demonic dogma.
It may be the link that we have been looking for that is missing from our mysterious existence. We still cling to explanations about life and its origins using archaic references and ancient metaphors.
These ancient philosophies are full of wisdom however many people get lost in the metaphors and mythologies and accept them exactly without the use of common sense. The truth may be less magical and more mundane. It can be more horrific as well.
In your quest for whatever truth you are seeking always keep in mind what Charles Fort says; “Everything is in an intermediate state between extremes.”
Choosing the middle ground isn’t evil; it just keeps you from being swallowed up by extremist viewpoints. The truth is ever changing because there is no simple way out. We are always finding things that dispute what the consensus has told us is the truth. Be yourself and find the truth within you.
We have been programmed that there is a disconnection between God and Man and that there is no way man can become worthy of knowing the secrets of God, Why can’t he? Even Jesus stated that we are Gods in the 10th chapter of John 34 through 36
Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods? If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken; Say ye of him, whom the Father hath sanctified, and sent into the world, Thou blasphemest; because I said, I am the Son of God?
After all we have always been told that we are all offspring of God.
So this means that we are all gifted of looking at things with a God like perspective. This would mean that we are to discover tolerance and unconditional love. We are to learn wisdom and courage. Once that is done we will see the curtain part, the veil dissolve, and we will learn that we can find our origins. That will lead us to what we have metaphorically called “home.”

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