There is a very critical problem facing America.  There is a large wound on our mass consciousness and everyone wants to blame someone for their pain.  Arguments between the right and left have polarized the entire country from healing this wound.  What the wounded fail to realize is that in their panic, as they feel the hemorrhaging from their souls, just who is responsible for pouring salt in the wound.
The blame game runs the gamut, from the Jews to the terrorists, from the gays to the immigrants and from the blacks to the staunch conservative to the politically correct white liberal. Everyone is screaming and wanting their victimhood acknowledged.   They project their fears and their spiritual debt on everything and look to politics to father them into safety and to deliver them to some promised land.
When Republicans were in power, the uneducated masses took delight and cheered on all kinds of unconstitutional legislation and executive abuses signed into law by George W. bush.   Now the democrats are happy with the extended policies of the Bush Administration under the direction of Barack Obama.  The Democrats have acclimated to the fascist policies of Bush under the direction of Obama and now Conservatives are blaming Obama for the injustices that the previous administration implemented.
Can anyone step forward and declare that the Orwellian double think in this country is suffocating the very art of open forum?  That a non partisan stance on any issue, can keep the encroaching Empire honest?
Once again I declare that politically charged arguments that remain biased and dishonest are destroying the people’s will in favor of the political will.   We must not surrender that kind of empowerment to anyone that is willfully destroying that which our forefathers have died and fought for.  Freedom of speech is granted, information is given, but responsibility to make rational choices based on evidence and not propaganda is something we need to strive for.
The left wing and the right wing are two wings that are allowing the iron bird of fascism the ability to fly. To question the party line is revolutionary.  To see criminality in both sides takes courage.  To demand trials and accountability takes a conspiracy.
How do I know this?
America was founded by conspirators. Our forefathers were conspiracy theorists.  They believed King George was conspiring against the colonies.  They found out that they were right and sought a revolution to break away from his tyranny.
Police detectives test unproven ideas. They develop a hypothesis about crimes they investigate.  They look at evidence and begin to construct a theory based on pieces of evidence.   Then they test their theories in order to make a case and even then that case can be voted down by a jury.  Just because the jury says that something is true or false does not prove anything.  No one calls them conspiracy theorists or cranks if they go by their hunch.
Many may not agree with them, but questioning and sifting through what is there is natural and right.   To come to the conclusion that both answers and sides are incorrect is also possible and should be acknowledged.  However in the United States we have been blinded by “might makes right,” “our side is the only side” and “you are either with us or against us.”
These thought mechanisms have kept us from moving forward.  It is the case of push- me- pull- you or pull- you- push- me and the solution always seems to be one or the other instead of saying that it is the neither.
What perplexes me is this sick worship of oligarchy that a lot of Americans have espoused. Why people believe that the support of the power elite and donated dollars to their cause actually fortifies this country and that those in power care about you and your families.
Americans somehow believe that a public official is far too trusted to commit any crime, or treason. Or that a group of men that we have entrusted to run government have not in concert carried out something as horrific as the September 11th, attacks. Those who confuse patriotism with love of political party, or blind obedience to government cannot believe, or don’t want to believe in corruption on a massive scale.
It is as if they have willed a blind spot in their soul’s logic to the corruption because they don’t want to take responsibility for supporting the mob boss and his henchman.  The blood is on the hands of the leader and it, in essence stains the hands of the supporter. To play dumb, to fall under the spell of the crime boss is naïve, hypocritical and contradictory.
Your leaders don’t want you to figure this out because when you do, you will no longer give them the power they crave.  When you start to take action to remove them from their finest suits, cuff links and ties and place them in orange jumpsuits with chains and handcuffs then we may see our country get out of its turmoil.

[youtube PTL7P3c3_Ag]

Go ahead and believe in honest competition between the parties, Give yourself the security blanket of naiveté, play dumb and live in that black hole, all the while the corrupt continue being that way.
There are those who come to this website that embrace the oligarchy. Letters come to me all the time where people just love to tell me how intellectually superior they are and how I am anti- American and stupid.  I was even with my friends having a bowl of Vietnamese noodles, talking about the news events of the day and I was told by a patron sitting at a table next to me to keep my mouth shut because my opinions about Obama and his war budgets and extended fascism is CRAP and that he did not want to hear our conversation.
He said that I should move out of the country and live with the terrorists if that is how I feel. Well, I didn’t say anything back to him; I took a good look at him and thought that he is just one of many people who are in love with their slavery, who are complicit in their own ignorance. He like many Americans wishes for the social safety net to protect them from the vampires lurking at their borders.
I am fed up with superior intellectuals that condemn anyone who speaks critically of Obama, Bush or any one of the criminals that are in Washington D.C. I want to know if these logical thinkers don’t believe that there are people in government that conspire to do anything that is illegal. Have we lost our intellectual maturity to the point of just accepting what we are told? Is history something we can throw out and are we comfortable with repeating?
Take for example the health care reform.
Hillary Clinton unveiled her new health-care plan when her husband was president, and Republicans attacked it as socialized medicine.
Republicans are screaming bloody murder now over Obama and the health care reform act.  They want to rally, sue, send death threats anything that can cause civil disobedience because they believe in the slippery slope of Marxism and that this is one step closer to securing America as a communist gulag.  They tend to believe that this has all been cooked up by Obama and that he single handedly is selling us out.
History on the other hand paints a very different picture.
Thirty six years ago a health care plan that was far more socialist was proposed by Republican president Richard M. Nixon.  Nixon introduced his Comprehensive Health Insurance Act on Feb. 6, 1974, days after he used what would be his final State of the Union address to call for universal access to health insurance. He told America
“I shall propose a sweeping new program that will assure comprehensive health-insurance protection to millions of Americans who cannot now obtain it or afford it, with vastly improved protection against catastrophic illnesses,” The Nixon proposal did not require people to insured.

[youtube vXQEAu-3nyw]

The Nixon proposal had favor with the American People because it would not come from tax dollars but from business and there was no individual mandate. Time magazine gave it good reviews but it was voted down by democrats led By Ted Kennedy.
The irony is that while Ted Kennedy voted down the Nixon Bill, nearly forty years later he would die of brain cancer and the Democrats would attempt to name their health plan after him calling him a champion of health care reform.
Nobody called Nixon a champion of health care reform. He had his own troubles.  Watergate ruined him and he resigned as the president some months later. This illustrates that the idea of health care for all had been proposed by a republican President and shot down by Democrats stalling the process. A lot of his ideas have been used in the Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and Obama health care plans.  Now Republicans are shooting down the plan that was lifted and modified from the republican president and championed by the Democrats.
This new health care plan however has a lot of things in it that many Americans really don’t understand.  No one has read the nearly 3000 pages of this piece of reform and the purpose of its passage now is highly suspect.
Health plans proposed by Presidents Harry Truman, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton also failed. Every time, the criticism was the same: They amounted to socialized medicine. So what is at stake now besides unconstitutional individual mandates and the illusion of universal health care?
Population control.
Bottom line is this new healthcare reform is going to be a new tool to inflict pain on the American people and open them up to more surveillance and monitoring.  Medical records will now be more open to investigation by big brother. This is not some paranoid theory, but a fulfillment of what Obama adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote in his famous signature book “Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technotronic Era.
“It will soon be possible to assert almost continuous control over every citizen and to maintain up-to-date files containing even the most personal details about health and personal behavior of every citizen, in addition to the more customary data. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities. Power will gravitate into the hands of those who control information.”
Obama announced at the beginning of 2009 that he was going to invest some 50 Billion dollars in Electronic Medical records software.  He claimed it would save us $10 Billion in health care costs.  It also confirms that his staff headed by Brzezinski is actually following the plan as outlined years earlier. Access to health care records gives authorities the ability to implement eugenics directives.
Brzezinski who co-founded the Tri-lateral commission had illustrated plans to create a “New International Economic Order.” Its current statement has morphed into fostering a “closer cooperation among core democratic industrialized areas of the world with shared leadership responsibilities in the wider international system.
The Global plan is for all countries to live on the level of third world nations.  Economic sustainability can be achieved through a process known as “end game” strategies.  Which include controls on ecological systems such as food, water and air.  The agenda would severely limit water, electricity, and transportation – even deny human access to our most treasured wilderness areas, it would monitor all lands and people through tracking  and  scientific measures such as biometrics and eugenics. Medical record keeping and unlimited access to your personal medical history gives the state control over what they feel you need in order to live. Your life and well being will be based on average criteria.
As the Global planners hook you with “climate change” and the socially engineered “saving the planet from the environmental cataclysmic model” we could very well see in the future, an urgency to justify  laws requiring euthanasia, eugenic infanticide, futile care provisions, and weeding out those with undesirable genetic propensities through the mapping of an infant’s genome literally marking them genetically for a “predisposed outcome.”
House resolution 1 EH will affect every individual in the United States.  The Resolution states that your medical treatments will be tracked electronically by a federal system. Having electronic medical records at your fingertips, you can easily have them transferred to any hospital. However with convenience come conditions.
One new bureaucracy, The National Coordinator of Health Information Technology, will monitor treatments to make sure your doctor is doing what the federal government deems appropriate and cost effective. The goal is to reduce costs and “guide” your doctor’s decisions.
If your Doctor goes beyond what is proposed for adequate treatment he or she could face penalties. So if you have an a-typical condition or a genetic defect you could be inadequately cared for. This could result in your death.
The National Board of Health Information Technology can approve or reject treatments using a formula that divides the cost of the treatment by the number of years the patient is likely to benefit. Treatments for younger patients are more often approved than treatments for diseases that affect the elderly.
They also want to limit critical care and experimental medicine in order for universal care to be cost effective. Every experimental procedure will have to face approval by the board.  This contributes to population controls and eugenics. Just deny life-giving medical treatment to the disabled and elderly and you have plausible deniability in contributing to zero population growth.
Furthermore as we read through the Brzezinski model for control through medical and genetic records we find that he states that the common people are in his opinion   “an increasingly purposeless mass, capable of being scientifically engineered through a series of shocks to the system.”
Shocks to the system create cognitive crisis and pain.  Those who control pain control the populace.  You see, pain is what is controlling us and those who have the power to relieve the pain are also those who have the power to inflict it. Access to health records gives them the capability of controlling pain and gives them the ability to decide who deserves to be relieved of their pain.  If anyone doubts the power of pain as a tool to control people’s behavior they need only to look at the experiments that were carried out by the Nazis.
These experiments in pain for control were carried through to the academics at Yale and Harvard.  They were perfected by the CIA and other groups and now they are being implemented with absolutely no limits.   This is why Torture is not condemned or not being altered in war.  Because in a moment of pain people could say or do almost anything including kill another human being.
We have all seen the rat in the experiment where he presses the bar in order to get a jolt to the pleasure centers of his brain.  He will do it so much he falls limp from exhaustion. He runs around madly in his wheel in order to avoid any pain that is being given him by the controllers.
The experiments evolve where there is no longer anything provided to take away his pain.  After a while the rodent learns to live with his pain and also awaits his next blow. This is known as “learned helplessness.” Soon the rat becomes fearful, and mean. He eventually dies. Giving more control to government will ease your pain at first – it will become an “opiate solution.”
It already has been a “feel good” cure all for people who are ill informed. Just the thought of having anything that sounds like universal health care is enough to satisfy the uninformed American people.  This panacea or “Opiate solution” to a crisis or perceived crisis is a social programming mechanism that has been utilized many times throughout history.
When we look at “Opiate” as a wide spread metaphor we must understand that it was used as a part of policy. In the times of Karl Marx, “Opiate” was used in a social sense as a metaphor in his day.
“Opiate” was used sociologically as a term for anything that would soothe social turmoil.  Literally, with the help of Karl Marx it is loosely defined as a social pain reliever.  Since the socialist evolutionary process includes inflicting and relieving pain and controlling the “Opiate.” “Opiate policies” must be looked into as a means to an end.  It is a means of control by the government where big brother watches you and controls your intake of that which takes away your pain and stress.
According to Nancy Pilosi the new plan will also save the economy.  This too is part of the model of controlling pain. Perceived money and economic stability is another part of the government’s “opiate” policy.
Every socialist movement that has ever been attempted is well aware that a person that is experiencing pain or stress revolving around money matters will reliably respond to positive reinforcement and a promise that this economic pain will soon be relieved.  The ability to offer that is a power that no money can buy.  The promise of individual wealth, prosperity and well being with this health care proposal is a lie.
Whether the new health plan saves money or stimulates the economy will remain a mystery until after 2014, yet the progressive liberal side is cheering on the policy and jeering those who want to see it fail.
Does anyone remember the Obama supporter that with tears in her eyes exclaimed that with Obama as president she would no longer have to pay for Gas or her Mortgage?  Obama never made that promise, however the pain that was internalized by supporter Peggy Joseph was somehow going to be neutralized by Obama and he seemed to be the only one who could help.

[youtube P36x8rTb3jI]

The Bush administration inflicted nightmare after nightmare, pain and crisis. The plan all along was to inflict pain on people so that they would accept any plan that appears to remedy that pain.  Then Obama arrived at a time where people needed a savior, when in reality he is just another puppet carrying out policies for the shadow puppeteers of the New World Order.  Many people are responding emotionally and not thinking about what they are being given. People see free money, no worries, and the state taking care of its own. They don’t see the trap that awaits them.
They say that money does not buy happiness but studies have shown that money eases pain. When budgets are tapped and people are being forced to pay into the system in order to be controlled even more, they will rebel and the system will collapse in chaos.
It was all too simple to create symbols and simple cheers to mesmerize the flock into believing that whatever the Obama administration decided was for the betterment of the people, all because of the abuse that they had to endure with the Bush administration.
All of the feeling of elation will leave when Americans start to once again feel the wound that still has not healed in the collective consciousness.  Even those who are supportive now will begin to feel the bleeding and by then they will be incapable of getting out of their rut.
Progressives will argue that Obama’s plan is here to save us, to provide coverage if we cannot do it ourselves.  Well, no– what Obama has done has made the government an insurance company and will hire IRS thugs to enforce payment. You will have to pay whatever they ask, when you are being told to get insurance at gunpoint. On March 23rd, 2010 Congressman John Dingle spoke with J.W. Smith on News talk WJR. He reminded Smith that things like Health care and the Ideas of the control state have been in the plan for years. He stated “it takes a long time to do the administrative steps that have to be taken to put legislation like this together to control the people.”

[bliptv hJNRgc_7JAI%2Em4v]

The ramifications of controlling pain are huge in scope. Every organism on this planet responds to pain.  No Police state can exist without the ability to give out pain in all forms.  The tortures we read about and criticize are academic and in the same way the CIA or any other black ops group tortures enemy combatants we also suffer a post traumatic stress response to this type of behavior.
It is the threat of pain and torture that deep down frightens us.  We can put up a good front for courage.  We can say “better them than us” but the truth is we are them.  They are us.   The attacks on New York and the Pentagon gave us a shock to the system, causing fearful moves and neurotic actions.  We probably don’t even realize how exhausting it all was.  How we were required to act as though nothing had happened.  Yet the wolves all gathered together and decided that war was the ultimate answer.
From there they planned on taking away your rights, monitoring your attitude and now controlling how you cope.  From self medication, to prescription drugs, to natural methods it will all be controlled so that you will constantly be pushed to the limit.
Barack Obama increased the war effort in Afghanistan.  Many wondered why?  Could it be that Afghanistan supplies the world with potent pain killers?  Afghanistan now supplies over 90 percent of the world’s heroin, generating nearly $200 billion in revenue.
Since the U.S. invasion on Oct. 7, 2001, opium output has increased 33-fold (to over 8,250 metric tons a year). Obama is learning from his predecessors that there is money to be made with drug dealing.
Drugs and potent pain killers have been known to net a large income for the CIA.
While the CIA ran its operations during the Vietnam War, the Golden Triangle supplied the world with most of its heroin. After that war ended in 1975, an intriguing event took place in 1979 when Zbigniew Brzezinski covertly manipulated the Soviet Union into invading Afghanistan.
Behind the scenes, the CIA, along with Pakistan’s ISI, was secretly funding Afghanistan’s Mujahedeen to fight their Russian enemies. Prior to this war, opium production in Afghanistan was minimal. But according to historian Alfred McCoy, an expert on the subject, a shift in focus took place. “Within two years of the onslaught of the CIA operation in Afghanistan, the Pakistan-Afghanistan borderlands became the world’s top heroin producer.”
As the Mujahedeen (Taliban) guerrillas seize territory inside Afghanistan, they order peasants to plant poppies as a revolutionary tax. Across the border in Pakistan, Afghan leaders and local syndicates under the protection of Pakistan intelligence operate hundreds of heroin laboratories.
The Afghan people are under threat and are producing fine grade heroin and Morphine in labs that are tied to intelligence ops.  As you can see the war is all about pain and suffering and the controlling of it in order to fund Black Ops in foreign countries. Without heroin money at their disposal, billions of dollars could not be funneled into various CIA black budget projects.
This war is part of the big business of pain control. It is a continuous reminder that death and suffering is meant to be continuous.  Health care plans and drug trade are big money for the Pharmaceutical companies. This reform is necessary to heavily control and monitor the use of drugs that are opiates, steroidal drugs and drugs that are anti-depressants.
There are controls in place now, but people are falling through the cracks. You hear in the news all the time of celebrities that are dying from abusing narcotics. You hear about doctors that are being paid off to prescribe these drugs illegally. This of course is bad, but it is the exception and not the rule. There are people now who need these types of drugs and will be denied them because of health care policies, forcing a larger black market industry.  The next phase of the plan will be to eliminate or heavily control the usage of naturopathic remedies and visits to naturopathic doctors.
Now is it all becoming clear to everyone what is happening?
The Obama administration under the direction of Zbigniew Brzezinski, an elite socialist controller is basically carrying out the plan for social evolution by creating a medical surveillance state, controlling pain both medically and economically.
Social engineers have always created the threat of pain or death. Last winter, Swine flu fears were created to generate revenue with vaccines and companies that Barack Obama invested in when he was a senator benefited. In 2005, Obama had bought shares in Baxter International.
Baxter International was the pharmaceutical company that created the H1N1 vaccine. Right after he bought the shares, Obama introduced the first comprehensive bill to address the threat of avian influenza pandemic.
Remember all of the other cataclysmic metaphors that have been brought to us?  There were the warfare metaphors about the alleged threat of bioterrorism, and the plague metaphors about AIDS.  Each one gave us a reason to change our lifestyles.  Every one of these changes happened because of social engineering.
This is an era of worldwide epidemics.  This is to say, it is an era of fear.  Fear leads to fatigue and pain and we push the lever like the rat trying to find the pleasure center. There must be something wrong; it is so easy to think.
This is not just the work of media, although they help, and it doesn’t hurt that playing on fear sells.  It runs deeper than that.  Our modern civilization seems, sometimes, deeply uncomfortable with the world we’ve created.  Maybe it is not the world we have created.  It is the illusory world that social engineers have created in order for us to demand change to eliminate our pain.
Whatever you need to dose, they will control. From tobacco, to alcohol, marijuana, narcotics, and morphine their sadistic dedication to taking away your pleasure keeps them in control of you.  The power to relieve pain is even greater than the power to inflict it and the threat of pain is also as powerful as none at all.
And if you think that this only applies to those who are slaves to drugs think again.  You are a slave for your paycheck. They can and will regulate how you spend your money. How you spend your time.
They can make it harder for you to go places in order to get away from it all. They will control the internet, the flow of information, the flow of food and fresh water.  You will be left with nothing else.  They will exhaust every regulation devoted to their opiate policies. Then they will try and break you.
Sometimes the wars we are fighting are not about oil, not always about greed. It is about how far we can be pushed through the pain threshold. Sometimes people just want to watch others suffer and die.  It has always been the objective of the fascist state to control your body.
In the book 1984, George Orwell wrote, “Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation. Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”
When you have all the money in the world, and all of the power you can have, what is left to get?  Perhaps it is the souls of the people. Those in control don’t need more money; they obviously can steal it and print it.  They don’t care about your health, they want to keep you sick and malleable.
In the movie The Dark Knight, the Joker sets fire to a mountain of money.  The other crook in the room was astonished.  The Joker tells him that he doesn’t get it.  It’s not about the money; it is about sending a message. “Everything burns.”

[youtube qMkkfuSizc4]

The unfortunate thing is no matter how obvious the motive of the criminal elite is, people will still argue that it is all about material wealth.  The conspiracy is all about power through inflicting and controlling pain.  The health care reform proposals are there to secure one more area of the surveillance state. It is all about control as opposed to health. Communist leader Vladimir Lenin once said that Socialized medicine is the keystone in the arch of the socialist state. It is there to insure your servitude. It will also be there to eventually convince you that those who put a strain on the system should be removed.
While healthcare for everyone is something we all can agree on, the methods and the means are suspect especially when it is proposed by government that has demonstrated its tendency for corruption.

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