The American Spring has arrived and as predicted moved from Saudi Arabia, Greece and England to the United States. The only question that keeps running through my mind is what the motive is for what is happening and why do I smell divisiveness in this whole staged open rebellion? I had hoped to fade the entire situation to black and give myself breathing room on this issue. However, I had discussed this moment many times and many times my predictions were off. I guess I was hoping for a true grassroots effort, one that truly has people without hope demanding accountability, instead of rich kids that are bored trying to push anything from Marxism to four more years of Obama.

The event that we are seeing, the occupation that we hear about is the equivalent of the Arab spring; however it has a stink of corporate cleanliness to it and reeks entirely of something that is being staged to guarantee an increased police state and to enforce more detainment and rights violations.
The United States has continually warned of unprecedented chaos and a revolt in the street and I had warned from the rafters of this event but I was incorrect in the dates and times. Approximation is the business I am in but something smells rotten with this “occupation” movement. I don’t want anyone to think that I am against the process of protest and grievances against a government run amok, but I am not fooled by the style of this sudden “American Spring. As far as I can tell, it’s just a bunch of gullible students looking for a cause and jobless people who think its Wall Street’s fault that they don’t have a job. I see Michael Moore, Jeanine Garofolo and Susan Sarandon as champions of the “movement” and have a feeling of Déjà vu – in a sort of way.
This means that somewhere out there, someone secretly saw the Tea party as a target and hired a focus group to create a sterile variant that can be an opposite. Then in order for the entire thing to work there must be a group of highly paid Hollywood types to champion a militant group who really doesn’t know why they are being militant. They really don’t know who their enemy is and chances are they are actually demanding that the solution be the very thing that will destroy them.
It is a simple way of bait and switch.
In the whole “Occupy wall street movement “I have not seen nor have I heard what we are to do with Wall Street. What demands or solutions are the protestors looking for? I never hear anything specific never read anything with meat in it, just an empty agenda to get attention. I see irrational commentary that has the same sickeningly sweet naiveté that was present during the 2008 election.
The idea that hope and change were enough to elect a President that knew he could change nothing and continues to embrace the
George W. Bush doctrine. Obama is now in the assassination business and has decided to enforce his extrajudicial force against Americans. I do know that they happen to be suspected members of Al Qaida—but hey forget trials and all of that constitutional mumbo jumbo—it gets in the way of being a just America. This is war and now in a war that was started by a previous administration we must act like the very criminals we are supposed to fight. When Americans are hunted down and killed by the Military without trial, they call it a police state.
When 700 protestors are arrested exercising their freedom of speech it is a Police state. I want to know if the “Occupy” groups are aware that they are pawns in a chess game that will eventually trigger even more of the Homeland’s resolve for the continuation of the surveillance state.
Meanwhile we cheer like Romans at the coliseum, but a president ordering the death of an American is in reality overturning posse comitatus. Like it or not this has happened regardless of whether or not you agree with the philosophies of Anwar al-Awlaki. I am sure that the “occupiers” are unaware that al-Awaki was the same moderate Muslim who was called upon after attacks of 9/11 by the Whitehouse to reach out to other Muslims and hold a prayer vigil and luncheon for Muslim congressional staffers where he denounced Al Qaida. It is so eerie how one can lose favor so quickly and can be in the crosshairs of a planned assassination by the new government that the “occupiers” want so badly to continue. They know not what they protest about or who they are angry at—they just know that a group of liberals and communists have funded their rage.
Most of the videos and the coverage of the “occupy the streets” movement show that many of the philosophies espoused by the young protesters are Communist. Whether you see that word Communist as evil or a solution is your own business, but from the era where I was raised the “C” word was something we fought against during the cold war and now for some reason embrace.
I am having mixed feelings about these movements that I am told I should get behind because they are all about the so called correct “change” for the new era. Does anyone care about this? It is so unfortunate that now we are witnessing a time where any American, whose “philosophies purportedly “inspire” a mass rebellion or terrorist act is now going to be snuffed out without notice, without trial.
Change like this is frightening, especially when we were warned that it would show up on our doorstep without firing a shot. We already are in the cesspool of despotism and no one is willing to set aside right wing and left wing to take out the trash and realize that big money with big agendas now are responsible for revolts that are planned
Somewhere with a focus group that noshes on bagels and sips copious amounts of coffee. I really don’t care if what I am saying in unpopular right now, but how is it that we never learn anything new from these phony political public relation operatives that now think that even rebellion is sold at wholesale?

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