Anachronism Thinking Twice, at Least Once More About The Origin Of Man


Thinking Twice, at Least Once More About The Origin Of Man

Many strange archeological discoveries have been made and have been reported
in the mainstream news. Every discovery seems to have a headline that reads that
the evidence in hand will change the way we view ancient history. However I see no
change in historical views on matters when new discoveries are made. Many of the
discoveries are looked upon with reticence and in some cases disdain. Hundreds
of artifacts have been unearthed that have baffled scientists and challenged modern
man’s view of history. Many of these objects have been labeled out of place artifacts or
anachronisms, they are good for a headline in the fringe sections of most newspapers
and they are great for conversation, but where and when do they ever become a fact in
historical canon?

I don’t see any new discoveries of out of place artifacts or things that challenge the
fossil record as so great to change history because it seems that it is heretical to even
attempt to change it. These new discoveries always cause controversy in the scientific
community. The powerful scientific authority is an invisible head that is s extremely
selective in what they accept as fact. Skeptics and scientists often cry hoax or even
declare that the artifact in question should be ignored because it somehow does not fit
with established laws of scientific process. It is so rigid it is similar to a cult. What they
choose to accept as real science is so arbitrary, that our progress seems to be slowing
down and we are being treated to mythical theories that are supposed to be accepted
as fact when the evidence they present is specious and laughable.
The conspiracy to withhold knowledge is obvious and history books seem to be stalled
in time.
It is claimed that historical revisionism is the reinterpretation of orthodox views on
evidence, motivations, and decision-making processes surrounding historical events
and that it is part of the normal scholarly process of writing history. However an
accepted and rigid paradigm may not accept or even consider a revision of anything
historic because it does not sit well with the consensus. I am of the belief that we are
caught in the trap of traditionalism and are not quite comfortable with changes in history
and therefore major revisions rarely happen in historical views of human origin.
There have been a number of reports that have surfaced in the mainstream narrative
that have attempted to boost our understanding of mankind’s origin. Each story points
to new artifacts and discoveries that reportedly will change the way we view history.
However there seems to be a schism present where the new discoveries are flushed
down the memory hole and are forgotten for some reason.
We all have learned that civilization as we know it has evolved and migrated from what
is considered an ancient world to a new world with better tools, and more sophisticated
architecture for the time.
The consensus history tells us that nearly six thousand years ago mankind kept scrolls
and records that have been translated manipulated and falsely interpreted in order
to keep the great mysteries, mysterious. Secrets have been held by High priests and
secret societies for centuries and people still believe that covenants do not exist and
that no one, no group can keep a secret. The secrets of our origins are still a mystery
and organized theories and debates keep up the processes of stalemate.
We seem to see breakthroughs and new reports of wonderful discoveries, but what
does it take to insert these new discoveries into the narrative? Why aren’t the
alternatives taught in our places of learning. I am not suggesting a debate between
creationism and Darwin’s evolution. I believe that this tired and worn out issue is
beneath us now. Well, it should be beneath us and yet we hear it all the time and it gets
more and more outrageous.
Since the times of the ancient scribes we have been able to produce more information
with the aid of computers and retrieval systems. We have had people claim to find super
intelligent codes in the bible, we have found that magical interpretations have been
replaced with a somewhat scientific explanations, this takes away all faith in a magical
Keeping the faith in God in this age of “global enlightenment” is more frightening than
it used to be. It is harder to believe and have faith when facts are demanded and an
Apocalypse leaves nothing to the imagination.
The very insinuation that the bible doesn’t explain everything about our creation sparks
a lot of anger from Christian Fundamentalists that want to assure you that the bible is
full of facts that should not be questioned. Saying that the bible is factual goes against
everything that defines faith.
Faith to me has always been a strong conviction that something exists even though
there is no proof that it does. Faith and belief have always been associated with second
hand information.
Those who dwindle in faith demand facts. Those who remain in ignorance get what
they deserve.
While there is this argument of evolution and creationism there seems to be the
forgotten third possibility of how we came to be and that is we have existed longer
than recorded history has documented and that civilizations have been influenced by a
number of quantum entanglements and revelations given through communication with
superior intelligences.
It is really difficult to try and explain how man just appeared virtually out of nowhere
some 180,000 to 250,000 years ago especially when new fossils and artifacts show up
and are not put into the record. These remnants of an intelligent man date back millions
of years and not thousands. How do we explain these anomalies? The larger question
is when artifacts show up in places where they shouldn’t why is there a blackout of
reports regarding these artifacts, especially when they are said to change the course
of history? How difficult is it to change the way we see our origins. Where do we really
come from?
Scientists take the cue from Darwin and stake all of their reputations on a fossil record
that continues to prove Darwin wrong. Equally creationists hold on to mythology as an
answer to our origins and are proven wrong on so many levels.
The fossil record fails for both sides and yet we still argue over this theory and that
passage of scripture. The reality is being rejected and criticized for age old and worn
out opinions on matters that really no one can certainly prove.
All the missing links are still missing, all of the rhetoric is failing and quite naive. It
seems that science loves to avoid the possibility of a third influence on the fossil record,
maybe even a third presence.
The legacy of knowledge and architecture is evident, but the mysteries remain or are we
to assume that the secrets are being held up somewhere to keep mankind from finding
out the truth?
Could it be that science wants us to believe that history has to be linear? That we
crawled out of the slime and progressed into what many believe is the apex of creation
even though there are records to indicate that advanced civilizations have existed,
some which are possibly more advanced than we think we are?
It is arrogance to think that we are the pinnacle that everything in history has been
building towards, when influences that have shaped ancient civilizations from continent
to continent have demonstrated advancements in all fields of science and art. We need
to understand how these civilizations disappeared and why.
We are now at a point in time where we need to confront the issue of advanced
processes that can lead to another extinction level event, or even a natural event that
finds a way to wipe out an advanced civilization.
It seems that all evidence, all of the fossil records contradict our conventional theories
about where we have come from and why advanced civilizations disappear from history.
The real evidence wants to speak up but it seems to have been silenced.
The question is by whom?

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