APEX 111111

APEX 111111

Today is 11/11/11 a palindrome of numbers that have a resonance with many people. Whether it is lucky or an omen the number vibrates a message and begs the question is there a future in planning for our future?
How is it that we can still believe in vague objectives and guidance from the power elite when we are seeing war reruns and protests in real time? How can anyone have hope when they are seeing everything crumble around them?

As I watched the riotous crowds at the occupation I bowed my head for a moment and thought that no matter what the outcome of the protest is there is not one person who has stated the obvious in this whole situation.
The sphere of political representation no longer exists. No matter how many people are paraded in debate, or propped up in front of teleprompters claiming to have control, the left and the right have nothing now. It has all been lost in the unwashed masses who are about to declare war on the authority that has them enslaved.
The political talking heads ratchet up the rhetoric under advisement of their various dispatches, agents and sycophants. The conservative and progressive parrots give variety of thought only a besting match and syndical opinion that makes no progress only divides and confuses the substance.
Meanwhile the conscience feels that something is wrong. There is a sense of anticipation and wonder about the possibility of catastrophe with a purpose. A catastrophe where many who considers themselves righteous will evade because of some religious Deus ex machine.
How can it be that so many people that we listen to and follow tell us that mankind is about to reach its apex. Think of that word for a moment. The word has all kinds of meanings for everyone and many people have somehow focused their energies on dates and times as if they are trying to unlock a secret. What they don’t realize is that the dates that are selected have a vibration. There may be a few out there that deny that numbers affect them, that is of course until they see less of them on their paycheck and more of them on their bills.
Think of Apex planning and the future of the climax and what we will be seeing in the future. More turmoil—or a knowledge that there will always be uncertainty and that we can handle anything if we prepare and make decisions based in wisdom.
We have heard the apex called many things from Jump time – to year Zero and it is becoming more apparent that we are going to reach zero point and start over again, marking time in different ways.
Rhythms and vibrations are the controlling factors in the way we operate. Some are more sensitive to the changes that we are seeing in the world, and others go about their day to day lives like cattle moving from point a to point b moving closer to the gate that will swing open and eventually beacon them to their eventual deaths.
The cultural trance that we have been in is slowly losing its hold on the mind and body. People are waking up and understanding that they want their pain to go away. They need their hunger to be fed and their thirst to be quenched.
The trance that is present has been powered by hypereality and media spin that takes all of our important issues and has reduced them to mere sound bites. We can no longer say to ourselves that everything will work itself out. The world’s monetary system is a house of cards. All that is needed is a good wind or an abrupt sneeze and economies all over the world will collapse and it will happen so fast that we will have to be self reliant and resourceful on our own. We have reached the point of no return and as long as we allow our officials to not stand in accountability we will not reverse the damage.
We have allowed ourselves to be walked on for too long, we on one hand deride the actions of officials and yet support political circuses that only produce cart wheeling clowns that are masters of doublespeak and embrace the Orwellian nightmare.
There are those unwritten laws of causal relationships that dictate that you can only push a group of people so far before they decide to fight back. The tipping point and breaking point has been reached and desperate attempts at revolution without scourges is losing its appeal and a more beastly approach remains as an alternative to passive civil unrest.
Everyone perceives that social insecurity is everywhere. However, there are still people who are paid to lie, look the other way and demand that everyone keep the faith in the face of certain doom.
Many psychologists and sociologists can’t seem to understand that their advice and various recommendations for treatments, therapies and pills are doing nothing to take away the deep rooted pain and resentment that the mass consciousness has buried deep within them.
Pay attention to what we are hearing and watching. Reports of strange weather, the most violent earthquakes on record, and biblically equivalent catastrophes ever experienced do dominate the news regularly. Reports of ritualistic murder, abuse, rape and civil unrest are all over the headlines. Is this normal? Is this the way or planet is all the time? or are these portents to warn us of what may be a very close shave with our fate?
Do we wait for the body bag on our doorstep or do we realize it’s too late when we occupy one? How are you going to react when the streets are occupied? When the police are outnumbered?
Can we all agree that change is within our grasp if we can only find common ground within our humanity?
Have faith in order to recognize miracles around you.
It will prepare you for the coming insurrection—something that I am afraid will become the necessary evil.

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