Apocalypse Cow

Apocalypse Cow


I have been concerned lately that the mainstream media has been abusing the term “conspiracy theory” with regards to what has been happening with the mass deaths of birds and fish. While many people have written off the events of the past weeks and have convinced themselves that what has happened is normal, the death cloud has now moved to animals. It is frustrating to read how the media downplays these events and goes out of their way to belittle and make fun of those who point to
glaring prophecy and calls them conspiracy theorists.

Equally it is also irritating to see lazy conspiracy theorists use these events as fodder
to push agendas that blame the government for the event and not get back to basics
and realize that there is also the natural element to consider or if you will permit me,
a supernatural element to all this where prophecy, and the darkest thought forms are
beginning to generate apocalyptic synchronicity that can’t be denied.
I admit that what I do is some sort of Fortean speculation but you can’t deny that in a
time where we are told that we will witness biblical cataclysm and spiritual awakening
that a lot of puzzle pieces come together that indicate that perhaps there is something
to all of the ancient reverse causality.
I stand guilty as charged in discussing odd and speculative ideas. My purpose is to
create discussion. I always tap into the zeitgeist and approximate ideas based on the
occult and the template that seems to be a blue print for some endgame that is either
intentional or once again mystical. The universe appears to be producing a number of
synchronistic patterns that cannot be denied. I have been confronted with the idea that
the memes and the patterns I talk about on my show are manifesting in reality. While I
am not that heliocentric, I have to consider that there may be a Ground Zero effect on
some or the reality since I do have a great number of people who are exposed to the
ideas generated on my show, in my videos, lectures and in my various writings.
Using a bit of complexity theory it can be surmised that the Ground zero audience could
be part of a huge butterfly that flaps its wings and makes an impact from where we are
to the headlines that splash our various newspapers ad websites days later. There
have been various incidents where we talk about the collective unconscious and reveal
the worries and concerns of the public before the mainstream attempts to filter and
sanitize them.
Current events have so many interpretations and it is wise to understand that the events
that unfold now and the events we downplayed in the past are what will determine
future trends. Unless of course by some miracle we see a Deus Ex Machina appearing
from out of nowhere forcing us to change yet again and push us into a place that we
didn’t expect to be.
I think that a lot of people are banking on that possible scenario. The return of some
external god seems to be on the minds of the major religions today. Not that they have
no reason to think about the possibility of some sort of self fulfilling prophecy. The seeds
have already been planted in the minds of the faithful.
Prophets like Nostradamus, Daniel from the Old Testament, and the Apostle John have
given us all kinds of ‘signs of the times” that when mixed with speculative eschatology
can pretty well put us in the crosshairs of some apocalyptic cataclysmic model. I am
one of those practicing Christians got real good at it and then became a non practicing
agnostic. Now I am satisfied with being a Fortean. It is not necessarily a religious
preference but it suits me well to speculate that nothing really can be found out, but
there are certainly indications that show that we are all getting closer to the apocalypse.
When the birds and fish began their die off at the first of the year there were many
Christians who were convinced that this was a sign of the last days. There are many
scriptures that talk about mankind and his penchant for evil and how his actions will
trigger the deaths of the flocks and the bitterness of the waters that will yield no fish.
What I am concerned with though is how prolonged war has kept us in a state of
continued hate and suffering. This type of anxiety, in a Jungian sense cannot go
without consequence and it was becoming clear to me after the Ground Zero Mosque
protests that we as a country were forging a Tulpa or dark thought form that would
eventually manifest as a monster or killer. It continued with the polarizing effects of
political besting and bashing.
It remains as a dark cloud of division with endless debates on immigration and the
bullying of people who are gay. Our monetary system is also part of the anxiety; we
have allowed ourselves to eat our future generations like vampires because of debts
that have been incurred to create an endless supply of carnage in Afghanistan and Iraq.
It was Nostradamus who spoke in his epistles that future generations that witness the
die offs of fish and fowl should prepare for the arrival of the third and final antichrist. In
1558 Nostradamus wrote in his Epistle to Henry II;
The Antichrist will be the infernal prince again for the third and last time so many
evils shall be committed by the means of Satan, the infernal Prince that almost
the entire world shall be found undone and desolate. Before these events happen,
many rare birds will cry in the air, “Now! Now”! And sometime later will vanish.”–
While Nostradamus prophecies can be brought out of the cobwebs for effect sometimes
there are things all around us that indicate that the world is on a collision
course with destiny.
The birds and the fish deaths were part of a canary in a coal mine portent that prompted
thoughts of ancient prophecy both biblical and mythological. Scientists and skeptics
were writing the millions of death on a global scale as natural and not a cause for
But a die off such as this was not something to ignore. Birds are always the first to
warn us of an impending storm. Their migration times can predict a harsh winter. Not
to mention there is a deep and spiritual connection that people have for trees and birds.
They are symbols that speak to us if not on a conscious level an unconscious level.
Many of the ancient gods and demons had wings and their images have been placed in
our unconscious minds as archetypes. I had indicated that archetypes such as these
can manifest at anytime. Many of them did anciently and man was forced out of fear to
sacrifice his herds and often times his children to these gods or face the threat of plague
or cataclysmic destruction.
In Old Testament writings it was common to read about how those who refused to listen
to their spiritual nature would have curse brought upon them. In the Deuteronomy the
curse upon the people would be fewer children born .a bad harvest and the death of the
It is important to note that Bovine were often cited in ancient texts as being sacred.
Cows and Bulls were often looked at as divine and their movements and health were
always monitored because they were also oracles of what was to come. It was known
that ancient Romans would perform a religious practice that included using the entrails
of cows and sheep to predict the future. This is a practice known as Haruspex.
Many of the ancient Gods resembled cows or bulls. At the end of last year Ground Zero
spoke of the northern furry demon known as Krampus who resembled Molech the great
bull god who is associated with child sacrifice.
There may have been a reason that cows were used for divination and that is because
Cattle are merely the four-legged canaries in the coal mine. They are the creatures we
must look at for determining what is next in our biological runaway train ride into what
appears to be the Bio unfriendly new millennium.
The European Society for Clinical Virology, the European Society for Veterinary
Virology and the Society for General Microbiology met in London and learned that birds
carry virulent strains and when they pass into cattle they become lethal. Science has
now found strains of flu in the cattle. Some are hosts for devastating strains for many
years. Cows can incubate pathogens and diseases that can eventually pass to humans.
They also have immune systems that can over react when exposed to an unknown
After the bird die off in the first 3 weeks into the New Year it was reported that in
Wisconsin, S Korea and Vietnam Cows and buffalo had dropped dead. The mystery
of the Buffalo in Vietnam can be solved by merely pointing out that they are not used
to the colder temperatures in the area. In South Korea there is a culling of animals
because of the epidemic of foot and mouth disease and various lethal influenzas that
have been passed from birds to Cows.
New studies in Switzerland have found that prion proteins found in bovine spongiform
encephalopathy, Creutzfeldt Jakob disease and Scrapie can be transmitted through the
The cows in Wisconsin dying in the pasture are intriguing. While the cattle died of
pneumonia, a natural occurrence, the deaths had far more of an apocalyptic impact
because of the cow being a sacred animal. It is also important to note that animals
dying have caused more of an interest into what is ahead in the year 2012. This activity
prior to the due date coming is called the final cycle of creation.
The new age look into prophecy includes the speculative “end of the world” scenarios
feared because of a stone calendar that indicates that a civilization that lived prior to ours predicted the end of time.
The focus today is on the Mayan Calendar and what is known as the “Long Count”
where the Calendar keeps time up until a date that has been determined to be some
time in the latter part of 2012. There have been a number of astrologers and new
age philosophers that have somehow determined that the Calendar has ended on
December 21st, 2012. This is the day of the winter Solstice.
December 21, 2012 has been presented as a predetermined “doomsday” when
allegedly the world is going to come to an end. You can’t escape the countless theories
and end of days quarrels about this important date in our future.
It is important to point out that Terence McKenna and John Jenkins are just some of the
few who have spoken and said that the Long count date is December 21st, 2012. The
Unfortunate thing is that this is the only aspect of the Mayan Calendar that people are
talking about. There is one other date that we should also be concerned with. It is the
date that ends the Galactic Creation cycle according to the calendar.
According to the Mayans the end of the creation cycle commences on October 28th,
2011. It is a time where we move into an area of the Zodiac that at one time was
devoted to a character that was known as the “serpent bearer” or the “serpent god”.
Many others call this area of the zodiac the “dark rift.”
Our entire Solar System revolves around a central Sun, which in turn revolves around
the Galactic center of the Milky Way. The Galactic center is 26,000 Light Years from
our Sun and is actually a ‘Black Hole’. It is referred to as zero point. It is in this area
where the 13th house of the Zodiac existed before it was removed. It is an area of
no time. It is the house of Ophiuchus. This area is situated between Sagittarius and
Although not incorporated into the 12-sign zodiac, Ophiuchus and some of the fixed
stars in it were sometimes used by astrologers in antiquity as extra-zodiacal indicators
in determining the times for cataclysms. It is interesting to note that the crossing of
the “Dark rift” or zero point is often associated with “Judgment” or “day of Judgment.”
It is also associated with the day of Cataclysm, plague, death, the healing of the
sick and raising of the dead. The serpent holder has always been associated with the
godlike “savior” power to judge the dead and heal the sick. It has always been a part of
the Zodiac and has not been used for centuries. However, the return to the 13 houses
was promised in a time where the earth was about to go through a “change.” This
would be a signal that the channels of enlightenment were opening up and that the stars
were aligning in such a way to create a shift in the way we as humans see ourselves
and the way we perceive time.
When passing through zero point the earth is said to receive messages from the gods,
messages in the form of natural cataclysm. The “times of the crossing” have happened
before in antiquity and it was in these times that there were accounts of floods, storms,
volcanic eruptions and appearances of dreadful entities that frightened humans.
The inhabitants of earth would see these creatures as harbingers of ill wind and plague.
Various diseases would follow in their wake and the earth would shake and tremble as
the changes would cause birds to die, waters to bitter which killed the fish and various maladies that would cause the flocks and herds to die in their fields.
Metaphorically, could the appearance of snake wielding Ophiuchus in the zeitgeist be
an auspicious omen, denoting an imminent and unfolding transitional time of plague,
cataclysm, healing and enlightenment?
Despite Christianity’s negative associations, the snake or serpent has long been a
symbol of knowledge, wisdom and healing in the religious and occult traditions of many
cultures; especially ancient societies. The Dragon, Ouroboros, Asclepius, The crossed
celestial circle, and Caduceus iconography prominent among them. The symbols
evolved throughout time. The symbol of the snake on a staff was spoken of in the times
of Moses and represents the healing power of a savior.

Ophiuchus Christ
The biblical serpent can also be interpreted positively as a harbinger of awareness or
consciousness. Remember the serpent in the mythological Eden. He walked on two
legs and taught man knowledge which made him aware of his mortality.
However as soon as the serpent makes its appearance, there always seems to be a
consequence. As it was in Eden, the beings that appear from the heaven also signify a
change in our evolutionary growth.
When the overall collective finds itself in a mindset that is divided, angry and hateful
the symbolic serpent or snake can become a devouring force. Thought s and ideas
become weaponized and actions that follow yield harsh consequences.
If that is the case then what is written in the books of the apocalypse are purely
an echo of the cyclical nature of the serpent holder. It records the cyclical nature of
man from his beginnings as a brutish beast of the field, to an enlightened soul, to his
devolution and redemption.
The Mayans, the Aztecs and their descendants believed that the earth had been
destroyed in cataclysm at least 4 times. Each time new life and new civilizations would
evolve. Each time there was a healing process where after times of great upheaval
there were signs in the heaven. Man looked up to see lunar eclipses, darkening of the
sun and what appeared to be wars in the sky above him.
The bible itself prophesied in the book of the Apocalypse that there would be a great
war in heaven between the angels and the “dragon.” Was this a literal war between the
Archangel Michael and Leviathan? Could it be something else?
In the Norse depiction of Armageddon, during the fulfillment of Ragnarok, a man-god-
named Thor- wrestles with a giant serpent named Jormungand for the fate of the world.
In the book of the Apocalypse in the bible, John saw in his vision the same thing. John
writes in the final book of the bible that Michael the Archangel wrestles with the dragon
and the angel stands on the serpents head.

During the Christmas season of 2010 people who received Kindles for gifts noticed that
out of the 22 images they could use for a screensaver one of them was a picture of a
bearded man wrestling with a snake. The snake was at his feet. The man appears to be
standing on the serpent.

Many people were unaware that the image was that of Ophiuchus the serpent bearer.
The image appeared weeks before the Minnesota planetarium society issued a
statement that due to the wobble of the earth and the movement of the stars, Ophiuchus
should be welcomed back into the house of the Zodiac.
Was this some form of predictive programming or was it all pure coincidence that these
images were returning into the pop culture? It doesn’t stop there. The simultaneous
dreaming phenomenon of the bald grinning man also plays a role in this twisted tale.
Prior to the hysteria of proposed horoscope change there were reports of people
dreaming of the “grinning death” image that is associated with Saturn and the return
of the grim reaper. I had made an association with Indrid Cold, the Mothman and the
image of the demon of storms and plague Pazuzu.
The reason for my weird associations was because I read in the news that a large
winged creature was seen flying over Los Angeles. Many described it as a butterfly and
claimed that it was a sign of peace. I saw it as an omen of doom because I knew that
the image was similar to the demon of the winds and storms of the air.
The demon Pazuzu was a Mesopotamian demon that had the head of a dog and the
body of a snake. He was the chief demon of the air and marshlands. When he appeared
in the heavens he would bring with him great storms and birds and fish would die in his
There was an emergency preparedness summit held in California in January where
fears were raised about a super storm. A storm with the potential to dump 10 feet of
rain and cause $300 billion in damage was discussed in a government press release
published last Friday. But the California super storm was explained as merely a
hypothetical scenario. The story took on a life of its own as people were preparing for
an event that was only an idea presented “just in case.”
The hypothetical super storm in California was labeled an “ARk storm” by the USGS
because of severe wet weather systems called “atmospheric rivers,” or ARs. When
the term ARk storm hit the Internet in the wake of heavy rains that plagued southern
California, sensational headlines started to appear.
People feared that perhaps a real ark should be constructed. The storm was cooked
up only for a drill but the meme of disaster weighed heavy on the minds of people. As
I had pointed out Pazuzu the winged demon of storms was somehow in the collective
unconscious. It is as if the entire country was under the possession of this meme.
It reminded me of the book “Legion” by William Peter Blatty. The story of Legion
became the movie Exorcist III. Pazuzu takes revenge for being cast out of the body
of Regan McNeil by putting the soul of the Gemini Killer in the body of father Damien
Karras. The Gemini killer mentions that there are other demons in his body that are a
legion or a collective of evil entities in thought form. The Gemini Killer commits murders
by possessing the bodies of the other inhabitants of the hospital where Karras had been
staying. The character of the Gemini killer was inspired and based on the Zodiac killer.
The Zodiac Killer was a serial killer who operated in Northern California in the late
1960s and early 1970’s. The Zodiac killer’s identity to this day remains unknown. He
was a phantom killer who left behind a symbol that represented the Zodiac. It was a
circle with a cross drawn through it.

This is an ancient symbol known as the celestial cross. It is the symbol for galactic
center. It represents the ancient mazzaroth or the uncertain home of the healing god of
the Zodiac, the alpha and omega. The symbol has been seen as the ancient symbol of
the Celts an example being the Celtic cross. The symbol has been loosely associated
with Ophiuchus and “the crossing of the dark rift.” It is the alignment fulfillment found in
the prophecies of 2012. .

From October 28th, 2011 to December 21, 2012, Astronomers tell us that the sun’s path
will visually intersect with the Galactic equator something that happens once every
26,000 years and that the Mayans identify this as rising of The Sacred Tree of life. This
has been called the final cycle of creation.
This alignment forms a kind of celestial crossroads where the sun in Autumnal equinox
and Winter Solstice converges with the center of our galaxy. Ophiuchus leads into
Sagittarius and Sagittarius’s spear points directly into the head (eye) of the “serpent”
that is wrestled in Ophiuchus’s arms. Is this a coincidence or is it a fulfillment of
apocalyptic prophecy?
The question that is on a lot of people’s minds is why was the “serpentarian” meme
generated in 2011? Many astrologers tried to denounce it as astrological heresy,
however the character of the Serpent bearer is an omen of change where people will
dream great dreams, have visions and will see the future as the magnetic field of the
planets change and people will start to witness the effects on others who are unable to
cope with the new wave of revelations. We are at the level in our consciousness where
religions and governments will develop the alchemical ritual of thrusting the world into
an apocalypse, where those who do not know their possible futures will leave this planet
in horrible and deadly ways.
Ophiuchus arrives in 2011 as the healer. People complain and worry needlessly about
the changes that are taking place. The thoughts or anxiousness and anxiety form
various Tulpas and egregores that seem to manifest in peculiar ways. The apocalypse
within us is coming at us and monsters are known to appear in times of crisis and woe.
The recent shooting in Arizona continues to present itself as some sort of programmed
ritual that has yielded synchronicities that continue to unravel before our eyes. The
killer Jared Loughner had claimed prior to the shootings that he was under the influence
of mind control. This was of course dismissed as being the rantings of a mad man in
the collective narrative , however there have been similar shootings in the past where
the suspects of said that something had influenced their minds and they could not
understand where their urge to kill came from.
Loughner was obsessed with Grammar and how every word he heard had some hidden
meaning. He was obsessed with currency and money. He also saw words as being
similar to numbers and how numbers and words were able to generate thoughts.
According to Reed McClintock an expert on Neuroliguistic programming Loughner’s
obsession with words or “twilight language” could mean that he was sensitive to the
manipulative words of his teachers and politicians. The speech given by Sarah Palin
after the shootings was analyzed by McClintock and was read on the Ground Zero
show. Reed had demonstrated that the way words are spoken and the tonal inflections
are important to notice in any speech. For example every word that Palin gave in a
lower tone Reed singled out because he claimed that people respond more to a word
delivered at a lower tonal scale. The effect of the process created an interesting “new
way” of looking at what Sarah Palin was trying to convey using Neuroliguistic and
Twilight language.
“Like Millions of Americans the innocent victims we do mourn.
Express our sympathy, agree with the sentiment. Help begin a healing process
for this tragedy for our country, exceptional country, vibrant with ideas and
passionate exchange.
Like and give her constituency in our government. Celebrate our republican core
values. Peacefully petition our governments in. Comprehend peaceful citizens
in times of tragedy over power a deranged government like many, pray for
Puzzled, listen with concern now! Irresponsible states “means” a portion of
blame to this terrible event. Reject the idea, laws broken. Society is guilty,
each individual is responsible. It is time to restore the American precept. Each
individual is responsible. Stand on your own, commit them, begin Collectively
citizens of a state. Listen to talk radio missing districts, law abiding citizens,
I’ll Buy both law abiding citizens respect. Take responsibility for our countries
Agree on everything, join me in affirming our process, the will of the people was
Peaceful transition of power proves yet again, The enduring strength of our
republican spirit are among our cherished traditions, we shake hands and get
back to work back in D.C. lets swear! Like a person’s vision for the country,
you’re free. Better ideas, like their ideas!
A tragedy unfolding, Journalists and pundits manufacture a blood libel. Incite
every hatred and violence to purport to condemn. Political rhetoric is to blame,
despicable actor arranged, a parent, political more heated!
Literally settle differences with dueling pistols.
Agreements, cordial, perfect men and women, angels in government, genius, the
inevitable, civil ways. republicans endure. Violence is the answer take up our
arms (flip the bird to the old)
Yes! at the ballot box!
Republicans again at the next election and the next. That’s who we are as
Americans! How were meant to be, republican of course!
Sign of crisis, America is speaking up and speaking out in peaceful descent.
Embrace evil and call it good and we will not be stopped. Celebrate our
Be intolerant of differing opinion, Seek to muzzle dissent, imagine insult!
Give her first the floor of the house, a beautiful monument; some call it more as
some claim to. I’m Competent some call it.
But lest we forget, giver her freedoms, criminalize speech found offensive.
It is in our values, remain resolved. Fight the tendency to trade our freedoms for
perceived security
so it is today. Prey for them, cherish their memories, pray for full recovery for our
PC, random acts weaken our foundation, we provide, protect, be stronger, we
are better! we will come out stronger. Unite in our desire to engage our time!
Embrace our differences! Unite in our ideas for a better future for our country.
YES”.—Sarah Palin Key Words of Blood Libel Speech
Words and images do have impact and Sarah Palin knew it. Many people who were
aware picked up on it unconsciously and unfortunately it became more fodder for
political exploitation and vitriol.
Her writers even used the term “blood libel” in her speech which triggered a 900 year
old meme and lie that the Jews used children’s blood for the unleavened breads used
for the Jewish pass over.
She also had a graphic on her site of political rivals in the crosshairs over the health
care issue.

These “cross haired” symbols looked eerily similar to the alignment dark rift symbols of
the Zodiac killer, the symbols signs and memes all associated with Ophiuchus and the
celestial crossing. It is also an interesting synchronicity that the Arizona shooter Jared
Loughner’s name has a remarkable meaning as well.
According to the website “Twilight Language” The name Loughner is an Americanized
version of the German name Lachner, which is an “occupational name for a physician,
or healer who is quite proficient in the bleeding process. Jared is a name that means
those who descend or fall. The names together mean “the fallen healer.” The symbol
for the healer is two snakes entwined on a pole, the symbol of the snake holder.
The snake holder from the house of Serpentarius is once again Ophiuchus. Jared
Loughner was also obsessed with 2012 prophecy and it seems that the meme
continues as president Obama was called the “great healer” as he spoke at the
memorial service of the fallen in Arizona.
While many people will tell you that the events of the “Long Count” and the
announcement of the new house of the Zodiac will be inconsequential to our lives like
the Y2K incident, the implications of all these “coincidences” are stunning; the meme
is too persistent, common and substantial to ignore or dismiss as meaningless or
Astronomers present that the effects of precession will alter the magnetic polarity of
the sun, combining with gravitational forces from the simultaneous alignment of other
planets, cause massive solar flares, and could move the Earth off axis.
Not to mention energy transmissions released upon our solar system by it aligning
with galactic center. Mayan prophecy claims that during this time, realignment will
synchronize us with the cycles of nature, mutate us, and accelerate our evolution.
According to the Mayans, we shall see the “serpent ropes” descend from heaven. They
are to be responsible for the deaths of birds, fish and livestock.
There will be governments and armies that will take advantage of the famine and it will
be inevitable that the monetary systems and the systems of exchange will have to be
altered for the arrival of the new governing body of the future.
World powers will fall as leaders will die on their thrones. Their fate is now written in
the stars. It will be interesting to see if old rituals will return and sacrifice will have to be
made for the greater glory of all. They say Jesus comes like a thief in the night, it is not
surprising since the metaphor of his healing is being ignored and rejected for cynical
I urge you to watch the heavens because the signs of the times are changing.

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