After all of the hype subsided, I realized it was time to see the epic motion picture that is “too perfect” for words. That motion Picture is James Cameron’s Avatar. In a page taken from the mind of Joseph Campbell, the movie ‘Avatar’ is about a reluctant hero named Jake Sully, an ex-marine who is crippled.
In the year 2154 science has found a way to have Sully’s consciousness projected into a blue giant alien hybrid, an Avatar.  His mission is to infiltrate the alien race of the Na’vi learn about them so that he can tell his superiors where a mineral called “unobtanium” is buried. As I watched the movie I couldn’t help but make comparisons to movies like “Dances with wolves,” “Fern Gully” and especially Disney’s “Pocahontas.”

[youtube UdIIqoDakHU]

I have heard so many interpretations of the film. I have read about the environmental criticisms, the anti military message and the idea of Gaia worship.  I have seen comparisons to what we as Americans have done to indigenous tribes and how we invade and eat up resources in order to get oil.  I am sure those interpretations are valid but as I watched it I realized a deeper meaning to the film that once  again taps into a meme that we have buried deep in our subconscious.
The film is loaded with symbolism and occult ritual that may have been channeled directly to those who watched it.  When thousands of people are exposed to a film like Avatar it is imperative to analyze what message is being sent.  I am seeing that the film represents our past as well as our future.  It has all of the trappings of occult symbols and names and the scenes of devastation can only be described as biblical and symbolic.
The symbolic nature of the film borders on Luciferian or Illuminating lore that is discussed primarily in secret schools, and in lodges of knowledge.  The truth is, the public may not know that they witnessed a retelling of Eden.  This time we witness the burning of Eden and the tampering with the tree of life, and the genetic makeup of mankind.
The Avatar story reveals that humankind goes from time of Genesis or the time of the Genetic Isis (The era of water), to the time of Genetic gnosis, the time of the fire of knowledge, Illumination (the Apocalypse.) and Palingenesis, a term used to describe the transmigration of consciousness or soul from one body to another.  In mythology Palingenesis is often associated with the return of the Phoenix.
Our future is on course for total destruction and renewal with the answer to survival being our own transference into genetically altered containers that can withstand the harsh environment of the new world.
This is all witnessed by the eye of the great God of chaos.  The most interesting thing about this film is the emphasis in both promotion and story line of the film of the Illuminati all seeing Eye.  The all Seeing Eye is seen in all of the promotional posters of the film.

The All-Seeing Eye is also associated with the Greek Cyclops Polyphemus.  Coincidentally, the moon Pandora in the film orbits the gas giant planet Polyphemus.  Polyphemus is a planet that resembles Jupiter.

The Planet has a large “storm” like Jupiter which forms an eye that looks down on Pandora.  The all Seeing Eye also is associated with Jupiter, Nimrod of Babylon, Ra, Osiris and Horus of Egypt. The Luciferian eye is also associated with Apollion , Baal, Zeus, Prometheus, Poseidon, Orion, Moloch, Serapis, Thammuz, Hercules, Atus, Shiva, Saturn, The Centaur, Sabasius, Adoni, Hermes, and the list goes on.
The great secret of the ages is that Lucifer is the God of this world.
The imagery in Avatar tells us this secret in many forms.  The name Avatar itself is another term for “The Antichrist” or he who is the flesh puppet of the deceiver or accuser.
The marine who is the protagonist in the film is named Jake Sully.  The name Jake has its root meaning in the name “Jack” which means “substitute” or he who “supplants.” The Antichrist or Avatar is a substitute for God. In the case of the film Jake becomes the substitute for the Na’vi’s “savior.” In one scene he rides in on a great flying creature called Toruk that looks like Phoenix, a bird that represents the substitute resurrection.
The meme that is triggered is that from the ashes of destruction comes rebirth into a new body, a new earth. The All seeing eyes witnesses the order form the Chaos.
The representation of the All-Seeing Eye is interwoven practically throughout every major culture and is also manifested as the Sun God or Solar Deity, the Winged Serpent or Phoenix.
Many other esoteric faiths and imagery are used as well. Hindu Gods like Vishnu have blue skin similar to the Na’vi. Avatar in Hindu means “spirit that descends “or descent. Vishnu is dark blue because his skin is the “divine color of clouds. “

The Na’vi were colored blue to represent being not from this planet.  Much of the blue alien stories come from areas of the solar system like Venus, Sirius and Ophiuchus.
Ophiuchus is known as the serpent bearer and Sirius is known as the great eye in the sky and Venus is also known as Lucifer the star of the morning.
It is also interesting to note that the Muslims also have their version of an Avatar or an anti-Christ called the Dajall. The Dajall is also known as the deceiver, Liar, and substitute.  He allegedly has the power to transform into a serpent. He also comes from the sky working great wonders.  He is represented by a star as well, the metaphor of the all Seeing Eye. Recently there has been controversy over a new insignia and symbol for the U.S. missile defense agency.

The symbol represents an all Seeing Eye sun symbol, the star of Sirius and the crescent moon.  Many see it as a conversion of the Obama sun symbol and the symbol for Islam. The symbol has the double cross star hidden in it representing the reptile bloodline and the blood of kings. If the symbol is inverted looks similar to the Egyptian head dress of the gods.

It certainly is a symbol that seems be in line with what we know to be Illuminating.  It may very well represent an alien god form recognized not only on earth but perhaps elsewhere.
Anciently it is written that a similar “God form” who inhabited a body of human on earth was the God Amen ra. Amen ra was an alien God who spoke of a binary solar system around whom the Egyptians and all subsequent Hermetic systems constructed their elaborate and obsessive religions.
Like much of Ancient Egyptian history, the history of worship and meaning of Amen Ra was lost until recent times.  He was also called Amen kem-atef  or the great Serpent or Dragon God from the Sun.
According to Ancient Egyptian religious history, Amen Ra is a sun God, lord of the sky and king of the Egyptian world. He is perceived as a primeval deity present in chaos at the creation of the cosmos. He had blue skin, similar to the Nav’i of Pandora,   The scene in which Jake in his blue skinned Avtar form rides in on a winged serpent is very similar to the story of Amen Ra.
Amen Ra also shares the same attributes as Moloch, Marduk, and Baal. Moloch is of course Phoenician deity that many believe is worshiped by our leaders at the Bohemian grove ceremonies.
It is said that Amen Ra took a mortal to be his wife.  The Princess of Amen Ra allegedly was found buried deep in a vault at Luxor, on the banks of the Nile. Her mummified corpse was in an ornate coffin and was purchased by four rich Englishmen that died mysterious deaths after they purchased the artifact.  There were at least 20 others who died mysteriously after coming in contact with the Princess. American archaeologists who dismissed the happenings as coincidence, paid a high price for the mummy and arranged for its removal to New York.
The Mummy was transported to New York on the Titanic.  The Titanic hit an Iceberg and sank. 1500 people died in that disaster. James Cameron the director of Avatar was also the director of the movie Titanic.
The word Amen according to Oxford English Dictionary sources means “certainty, truth”. In Finlayson’s Symbols and Legends of Freemasonry   it is stated that “AMEN” is the great unknown God of the sun.  The true master whose name is an untranslatable word, the same in all languages is a name of the great God of Egypt.”
In the book of Revelation Chapter 3:14, God is called “the   great AMEN”.  So the question is, could there be a secret about the Gods that the elite know about that we don’t?  Are there alien Gods that are worshipped or ritualized in forms that we are unaware of?
After all after every prayer we say the name Amen.  We unite in one prayer Yahweh, Jesus and an Egyptian serpent god Amen ra.
Think of the symbolism, we await the uniting of man and god.  A blue skinned God or alien God that will become a great leader.  He will hold within him the blood of the serpent and the blood of man.
This has also been called the connection of the “blue blood.”  It is the bloodline that many people believe exist in the kings, presidents and rulers of today.
Is the truth hidden in plain sight in the Movie Avatar?  Are the thousands of people who are attending this film unknowing initiates in a ritualistic revealing of past present and future events that until now have been held secret by the elite?
One of the things that really strikes discord with Christians, Muslims and Jews  is that their religions are  merely a hand me down , or watered down versions of that which was taught in the secret schools.
Everything about the various religions is true and everything about them is false.  It is nothing but an inherited jigsaw puzzle of fact, fantasy and metaphor. If we empower religious words and rituals it would be wise to understand just what is being empowered. We would not want to perform as an inexperienced Shaman with a loaded spell.  However loaded spells are exactly what the elite love to cast.
There are several secret “alien” words spoken by the Na’vi  that are literally inverted or backwards names for God. It is known that inverting a name or saying it backwards thawarts or diminishes the meaning. Saying a Deity’s name in reverse is blasphemy.
For example Tsu-tay, a main character is actually “Je’ sus” when inverted, One of the flying creatures known as the Mountain banshee or Ikran is named is tsu-jey which is Jesus said backwards. The main goddess the Na’vi worship is Eywa, which is Yahweh said in reverse.
I also caught that Eywa sounded much like Aiwass, a being that appeared to the Dark Magician Aleister Crowley and dictated the book of the law to him.  Aiwass was part of the title Aiwass Har-par-khered actually what Crowley interpreted as “Horus the Child.”
Eywa in the movie is female and certainly not male.  However the chanting of Eywas or Aiwass in the scene where rituals were performed had me a little frightened.
Ritual scenes in the film seemed build and raise power and excitement in the audience.  It triggered feelings in me much like ceremonial magic rites do. I attended a “black mass” at Eso-zone, a gathering of magicians and philosophers and the feelings I felt when the Na’vi did their rituals were the same.
I actually worried that the people in the audience including myself would be possessed by Eywa.
In fact the chanting of Yahweh in reverse is even more frightening than if it were some Egyptian deity brought into existence by Crowley.
Invoking the reverse of Yahweh means that the movie very well could have exposed millions of people to a literal Luciferian ritual, Bringing the world into the sphere of demonic influence.
People will often say it is just a movie; there is no deeper meaning however Satanists like Kenneth Anger believe that Luciferian themes are used in films as invocations or evocations to cast a spell on an audience.  Anger was the producer director of the film “Lucifer Rising” and he has been outspoken about the Hollywood ritual of movie making.
The purposes for some films are to stir the primal forces and are used as magical weapons to stir the soul out of conformity.  The flickering image according to Anger creates a thought form and even if the image flickers for no one, it is still a causal engine that sends the image into the ether. If someone picks up on the meme and it is successfully implanted in the zeitgeist it is theorized that the very nightmare could easily transpire in the real world.
In 2002, the International Journal of Psycho-Analysis featured an essay about predictive programming in the 1999 Movie Fight Club.  The shocking revelation of the method in the film prompted author Jeanne Wolff Bernstein to point out that a terrorist organization led by Tyler Durden blew up buildings along the New York Skyline. The last to fall were the Twin Towers. She said in her essay that When reality imitates cinematic fiction, cinema no longer function as the ‘prosthesis for memory’ but as an intact body for what is to come in the future. Rather than just preserving history, film instead furnishes a syntax and lens through which reality is being fore-structured.
In 1984 there were worries that perhaps the movie “Nightmare on Elm Street” inspired the real life “night stalker” Richard Ramirez.
The Matrix was released just weeks before the Columbine massacre. Like suspects Dylan Kliebold and Eric Harris The character of Neo had no friends and was trained to be a killing machine for a group of outcasts that believed the world was a computer construct.
The Matrix was so effective that it created a mental disorder in people called “Matrix delusion” where people actually thought they are living in a computer program. The movie “The Truman Show” also was effective in creating a disorder where people believed that they are living in a reality TV show.
Avatar also spawned its own psychosis. It was reported on CNN that many people fell into depression after seeing the film.  Many had suicidal thoughts.  Many people walked out of the theater and saw the real world as dying and decaying.  Many thought that if they were to kill themselves they would be reborn or transformed into the blue creatures and live their lives in a paradise like Pandora.
Now ask yourself did the rituals and hidden meanings in the movie have no ill effects?
Do names in a film really have no meaning? Think about it for a minute and wonder how this affects people. It is ritualistic magic. It is predictive programming with words names and images.The Na’vi alien race live on the lush and green Pandora. The names Na’vi and Pandora have secret meanings as well.
Na’vi is an ancient Hebrew word. It can be used as a singular word Navi meaning the prophets of ancient times or the plural Nevium that refers to the “books of the prophets” in the Hebrew bible which contains the books of Joshua through Kings.
Pandora of course in mythology is the first woman that opens a box or jar and unleashes evil into the world.
The human base on Pandora is run by the Security Operations (SECOPS). On the patch they wear you see some interesting Latin words and symbols.  The Latin phrase says Praeclarum Custodem Ovium Lupum which means “An excellent protector of sheep, the wolf.” Below is a black Pentagon. Their base is surrounded by pentagonal perimeter fencing. The base is called “Hell’s gate.”

The Pentagon of course is the womb of the Pentagram the symbol of the satanic Baphomet and the symbol for the eastern Star or Sirius.   The idea of a wolf in sheep’s clothing leading or guarding the flock is once again a term used to describe the antichrist.
The symbol of a one eyed wolf in sheep’s clothing is also seen in a stained glass window that adorns the offices of the Fabian Society.

The Fabian society’s membership allegedly controls the world. Their agenda is to create and ecumenical New Luciferian World order with a leader that appears to be of the people but secretly plotting the socialist agenda.  “A Wolf in Sheep’s clothing guarding the sheep.” Jake Sully Literally becomes a wolf in sheep’s clothing as his consciousness is placed into the body of a Na’vi he later has a change of heart and becomes their savior and not their nemesis.
The mirroring story of human kind infiltrating and destroying indigenous tribes  in the fictional Pandora, the blue skinned alien Na’vi , the gate and pentagon create the message of as above, so below.
This is a term used by magicians and hermeticists and indicates that there is a connection with heaven and earth.  Moreover, there is a connection between the earth, stars, rocks, animals and trees.  This is the very same message that is being conveyed in Avatar. The symbolism around the All-Seeing Eye, Pentagram, and the Blue skinned alien Na’vi are also a reference to the star Sirius.
Sirius has long been the connector of heaven and earth. Some believe that it is a direct gateway to the gods. Through this supposed gateway to heaven mankind can speak with the dead, and the Gods that watch over us.
This idea is also demonstrated in Avatar with the healing tree of luminescent strands called “The Tree of Souls.” This tree sits on top of the deposit of “Unobtanium” a mineral of unspeakable power.  The tree of souls is also the place where the Na’vi are able to hear the voice of their dead ancestors and the voice of Eywa.  The Military installation on Pandora wants to destroy the Tree of Souls in order to get the Unobtanium underneath it.
I couldn’t help but think of the “Well of Souls” In Israel and the secret that allegedly is underneath it.
The Dome of the Rock is a Muslim shrine in Jerusalem where Solomon’s Temple used to be. In religious prophecy the Dome of the Rock plays a significant role. It is believed that it will be destroyed before the second coming and the new Temple of Solomon will be built. It is also believed to have a secret buried underneath it in a chamber called the Well of Souls.
The Well of Souls is purportedly located below a natural cave under the rock upon which Jewish tradition says Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac. Islamic tradition indicates Muhammad ascended to heaven from this same stone. According to pre-Islamic folklore the well of souls was a place where the voices of the dead could be heard along with the sounds of the Rivers of Paradise.  There are some Christians and Jews that believe that the well of souls also has buried in one of its Chambers the Ark of the Covenant.
There are archeologists that claim the Ark was moved from the Ethiopian Palace of Sheeba.  A palace dedicated to the worship of the beings who came from Sirius adorned with Pentagrams.
Ultimately, as I have pointed out earlier the pentagram can be traced back to being a symbol of the star, Sirius. Albert Pike, premiere Mason and master occultist of 19th century America, identified the “blazing star” which is at the center of every Masonic lodge as the star, Sirius.
Sirius is the brightest star in the heavens and is part of the constellation Canis Major (“Great Dog”). For this reason, among others, it is called the “dog star.” Because of its brilliance, it was worshipped by the ancient cults of both Sumer and Egypt as a god. It was the center of the stellar tradition in Sumeria.  It is also known as the “blue star.”
Sirius was known to the Greeks as Sothis and to the Egyptians as Set. Set is the Egyptian religion’s devil, and is represented as a dog-headed man. He is called by Masons and Rosicrucians the “Argentinium Astrum” or Silver Star, and is the patron of the highest three degrees (or spheres) of the magical Tree of Life (from the Cabala.) His reputation extends back in literature to the time of the Greek writer, Herodotus.
An Altar at the Palace of Sheeba was dedicated to the God So this the Greek word for Sirius. On the Altar was where the Ark used to be. A cult of Sothis developed in Ethiopia with the arrival of Judaism continued until 600 AD, They found that the buildings at the site were aligned with Sirius the brightest star in the heavens.  There are also symbols of the blazing star, rising sun and obelisk that adorned the altar. The ritualistic symbolism and altar was dedicated to the process of beckoning the ultra terrestrials to come and inhabit the bodies of humans, making them Avatars or shape shifters.
While these symbols were shown in Avatar they also prominently displayed in Washington DC.  Pentagrams, obelisks and Pentagons are all a part of the symbolism of the alien presence, the Luciferian, Illuminati presence in the seats of power.
If the Well of souls is ever destroyed, if the dome of the rock is decimated, this will signal Armageddon.   This will signal war.  Just like the threat of the destruction of the Tree of Souls motivated the Na’vi to defend their shrine.
The Irony of the whole thing is once the Dome of the Rock is destroyed it will unleash evil upon the world.  The Military never destroys the tree of souls in the film but it destroys the Tree of life.  This is Symbolic of the catastrophe that literally placed man outside of paradise.
The Tree falling represents many things.  I am sure that it was seen by many people as a metaphor for a terrible catastrophe.  It was funny that the only catastrophic meme it triggered in me was the attacks on America on September 11th, 2001.  I watched the tree fall slowly, the Na’vi dying and the burning ash falling on them.  I realized as I watched that the men wearing the Pentagon insignia were responsible for the burning of Eden, the destruction of the towering tree, yes even the destruction of the twin towers.
It all then rushed up to me.  The events that happened could not be reversed.
Once Pandora’s Box is opened it cannot be closed.
The message of Avatar is very simple.  We witnessed an Armageddon in the past and we are awaiting Armageddon in the future.  The Antichrist is here in the form of an avatar or shape shifter. His soul is under the control of some force unknown to man. The well of souls at the Dome of the Rock is about to be destroyed and soon we will learn the unobtanium known as the truth is quite obvious.
That truth that will be revealed is that we are an alien culture unto ourselves and that we are Avatars under the control of some power.
Whether it be God or devil is anyone’s guess.

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