Coming down off of my radio show usually entails a snack and a quick sit in front of the TV for an old episode of Family guy or Southpark. Last night however my roommates were excited to watch a movie called INSIDIOUS about a couple whose children are terrified by shadow entities, including a strange demonic figure, an old hag, and many other entities that look reptilian and whose bodies crack when they move. One of the children is a night traveler in the ether and during one of his out of body experiences he is held captive by a demonic/reptilian looking vampire with cloven feet. While the film is low on CGI and technical expertise, its use of camera angles, sound and demonic imagery affected me on a cerebral level. More so than normal, the reason is that I have been sitting on a story that deals with the possibility of abduction, murder and proof of some otherworldly entity that appeared some 80 miles west of me near the Pacific coast.

I have been thrust into an investigation that is really giving me nightmares. I received a call a few weeks ago from a man named Roger who was irritated that he couldn’t get in to talk on my radio show. He wrote me a letter saying my phone screener Austin was being insensitive about a story he wanted to tell about having an encounter on the beach with what he only could describe as a demon or a reptilian entity. Finally I had a conversation with him and he sent me photos of something that looked like a reptile crouched near a fire and I said that perhaps we should hold off on talking about it. He notified me that the pictures may be connected to a number of disappearances in the Clatsop County area and that psychic he knew would fill me in with more information about the case.
I spoke with her on the phone during breakfast and when I suggested that there may be something paranormal going on she immediately stated that the possibility is credible and that an area called Warrenton near Astoria seems to have a heavy magnetic vortex surrounding it and that people there have spoken of seeing strange entities, UFO activity, orbs, flashes and shadowy figures in the dark.
There have been a few stories that have surfaced about missing persons in Astoria Oregon near Warrenton. The Area of Astoria is rich with stories of covens, haunted houses and vampires. In fact parts of the movie Twilight were filmed there, and the cult hit the Goonies was filmed in the area as well.
Coastal towns have always been cited in films as places where strange entities may appear. John Carpenter gave us a ghoulish thriller called “The Fog” in the 1980’s and it was later remade in 2005 where it featured a fictional town off the coast of Oregon called Antonio Island. It is at its best a tale of betrayal and ghostly appearances as a fog rolls in and the entities abduct and kill people for vengeance.
Many people can judge you harshly for chasing entities. Many will tell you that the paranormal is not real and that there are logical explanations for missing persons, and unexplained disappearances. However, there was book that was written by Susan Reed that claimed an alien threat existed and that shape shifting blood eating reptilians are among us. They enter in human beings and use them as hosts. Reed had claimed that she knew and fell in love with a man named Brian who she found to be a shape shifter.
This story can be found in the book “The Body Snatchers: A True Story of Body Snatching By The Reptilians – A Real Alien Conspiracy.” The Book has often been cited by David Icke as a reference to his claim that shape shifting reptilians are in places of power. That they are vampiric in nature and live off the blood of the innocent. Reed had claimed on several occasions that she had become the target of these creatures after outing on them in her book. The entities tried to “turn” her and make her one of them. When she refused they sent Brian to say her life was in danger.
In order to divest herself of these malign reptilian influences, Susan went to Brazil to meet a faith healer named “John of God. She only had a few minutes with this faith healer. She felt as if she had been “ripped off” money wise. The faith healer allegedly was one of them and attached an entity to her body, The Entity had a name It was Ettish.
This new entity seriously impaired her health for over a year. While Reed’s story’s outrageous – Reed was found dead in 2009. According to a tribune article Susan whose real name was Jennie Gosbell was from Hertfordshire, England, is believed to have drowned shortly before her lifeless body was discovered by a jet-ski operator on the morning of October 8. Reed had been in contact with David Icke on Several occasions and had stated that she was targeted for removal by the reptilian Watchers.
On September 8th, there was a report of a woman in Florida that attacked a 69 year old man wanting to suck his blood. “I’m a vampire, I am going to eat you,” the woman announced before allegedly attacking the man. Josephine Smith, the suspect attacked the man while he was sleeping. When police showed up she was half naked covered in blood. The woman claimed that she didn’t know what came over her and that she remembers nothing about the incident. It was if she was possessed by an entity. The victim 69 year old had bite marks in his neck and was bleeding profusely when he called police.
Weeks Earlier Lyle Monroe Bensley, a 19 year old from Galveston, Texas broke into the house of a random woman, whom he attacked, dragged down the hall, hissed and growled at her then warned her that he needed to feed before attempting to bite her neck.
It all can be written off as mental illness, but what kind of mental illness? If Susan reed is correct, and reptilian vampires are able to take the souls of the living, will we hear more of these attacks? What about the information I got about the missing people on the coast of Oregon? They may be simple missing person cases; they may just be disappearances in the dark. For me I suggest you be careful in the dark. I am starting to be fearful of the darkness and what may be coming.

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