The other night I was following a news story with great interest and only shared it for a brief moment on my show. Barack Obama was heckled at a Los Angeles fundraiser. It wasn’t just a heckle it was an accusation. The man in the audience called Barack Obama the antichrist.

The heckler was booed by the crowd when he began his rant with “The Christian God is the only and only true living God, the creator of heaven and the universe.” “Jesus Christ is God! Jesus Christ is God! Jesus Christ is God! Jesus Christ is the son of God!” the man continued.
“You’re the antichrist!” the man said. The crowd responded with an enthusiastic cheer of “four more years” afterward.”First of all, I agree Jesus Christ is the Lord. I believe in that,” Obama said to tepid applause. He then smiled as the man was escorted out by Police. He was very careful not to react to the accusation.
I am sure there are many people in this country who wonder or have even considered that in what appears to be the end days a messianic figure has arrived and he is our President. A man who seems to walk away unscathed and untouched as he continues to do peculiar things. Things that are subtle and can be shut down as just quirks from a puppet being used to carry out the processes of creating a new world order.
Throughout every passage of scripture, Muslim, Jewish, and Christian there is a story about an empire that will appear to serve God but in reality will be an ecumenical trap or a state religion. This has been called the New World Order. Christians believe that it is the empire of The Antichrist.
We know the story so well that it is a “program” a program that has an obvious response whenever we see or hear of something that sounds Apocalyptic.
The Christian religion is being distracted by eschatological doctrines and Gnostic philosophies in their entertainment and in some of their sermons that they are not aware of what is in their own bibles. They are being seduced by ecumenical and Luciferian ideas that appear to be from the bible but are far from it.
Somehow there is that question about Obama. Is he the antichrist? Is he a messianic figure here to deceive people? Is he not a Christian? Is he a Muslim?
How is that we as a people went to war to fight against a Muslim country and we elect a President with a Muslim name? What kind of black magic is that?
It is convenient to express that before Obama’s election The Council on Foreign Relations announced its intention of using their chosen puppet leaders in the evangelical community and in the political realm to bring about their scheme of a united global order and an Occult Theocracy.
Their agenda is to bring about a “Global Spirituality.” One that appears to be Christian, but mingles Luciferian concepts. The CFR spiritual model of Unity and Diversity is a model that holds that Jesus is only one of many religious ways. The themes of the new global spirituality include “All Things Are One” and “As above, so below“ terms that are associated with Hermeticism or ritual Magik. Basically meaning there is no external God. God is man, God is earth, God is nature. All is God.
In 2009 one year after as Barack Obama was fresh in the Whitehouse a poll of Conservative voters showed that one in three believe Barack Obama is the antichrist. While two percent of Liberal voters believe he is and would be willing to vote for him again.
There are perfectly good reasons to suspect that Obama is the Anti-Christ and to not point them out would be intellectually dishonest.
On November 5th, 2008 on the day that Barrack Obama, the senator from Illinois was elected President the Illinois state winning Pick 3 lottery Numbers were 666. 666 was also drawn on the following Dates: 1/16/2007, 3/22/2008, and 10/23/2008
On January 16th 2007 Barack Obama announced his plans to run for President On March 22nd, 2008 Bill Richardson puts the final nail in Hillary Clinton’s candidacy by Backing Obama while in Portland Oregon. On October 23rd, 2008 The new York Times endorsed Obama for President.
These things are highly coincidental and don’t prove that Obama is the antichrist, however the thought of a CNN poll and the lottery coincidences are all part of the weirdness surround an Obama leadership.
Our Nation’s Capital sits in the District of Columbia. It was planned and laid down to secret coded specifics that indicate ancient symbolism and each symbolic edifice and street all points to a secret that is about to be revealed. A secret that everyone wants to hear but will be frightened when they hear it.
It is laid out like a huge inverted Pentagram. With the Whitehouse sitting in what is called the “head” of the Pentagram. The Inverted Pentagram is considered a satanic Symbol. It represents the Goat or Baphomet. Why would it be laid out this way and who could see it from above?
The Baphomet adorned with the Pentagram has also been considered a depiction of Sophia in the Gnostic sense. Shekinah rested on the Mercy Seat of the Ark and the Covenant that resided in the Holy of Holies in Solomon’s Temple. The Holy of Holies was in the midst of the twin towers of Solomon and in it, was great knowledge about God and the Adversary. It was the chief stone or rock where all things revolved. It had a numeric value of 216. 216 is 6 cubed. 6 by 6 by 6 or 666.
The pentagram represents the intricate bloodlines and the womb of the fortress. Its symbolism comes from Sirius the Dog star from the blood line of Cain. Some believe that this symbol is the mark of Cain and that the secret is that the blood line that is meant to corrupt comes from murderers and heretics.
In the Old Testament we hear of the Mark of Cain. In Hebrew it is called the ‘owth, which indicates a sign, an omen, a warning, or a remembrance. In the Torah, the same word is used to describe the symbol of the star. The direct line from the heaven’s star people . If anyone kills anyone with the Mark of Cain they shall feel god’s wrath.
The Canaanites were a Jewish sect referred to in the both the Old and New Testament. It is easy to forget the connection between Cain and the land of Canaan , and assume that Cain was never forgiven by God. Throughout genealogies of the Judeo-Christian Bible, Cain’s bloodline remained in the Jewish, Islamic, and Christian bloodlines. Their Bloodline was often referred to as the Blood of the Old ones. The Blood of Isis, Ra and El or Elohim.
Can you imagine how the world would react if we were to have in power the halblood dualist ministers?. Those who have the corrupt and non corrupt bloodlines? They would have power over all and their messianic order would have multitudes of followers. Obama is said to be the chosen one. From his name to his blood duality and racial duality he is the perfect candidate for a modern messiah.
Think of what Obama represents. The blood of both Veins. The Blood of Cain (The Elder Gods) and the Blood of the tribe of Israel. Obah or Obadiah means servant in the Bible. El is the ancient Hebrew word for God. Combining el at the end of a name as in Abel, means servant of God. In orginal Hebrew, vowels were not present. Maa added to obah means priestly service. Barak can be spelled Barack. Barack means lightning in Hebrew. Barak, in the Jewish and
Christian tradition, was a man of God. Look in the book of Judges. Barak defeated Jabin, king of Canaan. Barack also means blessed one of the stars. The Sirius and Canis constellation are part of an ancient memetic code that the extraterrestrial intervention in human evolution may be poised for a return.
This has been the quest of the elite for thousands of years. To bring “balance” to the bloodlines and appoint a leader that has both the blood of the reptile and mammalian. It is represented by the “spear” or the Hebrew “Qayin” The Red and the Blue and the Cross of Lorraine.
The cross tells us that there are always two. There are two bloodlines of Jesus and Satan , the idea of choice and the idea of two suns both lighter and darker.
The connections continue ad infinitum because Sothis, or Sirius has been known to appear in the sky before the Sun. The Sun was anciently known as Amen Ra or Th-Aten or Th- Atone. Sirius purified the way for the new sun or the new day. Th-Aten or Th-ATONE was the ancient Sun God worshipped by none other than the Egyptian King Akhenaten.
There are some occultists that are claiming that Obama is the reincarnated Akhenaten. The Pharaoh of Egypt that unified his kingdom and had them worship the Gods of the skies, the Sun and the Stars.
All things occult indicate that Barack Obama is being set up as the mystical king that will bring about the communication with the Elder gods. He may even usher in a time where man may communicate with beings outside of our solar system. If this is the case then he becomes an intermediary between the people and the counterfeit messiah. He himself may be seen as a counterfeit messiah and there are a lot of reasons why this is so. There are many reasons why there are many people in the world may see Barack Obama as the antichrist.
In our lives we have been programmed to believe that there are certain things that you do not question. Social engineering has coerced us into respecting and deifying politics, religion, and science. All three combined have created a Luciferian cult or religion that we blindly follow and respect. It has become an
Apotheosis meaning a model of excellence or divine perfection almost to the point of Godhood.
We witnessed the media driven Apotheosis of Barack Obama where a man who was already quite enamored with himself was elevated to Godhood and messianic stature. Obama never discouraged this Apotheosis, he relished in it. He created an entire enterprise based on hope, change and messianic charisma.
During his campaign he was pitched as the deliverer, prophet, and pipeline to divine intervention. He had single handedly convinced an entire nation that he could make things better by reviving a dead economy, reverse draconian proposals from the previous administration, create a socialized health care system and win the peace in a war effort that was created on fraudulent exaggeration.
The election of Barack Obama fits very well in the Luciferian Apotheosis model that has been produced behind the scenes. It represented the nihilism, narcissism, utilitarianism and malignant selfishness that Americans have accepted as “business as usual” and now they will not part with their new found spiritual Pathocracy. Evil has been adjusted to not only fit the moment but to appease the purveyors of the New World Order.
It is a very serious thing to understand that the so called anti-Christ proposed to arrive in the end of days will on one hand say that he is a man of peace while being a murderer and a purveyor of war.
Obama has embraced the war efforts and yet he has been awarded the Nobel peace prize. On the day he was awarded the prize in Norway there was an anomaly in the sky, a swirling blue wormhole. It created a sense of panic in Europe. It was at a time where Obama ordered an increase of Troops in Afghanistan.
Can you ponder the thought of a man who just ordered 30,000 more troops to fight a war that is an extension of the Bush doctrine holding the same award and honorarium of Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama? There is no hiding the contrast of war and peace. However we see it being blurred for the sake of the epidemic of Apotheosis.
The credibility of Politics are more suspect now than ever before. Many wonder why there are people out there that attempt to reveal cover-ups, and Conspiracies. Those who look under the rocks are told they are paranoid. Those who feel that their logic and their Apotheotic devotion is under scrutiny will fight back. Anyone who questions Obama’s policies will be called racist or ignorant. They are termed denialist and mentally flawed. Yet the facts somehow are lost on the faithful.
The Obama administration is cocksure that whatever they do the American people will remain complacent. It is assumed that they will accept and support policies that are for the betterment of those in power. The Mob rules in a culture of Apotheotic devotion. Because the Mob enforces what is called The plan for the Grand Design of God on earth, a global government rooted in a recognition of universal interdependence acting on behalf of “the faith.”
The question is which “faith?” It is the faith that is based in the mother church which has declared its war against Protestantism, Israel and Islam. On its surface the mother church appears to be Christian and yet it is well immersed in occultism. The symbols of the Church are seen throughout history and the remnants of the ancient sigils are used for powerful indoctrination in what is called the Imperial Cult.
The Imperial Cult has changed over time. However the framework remains and its papal leader declares that he has absolute sovereignty and supremacy over the world even all the governments of the earth. The Church’s secrets are being reveled and its “mob” is now being revealed as a Jesuit conspiracy to form and support a New World Order. There is being forged a ethereal knights of the Round Table where a King will be crowned in a royal ceremony that will declare one and for all that there is one and only king of the world that will represent the world in a universal decree.
The churches are on the verge of folding and there is a conspiracy within the mother churches of a takeover from a dark force. This satanic influence will force the hand of the Jesuit order to declare war on Satan.
Malachy O’Morgair was born in 1094 at Armagh, Ireland. He died November 2, 1148 at Clairvaux, He was later made a saint in 1190 by Pope Clement III; it was the first papal canonization of an Irish saint.It was told that St. Malachy was able to perform miracles.
One of Malachy’s great claims to popular fame was his gift of prophecy. While in Rome in 1139, he received a vision showing him all the Popes from his day to the end of time. He wrote poetic descriptions of each of the pontiffs, and presented the manuscript to Pope Innocent II. The manuscript was long forgotten until 1590. Malachy’s prophecies have all came true. His prophecies of the final three Popes are chilling and may in fact tell us what is at stake for the Imperial Cult.
The final Popes, in what are called the Prophesies of St. Malachy, are given titles, such as “De Medietate Lunae” or the half moon (John Paul I), “”De Labore Solis” or the Solar eclipse (John Paul II) “Gloria Olivae” or the glory of the Olive (a Benedictine Pope who serves during a seven year tribulation period), and Petrus Romanus or “Peter the Roman” who betrays his flock and becomes a false prophet.
John Paul I, had the coincidence of being elected on the day of the half moon. He had reigned 33 days when he died, and many think he was murdered. The number 33, of course, is a Masonic number representing the levels initiates have to attain to get secrets of the universe. Also coincidentally, he was born in the diocese of Belluno, which means “beautiful moon”, and was baptized Albino Luciani, a name that when translated means “white light”. He became Pope on August 26, 1978, when the moon appeared exactly half full. It was in its waning phase. He died the following month, soon after an eclipse of the moon.
In contrast, Pope John Paul II was born on May 18, 1920. On that date in the morning there was a near total eclipse of the sun over Europe. Like the Sun, he came from the east – Poland – and circled around the globe as the most traveled Pope. He was also the Pope that eventually pardoned and apologized for the Catholic Church’s treatment of Galileo. Galileo of course was a heretic because of his findings about the earth and sun. Pope John Paul the II was laid to rest during a solar eclipse. He was placed in the ground during the new moon.
The latin motto that Malachy gave to the pope who was elected after John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, was “Gloria Olivae” meaning “The Glory of the Olive.” For centuries upon centuries the Order of St.Benedict has claimed that this pope will come from their order and lead the church in a triumphant fight against evil. What’s odd? The Order of Saint Benedict, the order that Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) comes from, is also known as “The Olivetans”. Keep in mind that this prophecy is nearly 900 years old– and the Idea of a Pope being elected from the Olivetans and naming himself Benedict is uncanny.
Furthermore, St. Benedict of Medieval times was known as the holder of the Serpent. Benedict was a Merovingian who founded the monastic Benedictine
Order for the purpose of infiltrating and controlling the Roman Catholic Church. Benedict was the founder of the order of the Benedictine monks, who, with his followers in the 6th century inspired and carried on all the learning of the times including the study of the stars, as Aesculapius-Ophiuchus – The serpent holder whose name occupies the now abandoned astrological 13th house of the Zodiac.
Ophiuchus place in prophecy and in ancient religion centered around Catastrophism and the idea that the constellation or the 13th house is at an area that crosses and aligns to galactic central point. There are many people who believe that anciently mankind witnessed a devastating event in that area of the galaxy and that it was a turning point for many belief systems.
Every year between November 22, and December 25, the Sun passes through the constellation of Ophiuchus, from our perspective here on the Earth. Many of us recognize this as the “holiday Season”. It is interesting to also note that we celebrate the birth of a healer, a savior, in this time. It is also an interesting parallel that the real date of the birth of this Child god is associated with a planetary alignment at the foot of Ophiuchus near Pisces.
The Maya assigns the ‘Birth of Ophiuchus’ as the ‘Birth of Christ’ in the form of the historical Yeshuah Ben Joseph to the equinox of the year 6BC and so ‘fixates’ the beginning of the Age of Pisces as March 20th, 6BC . This would be considered cosmic blasphemy to religious groups and yet all of the Christian legends and myths correlate perfectly with the Mayan perspective. The symbolism is also remarkable.
It is also interesting to note that in the year 1006 CE there was a star that went supernova in an adjacent cluster to Ophiuchus called Lupus The wolf. The star that exploded was called the beast. 1006 years after that catastrophic event –the year will be 2012. Some theorists believe that we may see another Star Go Supernova in 2012– Betelgeuse.
We have already seen a star go supernova near Archturus the bear another beastly meme and the two suns legend is returning with many people awaiting
The arrival of Elenin, Planet X , or Nibiru. All symbolism signifying that the Dark Sun or Son will take the reins of power.
The question is does he come from the churches, from politics or from the monarchs who profess divine blood and yet possess the counterfeit blood from a failed atonement?
The time of the Long Count will begin in October of 2011 with its peak in December of 2012. It is predicted to be the most significant astrological event in the history of the equinoxes and the solstices. The alignments form a cross in the sky that appears to rotate in a total period of 26,000 years. There is a symbol that represents this event and even though it is said to have connections to Christ, the symbol represents the alignment of the sun, and the earth at Galactic Central Point.
As we are now in the middle of many astrological events it cannot be ignored that symbolism is in play and the blue print is seemingly on track for a future of revelation accompanied with deception and conflict.
Pope Benedict XVI is also paving the way and encouraging the new ecumenical order and with the aid of his Jesuit scientists and astronomers has now embraced the idea of Extra terrestrial life forms in space. The Jesuit orders are preparing for major changes in religion. Changes that may include secrets of the Universe. The Jesuit orders also secretly control something else.
Ignatius Loyola formed the Jesuits as a military order with the stated purpose of overthrowing the reformation started by Martin Luther and restoring the temporal (political) and religious domination of the Vatican in all walks of life. The members of the Jesuit order are generals. Each General controls different secret organizations that were set up to bring down Protestantism, Jewry, and Islam. The tradition continues and believe it or not the real secret of the Jesuits is that they control most of the secret societies.
They control the sovereign Military order of Malta, Scottish Rite Shriner Freemasonry, The Order of the Illuminati, The Knights of Columbus, the knights of the Ku Klux Klan, B’nai B’rith, The Nation of Islam, The Fruit of Islam, The Mafia, and Opus Dei. All created to allegedly corrupt Protestantism. All created to control the secrets of humanity and to destroy those who strayed from the Mother church.
These secret societies are all being exposed now through predictive programming in the media. Movies that have exploited these groups are The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons and now the New Book the Lost Symbol all by Dan Brown. It is a case of the revelation of the method where people will discredit all of these secret societies as fictitious when in reality, the societies secretly plan the war for your mind. Expanding and changing doctrines while keeping the Fathers in their Apotheotic positions. The Jesuits are planning their final war.
Malachy’s ancient prophecy claims that the next pope will named “Petrus Romanus“ or Peter the Roman he has been called the Black Pope or “Black Peter.”
Peter Hans Kolvenbach known as the Black Pope is General Emeritus of the Jesuits. On 2 February 2006, Kolvenbach informed members of the Society of Jesus that, with the consent of Pope Benedict XVI, he intended to step down in 2008, The 35th General Congregation of the Society of Jesus convened on 5 January 2008 in Rome to elect a new superior general, and to decide other important policies for the Jesuit order in the years to come. On 14 January 2008, at the 35th General Congregation of the Society of Jesus, Kolvenbach’s resignation was officially accepted and he became Superior General emeritus. While the Jesuit superior general is elected for life, the order’s constitutions allow a superior to step down. The special Mission of the Father General is to synchronize world events in order to create an Apotheosis for world government headed by Jesuit authority.
The Roman-Vatican-Masonic oppression culture has its origins in the much older secret societies . “Mystery Religions”, “Mystery Schools”, “Priesthood cults”, or “Schools for the divine science of governing are just part of the processes that the Church uses to gain control and wage war.
President Obama was also given a blessing by the Pope. This is the first time a Pope has blessed a Presidency so openly. Church and State now combined in order to raise the divine bar of Apotheosis.
This should be feared. Because while the government should sit on the shoulders of the prince of peace It is being hijacked by leaders who know that it is expedient to manipulate religious dogma and prophecy to fit their own selfish needs. Barack Obama stunned an audience when he read from the 46th, Psalm and with the coded references gave a prophecy of future events of catastrophe and messianic deliverance. How can this not spark a thought of possible messianic prtext, giving us reason to think of our oligarchy as one that is divine.
I can conclude that there are a lot of people out there including some in the religious hierarchy that are ready to declare war on the Satanic rule. That Satan is secretly being held as the age old adversary ready to be conquered when he arrives by way of prophecy and force.
The new wars are soon to arrive; they are more than just aggressive ways to shed blood. They are also psychic in nature and will mesmerize and lure people into the covetous agreement of serving mammon.
You may not believe in Satan, but the world is considering his power and they are not even worried about accepting a deal that will drag them down to the very bowels of hell manifested here on earth.

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