Railroad officials and central Oregon sheriff’s detectives are trying to determine who pushed large boulders onto railroad tracks near a Madras, Ore., trestle twice in recent weeks.
A freight train locomotive hit the first boulder and suffered damage. Burlington Northern Santa Fe spokesman Gus Melonas says train conductors spotted the second boulder last week and stopped the train in time.
No one has been injured. But Jefferson County sheriff’s Detective Starla Green says KTVZ that authorities think someone pushed the 200- to 300-pound boulders onto the tracks in an effort to derail a train into a canyon.

Now, authorities are saying that they have had reports of a red dune buggy in the area, and so they are looking into that as a possible lead.
However, I have been getting a lot of mails about the possibility that humans are not responsible for the boulders there. Some are speculating that it may be Bigfoot and that there is something definitely wrong with the eco system people tell me that the bird and animals are going crazy.
I received an e-mail from a listener who was telling me that he was noticing that most of the day birds in Oregon are becoming louder at night and he is beginning to see robins and crows in abundance at night.
I also saw some unnatural activity with the birds as I had witnessed two crows surrounding a falcon attacking a pigeon. I was worried that the pigeon was dead, however when I shooed the birds away all of them were very much alive. This happened at dark, which I thought was peculiar and a little creepy.
Many people would consider speculations about Bigfoot and weird behavior of animals something to be put in the tabloids, but there seems to be an increase in strange animal behaviors and blurry photos of a big hairy beast that many people are describing as dog or apelike moving through the woods of the Southern States and in the Northwest.
The Bigfoot creature still, has that tabloid edge to him and he is always the topic of tall tales when all are snug in their sleeping bags listening to fireside ghost stories on family camping trips.
Reports of upright walking dogs or apes come in from all over the country. Reports usually say that it is between 6 to 8 feet tall, hirsute with large feet, glowing eyes and producing a horrible smell of sulfur or rotten eggs.
The combination of glowing eyes and terrible smell were similar to other crypto creatures that had been reported in other parts of the country, namely the Flatwoods monster, the Skunk ape, Mothman and most recently the Chupacabra of Puerto Rico.
There have been researchers who claim that the smell is similar to human body odor. It has also been said that the odor is like a dead animal.
There is also some new reports of bigfoot in places where he isn’t normally seen. There have been reports of Bigfoot seen in the south. There have been reports of Bigfoot seen in Kansas of all places,
The reality of Bigfoot may be as mundane as a monkey that has yet to be classified by science. However seeing one in the forests of the United States can be an experience not easily forgotten.

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