Back in 2009 I stumbled on to a bit of predictive programming in the British Telegraph.
It was called Operation Blackjack. It appeared to be a very dark graphic depiction of
some fictitious terror spree that would simultaneously throw the world into chaos. The
terror was delivered through the delivering of bombs in white vans at various locations
throughout the world. First the United Kingdom is devastated by a dirty nuke and then
many North American cities are hit by bombs in White vans. The bombs are encased in
55 gallon drums and are driven to sites and left to explode.
The Telegraph’s story about the terrorist strikes was extremely simplistic. The
perpetrators of the fictional attack were right out of the new terrorism play book. The
terrorists are believed to be homegrown extremists, Islamists and Christian doomsday
cultists. While London is completely destroyed several American cities become targets
for these terrorists.

The terrorists drive their bombs in white vans to areas of each city and wait for the order
to detonate.
While the cities in the fictional comic strip are the usual targets like New York and Los
Angeles, one target in the group stood out.
Portland Oregon.
According to the fictional story of Operation Blackjack a terrorist organization has their
operatives in Portland and set off a bomb in the middle of the city near the Train station,
an old natural gas building and the Steel Bridge.
I was alarmed about what I saw because the entire graphic novel had longitude and
latitude coordinates as to where the bomb would be detonated. There were white vans
parked adjacent to the site and I was surprised that a British newspaper knew all this.
I sent out a press release asking “Is there a terrorist attack in the works for Portland?” I
got one response from the Willamette week news paper and after I had called back for a
follow up no one wanted to touch the story.
I appeared on Media Monarchy with James Evan Pilato and told him of my discovery. I
pointed out to him that according to this fictitious story, there will be a terrorist bombing
in Portland and the bomb will be in a 55 gallon drum placed in the back of a white van.
Again in June of 2010 I revisited my findings in an article called PROJECT
BLACKJACK: The push from an invisible hand. I urge you to click on the hyperlink and
read the article.
In the article I revisited my theories and updated them to say that perhaps this year we
would see this terrorist attack happen. I hoped it wasn’t a nuclear bomb, but something
told me that there would be an attack of some kind.
I didn’t want to be right and the scenarios were bleak However I was frightened for the
place where I lived.
When terrorism comes knocking at your back door, you take notice. When conspiracy
is happening in your neighborhood, you just don’t know who you can trust. On
November 26th, 2010 a day known as Black Friday people in Portland gathered for
the traditional lighting of the Christmas tree in Pioneer Courthouse square. What they
didn’t know is that a white van pulled up near the square loaded with 55 gallon drums.
These were supposed to be bombs. The problem is he bombs were not wired to go
off. They were duds. They were fake bombs provided by the FBI. They were used to
incriminate a would be terrorist who later was apprehended in an area near Portland’s
Train Station.
While people are just hearing about the attempted terror attack and are expressing their
anger on talk shows, and various blogs. It needs to be pointed out that the FBI actually
protected Portland Citizens from their own bomb. The FBI literally foiled their own bomb
attack, one that they set up to apprehend a suspect.
I am sure there are some people with red in their eyes that are thinking that I am crazy
for indicating such a thing, but I have to say it because it is the truth.
Mohamed Osman Mohamud a 19 year old college student from Corvallis Oregon is
the new face terror. According the FBI and the mainstream narrative, Mohamud was
a Somolian who plotted the deaths of people in “a spectacular show” of terrorism. The
plot according to some officials had been in the works for at least a year. The reason
they know all of this is because the authorities did not step in and arrest Mohamud
when he had been allegedly communicating online with unknown terrorists in Pakistan.
Mohamud believed he was receiving help from a larger ring of jihadists as he
communicated with undercover agents, but a law enforcement official who wasn’t
authorized to discuss the case publicly and spoke on a condition of anonymity told The
Associated Press that no foreign terrorist organization was directing him.
Apparently the FBI was directing him.
Now he may have communicated with an organization in Pakistan and an unindicted
henchman by e-mail according to some accounts. The story gets a little cloudy
after that. The e-mail exchanges led the FBI to believe that Mohamud’s friend in
Pakistan “had joined others involved in terrorist activities” and were inviting Mohamud to
join him.
For reasons unexplained, Mohamud tried to board a flight to Kodiak, Alaska, from
Portland on June 14 2010.
He wasn’t allowed to board and was interviewed by the FBI.
Mohamud told the FBI he wanted to earn money fishing and then travel to join “the
brothers.” He said he had previously hoped to travel to Yemen but had never obtained a
ticket or a visa.
On June 23, an agent e-mailed Mohamud, pretending to be affiliated with
the “unindicted associate” in the plans for jihad. The FBI were now posing as
accomplices and wanted to help Mohamud carry out his plans. They warned Mohamud
that there would be horrible loss of life. According to authorities Mohammud didn’t care
and that he wanted this to happen since he was 15.
The FBI allowed for this incident to progress so they could build up enough evidence to
charge the suspect with the terror attempt. The FBI claims that they were in full control
of this bombing attempt.
The President also knew about the progression and was assured according to reports
that no one would be harmed or would be in danger.
Although it as to be asked, what if someone was tipped off about the bombs and
activated them? What if there was someone who had observed the van and the
suspicious behavior and yelled out the crowd that there was a bomb. Wouldn’t the
trampling of fearful Christmas shoppers put someone in harm’s way?
Was it necessary to allow this “bomb” to be driven to Pioneer Square? Was it also
necessary for the FBI to construct a real bomb and detonate it with Mohamud in the
back country on November 4th 2010? They claimed that this was a trial run for the big
event. Now the suspect is apprehended and people are demanding that this kid be
killed because he is a Muslim and the ignorant are feeding on the nonsense that Muslim
are out to kill American Christians.
Well all things seem to balance out. The pattern is being established in order to
illustrate the extremism from both sides creating an invisible enemy that can strike at
anytime. But could they do it without the help of their friends from the FBI?
Not too long ago there was a story about a Christian militia group called the Hutaree
that were. In case you may have forgotten, The Hutaree was in the news because they
claimed that their mission was to hunt down and kill the antichrist. According to their
website the group was “preparing to battle the Antichrist because Jesus wanted them to
be ready to defend themselves using the sword and stay alive using equipment.”
The FBI arrested six members who were from Michigan and two from Ohio bringing
the total of suspects to nine. According to their indictment the Hutaree were allegedly
plotting to kill police officers and then kill more people by planting bombs in cars of other
police officers attending the funerals. They were hoping it would start Armageddon.
One thing that they didn’t know was that there was an FBI agent that infiltrated the
group and tipped off other agents that this militia was about to go into action. The FBI
agent helped the Militia select targets and create bombs.
Back in April of 2010 there was a similar allegation about a plot to bomb Jewish
Synagogues. NBC News reported that the whole plot was hatched by a federal agent
provocateur. The claims by the defendants in the case were that they were not inclined
or even thought of committing a crime until the agent paid them and then badgered
them into the plot.
We cannot forget what happened in February of 1993. The FBI contacted willing
terrorists to bomb the World Trade Center. The FBI even showed them how to make the
bomb and where to put it to actually destroy the buildings. The bombs were supposed to
be inert like the ones in the white van parked at Portland’s Pioneer Square.
However t he FBI agents switched the inert bombs with a real bombs. The would be
terrorists didn’t park the van in the right place and so the bombs didn’t bring down th
building as planned. The incident ended up killing six people and seriously injuring over
What happened in Portland was the same staged terror stunt that has been the norm for
many of these so called thwarted terror attacks that allow us to feel the close call and
praise our leaders or heroes for saving us from the horrible terrorists.
When a fairy tale is written we are always told that there are good guys and bad guys.
Now we see that fairy tales also produce false heroes. The fairy tale known as the
public narrative is still creating a good guy/bad guy meme by showing us the face of the
terrorist and we assume that our authorities are heroes that have stepped in to save
the day. In reality they are false heroes. They are not good or evil, just flawed and
encourage the villains to be worse so that their reputations look superior.
People want to believe that our leaders, authorities and law enforcement have integrity.
Most of them do. However what can be said about terrorists that don’t or can’t make
their own bombs or implements of destruction and have to rely on the FBI, CIA, or
another alphabet agency to do it for them?
Arthur Balizan, special agent in charge of the FBI in Oregon mentioned to the press
that the threat of Mohamud was very real and that absolutely committed to carrying
out an attack on a very grand scale. The question is if he didn’t have the tools would
he have carried out the attack? I mean Mr., Mohamud probably was more of threat to
himself. He strikes me as more of a clown Jihadist or perhaps a Special needs Jihadist.
Mohamud was without a clue even at that moment when he sent the signal from the cell
phone, hoping that the bomb he was given by his FBI friends would detonate.
This we are told is the mastermind of a jihad.
I am not at all terrified. I am very angry and ashamed.

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