Prior to the New Year I wanted to demonstrate to my audience the power of a Tulpa. I
had been feeling for sometime this dark sense that 2011 will be the year of sacrifice. I
had contemplated the method of getting this message out and I called upon a colleague
of mine to help illustrate what I wanted to deliver. Tracy R. Twyman and I had a
discussion prior to my broadcast that had me thinking of what was happening in the
world and how a pessimistic and narcissistic society has decided that reverse causality
is no longer a pseudo science but a norm.

The world has determined that in order to fix the present they must take from some
nebulous future and hope that all things will improve. However I was seeing that
what was being done was the elimination of future generations. It will be the culling
of thousands of future children that will be denied life because of poverty, eugenics
directives, and war.
While there seemed to be the critique that this was an overt attempt to illustrate the
perils of overspending, there was more to my argument than just child sacrifice. It was
also an argument that I proposed to demonstrate the consensus opinion of a future that
by all intent will not transpire. That the future generations will not survive because it is
known in secret that the thought of self destruction has already begun to take hold.
With all of the negative eschatology and dispensationalist rhetoric we will begin to see
a self fulfilling prophecy manifest and with it, all of the monsters and egregores that are
associated with such thoughts.
In the article 2011: Childermas there were many memes that were touched upon and
there was an effort to create the understanding that when sacrifices are made and blood
is spilled the human collective generates a massive amount of powerful thoughts and
anxieties. The erratic thoughts change people and soon we see things transpire in
our various realities that have heretofore been considered hypothetical. Much of the
way we see the world has been programmed into us by ‘authorities” and a government
with no moral compass and many people are forced to eliminate anything that does
not fit a “standard” that they have created. When lives are lost and tears are shed the
blame will be tossed around amongst the religious and political and it will then lose its
Twyman and I were trying to explain that words and thoughts will have more power
and that there is a sense that the veil is thinning and that negative ideas planted into
the fertile ether will lead to the deaths of many innocent children. As we witness the
suffering, imposed poverty and death we will become unwitting initiates in the blood
rites. Many people will not care that the blood of the innocent will be used to feed us
and feed into a monster that we have constructed by our own dark psychic construct.
This will bait us into an enslaved apocalypse where we will already accept the so called
mark of the beast because of our participation in the ritual of victimhood.
In the nearly sixteen years I have been investigating the paranormal and going about
my various Fortean affairs, I have consumed many, books, articles, movies and
television specials. Sometimes it is hard to recall from memory who said what and
which ideas they have set in motion. A lot of what I see and talk about comes from the
past and now it seems that I am evolving into a soul who seeks out and often shapes
and approximates future events.
I see myself challenging consensus attitudes that all together seem to be over political,
over anxious and many times over religious. To many people it sends a message that
I am not optimistic. I believe that there is a future to be had, and enjoyed however I
am struggling with the notion that too much negative programming has entered the
collective unconscious opening the door for something I call “pychochondria.”
It’s a word I made up to describe the state of mind where you don’t know whether or not to be vigilant or paranoid. While we are slowly developing this condition, we become
more susceptible to whims of our puppet masters and at the same time we question
whether or not they are sane or even aware of what is best for us as a collective.
This is why it is important to take back the freedom you have as being an individual and
not a co-dependent operative for a “cult” that seems to be growing and thriving within
the boundaries of politics and religious fanaticism.
Especially in times where many people are convincing themselves that the end times
are upon us. We are being kept in a state of consensus anger, grief and victimization.
Mental health specialists had warned us that in the aftermath of 9/11 fatigue we would
witness the lashing out between those who want to tell their otherwise “patriotic” counterparts to get over themselves and start living again and those who are rekindling their hate against their dispositions.
The government has done nothing to set into motion a healing process and so the
collective mind continues to deteriorate and it seems that if you step out of the madness and see it with objectivity you can pretty well determine what the future holds.
I am noticing that the world is on a collision course with its mirror opposite and all
things that we thought were true are suddenly changing their meaning and validity. It is
fascinating to watch these things unravel.
People can argue over whether or not the things I say and do are psychic in nature.
Some believe I am a Satanist, or a black arts practitioner but I can safely tell them that I am just a person who seems to have some kind of apophenia where I can see patterns
and approximate the future from random recollections of history and present events.
There are many others who say that perhaps I am crazy and that they don’t see the
patterns and think that I prattle on about nonsense. It seems that as I grow older I
am becoming more inclined to address those who are awake; I am no longer in the
business of waking people up. There are some people who have been hitting their
snooze alarms for far too long. They literally are slowing down our potentiality for
They reject the fact that we have powers far greater than anyone can comprehend.
Many people do not realize that we live in a world of Tulpas and with all of the theories,
interpretations and the worlds that exist with our world Tulpas, or if you will, thought
forms transform and mutate their way into becoming words, actions and manifestations
that we did not expect to show up in our reality.
Thoughts resonate at frequency, they can be exchanged in many ways and when a
thought form is all consuming with the consensus we begin to see peculiarities take
shape. If the consensus can agree that peace and tranquility is all around us and they
can picture puppies chasing, balls, ballerinas and cart wheeling clowns then the world
would eventually transform into a fun fair.
There are many people who say that they desire peace, love and tranquility and they
never achieve it to their satisfaction.
It is because they don’t realize that desires are only part of what it takes to see them
manifest. I struggle with these things myself. We all do. We are trying to regain our
personal powers as we are being bombarded with attitudes and programming that
stifle that power. At times it seems more convenient to just go back to sleep and hit the
snooze bar repeatedly until we no longer have the will to open our eyes.
Positive desires have to be generated first in your collective unconscious in order for
them to manifest. I argue that the collective unconscious of the world has been so
bombarded with apocalyptic and negative energy that it is becoming easier to predict
the outcome of such core programming.
I can prove that Tulpas are real and that the results of such Tulpas create a psychic
construct that can rip a hole in the universe and manifest right before our eyes.
The world is not only populated by upright walking human beings and animals. It
is populated and under the control of various thought forms. There is within those
thoughts a great deal of resonant noise and if you listen carefully to the noise there is
always something that finds a way to surface, manifest and renders consequence.
That is why as Karl Jung had warned, we must strive to avoid those “Shadow
archetypes” that creep into our collective unconscious. They undermine everything
we set out to accomplish. How we see ourselves is how we see the world and if the
collective unconscious is sending you a warning you must pay attention and be vigilant.
Dire apocalyptic prophecies are no longer prophecy. They are apocalyptic blue prints for
dismantling civilization and people are revering them because they are blinded by their
own interpretations and their opinion that they are allegedly inspired by God.
When a shadow archetype manifests it confronts us with the truth about ourselves.
During a Ground Zero Show that aired On January 2nd 2011 I was fascinated by the
claims of people having simultaneous dreams about a shadow archetype known as
the “grinning man.” I had read on several websites that there were reports of people
dreaming of a strange entity that was tall and slender man with a bald head, no
eyebrows, and blank stare with a foolish grin. I decided that perhaps I could ask my
audience if they had dreamed or had ever dreamed of such a man.
The phone bank at the studio was overloaded with calls of people who had seen the
bald grinning man in their dreams. Some had reported seeing him in their rooms;
others saw him pushing a baby carriage. There was a story of the bald, grinning man
transforming into a bird who wanted to devour a child.
These calls were all recorded and were fascinating to me. Either it was all mass
hysteria or people all over were dreaming of this evil grinning bald man with no
eyebrows that had the ability to shape shift and harm children. The bird image was also
something that raised my attention because the “grinning man” archetype has also been
associated with Mothman the dark winged creature that is an omen of destruction and
death. I had read a story about a large “butterfly” that had been seen in the sky over
Los Angeles and had determined that something was manifesting that would not be
I immediately wrote a supplemental article about the image of Mothman and the Demon
Pazuzu. Pazuzu was the demon of the air and was believed to be the controller of all
flying things and some fish because of his dominion over the marsh and wetlands.
I received a phone call from Olav Phillips of the anomalies network and he had informed
me that there was a strange event happening in the world. He was explaining that birds
were dying in Arkansas. I thought at first that bird die offs happen all the time, but it
was uncanny that my listeners were dreaming of the “grinning man” who represented
death and people were seeing a winged entity in California that looked similar to a
Mesopotamian demon of the air named Pazuzu. Pazuzu was known for bringing
plague, killing birds and fish and leaving in his wake pestilence and locusts. As I was
preparing my show for Sunday there was a tragedy that happened in Arizona. On
January 8th 2011 during a morning rally with Democratic congresswoman Gabrielle
Giffords a gunman broke through the crowd and began shooting. Twenty people
were shot] six of them fatally. All but 9 year old Christina-Taylor Green died at the
scene of the shooting. She was later pronounced dead and the news of her death was
announced on January 9th, 2011.
Giffords was shot in the head at point blank range and miraculously survived.
As the news unfolded prior to my Ground zero program I had already set aside time to
talk about a number of things that I thought needed to be addressed about a story that
birds and fish were dying.
The case of the Tucson fatal shootings seemed a bit paranormal and there were many
oddities that I was seeing. Christina Green’s death was exceptionally troubling because
it was reported that she was born on 9/11/01 and the report of her death and her special
birth date was seen splashed in newspapers on 01/9/11. The synchronicity screamed
out to me that some sort of dark ritual had been performed prior to the shootings.
The 22 year old shooter, Jared lee Loughner was called a loner, a pothead, a liberal, a
communist, and a tea party member. He became a political pawn for both the left and
right wing.
No one even bothered to say that Loughner was a man who had many demons buried
deep in his unconscious mind. He had developed a dark mental illness that friends and
relatives say was unbearable.
He would often talk about babies being used as bombs and other strange and bloody
tales. The New York daily news also reported that there was an altar in the suspect’s
back yard where a skull was placed surrounded by candles and orange peels. There
was speculation that some sort of “satanic ‘ritual was performed before he went on his
shooting spree,
Then an interesting turn of events took place. One that can be argued validates the
idea that negative Tulpa’s can happen and when they do the monster that is buried in
the unconscious mind shows up when you least expect it.
In what was called an act of political character assassination by right wing, a poster
that was on Sarah Palin’s website had gotten a lot of attention before she took it down.
It was a poster or graphic that showed that Gabrielle Giffords was on Sarah Palin’s
healthcare “hit list.”

The poster showed a United States map with several targeted areas with cross hair
illustrations like those seen in a gun scope. The scoped targets were allegedly Palin’s
political enemies and Gabrielle Giffords was one of them.
The others On Her infamous health care vote hit list were democrats Ann Kirkpatrick
(Ariz.), Harry E. Mitchell (Ariz.), John Salazar (Colo.), Betsy Markey (Colo.), Allen Boyd
(Fla.), Suzanne M. Kosmas (Fla.), Baron P. Hill (Ind.), Earl Pomeroy (N.D.), Charlie
Wilson (Ohio), John Boccieri (Ohio), Kathy Dahlkemper (Pa.), Christopher Carney (Pa.),
John M. Spratt, Jr. (S.C.), Tom Perriello (Va.), Alan B. Mollohan (W.Va.), and Nick J.
Rahall II (W.Va.).
While the media went into frenzy over the idea that perhaps the poster influenced the
shooter, I posted the picture stating that this could have initiated a Tulpa or thought
form in similarity to what is called “sympathetic magic.” Some websites had concluded
that Sarah Palin was a witch and that “intent” sent out into the ether and the collective
thought of groups like the tea party may have caused or at least contributed to horrible
While it can be dismissed that this was the case it was a grim coincidence and a
paranormal thought form that unfortunately led to reality. The idea of a hit list and using
terms like “Don’t retreat, re-load” reinforced the resolve and with millions of people
sharing the same thought it can be looked at as a collective meme that creates an
egregore or autonomous manifestation.
Palin had realized that this graphic was in bad form and had it immediately removed.
She sent out a press release saying that the so called cross hair pictures were simply
surveyor scopes and that she stated that she had been unfairly singled out.
This of course was a lie because of her use of terms like “don’t retreat, reload” in order to prove her point.
Coincidentally the shooter, Jared Loughner was tackled after he attempted to reload
his gun after firing the first volley of shots at the crowd. It was unfortunate that Sarah
Palin had used hunting terms in her campaign against health care and now lying about
it made it all the more cowardly. It also fueled the collective anger of the tragedy.
All of the darkest and most profane activities began to manifest in the case and
demonstrated the worst in people even though there were commentators trying to
smooth things over using terms like heroism and how the American spirit pulls people
together in times of crisis.
The political maneuvers of the Pima County Sherriff Clarence Dupnik began to further
polarize America in what seemed like a scheme to spark political cold war and civil
social war. Dupnik blamed talk radio for the actions of the shooter, that it was a
collective hate effort on the part of the political right wing. He placed the blame on the
public dialogue and the venom that spews from both the left wing and right wing.
He literally was illustrating the point that thoughts can kill and words make thoughts
active and later they can manifest into a monster that can easily get out of control and
harm people. This outraged the right wing pundits who said that using “politics” during
a tragedy is morbid and macabre. I was watching this and wondering how suggesting
such vitriol can have a negative impact on people was political? I also was thinking
again about the September 11th attacks were used for political maneuvers and how they
were exploited. The Sherriff was literally claiming that the mental state of our country is
in such a crisis that Loughner is just a product of our times.
He was projecting and confirming that Loughner is the monster that a polarized and
radical America had created like a homunculus or a Golem.
His biggest mistake however was singling out the political right in his statements and
not equally including the radicalized left wing and their thoughts on who should be
It was later that the killer’s face was seen in news papers and on websites. Prior to his
being sent to jail, his image was seen as a normal young man with short hair. There
were other images of him wearing a stocking cap with glasses. That was no longer the

Loughner was now being displayed with a shaved head, bald, with no eyebrows
grinning at the camera.
He was the shadow archetype of the “grinning death” that many of my listeners claimed
to be dreaming about. The others who dreamed of a bald “slender man” also could see
that the monster of our dreams and the egregore we feared had been captured and put
on display like a zoo animal.
The blood ran cold when I looked into the eyes of a monster that was fully manifested
by the collective hate and negative thought forms of millions of people. He was the face
of the Orwellian two minutes of hate, a product of our continued apocalyptic and fear
driven anger.
The hate did not stop, nor did the rhetoric. I was amazed at the huge uproar over
this shooting. The Westboro Baptist church, another hate group decided it was
time to protest the funerals. The church led by Fred Phelps has been a thorn in the
side of Christianity and is a radical cult that has been known to hold up signs at
funerals thanking God that he has killed another sinner, or another participant in the
great “faggot” America.
This was another example of how the thoughts of hate were only magnifying an already
ugly moment in our history. The crescendo of all of the mess and chaos was given by
someone who should have known better than to step in and try to make things better
after she had done so much harm.
Sarah Palin had made a video expressing her feelings on the matter. However it
seemed that she was like a dumb fish taking the bait on the hook from an already
angered left wing. Her statements were hollow and loaded with narcissism.
She was intimating that she too was a victim in the entire mess and was attacked
unfairly by the left. The bodies of the dead in Arizona weren’t even in the ground and
Palin had come off sounding like she was wounded too. She was angry and claimed
that she was a victim of what she called “Blood Libel.”
Her phrasing was very interesting because “Blood Libel” was used out of context. It
is a most interesting use of the term when you consider its origins. Blood libel was an
old accusation that Jews would sacrifice children and use their blood for the making of
Matzos for Passover. This resulted in the murder of thousands of Jews. Many jews
were driven out because of the accusations.
The question is why is it that the term that hasn’t been used for 900 years turns up
again? Keep in mind that its association with child sacrifice should be taken into
consideration as also another association that has not been cited in the mainstream.
Blood Libel is also associated with “The Golem.” In Jewish folklore the Golem is
a being that is conjured from inanimate matter and is activated by thought and
incantations. The Golem was literally a monster made of clay programmed to defend
and kill anyone who wished to harm a Jew. The most famous golem narrative involves
Judah Loew ben Bezalel, the late 16th century chief rabbi of Prague, also known as the
Maharal, who reportedly created a golem to defend the Prague ghetto from anti-Semitic
attacks and pogroms sparked by Blood Libel accusations.
Golems are monsters that are created for protection. Golems are not intelligent, and
if commanded to perform a task, they will perform the instructions literally. In many
depictions golems are inherently perfectly obedient. In its earliest known modern
form, one story has Rabbi Eliyahu of Chełm creating a golem that became enormous
and uncooperative. In one version of this story, the rabbi had to resort to trickery to
deactivate it, whereupon it crumbled upon its creator and crushed him.
This is similar to the Frankenstein story where the creator of the monster did so with
good intentions but his hubris got the best of him and his creation turned on him. The
word Frankenstein itself means man of stone.
The golem has also evolved into the mindless zombie that becomes animated with
some kind of chemical or even by magical invocations that are found in rituals of
There was also Old Testament legends of Teraphim or severed shrunken heads that
were used as oracles. Magic words or thought forms were placed in the heads and they
were used in necromantic rituals.
These servitors or egregores were later spoken of by magicians like Aleister Crowley
as powerful entities that can be created by thought. He spoke of something called a
Homunculus or small silver man that would do his bidding and move at his every whim.
The egregore is different to the Golem, only in the fact that a collective is responsible for
its creation not an individual. An egregore is quite literally an autonomous entity created
either intentionally or unintentionally by a group thought form animated through magic.
Political speeches like the one Palin delivered went to great lengths at trying to debunk
the idea that Jared Loughner was not a product of collective thought forms but a sick
and mentally ill individual that should be blamed for his actions alone.
That doesn’t excuse or even dismiss the fact that a hostile “group think” has developed
in America and that if we are to believe that magicians of dark arts we are going to
see more of these monsters being created for the purpose of demonstrating that our
hostilities, bigotry and xenophobia have generated a collective egregore.
Many people will dismiss and even divorce themselves of any responsibility with regard
to feeding and raising a monster in society. We have not found a genetic sequence or
code that shows that people are destined to become killers and assassins.
Many are programmed to act as servitors for the so called “greater good” and sacrifice
their lives for ideas, thought forms and beliefs.
It doesn’t matter if the egregore is created by the power of the Holy Ghost or for the
sake of Uncle Sam, it always seems to move and obey with the dictates, thoughts and
desires of the collective.
Words are resonating now and they are triggering egregores that wish to do battle with
a system that is sick and corrupt. Conflict and crisis breeds these archetypes. They can
be invisible for the most part, but they can also manifest anywhere. Phrases like “Blood
Libel” dig up 900 year old demons and they can move about in sick and twisted ways.
In the meantime the meme of the grinning bald man with no eyebrows sees you in your
dreams and stares at you from the morning paper.
He is a reminder of how pressures can rise and burst into acts of violence. How little acts of violence can conjure all sorts of darker thoughts and words. How darker thoughts and words can spark wars. How wars can kill millions. How apologists will tell you that the deaths in war are sacrifices for the greater good.
How the end of the world happened with good intentions.

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